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Perhaps AD63, I guess we can only wait and see. However VRS is in a very healthy cash position right now. They've got the flexibility to make a purchase if it plays into their growth strategy, defend against a hostile takeover (highly unlikely though imo) or just wait out the shitty markets. Think we'd be well over £2.50 right now were it not for wider market / political backdrop.
Has anyone else noticed how Ricketts' happiness - as expressed in his tweets - is inversely proportional to the share price? Maybe he should try being f**king miserable for a change - not only would he know how increasing numbers of his shareholders feel, but it might even boost the sp! Simple fact: since I invested in September 2017 the largest order we've been told about has been a pathetic 1Kg, and there's still absolutely no sign of large revenues. Bring on the takeover - can't happen soon enough for me...
t/over = turnover NOT takeover. What are people expecting?
Still, every bit of good news that doesn't move the sp makes the company a more attractive takeover target. If Ricketts can't or won't unlock the value in VRS someone else can and will.
Ff2345Any talk of a take over is ludicrous, it’s not behaving like any share that’s ever been the subject of a takeover, and it would be voted down in any instance.However, at a standard takeover premium, the price would be approximately 135p at best.
Grabster - from most perspectives it’s unlikely AECOM would have to make an announcement of any deal with VRS as it’s unlikely to be material in terms of cash flow, size etc. Takeover or strategic stake purchase is about the only scenario I can think of. It would be unusual but by no means unheard of for a customer to buy or invest in a supplier but with nanotechnology it’s always possible if VRS look like having something genuinely groundbreaking. That’s enough unsubstantiated dreaming for now! AIMHO etc
Why is it that our supposedly-inferior competitors, selling supposedly-inferior products, are getting orders and investments, while we wait endlessly for Ricketts to deliver anything much of value? Our competitors' customers certainly seem to think what they're selling has value, despite endless statements to the contrary from Graham. Those 30+ collabs? All those people they're talking to in China? You know how much it's all worth? Nothing - not a cent until and unless it turns into contracts/orders/licenses. And so far of that there is not the first sign, apart from one MoU. What the F**K is taking so long? I'd have thought getting to MoU stage was the hard part, moving from there to an actual contract should be the quicker/easier bit. I'm only still here for a takeover - my opinion of Ricketts gets less every day (and before anyone says anything, I'm entirely sure the feeling's mutual)...
Absolutely 20pc, I am purely speculating but we can be sure that this deal is going to be massive. It’s a zone full of companies who are growing and therefore investing at a pace. I to would be very disappointed to see a hostile takeover approach but I think the U.K. goverment would have something to say about that given that they are looking for a return on investment to.
I don't disagree with your comment,just thought the wording in the 5/11/18 RNS was making some kind of point. Just to add a bit re my last post. I hope that the negotiations if possible will include clauses to stop Chinese partners from attempting a takeover of VRS for a period of time. As it currently stands the market cap of VRS is far to CHEAP to beat off a takeover attempt from one of the monsters we are currently dealing with. Although looking like that could be about to change shortly.
Club. I think the point Hattie was making was if you don't believe in the management team then you really should sell up now whilst still in profit. I may not the worlds expert in the stock market but if vrs don't deliver then the takeover will be p/share not £10 as you keep bleating. Not only do I believe in vrs and the team I love Neills outlook on life. Money is not everything so happy to hold and will support of required.
The chances of a hostile takeover are slim. Sometime back the law said the government could block a hostile bid for a UK company with sales of over £70m if the company had military or strategic benefits for the UK or words to that effect. You might have thought dropping it to a round figure of £10m would be a figure of choice. VRS had sales of just under £10m and the new law came out using £1m as the cut off. Coincidence ?
Club you are blocked so i can't see your posts and the drivel you write. Assuming that Neill and Chris agree it would take less than 20 PI's with substantial LONG TERM holdings i know to block any takeover. There are enough of us with patience who want to see the real long term value delivered and are happy to wait for many years for this to come to fruition as we believe in the management, the plan they have and their ability to deliver! Sorry you are not aligned - maybe time to leave ... or at least shut up?
roger - well we can't always get what we want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get you get what you neeeeeed... What I need is for my VRS stake to be worth as much as possible as quickly as possible. If NR can deliver - and he hasn't yet, getting collabs is the easy bit, but he's so far been woeful at the hard bit of turning them into money - then great. If not, I would welcome a takeover. You are of course entitled to your view, as I am to mine. But I know for a fact I am far from alone: not *all* discussions take place on this BB, you know.
fuji - thx for the advice, but I'll be staying put. Either NR delivers or there's a takeover, one of those is nailed on. The science appears to be good, even if he seems incapable of delivering orders and revenues.
"NR tweet to say there is a Board Meeting this Friday - to sign off the Interims I wonder?" with any luck to approve the takeover approach.
adejuk - What's in your opinion, the impact on IQE of outsourced wafer market following Finisar takeover ?
grity - Why I woudn't invest in IQE ? Because its major income comes from Apple. If apple pulls the plug as it did for Imagination, the company is dead. As it is now, IQE growth is in stagnation mode. Then add people not buying new phones as they are either expensive or their old ones are doing the same job as the new ones. So stagnation will set in for a long while unless a takeover happens. I got out from 130p and if I want I would double my stake now but I wouldn't touch it because what is happening looks as a dead cat bounce. Then add how many shorters waiting around the corner - more than 10%. I am even worried it will go back to the 10 - 20p traditional levels in a year without decent growth.
Pshevlin - far from the funds accumulating, it seems that those who did hold have been dumping, continuously and in quantity.Ricketts not looking such a clever boy now, is he?Bring on the takeover.
divers - well it's largely academic: another 3 or 6 months of this chronic non-delivery (in terms of orders and revenues) and the takeover approaches will start rolling in. I for one will welcome them. Would I take £10-£20 on a buyout end of next year as opposed to £100 in 5 years time? Yes I would...
divers "for immediate returns please go to the casino, this is business" yeah? ands how long, exactly, are we supposed to wait? IAI is now over a year old, Unilever is around the year mark, McLaren haven't placed any more orders (that we know of), and despite c30 collabs the simple fact is that the largest order they've told us about in the past 2 years is 1Kg of nanene and NO graphink sales. So I'll ask again -exactly how long are we supposed to wait? How long are YOU prepared to wait to see significant orders and revenues? Because my patience is exhausted. I'm still here for a takeover approach, which surely can't be far away now - put a rocket up Rickett's ass...
Chillpill - it’s not me claiming that the IP is worth £2bn (c£13.50 a share).So you wanna explain how come the largest order for nanene they’ve had is for 1Kg, given the number of collabs they have and the size of the companies they’re talking to? 1Kg is an utterly pathetic amount in the context of Rickett’s shooting his mouth off. - 1Kg is a slap in the face for s’holders who have been waiting for something significant - in fact it’s a bloody insult.Roll on the takeover approaches, that’s what I say.
borg - well, let's wait and see. As I've said before I'd love to see some takeover bids come in to put a rocket up the sp (we should be *much* higher than we are - 200-300p IMO) but I sure wouldn't like to see them succeed. Not for a few years yet...
Takeover isn't on the cards flatcoat, I believe that safeguards were in place in the past and will be in the future, NR wants it to go as far as it can and was even talking about a Gloucester hub of some sort a couple of years back.
Should of added before rule change vrs didn't meet the threshold tests for government to prevent takeover.
'why on earth would the government give such (unprecedented) backing to a company only for it to fall into the hands of a private/overseas enterprise months later. Doesn't make any sense.' ...because they're incompetent idiots? Or because they own the overseas enteprise :-) My target is to take some off as it goes up so I can live life, but keep enough back to be multi-millionaire. But if there's a takeover I think I'll largely quit the investing lark as I'm too much of a sucker & become an SEN teacher or renovate some flats to rent to the homeless, put something back into society, follow Neill's example.
Club talking rubbish again, Neill has clearly stated we are not for sale he is building a large company ,with his shares and a few large holders any takeover would be batted away, years away from takeover imho
pshevlin "If an offer came in however it would at least re-rate us before it was rejected." exactly. I'd love to see some takeover offers come in, but I wouldn't love them to be successful. A takeover approach or two would re-rate the sp to where it should be (IMO double or treble where we are now) and put VRS onto many many more radars than it appears to be on at the moment. And in an ideal world while the approach was in play the serious multi-T orders would start dropping so that even when the bidder went away the sp didn't suffer.
@Club don't be daft. Vox podcasts are paid for PR. Any questions Justin asks have be been pre-scripted no doubt. Starting take over rumours is exactly what I'd expect from a stock promoter. --------------- Interesting that Justin mentioned again (2 podcasts on the trot) about VRS being a takeover target.
Interesting that Justin mentioned again (2 podcasts on the trot) about VRS being a takeover target. He's obviously thinking along very similar lines to me. VRS is developing potentially huge value with its collabs and now China. It's all very well NR saying 'it takes as long as it takes', but the vulture capitalists *won't* wait for that value to be realised, they'll pounce long before then to get that value at a discount. You ask me, VRS's race isn't with competitors - since they don't seem to have any for the high-quality graphene they produce: the race is whether VRS can start releasing that value before they get taken over on the cheap...
Interesting that they have been approached regarding a takeover in the past. That of course must have been 'friendly' and as time goes on it will garner more interest and that is why I am happy with NR assuming the role of Chair.
Re NR's comments about takeover approaches. You see now why I've been banging on about why it's important to GET BIG, FAST! And that means orders, revenues, profits - not just endlessly talking to people. For s'holders it's a win-win - the only question is how big the win. IMO if we're still here in 6 months - no significant (ie multi-100Kg/multi-T) orders - someone will go hostile to take over VRS (500p-1000p a share?). If those orders *have* arrived the sp should be higher than that already and we can look forward to it going *much* higher still in the years to come.
Great interview. Takeover offer remarks well covered but I also really like this bit.'People coming from around the world to London today (yesterday)to meet Neil while VRS reps are in conversation in Singapore, Washington, Korea. All driven by needing to get supply near the big companies that are interested.'
On the possibilities of Versarien being a takeover target: "We have had offers, we've had approaches, but it's our intention to build a very big company and I'll try and fight that for as long as I can" (NR interview) Those have been rebuffed - but who might have been amongst those prospective bidders? And would any of those be keen to drive down the share price is they could? Or at the very least, keen to stop it rising further while they marshall their resources for a serious bid attempt in the future?
takeover...these are my genuine thoughts I always thought we would be safe enough until we started getting orders and some kind of standards...then we would be vulnerable. after hearing neill in that interview re. offers and approaches, and fight that as long as I can.....well.....who knows I wouldn't like to be shorting !
straight to the point..i seen some people on here talking about the interview. I thought it was the one yesterday that I had listened to,...I couldn't relate to what they were talking about ie ratpack saying takeover and offers. started looking and it is an interview with neill ! so anybody who hasn't seen it, its a must hTTps://
Best bit for me was about the takeover offers and approaches that Neill has batted away!! One day someone will approach with the right amount for the main shareholder to accept and then 🚀
China takeover! Anyone still questioning VRS needs to take a long hard look at themselves
myrl - as I've said repeatedly, I'm here waiting for NR to deliver *or* for the takeover approaches which will come in 3-6 months (IMV) if there are still no orders or China deal. In any case, it's not for you to tell me what to invest in. mind your own goddam business. you can go on the filter list too.
Club, you believe VRS is potentially a takeover target soon but we've discussed this before on many occasions. It's highly unlikely VRS can be taken over due to the shareholder makeup - there are no IIs with significant enough holdings to hold a club (no pun intended) over the BODs head.
For what’s it’s worth (and it’s very important to me)I think VRS management and shareholders are in economic alignment. For management to cash in lumps of shares they have to deliver a sustainably profitable company (or engineer a takeover). No sensible investor will buy lumps of shares from management before that happens. Selling small amounts for charitable purposes is an exception to the rule and as long as the board don’t start giving themselves huge pay rises, shareholders should take comfort from their incentives. As for valuation differences between the various nanotechnology companies, why is anyone surprised that those with enough cash in the bank to see their strategy through to fruition trade at a significant premium to those that will soon need any sort of funding they can get?
@lovat they already have bought his shares. NS has sold some of his own shares already. I grant you not that many but he's been selling. Also the other founder member Will Battrick has also sold out and holds half what he did before. I agree though it would be very hard for him to sell them all at one go. --------- Log - I can assure you that no sane investor will buy shares from the management before they deliver on the business plan. NR’s only exit options are to make VRS a success or via a takeover.
Log - I can assure you that no sane investor will buy shares from the management before they deliver on the business plan. NR’s only exit options are to make VRS a success or via a takeover.
superg1, I see your point about feeling that you are helping a company directly at IPO or fundraise. Buying shares at other times in the open market and keeping them long-term does also help a company in more subtle ways so I for one don’t feel I’ve done nothing by only finding out about VRS on the day of the Primary bid offer last November and only starting buying the day after :).After all buying and long term holding helps maintain the share price warding off potential takeover at low prices and also ensuring good value of stock if looking for more funds or for acquisitions. Still feel part of the family.
Just to reiterate: all I've done is punch some figures into a spreadsheet and report back on what the numbers *could* be - anyone else can do the same with their own assumptions and get very different (but probably still large) results. And of course my numbers aren't right - there are far too many variables which are unknown (to me) - not least price per T, which will almost certainly vary wildly from client to client, if not order to order, and from application to application. However, even on modest assumptions one quickly gets to telephone numbers: IF everything goes to plan, IF we're right about the 4th industrial revolution and graphene's role in it and IF there's no takeover or black swan event.
T/O unlikely in my opinion. I think Neill is on a mission and will want to deliver on his vision for VRS before entertaining it. Also I don’t think there’s enough free shares to mount a hostile takeover. Not unless the price is a few multiples from where it is currently to start prising them out of PI hands.
Like others here, I don't want to see a takeover bid accepted for this company at this time. But if a tentative preliminary approach HAS been made, might that account for this morning's board meeting? (I should add, I regard this question as hypothetical - I doubt if the scenario exists)
I think a lot of this is down to shortage of suppl on top of rumours. V Unlikely to be takeover news as not enough in the hands of Instis. (And they are not having mine even for £10)
Re - takeover, apart from anything else, I don't think we've seen anything like enough big purchases of late to support someone accumulating a large enough holding. Cheers - Spike
Looking at that list ax the stock is well in the hands of PIs. Would make it extremely difficult for takeover by some opportunistic group.
"In the 10p days when we dared to speculate that the SP could reach £1, now we are thinking multiples of £10 targets if all goes well." I suspect that give it six months or a year and we might be thinking in multiples of £100 targets - eventually, IF all goes well (and no takeover)...
The positive is that Directors have a habit of issuing options at a time when they think their shares are undervalued. The negative is it looks like corporate greed on the part of NR. The options on top of his existing holding is going to make zero difference to him financially-although I know he makes charitable donations. I would much prefer the love to be spread across the entire workforce including those at the "boring old business" as we are all in it together. I always liked the story of Charlie Peel's Secretary at Peel Hunt. After the takeover in 2000 she had a chauffeur driver to take her backwards and towards to work thanks to the share options.
Diversification - when a buyer reaches 3% there is an obligation to inform the company. Shares, CFDs, convertibles etc all going towards the 3% threshold. Tighter rules apply when a company is in an offer period. An offer period doesn’t have to be a bid for a company, it can be a material transaction such as a strategic acquisition or a disposal - decision made by takeover panel or relevant exchanges.
Lucky - don’t keep the secret all to yourself! What’s the rest of the MM omerta code? 2x1 share trades in a day a takeover bid, 3x1 a filing for bankruptcy and 4x1 a fund raising? 😜. Only joking if any regulators are watching - SG don’t get started!
Stupid comment about a takeover
I'm dreading a takeover approach. Don't care how astronomical a price someone pays now, will look a pittance in years to come. YouTube sold for $1.6bn in 2006? Looks like an absolute steal...
Rock see link posted earlier by the Molotov Kid:
Here we go, the Government has ramped up legislation to tighten up foreign companies buying certain UK businesses.
Can't see the Government be too keen on seeing key technology like this fall into outside hands....can they block a takeover if it was deemed not to be in the national interest?
campbed, could I ask why you think we are likely to be overtaken? Am I right in thinking that you mean another company will do it bigger/better rather than that there will be a takeover of the company? "The process is still being developed but I’m confident that the process VRS has ownership of is the current state of the art. But it is likely to be overtaken .
I buy & sell openly on Ebay - maybe they should takeover AIM ?
My biggest worry, as ever, is a takeover at these ludicrous prices. Given the potential alone we should (IMO, obviously) be much much higher (200-300p would be appropriate in my view). I'm sure there are plenty of slide rules being run over VRS right now. Hopefully involvement of government will put off some, but probably not all. It all comes back to one thing - we need to see some money.
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