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It's dawning on peeps, they're not going to make a quick buck from a takeover/sale. So they're leaving the party.
With the new coo coming in i can't see this being a 15p takeover now. Why would they bring this guy in if it was going to be taken over it makes no sense. Looks to me now that they are looking for production route as they have always said. I also think we have got to keep focus on ororo and not all these other so called "assets" which may not even be the case. Keep positive posts folks as this is best position we have been in here for a long long time.
Rosso doesn't seem happy with any RNS lately. After all the years of news pertaining to dilution at least things are moving forward in the right direction. As for a takeover, it doesn't seem like that to me. More news like this guys to keep us long suffering punters hanging onto our well worn hopes.
BooooommmmmMr Gregory will report to the CEO of the company - odd choice of words, talk about fuelling the takeover rumours :)
Still time guys........looking like a takeover now
Takeover if the price is met, production if not. Surely that's standard. The question is, what is the price that needs to be met.......yipppeeee
Spot on Bron whether we investors achieve our aim through a takeover or substantial price increase we will be happy in fact very happy So who cares how it happens not me for one
Sherl0ck - Do you think its a takeover?
Bron you seem to be edging away from the more imminent takeover theory. If so, may I ask why?
Lets say North Korea were the potential suitors in a takeover, as Jenny says it would make sense for 10 subsidiaries to buy 2.99%
Looking like a takeover now
H1 the bod said and H1 its going to be! Just which week will they suspend to turn us into a production company and reveal all in the add doc? 13 weeks till end of June! Are they going to take it to the wire? Takeover or Production? Not long to find out.
No, not just AIM......I think the vast majority of long term holders too could also be pleasantly shocked & amazed...and that's not said in any way related to a possible takeover, as I have no idea whether it's on the cards or not. I think I can work out the Nigerian company you've referenced with Schlumberger and whilst I'm keeping an open mind, it's not related with any of my own research. But regardless, it probably is a sensible approach not to go naming names just in case anything said does inadvertently causes difficulties at this late stage. If we're not attending the same conference as LEK, I'd say it's probably because we just don't need to.
Dr Rosso, H1 covers 6 whole months. With all the secrecy now and in the past could we be closer to suspension than we all think? They've never said the end of H1! They know exactly when the rig/s will arrive and IMO is en route to coincide with Polaris. ISA date next week and share price hovering at .75 ready to fill those ISA's with new buys and bed n ISA's a 2-5 day window then news flurry..., price rises then suspends ready for end game / final placing / GM and Add Doc - ready to be back up and running at new rerate 1st of June if not before. Takeover by end of H1... IMO! The bod was asked would there be an GM this year, they didn't lie as it has to happen!
Glencore takeover should see it rise
yep takeover prefered just to put everyone invested here out of their misery, can you imagine if it went into production, we don't get told anything now and the pr is next to nothing so we would probably end up with one rns every once in a while telling us naff all. sound oil must be one in a million where their shareholders get kept informed of every move. as i have said before if all this no news end up in the favour of us current shareholders then fair play to sirius but if this turns out to be about one small oil field then we will be asking ourselves whats this all been about. i am prepared to hold tight till the end of june and then weigh things up then.just looking at all the positives the last year lets hope this results in a big end game
Takeover - Don't be fooled news is coming and when it does it will amaze us i'm sure!
Pipedownpete - 100% takeover
Takeover 100% nothing takes this long! Why keep the 4th partner secret!
Must be a takeover. How on earth could anything else take so long ?!
for those that missed it first time round.....with ref to the Range Resource RTO. ps..'As part of the reverse takeover process, a competent persons' report will be commissioned which will provide further detail on the Company's reserves and resources following completion of the acquisition of RRDSL' (I couldn't help but notice that a CPR will be commissioned AFTER the take over and new AD)....that was interesting.
It has to rise today or it's a takeover
If it was a takeover wouldn't they complete the drill to confirm the potential of the deeper sands and so max value
Pete They could be waiting for the PIB for takeover/rto. If it is a takeover why are they bothering with podcast ?
Has to be a takeover, it can't possibly be taking this long for a few million for a marginal well
@1alfi, Interesting post - a) the Company secures project funding for the next phase of Ororo field development We have deferred payment, that's as good as funding, or a clever way to mitigate paying out? b) acquires an interest in a significant oil discovery offshore Nigeria or Again, 40% of Ororo is not considered a significant? c) accepts any proposal resulting in a change of control of the Company or So a takeover? d) as may otherwise be mutually agreed between Havoc Services Pty Ltd and Sirius. The catch all..... Id argue we have fulfilled 2 of the 4 scenarios above, why haven't they been paid yet?
Ht - so if 4th partner offers 15p for an example to buy SRSP before we hit oil but ororo over the line with full funding! Do you think SRSP will say no! This could happen at any time - on the the other hand we could go all the way and go into production! IMO it's a takeover! Why all the secrecy on assets and 4th partner! All CPR secrecy! I don't care what happens but the bod really need to get shareholders a ROI here sooooon! And why is the share price at .80 at this stage?
"As the Company’s intention is, in the first instance, to make an investment that would be a Reverse Takeover, at which point the Company would cease to be an investing company for the purposes of the AIM Rules and will become the holding company for an operating company" "The Company intends to make one investment that will result in it ceasing to be an investing company (as defined in the AIM Rules). Such an investment is likely to be a Reverse Takeover under the AIM Rules requiring a readmission document to be published and Shareholder approval. If the Company does make smaller investments that do not constitute a Reverse Takeover then in accordance with the AIM Note for Investing Companies, the Company will, strive to keep sufficient separation between the Company and the investments to ensure that the Company does not become a trading company"
" ... to bring the Ororo field (OML 95) in Nigeria (in which Sirius has a 40% economic interest with its partners Guarantee Petroleum and Owena Oil & Gas) into production. If successful it is likely that Sirius would become the operator and this would trigger a reverse takeover under AiM rule 14 and require shareholder approval. Following this, complementary or unrelated acquisitions in the oil and gas sector may be made. The Company will seek to acquire interests in oil and gas projects ...may be achieved through acquisitions, partnerships or joint venture arrangements ....may result in the Company acquiring the whole or part of a company or project. " Clue to strategy is at the beginning of the above, with field/block linked together. But will Sirius continue to exist as a minnow independent producer in league with a host of monster names (Schlumberger/COSL .. field + Chevron/NNPC ... block) in O&G world?
deadly.. ...that's an excellent point and the obvious answer is 'yes'.... however, in any case, the company have to be careful not to issue 1.2bn shares to a single entity or concert party, as this would trigger the 30% rule whereby the holder would be obliged to make a cash offer for the rest of the shares at the highest price during the previous twelve months. 'could they even be needed to fend off a possible hostile takeover at some point??? The bottom line...yes, eventually they'll be utilised, probably as part of the end game or even within the proposed JOA, but their current purpose is to act as a defence mechanism against unwelcome, hostile predators. drr... 'Only 6 weeks to April..'(very conveniently close to the 2017-2018 ISA date)
red or black have you been looking up on wiki again to get these facts?? i hope these place shares if thats whats goinbg to happen roll up asap because to me that would be a good sign of a possible end game happening, i couldnt give a monkeys t**s who gets these shares as long as its all part of a end game that will finally play out in all our favours. the facts are when these aim companies need cash they usually need to flog shares to get this cash and i suppose forward selling is all part and parcel of this agreement for the folk who are fronting the cash. it was common sense that these 1.7 billion shares eventually need to end up somewhere , could they even be needed to fend off a possible hostile takeover at some point???
No takeover I'm afraid - they're just ridiculously slow as they always have been. Two days and counting.
Deffo takeover, can't take this long, still no oil folk on board, must selling it.
unfortunately I need to go to the bathroom can someone step in and takeover screen watching for 5 minutes please ?
What happens if the 1.7b shares are not issued and there is no takeover bron? And the rnss are the truth and the company have struggled in the past and are hoping to finalise a vendor consortium to do a drilling campaign at a low cash expense? What would you do? Would be angry?
Dr Rosso - your time is up mate! You've either called this right or you haven't. Last chance to call this right imo! After Thursday if no big news/ suspension / RTO / funding / takeover then you may as well talk to yourself! However you've covered all aspects over the years! Good luck to you and hoping at last you're right! Boom!
Rugby - I don't think a summer has gone by without them trying and failing to get funding.It must be a takeover, no company can be this bad at getting funding, its embarrassing
Couple of thoughts Rosso: - I may be wrong on this but from some recent RNSs I've sensed more of a possible wider business development vibe when it comes to potential partners. If so, project financing may not be fully 'in-house'. But to be honest any commitment from someone of the ilk of Schlum alone would still be amazing for us. - I've always felt Corvus were more of a seed funder to help get us established and to a certain point. Don't know quite how active their participation would be thereafter and what additional value they could add compared to others. There was also that slightly odd singling out of them in the RNS last year, which appeared to downplay their involvement. - as suggested, the 10%, 25% & 40% of current issued shares have been thought through. I'd hope only a fraction relates to initial project financing however and we'd be unwise to issue all 12 months allowed allocation too early, unless there was a planned takeover in the wings.
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