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Rather than continually giving the red thumbs down you blues, how making a contibution to something of possible interest Turvart has come up with some interesting scenerios could shell,would shell buy centrica what would shell gain out of such a takeover they must be questions you are itching to ask and discuss lets have some electrifying debate and leave the assault and battery off this thread
Turvart 16 Jun '19 - 00:10 - 19611 of 19615 0 2 0 I am very confident that the takeover bid will come from Shell Energy. would you know how big the share of the maket would be if shell engery and centrica merged also if such a merger would be queried by uk compettion authorities have a nice day sunny here after the violent storms
I am very confident that the takeover bid will come from Shell Energy.
DD yes I was actually calling it down to 47p actually but I never gave it enough research to see why, I am a fundamentalist and on that basis I call 47p but the market does not work that way, this is going to be a takeover bid mark my words. I was calling 47p on pure fundamentals and that was the mistake I made, the market does not work on how I think or the mathematics I possess, so I was very wrong calling 47p. The fundamentals are crap with CNA but it’s in a position that is very strong and the takeover bid will come!
Have you seen the Shell Energy adverts on TV? This CNA is a takeover bid.
FFS it's broken the 93p support! This IMO is being taken down for a reason to shake out small shareholders and I can see a takeover bid.
i've been in and out of this over the last ten years and am at a complete guess net £20k down. so i feel negative towards it on 'emotional' grounds. but even i am getting tempted to buy in again at this level. i certainly don't have the courage to go large but just a £10k punt i feel will bag a few quid in a year's time. i'm assuming the dividend will be cut by at least 40%, though even it's complete 'suspension' is not to be ruled out. possible takeover target?
OLIVER SHAH May 26 2019, 12:01am, The Sunday Times Who might be bold enough to buy Centrica? Oliver Shah Two years before the financial crisis and a decade before Brexit, 2006 was a different time. When an apparatchik at Gazprom said an acquisition of Centrica was “being analysed and examinedâ€￾ by the Russian state energy giant — sending the British Gas owner’s shares 25% higher — Tony Blair’s government indicated that it would not stand in the way. With a glibness redolent of the era, then trade and industry secretary Alan Johnson remarked: “Whatever the difficulties and challenges of globalisation, the answers will not be found in the stagnant waters of protectionism.â€￾ Come on over, comrades. A takeover of Britain’s former energy monopoly by the Russians or Chinese would be unthinkable today — but would a takeover in itself be out of the question?
The article looks just speculative as it refers to the old Gazprom consideration from back in 2006......hxxps://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/who-might-be-bold-enough-to-buy-centrica-fhnt9fwlp................from 2006 ..............hxxps://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/gazprom-eyes-british-gas-takeover-592dfhtj3gm...............just look 3.01 a share , one can only dream of such a price Today ..sniff sniff ,......lol
Times article on potential takeover - can someone post the full article?
Now come on DD the mongol of CNA, that filtered me, how convenient a mongol filters me? Explain to me how all the UK are going to get their gas from and if you say Russia then who is getting a takeover bid mongol?
Seems things are ripe for hostile takeover, can’t believe the SP below £1 for a profitable, £30bn turnover business and still paying out dividends. Funny thing is Uber is valued at £82bn which never made a dime in profit ha!
Could this be a potential takeover target at this level?
What are we expecting in the next couple of weeks? Possible takeover bids? Who knows. Very cheap stoke and ripe for takeover IMO. Best of luck all.
muffin,She’ll are not going to takeover CNA, pure speculation on your part.SimplyWall St is a pile of pants, does not take on board the 17% or so forecast reduction in free cash flow for 2019, would then be about 135p target which is still more than what the market think this will be worth.DD
susiebe - 16 Apr 2019 - 13:21:57 - 17480 of 17808 Centrica broker notes 2013/14 - CNA A few people here completely dismiss talk of a bid/takeover but if sp drops under 100p then surely CNA becomes a very attractive target?
I knew there was something wrong with this SP and the fundamentals from a balance sheet point of view are disgraceful, it’s all coming together in my mind that the Russian mafia are behind this, how they dress it up in the UK will be another thing, but I expect IMO a takeover bid and it ain’t going to be a lot with that balance sheet and the UK will have their gas supplied by a Russian company, let’s see how wrong I am?
A few people here completely dismiss talk of a bid/takeover but if sp drops under 100p then surely CNA becomes a very attractive target?
Takeover 100% I’m counting on it
Make my words this is going into a takeover bid!
Disco Dave filtered me 😂 Here’s the 2 best stocks for 2019 to hold. Rio Tinto and Lloyd’s, but disco Dave can’t see this post and he’s still shorting Cna on £5 a point up until the takeover bid 😂😂😂😂
Ha Ha, there may be a bigger picture to this, don’t be surprised if there is a takeover bid and the little shorters get their £5 a point burnt, Ha Ha!
Sorry for the double post, but I think this needs to be said, while many people are running Mr Conn down, this bloke ain’t no idiot, otherwise he wouldn’t be in the position he’s in, I personally hate the fundamentals as you all know, but I smell a takeover bid and this stock at the moment as got takeover bid written all over it. Maybe that’s why the dividend won’t be cut, he (Conn) knows more than he’s letting on.
Disco Dave, while I hold your sentiment and the view of the fundamentals, just think of other people’s feelings and what they may be going through, just imagine a pensioner putting all his/her savings into this at say 300p of which at the time was a great investment and living on the dividends rather than earning peanuts in a bank account. I hold your sentiment on this stock but this could have a great ending, who knows what’s around the corner, their could be a massive takeover bid.
Pure speculation on my part but what if Shell ,who recently tied up with Direct Energy, are looking long term to diversify into electric energy ?It's something I've mentioned before the recent tie up and starts to look more realistic. 1. Ian Conn is an ex oil man with probable contacts in Shell.2. He's gone to great pains to reduce the companies debt 3. Debt may have been a sticking point for Shell.4. Government involvement in energy sector may have dampened Shell's appetite for a take over5. The price is right. 6. The electric car market is set to take off this year. Is a takeover of cna by Shell a realistic scenario? Just my idle thoughts on a lazy sunny afternoon in Sunny Weymouth.Good Luck.
Morning Sorry I didn’t get back sooner but had a few things on yesterday. I’ve not heard any whispers I’m afraid but my only reason for adding to my position is I think the market is factoring in a divi cut. I also think the same for the likes of Vodafone. Can’t see a takeover any time soon if I’m honest but it can’t be ruled out. Everyone is writing of the sector so why would Shell buy First Utility.I’m looking out for a flurry of analysts notes this week and the one that will interest me the most is DB !!Hope you have a good week
Nortic007 : Have just skimmed the past couple of days posts. Uncannily...I haven't told the wife either of my additional tranches ( current average 137.35 )!! There is a 'mutter in the gutter' as to the apparent 'incomprehensible rationalisation moves on the part of the Board ' being preparations for an eventual takeover by Shell. Have you heard such? Do you put any credence in them ? In the meantime ...we bank the divis!!
Imo i see us clawong back about half of yesterdays losses after sll the company is making massive profits is still paying a hugh dividend and may become a takeover target circa £1.60?
This is a sitting duck takeover...any possible names?...
I will never forget, a few years back their was a finance programme on. Five of the best stockbrokers were allowed to pick one share each to see who could get the best profit and one random person with no knowledge had names on a dartboard. At the end of the year they came back to see who won. And you guessed it, the man who hit the dartboard hit a company that had a takeover and won . I think this about sums it up !!
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