BEAVERTON, Ore., Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Surface Mitt LLC, today announced the first of its kind, 100% recyclable, paper mitt; available exclusively on Kickstarter. The patent pending Surface Mitt is made from specially formulated paper with the aim to be both great for the consumer and great for the planet.

Surface Mitt is optimized to provide consumers convenient protection against germs that can lurk on public surfaces for days at a time. With this proactive approach of Surface Mitt, consumers no longer need to try to remove germs from their hands through handwashing or hand sanitizer solutions.

Surface Mitt's design makes it easy to:

  • Put on: before touching surfaces
  • Take off: safely and quickly
  • Dispose: in planet-friendly way

A unique ripcord feature integrates perforations to make Surface Mitt easy to tear off, without touching the part of the mitt that contacted the surface.

Designed for manufacturing automation Surface Mitt can produce 100 mitts per minute. Surface Mitt is designed to serve a large available global marketplace, comprised of individuals looking for personal protection and businesses looking to protect their customers and staff.

Common Uses for Surface Mitt:

  • Office Buildings (Lobby, Elevator, Doors, Restrooms)
  • Apartment Buildings (Front Doors, Garage Doors, Lobby, Elevator Buttons, Common Areas)
  • Gas Station (Gas Pump Nozzles, Credit Card machines)
  • Grocery Store (Baskets, Handcarts)
  • Airport (Check in Kiosk, TSA Item Trays/Bins, Airport Gate)
  • Train/Subway (Handrails)
  • Restaurants (Employees, Patrons, Restrooms)
  • Pet Clean-up
  • Plus many more

Surface Mitt is available today, exclusively on, at special promotional pricing.

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