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LSE Market Status

Advancing 764 36%
Declining 453 22%
Unchanged 878 42%

Breaking Market News

20:27GM to Offer Diesel Engine for Mid-Size Pickup ...
20:21MARKET SNAPSHOT: U.S. Stocks Rise; Yellen, Beige ...
20:11IPO Scorecard: Update on Selected Initial Stock ...
20:01Lockheed Martin's F-35 Fighter to Make Overseas ...
19:54BOND REPORT: Yield Curve Matches Flattest Since ...
19:51Warner Bros. Names Former White House Press ...
19:50GM to Offer Diesel Engine for Mid-Size Pickup ...
19:50Yellen Says Europe Being Held Back
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LSE % Gainers

Top Lists
EPIC Name %
 MMOMercom Oil+23%
 LNDLandore Resources+22%
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LSE % Losers

Top Lists
EPIC Name %
 TOPCTop Creation-39%
 LZYELzye Grp-25%
 REGRare Earths-23%
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LSE Volume

Top Lists
EPIC Name Vol
 MTVMotive Television490M
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Top & Bottom LSE Sectors

 Name   %   
FTSE 350 Automobiles & ... +3.23%  up
FTSE 350 Personal Goods ... +2.51%  up
FTSE 350 Forestry & ... +2.23%  up
FTSE 350 Food & Drug ... +1.89%  up
FTSE 350 Media Index +1.79%  up
FTSE 350 Aerospace & ... -0.28%  down
FTSE 350 Beverages Index -0.33%  down
FTSE 350 Industrial ... -0.35%  down
FTSE 350 Health Care ... -0.88%  down

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LSE Director Shareholdings

 EPICName % 
MCROMicro Focus0.6%
JETGJPMorgan European-0.4%
JETIJPMorgan I0.6%
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Penny Stocks

A Penny stock is a share that trades for pennies rather than pounds or dollars. The term is most commonly used in the USA, but is also applied to smaller companies on the LSE, particularly those listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Click the image to the right to find out more.


Love them or hate them the ETF is here to stay. Exchange Traded Funds are becoming more popular with private investors, offering an easy and cost efficient way to widen and diversify a portfolio. For more experienced investors ETFs can offer more complex and leveraged opportunities.

Gold Price

Gold has long been treated as a secure and safe hiding place for world weary investors trying to protect their assets. The relationship between gold price and other trading instruments has now created a maze of investment products ready to bamboozle the investor. 

AIM market

The AIM is the UK small cap market. Stocks on the AIM are traded through Market Makers or auction. These shares are far less active than on the main market. AIM is the nearest thing the UK has to the US OTC market (handling penny shares), but on the AIM market transactions are reported on-exchange and between exchange participants. Where as the OTC is decentralised.


Stockcharts are very useful analytical tools for traders, but which style and type of chart should you use? There are so many different types of chart and approaches to trading. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if looking at a chart is helping or hindering your trading. Getting your chart analysis to match your style of trading can make the difference between success and failure.

Red hot penny shares

Red hot penny stocks are great in theory - just don't get burnt!  "Undervalued stock ready to sky rocket" - this is the sort of statement that can be found all over the internet. A "red hot stock" implies that you have to act quickly before it cools down.  The question is, are you striking while the iron is hot, or rushing in without due care and attention? 



A bitcoin is the internet answer to money. A virtual currency, bitcoins use cryptography where institutions use collateral and transactional verification where banks use a credit check. The bitcoin is what you get if you ask a computer programmer to invent money. The question is, are they worth investing in?

How Do You Pick Stocks?

There are 2000-plus stocks in the UK market, but you don't have to be a financial guru or a degree-wielding mathematician in an investment bank to pick one to invest in. You just need a toolbox of simple ideas to find likely companies you could add to your portfolio. Like this one:

Get down with the kids. They know what the latest trend is, unlike the mature adults of the world who are far too busy to pay attention to stupid fads. But stupid things that kids do often turn out to be the smart things middle-aged people can't get their heads around - look at Google and Apple. So talk to your kids or grandkids. Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings...

Get Down With The Kids

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