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Brave guy. I mean when these characters cant oust you in a democratic vote they tend to go for less salubrious methods right.

You know like blowing up helicopters. Public executions in Dallas. Attempted assassinations in Slovenia.

I hope the guy has a taster and bullet proof vest.

john nada
Barnestein,Corrientes, Gecko. If you each support sound money I'm assuming you support Congressman Thomas Massie's abolish the federal reserve bill.

Here he is at the Mises Institute symposium. Your favourite place.

Trump tried to get him replaced as Kentucky congressman but failed. On who's behalf would Trump want to oust an anti war anti federal reserve anti ukraine Israel funding bill congressman.

Yes these are all rhetorical questions Barnestein.

john nada
Yes, unbelievably $5 represents an ATH for copper. During COVID it hit $2 wiping out many producers who were snapped up for peanuts with investors and creditors losing billions.
Doctor Copper Is Sending Signals Our Way
Of course loans are evil, all debt is toxic, however this is the system that has been created for us, and in this system debt is a necessary evil, and no I didn't vote for this...

With my kids I did what I needed to do to enable them to get their first cars. The other parent did f all.

...Why not just save up and buy the car?
The fact is that we are all owned, we are human capital, and slaves to our own personal debt, like the mortgage or loans to buy a car that takes us to work, where we earn money to pay our mortgage, and taxes of course.

Try to opt out K, and see what that gets you.

Gold Prices Rise as the Dollar Slowly Dies

.. Do I appear Biased .. ? .. or could the assumption actually be correct.. ?
k mon
Ahh ... so it's all based on 'Plausible Deniability'.. on the pretext of working
on behalf of 'The Monarchy'.. .. but actually serving some foreign power.. whilst
at the same time transferring the costs & risks .. over to the people (via a false democracy)

In the full knowledge that no matter how Heinous the Action
.. the worst that can happen is 'They have to say Sorry'...
because, as everyone knows .. To 'Forgive' is the highest Honour
... so everyone has to forgive them.

.. How English...

Could be this though..

k mon
"We" are the entity known as the UK, including all of the "subjects" who belong to the UK.
"Our" government that we allegedly elect acts on our behalf using the power transferred to it by the monarchy and by the democratic process, guided by....lobby groups acting for foreign powers and global corporations...
So if "our" government covertly sends troops to war they are fighting for us but we aren't told about it, but if those troops get killed or captured then "our" government will have some explaining to do, and will have to either resign and apologise, deny any knowledge, or declare war "officially".

..."But It's inevitable and it is all part of the Master script.."

Err... But everything IS, according to you, savogi. So... whatever happens - it's 'scripted'.

So, since (according to you) nothing else can ever happen, not really much point us bothering about it, is there?


Do you think it's a coincidence that Ukraine is on the brink of being overrun just as Israeli tanks and troops advance into Rafah and China conducts military drills around Taiwan? Some of us warned you about these developments based on predictive programming. It seems inevitable that we will soon witness a wider war in the Middle East. The timing of these events couldn't be more precise

savogi28 May '23 - 18:40 - 275010 of 284204 Edit
0 1 0

peterbarnes3528 May '23 - 17:48 - 275008 of 275008

It,s not just rising inflation, cause, that will cause a crash, but also the bankers withdrawing credit to try and protect themselves from a coming crash.

Think about it

We did not have rising inflation until puppet Putin took his marching order from the Club of Rome and invaded the Eukrine despite all the money printing for the last 30 years...

What does that tell you?

That tells you that Rising inflation and higher interest rates and withdrawal credit and the show of war in Ukraine are part of the master script..

Once you understand and do notice this trick, you will begin to understand that this is no accident and this is a real reason globalists have worked so closely with China and Russia for decades.

Beyond that, You aint seen NOTHING YET - the war tensions with Russia are now about to overflow and I suspect it's only a matter of time before China also begins operations against Taiwan..Or another great 9/11 moment...Who knows.. But It's inevitable and it is all part of the Master script..

Yes, we are unofficially at war with Russia, and to a lesser extent with China too, and we are totally dominated by the USA who are themselves heavily influenced by the neocons, WEF, Zionism and the bible belt. What chance do pig farmers in rural Ukraine have against this lot?
The Federal Reserve / US Treasury ..

Are just playing the same old Parliament / Bank of England .. 'Duality / 'Fence' / 'Conversion' scam that brought down the UK Government back in the 1720's

.. when it collapsed ..
Government (and the currency / Trade / Corporations / 'Lords) ... were left Destitute.
Lots of Lords lost their estates & a new Government process had to be 'Invented'..
The UK got The first 'Prime Minister' .. (Robert Walpole) .. who's powers were meant
to be kept in check by 'The Lord Chancellor'.. to limit his spending..

Lots of 'Laws'.. were made to stop the same thing ever being repeated..
(Like that would ever work)

Trouble was .. that politicians found the previous method so 'beneficial'
(usually to them) .. That they started it all over again..

It's Just taken this long .. to come to the same position ..

This time .. It's much larger ... yet the 'Laws'.. condemn everyone involved..
So they Have to keep the corrupt 'system' going .. even if it takes massive
amounts of corruption to keep it going..

.. That is the situation ..

k mon
Seem to have hit a nerve with one of those 'Red Thumb Karen's'..
--- when you tell them the truth .. they don't like it ..

.. because you've just exposed how they operate..

Learn how they operate ... and use it against them..

Anything you say .. may be used against you .. etc..

.. Sneaky .. isn't it ..

The fact is ... They have to use subterfuge, mis-direction,
mis-representation & deceit .... because .. just like any other confidence
trickster .. it's all about making you 'Believe'.. & Trust in them ..
... then betraying that trust ... by robbing you..
[Here's you tax bill .. because we are so good .. we've spent all this money on keeping you 'safe, 'caring for you.. giving you an 'education'..
now pay up or we'll fine you & throw you in jail..

Really .. ?

.. But 'money'.. is just made up anyway ..
so 'Law' .. is also made up .. to keep the fa├žade & the corrupt system going..

When you catch them ... they get 'Emotional'.. and go into 'Ad Hominin' mode..

[It can't be me .. it was someone else .... and if it wasn't someone else ..
then it must be you ... yes .. it was you ... because I'm Perfect..
see ... 'I know the Law'.. .. All that Jaz...

.. I wonder where they learned that .. ?

There's the truth Karen ... you just can't take it...

k mon
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