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Or you do a takeover of an existing listed business on the exchange
Top 10 M&A targets in 2020 We have a look at the top #potential takeover targets for 2020 and explain how investors and traders can capitalise. HTTP://
Top 10 M&A targets in 2020 We have a look at the top #potential takeover targets for 2020 and explain how investors and traders can capitalise. HTTP://
"Canaccord had simply had enough of the company’s antics on social media and inability to tell the truth via RNS" I'm sure many shareholders know exactly how they felt. How much longer do we have to put up with that pathetic incompetent Ricketts? What looks very much like world-leading technology, and he can't earn ANY money out if it - indeed, revenues are declining. *Utterly* useless. Ricketts really has royally fucked this up, in every possible way: delivery, PR, confidence. An utter clusterfuck. Was this part of the plan, Woody? Bring on the takeover. NOW.
Agree squire007 that rinse & repeat trading which is blatant manipulation is at play here. The aim being to demoralise shareholders and spook some to sell. One has to ask who is behind this rinse & repeat trading and what their ultimate motive is. If its to eventually engineer a cheap takeover where shareholders just cave in and vote for it then they are simply pissing into the wind. Looking at the share register Neill & his key supporters own more than 25% of the shares thus preventing a 75% + vote for a takeover. So currently a cheap takeover is not possible right now if that is their motive!
If the product is so fantastic and noone else seems to be able to produce it how is it that we haven't had the slightest interest in an aggressive takeover from a multibillion pound company who actually might have the resources to develop it? That is what concerns me.
~~ADVFN*MODERATEDSuper You mean the takeover with the “giveawayâ€￾ transformative technology? Aka thin sales, profits et al demonstrate. Or the likely holding back of invoicing so that Crickets could boast of the 23% operating profit? How brightly do you wish the light to be shone?
lagina - would advise not filtering eg2. eg2 - I was wondering when this discussion would start :¬) I always wondered if there was something a bit odd about the TC takeover. Can you shed any light?
ade - about what? about Ricketts being a lying, incompetent piece of shit, or about a takeover coming?
If they do need to raise funds let's hope it is to fund scale up for a deal rather than keep the lights on or fund another takeover (or to pay for the last takeover!)
Tom, you’re right about me, mercifully I got out at an average of about 115p.Clubbie still holds though, as he keeps telling you, in the hope of a takeover and the Intellectual Property being worth a few bob.
Donj - everyone who still holds is in the same boat - sell of hold? I guess it comes down to whether you think Ricketts will deliver - or whether a takeover bid is imminent. Even another few days of this and Ricketts will have to step down. The question then is what he would do with his c10% holding. If he has a shred of decency he will agree a moratorium on sales to prevent a collapse down to low single figures, until a buyer for the company is found or a new CEO can give the markets and s’holders a frank, honest update on all aspects of VRS’s business, what is really going on in China and when - realistically - significant sales of 2D materials will occur. No more bullshit, no more lies, no more judges and hints. No point Ricketts making such a statement - he has absolutely no credibility whatsoever, nobody would believe him.
takeover my arse - neill just yawned.
As for my being a 'sad fantasist' - the only sad fantasists are those who expect Ricketts to change the habits of the past 5 years and start puling big rabbits out of a hat. The guy's a serial failure. The copper foam went nowhere, the plastic moulding business is (or was, by the comapny's own admission) stuffed full of low-margin business, and despite repeated teases and pseudo promises (although I would suggest that "are confident of securing further significant orders in the coming months", from 2017, is more than that - it is a clear representation, intended to be acted upon by s'holders) Ricketts has failed to deliver anything at all. What was it Einstein said? The definition of insanity is repeating the same action and expecting different outcomes? We really think that the guy who got us into this fucking hole is going to be the guy to get us out of it? I really don't think so... Bring on the takeover.
“This has been said time and time again as the VRS MO.” Yes it has. But no deals have been delivered under that model, have they? If I was a huge company dealing with a tiddler like Versarien - money running out, desperate for a deal - I’d agree to their price matrix going into the collab, then turn the screws when it came to negotiating an actual contract. Of course Ricketts can always prove me - and indeed all his critics - wrong by landing a deal and telling us how much it’s worth. But curiously he hasn’t yet, and I don’t think he will. Bring on the takeover. By far the best hope for releasing significant value for s’holders...
CS, takeover rumour at 350p ……….....fine by me then :-)
i think there is some credence in the earlier post about being softened up for a cheap takeover and leaving pi high and dry.
Bang Bang Maxwell’s Supercapacitor | In Depth Https:// Well worth a listen from last February when the Maxwell takeover was only in its infancy. From 8 minutes in and worth listening to the end as these guys explain what a supercapacitor could/can do in an EV/truck and the cost savings, it isn't techie (alhtough it is) and explained in layman terms. They did say twelve months so expect an update this Feb. and they were right on that. All EV's will want the tech!
s - that's bollox and you know it. AAC made £166K pbt in the year prior to takeover, and probably even less net positive cash. No way that funded anything, especially since profits have been dropping ever since. VRS is, and always has been, funded by its shareholders, who are now almost universally PIs, the pros having dropped out long ago. lagin - suggest you contact Neill - I'm sure he'll donate a few metres. No charge - you just have to sign an NDA and a Collaboration Agreement :)
J1nxed - at first sight, one of the 2 companies VRs and Nanoxplore has: No debt; A CEO with a long CV of engineering business acumen, a broad network of connections with technology businesses, shareholding connections into a number of the top European research universities in the UK and a lot of skin in the game; Direct government support through the DIT; Certification through random sample testing that the key product is what it says it is; A route to market through plastics/polymers-based advanced materials technology AND entries into a "full hopper" of other industries knocking on the door for product development assistance. The other is run by an academic who has financial skills and has built himself a business on debt and a reverse takeover. "Graphene" according to his website is "under 10 layers". I wish you luck with Nanoxplore but I know where I would rather be investing.
Back into the 70s. Next stop 72p. Never thought we'd see these prices again. What a damning testament to Rickett's UTTER failure. I loathe, revile and despise the useless cunt. I execrate him. Bring on the takeover, get this fucking piece of shit company sold. Happy fucking New Year.
“No exiting here. Adding is the wise thing to do.Everyone to their own. Happy days not far away.” If I had a tenner for every time one of you stale bulls said that or something very like it... Still, takeover on the way. Flip this piece of shit and get on with our lives..
pshvlin - don't worry, takeover on the way. get this dog flipped and we can all move on with our lives.
rainbow - to be fair yes you did. although this hasn't ended *just* yet. bring on the takeover...
1teepee - dunno about wuzy, but *my* latest prediction is that VRS won’t even exist by year-end. They’ll drag some small deal over the line kicking and screaming, the markets will wake up to the potential, a takeover battle breaks out and the company is sold for somewhere between £20 and £30 a share. And whoever buys it then flips it to the Chinese government for the equivalent of £100 a share.
Club, I’ve followed this board for some time and I must ask, Neill states he will not be selling the business so your investment strategy is now defunct. What is your next card to play? I was always interested in knowing what you thought the share price would be upon takeover, from that we can deduce when you will no longer be here?
"...further commercial discussions are anticipated in Q1 2020" is that like when they hoped to give an Aecom update in Q1 2019? all just bullshit. we've heard it all before, more than once. anything Ricketts says isn't worth the breath it takes to say it. bring on the takeover.
Club - just out of interest, you appear to push the idea of a VRS takeover quite regularly. Can you clarify why you feel this is likely? In the several years of its existence, as yet VRS has been unable to sell any of its products to anyone in the world for any viable commercial use whatsoever, the last set of numbers weren't exactly confidence inspiring, what makes you think anyone would wish to make a takeover bid for the business? I presume you must be basing that suggestion on the speculation that at sometime in the future someone will eventually find a profitable commercial use for something VRS is hoping to sell? It appears that all of last years targets and goals have come to pass with nothing to show again and the latest suggestion from management and superg is that things will now begin to happen in January, is that correct? Do you feel confident? Still watching with fascination.
You know there’s medication for grand mal delusions, right? A takeover is far FAR more likely than that Ricketts is suddenly going to pull deals worth tens or hundreds of millions out of his ass. Remember, this company showed that revenues were DOWN in H1 compared to the same period last year. Spin it any way you like, but the most recent numbers were utterly SHIT...
You'll be laughing the oher side of your faces when the takeover battle erupts, with multiple global companies all wanting VRS for themselves. Wait for that useless incompetent Ricketts to deliver anything and you'll be waiting a looooong time...
Wuzy - I had a small top-up on Monday too (much smaller than yours), but in anticipation of a takeover bid arriving, not in any hope that the muppet crew ‘running’ this company are actually going to deliver anything. You don’t get away with failing to commercially exploit world-leading IP forever, and Ricketts is out of time.
Woody - given you’re such an authority, why don’t *you* ‘man up’ and let us poor mortals know when your hero Ricketts is actually going to deliver something? Because Christ knows he’s been talking about it for long enough. You can’t and won’t because for all your relentless bullishness you don’t actually have a fucking clue when VRS will pay off. As we reach the end of this supposedly ‘mind-blowing’ year - with absolutely FUCK ALL delivered of significant commercial worth - you will have noticed that I am now far from being the only s’holder looking at everything Ricketts has said, looking at what has actually been delivered, and starting to call him out on his bullshit. Bring on the takeover. Get this dog flipped and get on with our lives.
"Aspiration - to become a global giant" no chance, with these incompetent jokers in charge. best we can hope for is a takeover to release some of the IP value.
"You might have also have mentioned to her that you yourself may have contributed to that in some way, as you are constantly slagging off the way the company is run." yeah right, it's all my fault and nothing whatsoever to do with endless over-promising and zero delivery. "the "fucking incompetent moron" is going to be there for a good few years yet" a takeover is coming. have you not heard? fuck off, retard.
£2.60? What petty ambitions you do have. VRS is worth far, far more than that - try shifting the decimal place two to the right. Sadly Ricketts is too useless to deliver such rewards. A takeover will unlock some of that value - I think that’s the best s’holders can hope for given the current mgmt. Bring it on. The sooner the better.
Let's remember a lot of the market value is company IP. As has been pointed out on many occasions only three people have the know how to the secret recipe and how to put all the machines together. When people are sacked they don't hang around making sure they know how is passed on. They immediately leave and sell the know how to a competitor. Removing Neill would result in a share price fall. It will lead to s takeover.
Jointer - then clearly NOBODY in the markets understands. Look at the price action yesterday. Utterly pathetic. Will the other 4 be ‘commercial deals’ too? Can’t wait. Bring on the takeover.
“You are a piece of work CS ... scum gives you too much credit” Poor Megan - if only I gave a shit what you think.The real piece of work is Ricketts. He sets a new deadline for himself to deliver something - a news update, a deal with BIGT - and you all wet yourselves with excitement. Then when he fails to make the deadline - as he has failed, every single time - you all scramble to find excuses for him. Pathetic gullible bunch of mugs. Bring on the takeover.
As in a takeover is coming.
Lucky "Waiting for Ian to sell before he announces anything" I seriously do sometimes wonder the same thing. But I'm not selling - and every day that goes by with no news makes more and more s'holders pissed off and Ricketts' position more and more untenable. Bring on the takeover. I can wait...
Hermanngoring - I hope the very fortuitous coincidence of Ricketts’ share sale with the ‘news’ has been reported to the appropriate authorities? Sooner the disgraceful incompetent is removed the better. Best that s’holders can hope for is a takeover battle between an American proxy and a Chinese proxy. The final price could be many billions, a market cap that loser Ricketts will never get anywhere near. News will come ‘when we least expect it’? What’s his name, Douglas fucking Adams? ‘Expect the unexpected’?
1teepee - if some PIs are starting to lose confidence is it any wonder, in the face of relentless over-promising and zero delivery by that disgraceful incompetent Ricketts? Lots of talk of ‘staggering’ amounts of nanene needed by Aecom and ‘mind-blowing’ opportunities in China, even as the company figures show virtually static turnover YoY and no actual signed contracts are ever delivered. News he hopes to deliver in Q1 arrives in Q3 and even then tells us nothing we didn’t already know, SeeSaw turns out to be FuckAll, a BIGT deal he hopes to deliver by the AGM turns out to be yet another pipe dream. Fucking JOKE. Still, don’t worry, there will be a takeover along soon, I’m sure...
Had you been bothered to turn up to the AGM you would release that IP is more than just patents and license. It's also about know how. Sacking the entire management team to allow them to start a new company with all their know how and contacts would not lead to a takeover but would lead to a fall in share price
Why would you think that a takeover would seem attractive when in your own words this company is not making any cash and has no future, seems at odds with your perspective of this crap company, your thoughts not mine, have a good day.
The range seems to have moved from 100-130p to 90-100p. Expect it to shift down again until and unless that useless incompetent Ricketts actually delivers something or there’s s takeover approach (far more likely IMO)...
I think VRS has greater potential than any other company I have yet found. Sadly Ricketts seems utterly incapable of delivering that potential. I continue to hold and buy more because I am convinced a takeover will come sooner rather than later. There is no way a company with this much potential can under-perform for too long before other parties start to think they could do better. The world leader in high-quality graphene, certified by China and America - valued at c£150m? Ridiculous. And why? Because Ricketts has totally destroyed his credibility with endless over-promising and zero delivery. He’s out of time and out of excuses - and he knows it. And if I’m wrong about Ricketts and he does deliver than happy days. I win either way - he only wins one way.
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