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Nothing is impossible, but that is very optimistic by Xmas, in would say more in the 22p/25p range by then but you never know, with some lending to restart, half year results, I'm sure Gary will announce more favourable strategy in coming days, general growth, economic conditions, and can't ever rule out takeover offer this could see significant increase... It's a bit share for sure Interesting volumes here today, trend of buys and sell, over 4.5m traded in first 29mins of day
I think Brockys and SBBx have called this well earlier... Just hold for now, don't sell or worry about these. I plan to hold until 50p,which is totally realistic but probably a solid 6-10 months unless of major news or takeover. Once these start lending, and declare lower complaints, that will naturally see upto 30% uplift in sp at today rate
Too soon, it's done really well over the past 4 trading days. Remember, it was 8.4p only last Thursday so to be at 11.2p now considering we haven't had ground breaking major news is spot on. The market has taken well to Gary talk and Maria joining but proof in the pudding about results. This is not the type of stock that we will see 100% increase, it's slow and steady, lot of JB fan club selling off last week and foundations being built. This is now in solid state for ride to 20p, some key resistance points to move past with either solid rns or takeover news. What is for sure, there is huge interest in this stock
JB, show us the real money. Last chance to takeover, man
Morning mate, decent srart, be good to push on from here. Midweek rns or takeover talks would be perfect to blast it into next zone
Amgo let their employees by @ 10p in a new shares saver scheme today then next week, an offer comes in for 20p - nice way of rewarding the team.... But shouldn't any takeover bids, be the highest price in the last 12 months = approximately 70p
I agree pal, it will need some decent buys midday Monday to help push into the 11 range, getting into and staying in 13 is key stability at this point, 13.66 is a resistant blocker, of course any positive rns or genuine takeover talks and NO JB tweets could all help :)
2nd day running, Ive been close :)Pretty confident we will break 10p tomorrow, looking at at 10.2 close of day... How nice would it be to see a takeover bid rns tomorrow at 7am .... One can dream
Spot on and yes agree with JIBs ( I don't say that often!)Would love to read some takeover noise over the weekend, but I must say how impressed I am about how this holding out considering everything which has happened...For me, as I've always said I won't sell until 50p :)
Pretty confident we will break 10p tomorrow, looking at at 10.2 close of day... How nice would it be to see a takeover bid rns tomorrow at 7am .... One can dream
There is no good business reason that I can see to release the directors from the lock-up clause, other than it makes a takeover smoother. Clearly they will use the excuse that they released Glen from it so it was only fair to release all the others impacted by it........
Takeover definitely, they're already accumulating and the BoD with their RNS comments are trying to encourage (scare!) everyone in selling to give to the background buyer
I also think a takeover offer will come, but afraid this time won't be more than 20p
Looks to me like algos are keeping the price down. I think more director buy incoming and takeover. Seen this kind of thing before.
Agreed bud, i am convinced we will see that 20p before xmas. Be interesting to see how things pan out, Gary will have his own ways to put into play, starting to lend will see price rocket, covid wave 2, 3, 4 could be issues, JB tweets could damage price though any potential takeover could rocket the price, look at what happened at Saga recently, talks over takeover and price doubled then fell back
There's accumulation going on at this level. I wouldn't be surprised if huge buy orders were being filled for hostile takeover
Bet your bottom dollar there will be tongues discussing a hostile takeover now the noise has stopped.
Hostile takeover See new Tweets Conversation AimShares @shares_aim #amgo buyers in a big rush - leaky leaky JB TAKEOVER !! 3:14 PM · Sep 30, 2020·Twitter Web App Let's see how this ages.
sitting duck now for a takeover.... don`t think JB tried very hard,could have played it better. guess he will watch and wait......... WJ.
Wouldn't be surprised if JB has someone lined up as a takeover once he regains power, heard rumours offer would be 38p per share on takeover
Takeover talk 60p [...]
I don't know Milan - but if anyone has bought over 3% they could probably claim that they were doing so 'gradually' and don't need to declare until JB finished his selling last Friday. However that means they must declare by tomorrow according to the rules.On the other hand, I was in EUA from 0.6p to 20p. Someone was obviously buying millions of shares to drive the price upwards, judging by the £50-100k trade sizes going through for weeks and months - but, apart from a couple of 1% PIs and the broker handling the takeover situation, not a single institution or large holder ever made a declaration.A mystery!!
~~ADVFN*MODERATEDFund giant closes in on takeover Sam Chambers, Retail Correspondent Sunday September 13 2020, 12.01am, The Sunday Times
Anyone else think the BoD have one last trick up their sleeve to thwart JB...........a takeover offer by a third party...........and announce it on Friday 4:30pm AFTER JB has finished selling, that would really spite him 🌋 stranger things have happened my Internet friends, stranger things have happened 🛸
~~ADVFN*MODERATEDAmigo digs in over founder James Benamor’s pitch Katherine Griffiths, Banking Editor Tuesday September 08 2020, 12.01am, The Times TAKEOVER TIM IMHO JUST A CASE OF WHAT PRICE AND HOW HIGH ..............
~~ADVFN*MODERATEDBritain's Amigo shares climb over 30% as founder calls for takeover. Analysts said Benamor's commitment to buy at 20 pence per share was behind the rise in the embattled lender's stock
Lol like last week when the longs piled in who knew feck all. All points to a 25p takeover
Sold 2 weeks ago at 8.7p. Couldnt be arsed waiting any longer for something to happen. Tied up now on what I believe is an imminent takeover STAF. Sorry everyone for mentioning another company. All the best Jibba.
The major shareholders didn’t back him last time and won’t this time, it’s takeover or he loses
So if JB calls a vote and wins things will get better for AMIGO? or he could lose the vote and walk away and things STILL get better with just GC in charge? or JB COULD lose the vote and make a takeover offer for the whole business? but either way NAV is still 35p and 12p ps is not going to last for much longer. Think about it folks. Its not rocket science, the sp is only going one way very soon.
Whatever JB's plan is for the next three days, he himself thinks he will have to call an EGM......which he simply will not have the voting support to get his way at. A takeover bid will be good for the SP, but if rebutted then Friday's results will see the SP plunge again
AA plc takeover update should land on 2.09
If that's the case the perhaps a reverse takeover could be on the cards from Richmond Group?
Takeover adios amigos somethings leaked
AA is waiting for the takeover update if anyone wants to add there.
They are in the same side, JB holding has no voting rights due to an agreement, where as Glen has no restrictions. JB wasn't happy with what the original board decided to do - however couldn't do anything about it, the nuclear option was sell - crashed the prices, however stop the takeover.Once down to 9.99% the agreement no longer counts and JB gets voting powers, together with a number of others including Glen, movement can be made.DYOR
yes mate I hear you, but why would you agree to keeping 60 percent of the business while having no say in it, if he were to buy 30 percent of any listed company then the market rules would have required him to make a takeover bid for the rest of the business. as for the mugging and the robbery spare a little thought for those who PI who bought at or near the top, even those who bought at 30 p are still under water by a big margin.
Any takeover, going to be a bit more complicated, loads more shareholders to deal with
What takeover possibility? The formal sale process was been cancelled and JB only wanted a sale because of Hamish who has now gone. I don't think he will be reinvesting to sell it off. All imho dyor etc
Hmm I don't think so, I think he has actively started picking up his stake again. Rememeber Glen's appointment sits in line with the takeover possibility. And I'm sure James would love a huge slice of that pie! DYOR.
And should it bounce 1p, Kirk the prick will be back with his 18p and takeover ramp, at least I wont have to read his shit anymore.
Regarding JB's 'irrevocable action' at 1% - to simply dream up this instruction says everything I need to know, cannot trust a word...Amigo will have control at 49% stake, even if you go by voting, only around 8% shareholders did not support sell offer, so at JB's 40% shareholders could support a takeover. However, again depends upon how this buyer wants to get his shares.
JB just replied to people on Twitter, he confirmed that the takeover buyer from earlier this month contacted him last Tuesday to buy his shares but because of the non-cancellable instructions which JB gave to his broker, he will continue to sell 1% ‘to the highest bidder each day’ according to JB. So now we have a confirmation that the takeover buyer is still interested in the business and will be accumulating JB shares at 1/2 or 1/3 of what he offered JB last month! Anyway, we will know the new buyer shortly “ I was clear that I was giving non-cancellable instructions to sell 1% a day. The whole thing is out of my hands now. They will be sold to the highest bidder each day.â€￾ “ We were contacted again on Tuesday of last week by the buyer. We told them what we’ve told everyone. We have given non-cancellable instructions to sell 1% a day.â€￾
Ok, so I've had second thoughts, I feel there's more to come here, firstly if you have a position, why don't you hedge with a short, I only have a main broker so I haven't really got time, but that's one way to salvage the trade. However, at what point does Richmond lose control? 49%??? If its at 55% not much further, still a majority voter, but as he becomes diluted then Amigo will have control, including to take a potential sell/takeover opportunity...also other loan companies like funding circle could see this as an acquisition opportunity, you can often renegotiate legal requirements embedded in the business in the buy out. It might be worth holding, it is common for break outs on positive RNS, but no guarantees how long we could be waiting. Any similar thoughts???
Also, do you think there is any chance of a takeover??? This initially was a good business, revised lending terms and changes could be appealing.
Any potential takeover buyer could just drip buy excess shares put on the market each day and for £22-23m hoover up the 60% as they come up. I guess you would call that a non-aggressive takeover, if the previous owner has committed to sell their stake. All most odd, but a bargain for any buyer.
Wonder if he decides that 20.9p takeover offer is ok nowThat would rattle the shorts nicelyMajor support at 10pResistance at 35pGood risk no?
I think the JB shares will get mopped up on the cheap as they are made available by a takeover candidate.Got to be value here for someone.
If there is a takeover I wonder what Richmond group will accept - Last rns indicated talks to continue seeing that this is 90% down year on year - Requisition of meeting for board removal before 20th -
This is beginning to look good - AMGO also has the takeover factor in place which should do good from the current share price - From a peak of £1.5billion to £114million is very significant indeed and there are a few interested parties so lets see where this goes -
Takeover or judicial review?
Agreed - I think things are beginning now to hot up and things may well be moving - This is in the bracket of takeover -
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