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barky...lol... Pace just got takeover offer from Arris... and Pace are my largest holding... But don't tell Stocky, he sold them as he didn't see much potential...
maybe tw and gang are part of the corporate structure to drive down a share price for a bid, takeover or so funds can buy cheaply? after all the crap they gave qpp. that has been my best buy this year.
could be a re-branding of the company or making it easier for a takeover.
Loo loo - yes, he has his seat reserved for the AGM next to his hero SC. Of course, like every other AGM before this one, he will be unable to attend on account of a business deal, a corporate takeover or private equity deal of some sort (we would not understand). Geh2, a true captain of industry ...
interesting perspective from Alex, we will probably not see a bounce in the sp but the market had priced Blinkx as sliding away and this may provide reassurance to some that they are still in the game or is that wishful thinking? they may be ripe for a low ball takeover now?
Morning Good People, Another quick question or maybe more a theory - I guess the threat of a hostile takeover is off the table (if we assume that VCs, other Funds have been buying and RG is a good guy for shareholders) and that the accumulation has been done using "O" Trades. This can be the only assumption, as it has been RG and other Blinkx affiliates buying. Well, is the next strategy to get the price moving in the right direction by buying but with "AT" trades? Once the price starts moving in the right direction, momentum traders will move in, pushing the price even higher. THEN release results. The news famine now speaks volumes, as we can assume that there must have been some partnerships, contracts and movement in the last 6-8 months. I think it would be a bloodbath at the AGM if we are not at a decent price.
Well Gehe if they make the growth and improve ebitda, 7-10% would be a mild projection in terms of growth indeed.We would hit 60/70p in an instant and a pound by the end of May imo.Also due to the heightened and intensive need to carve dominance in this hot sector I do not see BLNX being allowed to trade the financial year out and a takeover at over £2 is more than realistic.Never forget the but and however, if BRIAN fails to deliver?Then he has failed and so have BLNX to maintain the lead they built so early on in its creation.I'm feeling pretty confident of a multi bag, if we have no however or buts!
Dont MM have to sell? Can Blinkx still initiate a small buyback now or do we have to wait until after the results?With the attack, I guess that Blinkx felt that they were a takeover target. However, with the MMs giving away shares so easily and no announcement, I guess that they now assume that the Bear Raid was putely for profit??
I'm calling 65p on results day.Over £1 by May and £2 by the end of the year, which we will never see as we will be definitely taken over as we prove our technology to be far superior than the competitors.Ps football go to the Blinkx website and relook at investors page, all results revealed and new PRESIDENT agency doing what the old one should have years ago.Lots of information indexed for a corporate takeover know.?
Morning all, gowlane, what makes you think that? Link for above post, Mark Slaters comment from October on sector consolidation. httP://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/investing/article-2801514/mark-slater-six-shares-potential-takeover-targets.html
GEHE, we know how fast this sector is growing especially the any device any time segment.As soon as BLNX's results are announced I really do not see them not becoming a takeover target.My guess is Amazon. They really need BLNX technology to put the icing on the cake!!
Can't believe that Motley fool and now ramping blinkx as a takeover target and it's worth buying a slice of the action at the present time. There has been no news from the company no clarity no news flow so why now have they changed their mind?
LCWA.....how far is Rg going?....I thought 7/8% for a punt on a recovery would be great but 9%+ prob by now....Mmm,And yes its a stonking appointment,that guy could have got a job anywhere with those credentials....whats his business with this insignificant minnow!!...tick tock......You're comment about his credentials and picking and choosing work struck a chord. Head of mobile at Samsung is as good as it gets. Biggest mobile seller in the world. Only today I read Samsung have a 56$ billion war chest for acquisitions. Very exciting times, indeed. Regarding RG. I still think he's working on a takeover. He will have a fight on his hands, mind.
That is a worrying idea. Don't want a takeover anywhere near these silly prices.
Is RG working in cahoots with someone? Takeover, perhaps?
Preparing for a takeover?
Barkboo, Considering the low price, I would like to see a small share buyback prior to releasing any news. It is harder for traders to find shares if they are in safe hands - ML, SC and the VCs.The strategy of defeating the shorters is puzzling, when you think that our board has the financial firepower to take a lot of shares off the table. AOL and Yahoo! Directors have recently been buying, hopefully we see some more action from Blinkx. UNLESS, we are in takeover negotiations.Did anyone listen to the AOL market update? It was very upbeat and they have been through the same transition as Blinkx, but I think Blinkx is further ahead.
Thanks so moch stocky for your good wishes You of course come across as a winner! How's that Yahoo takeover of Blinkx progressing, Another winner I suppose!
Is RG the front man for buying stock for a US giant pre takeover i wonder.
Meanwhile Welsh financier turned tech investor Richard Griffiths has upped his stake in online video advertising company Blinkx, up 1.5p at 27.87p. Griffiths owns 8.05%. Http://www.standard.co.uk/business/markets/market-report-afren-takeover-plot-thickens-after-buzz-builds-over-rival-800-million-bid-9990427.html
Lol. Those guys are really trying to sell the notion that the Adkarma takeover is not a done deal? Anyone that falls for that one should forget about investing. Minimum investment requirement credentials - knowing your arse from your elbow.
verizon approaches aol on possible joint venture/takeover deal
thanks for that analysis 1gw, you know what, I thought it could have been worse the only thing I would say is that doing a share placing at 195p to fund the rhythm takeover in Dec 2014 (or at 134p in 2011) is one thing but when said shares are valued by the market at 26p it turns into something else right now rhythm cost us much less than $64m - this wont show up in the accounts of course - but that's the beauty of the Blinkx playbook, issue shares when very highly rated, otherwise pay cash
Alex. You're talking complete bollocks. Give us an example of another takeover RNS with what you are asking? It's standard practice.
No news about BLNX the busted in that link Schroder!Ramping us to a takeover or consolidation is just a dream!
1gw, you have picked me up on 2 posts which you believe to make me a 'Market Manipulator'. The oppenheimer mistake and my opinions that Yahoo! will mount a takeover. I still believe this is something that is being negotiated behind the scenes. If not them, but then another party. As pointed out, I think this will now be more than 150p. Hypocrite - "a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs". I think most people on here, based on my postings, would see me as a genuine investor. Can that be said of Sikh and yourself?
Well if you want to report anyone stocky, the contact details are on the linked factsheet. And while you're at it have a look at examples 5 and 6 on the factsheet. Which one do you think best covers your takeover posts? You might also want to look up the definition of hypocrite while you're doing research. hTtp://www.fca.org.uk/your-fca/documents/fsa-market-abuse-factsheet hTtp://uk.advfn.com/cmn/fbb/thread.php3?id=16384854&from=39489
No chance stocky. None what so ever .BLNX is a shadow of its former self $400 million in any takeover tops.
Why, thank you Stocky.Ref your rumour takeover, someone needs to acquire 30% or the first outsider to acquire 30% must make a bid for the company.RG is the single biggest shareholder?He doesn't have the brains for a takeover, so he would need support.80 million shares equates to 20%, can't see anyone acquiring that with out the price moving. Not that many out there in circulation and the Mm's do not have enough left to put a lid on it.
Thanks Seball. Great information. Blinkx would have made profits if not for the bear raid and the acquisitions.The mergering of Blinkx technology and Yahoo! would catapult Yahoo! into the top 3 with Facebook and Google. They would instantly have a syndication and mobile strategy. Plus the added benefit of being able leverage CORE.Surprised if Google do not try and steal Blinkx away by offering a higher bid.However, everything points towards a takeover.
Rumours of Yahoo takeover have been repeatedly posted on all the blnx threads for several years... Just search 'Yahoo' and you'll see...
Interesting point Loaf.I have trawled the whole of our major and minor competitors websites and it appears that none of them have the rigid verification of transparency, verification and copyright compliance as does BLNX?Again why are BLNX not shouting about this as a major point of difference to all their customers??I forgot, they don't have a PR dept.Infact they have no additional vacancies added onto the system for the last six weeks.....mmmmm.Takeover?
When a hostile takeover comes for BLNX I can just see it now!Brian will say " Ed can you deal with this one?" As he scuttles away to high five Sc and ML!BLNX is a company that no one can or will or ever should trust!This comment is based purely on the immoral behaviour BLNX have displayed continually to its shareholders, past and present!Everyone should behave and accept the 60p a share offer.It's rather generous given the current state of play!
Kendo is this your conspiracy theory? Implied but not actually stated. Do you believe this attack on Blinkx was purely to reap revenge on ML? A company in which he has only 5% and due to his sale of Autonomy would not be so affected as much as hard working ordinary shareholders. And you have the cheek to talk about integrity... HP fortunes are wrapped up in their view of life. The marriage of Autonomy and HP could never have prospered, if both partners were not shown respect. The question is why all the Autonomy staff either left or were fired. I have worked with staff from HP Autonomy. I also worked with staff from Autonmy before the takeover. The technology is exceptional and in the right hands is very valuable.
I agree, Barkboo. I also think that any bid below a certain price will not even be considered. However, with Yahoo's billions from the Alibaba sale along with tax incentives, Yahoo! may present an acceptable package. If they are not willing to pay the total amount, then a symbiotic partnership could be the best course for both companies. I am still under the impression that a hostile takeover was being engineered, but the July TU changed the balance of power. The low SP has allowed safe hands to gather some shares. Obviously, I would have been happier if safe hands could have been found in the 60-80p range
Barkboo, I have no hard feelings towards Digi. I'm just miffed that so many people on here do. Talk about holding a grudge. THE DARKSIDE. Blinkx = way undervalued. With the dollar so strong, any opportunistic company could mount a takeover. At 150p the bidding should begin. Is Rhythm one of the leading mobile ad companies in the sector? Do they also have exclusive deals with their content providers?
Brian the speaking cock! HA!Hilarious.Yes Brian is an overpaid CEO who does not know how manage an organisation, at this level it is plain to see he is simply in far to deep and he will only be able to tread water for so long.He also has a rabid attitude towards small and institutional share holders and his communication skills are non existent.He was simply a one trick pony left holding the proverbial baby after that greedy ex CEO Suranga the Banker had cashed all his shares in and did a runner leaving adware running in BLNX's Eco system.Brian has not got a clue and has not even got the balls to tell SC to fuckoff and stop leaching onto BLNX whilst still drawing a huge salary for doing sod all.The sooner there is a takeover the sooner we can sack Brian and Suranga.Then and only then may have a chance at survival.BLNX needs visionary leadership not cowards and greedy bastards?
Well footy we know that there is a takeover very soon.
TT I would imagine Blinkx has not reached the scale needed for a takeover by a major player, and of course this year no company would buy it due to blinkx reputational damage that has happened which would be difficult to justify to the bidders own shareholders. So no bid until blinkx can grow much bigger and earn itself a better image. imho.
tt, maybe tentative approaches have been made by bargain hunters that we don’t know about, but I would hope that the BoD are determined to regain lost ground and if so then their judgement of inherent worth is probably a lot different than that of any potential buyers at this time I imagine also that the Blinkx name is still somewhat tainted by the allegations in the blog, buyers might prefer to wait off and pay say a billion for a known performer than say $400m for damaged goods Personally I don’t want a takeover for another 12 months minimum and until we are back growing revenues and profits again
What do you think the play was/is, barkboo? They are now just selling into safe hands. Is the cost worth it? You'd think they'd make more money on the upside. Or if they were planning a takeover they are slowly losing their shares.
Jarvis, I'm not sure if I fully agree. In the 60s, I noticed some strange trading activity. This was after all the shorts were closed. Someone was trying to accumulate in the 60-70p range to then mount a hostile takeover or to profit from the move up, which the SP kept on trying to do. The TU caught everyone unaware.Now the race is on to see who can accumulate the most shares to protect from a hostile takeover. Hopefully, the board has managed to find safe hands.In that Blinkx maybe the victim of its own success and the ad market is forecast to be huge, some greedy players saw this as an opportunity. A public company in the AIM market, with many of the shares in PI hands. US funds selling rout maybe a good thing for now, as they may have been involved in the original plot. However, the board has new investors lined up. BM and his roadshow.All IMO.
"IMO we are subject to a takeover very soon. I would think either by the likes of Yahoo!, Amazon or Microsoft." PMSL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a F*** chance!!!!!! "eventually it became a self fulfilling prophecy as advertisers dropped us like a hot potato" - SPOT ON!!! The damage has been done, its game over, except you just can't see it!!!!! You all live in blind hope some miracle will occur, it won't! Every week the price is going down and down and you all just sit there praying for a miracle - that's why most PIs loose money!
stocky 21 Nov'14 - 14:02 - 86351 of 86351 0 0 IMO we are subject to a takeover very soon. That is the 7550th time you have written that
IMO we are subject to a takeover very soon. I would think either by the likes of Yahoo!, Amazon or Microsoft. Yahoo! is making inroads into the Google dominance. The deal with FireFox is a good start. They also need an equivalent of AdWords and AdDisplay. They will find that wrapped up in Burst Media. They also need a Mobile offering. They will find that with Rhythm/Lyfe. And they also need a syndication business - Grab-Media comes to mind. The Blinkx CORE is something thrown in and can be used in many ways by Yahoo! which Blinkx does not seem able to capitalise on. Either a take-over or BM should be creating new partnerships.
I agree...has all the hallmarks of a lowball takeover.
has the feeling of a cheap takeover to me......
Stocky - the only action that will deter short interest is a takeover or a positive trading statement (would not have to be anything special). But no one should buy unless they have a thought through investment case and are comfortable with the risk. Given the short interest the SP could fall more. The information about Tiger Global changes nothing. So, still, buyer beware.
"one RNS about takeover" oh yeah, cause we've had lots of those over the years, right? "or positive trading" um, the last few profit warnings? "I'll keep a note of that post of yours ... it might just come back to haunt you! ;-)" you do that - and we'll see where we are in 6 months...
Club Sandwich ... I never thought Blinkx was worth £2.30, £1.30 or £0.75. I couldn't see that valuation in the numbers. But today, at 24p ... with 18p in cash (and a strengthening US dollar), I can fully understand why RG is buying the shares. Shorting at this level is a bit risky, one RNS about takeover or positive trading will send them scrambling for the 'buy' button. I'll keep a note of that post of yours ... it might just come back to haunt you! ;-)
And JP Morgan. But, on the bright side, all Blinkx have to do is stabilise their business and cash, and show some solid growth in mobile. That will stop the rot ... and then its takeover or take-off, depending on your preference. The key is cash conservation.
a close today above 29p,,, will cause a shock to all the doomers, might even get a mention in the papers , but for certain will flash on traders screens as a big % riser for the day,,some might wish to jump in and join the ride in anticipation for the TAKEOVER ---90-100p ps.... that was a strange time of trading around 9am with the huge volumes.. For certain ...there is alot of trading going on behind the scenes,,that is being kept hidden from the man on the sreet. mm's are having an exciting time I guess .
Richard Griffith will keep buying at 20p. He will not risk his stake for a lowsy 50-60p takeout on the cheap. More likely in for the long run, boot out Suranga and Brian and re-build to 300p. Unless of course he is the main cog in a hostile takeover supported by management, de-listing, taking it private and shafting all pi's. Gowlane post earlier - disagree with your figures. I think Burst dollars will be slightly less or static but agree mobile growth in region of £30m giving $232m for full year to March 2015 and $319m for March 2017 on earnings of 4.7p net of tax.
alex, good post...agree... My comment "It's not all about Burst/Rhythm" was because the gang has only been talking about these 2 post blog... Now it is all about cash + Burst/Rhythm...and whether any of it was dependent on Pinball being active? I think a 50-60p takeover/mbo...and agree about RG...
dafreti ... leluot3 was correct to take a sceptical stance on Blinkx. However, you are also right about valuation: cash + mobile business is valued higher than current market cap, although that does not mean that SP will not fall further. RG may well make money, but bear in mind he bought in at the 28p level ... longer term holders will not benefit greatly from a takeover.
FIL's rns came after market close Fri... I wonder what made them think about reducing their shareholding, given it's not much above cash value... were they privy to information....wasn't there an investor roadshow planned about now... I wonder if FIL or ML will reduce over the next few weeks...or if RG will increase and announce a takeover bid...
Valuation for a takeover should be at least 10* 30m ebitda of 2012 + cash + Rhythm So say 450 to 500m or say 80p.
Sikh ... I'm more inclined to agree with the T/O theory, the cash will prove too tempting for someone. The RG investment is a puzzle ... and the only thing that I can think of is that he expects a takeover in the near term.
There will be no takeover unless it is hostile as the BoD dare not open the books to due diligence.
Peel Hunt believe that the company will be sold off, given all that cash on the B/S that would seem a sensible view, and perhaps that is why RG has bought in so heavily? I can't think of any other reason ... I don't think he wants to takeover the company himself.
IMO we are primed for a takeover. I agree that BM should move aside. He is a good deal maker, but what has he been doing during this bear-raid? Which companies has he been talking to? 150 potential partners, but I think we are now the prey...I topped up today, purely because I can. :) and the shareprice is ridiculously low. When is BM going on the roadshow? Will that coincide with releasing of news after the summer period?
two large trades this morning ,,, thats very unusual ??? ps brian should step down and the guy from blinkxmedia should takeover or even SANDY....or paul from rhythm
citigroup have put a more realistic target of 55p on blinkx today.... brightroll with a turnover of $100 million gets bought for $640 million cash !!! who will buy blinkx - NOW ???? maybe someone from asia, europe , middleast-AFRICA.... Interesting that raj was willing to join blinkx after all the trouble this year, unless of course he's there to help some agenda by being on the inside. at this moment I'll agree to 110p takeover price
Yes Barky ... that's because they are lining up a $100bn US dollar takeover of Blinkx. That Marissa knows a bargain when she sees one! Keep dreaming! :-)
A takeover bid must be more and more likely. The sum of the parts must be very tempting for the big boys. Not much downside now.
It was a positive presentation. They seemed to have weather the blog and advertisers are now returning. Wrapped up in a larger company would make a lot of sense, so a takeover is still a distinct possibility.It is very strange that Yahoo! has not made an approach given that they are sitting on loads of cash and need to find a tax efficient was of using it.
30p on the bid and in auction. Prime candidate for a takeover at these levels.
Barky ... it was not a great update. They are not looking at acquisitions because they want to conserve the cash. This gives them time to develop the mobile business as the desktop runs down. Near term the business will continue to incur losses, and should their forecasts miss targets, burn cash. The senior team will continue to trouser high salaries (not justified by performance) and they can keep the show running for a few more years - whether it works or not they will not lose. A takeover would be preferable as it would give shareholders a chance to recoup some money quickly. It's not certain that the management will sort the business out, and if they fail shareholder losses will be greater, with capital tied up for longer. I think 1gw is fair and balanced ... your attacks demonstrate how 'unbalanced' you are. Scaffolders are false prophets.
couldn't agree more 1gw. You seem to be very rational and balanced in your view. I shall follow your posts closely in the following months. Like you I shall hold in the hope of takeover or longterm recovery. It seems unimaginable that it can go lower from here. If the team pull of an impressive conference call then I might give another 6 months.
The failure of the sp to make any progress whatsoever during the days leading up to the results reflects the total breakdown of market confidence in this BOD I am anticipating results just a tad below those suggested in the TU - a noticeable and alarming cash burn - and a less than convincing future Outlook. This could leave the sp in the 20 - 25p range for many months to come. As for a takeover? Could be the last remaining hope for battered PI's. Nearly forgot - bye bye Brian time!
The paid blogger article was very insightful. Seems like we still have a continuation.It seems obvious to me that a few partners left based on the endelman blog and maybe were sounded out before the destruction. The objective is still to realised, but my view is that of a takeover attempt. Hopefully, the board has put its defenses finally in place.
No worries, Barkboo. I'm in for the long term and topped up this morning. My concern about BM were with regards to the TUs. However, they did wrestle back some control from BlackRock. It does seem the short attack was engineered for a takeover by accumulating in the 60s.It could have been any of the big players trying to gain Blinkx technology on the cheap.
1gw, that is the problem. There was little substance in the Edelman blog with much falsehood. The fall in shareprice was purely based on these unsubstantiated claims and falsehoods. It was also financed. In contrast, the newsflow on the way up was all very positive and factual - contract wins, increases in revenue, purchase of grab-media and Rhythm. The situation now is that Blinkx have fended off the most transparent, but also the most vicious bear-raid that I have witnessed on a UK plc. They have sustained damage which is reflected in the 2 profit warnings and maybe a canalization of cash flow for this year. However, they have integrated Rhythm and have the vision for Internet TV. Burst also seems to be in rude health. Hopefully, the intention of the bear raid was either greed or to engineer a takeover. The shorters should have made enough money and can enjoy the recovery or we get a fair bid. Hopefully from Yahoo!
Interesting post, Sikh. Blackrock were indeed the ones to watch in both instances. And it seems like they were also privy to information in both instances.Anyway, institutions bought in at 195p for the Rhythm purchase and they would have had more access to information than the people on these boards.A good question to ask BM is "why does he think Blinkx was a victim of a bear raid?"IMO it is either so someone can acquire cheap shares or arrange a takeover or it is because they are a competitive threat.
Who do pundits think should takeover from Brian?
Criteo reports another strong QTR of Growth whilst BLNX get ready to report another profit warning.I gear give a Toss has bought into BLNX?Mr Toss you will make about 80/100% profit once this cash sell enters into a reverse takeover.
do you see anyone breaking this up now when it has taken so long to put them together, there must be some synergies there somewhere before the rhythm takeover I reckoned that they had spent the guts of $100m on acquisitions and integration costs if we get a half decent report from them next week we might see a bounce yet
I think an offer will come eventually (and probably fairly soon if there's no share price recovery). There's so much activity in the sector that people have got to start looking seriously at blinkx soon (IMO). Ironically, the more they do to clean up their act (verification, fraud detection, shutting down the questioned parts of their empire) the more attractive they become to the opportunistic takeover - unless they can get the share price on a steep upward trajectory. I just don't accept that someone who knew what they were doing couldn't take Burst and Rhythm, strip out any links to adware, and make them fly. Most likely (IMO) is an alliance of RG plus a turnaround expert plus a company in the sector (either adtech or advertising). And as stocky suggests, rather than just bin verti, pinball (and maybe blinkx.com?) they could probably find a trade buyer.
well this is the gist of my moderated post – in response to Sikh which is what I think caused the reaction A takeover becomes unconditional when it receives 70% acceptances The 90% refers to compulsory acquisition when a bidder can takeover the company and can actually force you to sell your shares At least that is my understanding
~~ADVFN*MODERATEDsikh, my understanding is that the takeover bid goes unconditional once they have 70% of acceptances, it cannot be stopped and at 90% they can actually compulsorily acquire your shares, take them off you at whatever the bid price is
how do you know why RG has bought...maybe he has bought for a hopeful takeover at around 60p as well... GiveaToss 4 Nov'14 - 09:27 - 85655 of 85656 0 0 you just holding out for the takeover then? else you should sell. you have a different judgment from RG.
90% is required for compulsory purchase of shares... therefore, my understanding would be that a 10% holding is sufficient to prevent a hostile takeover... http://uk.practicallaw.com/2-107-5970?service=corporate
you just holding out for the takeover then? else you should sell. you have a different judgment from RG.
ML + RG is around 10%... if they are good friends, then it is good, as it'll provide a blocking stake for any hostile takeover...
Blinkx makes profits. Only a dumpty could not see that Rhythm and Lyfe integration costs also are having an impact on the bottom line. Along with having to deal with that 30 pieces of silver bloke. I was hoping he was sponsored purely to arrange a Blinkx takeover, but it seems like it was purely for money. How low... I cry as I type this.
As soon as BLNX announce a reverse takeover there will be many people from the FCA who will have been averted.Silence on the way down and an offer from the star board side?BLNX you are on watch and fucked.Dishonest as the VERTI technology and spy ad aware you will not admit to in the past.Nowt wrong with powering porn lads?A lot of pops up though??????
stocky is it possible that BLNX could undertake a reverse takeover of Yahoo if they continue to drag their feet?
Barky due to your inept and consistent failure to grasp the British Language along with your syntax evaluation I'd like to point out to you that, I'm hold is the same as saying I'm sell or I'm long or I'm short.Me, I'm having a bad feeling about the longevity of BLNX as a viable business that that indeed been run into the ground along with the disastrous share price that the board are about to takeover for pennies that were once in the pounds!The illiterate cretin devoid of anything that remotely resemblances just one brain cell!
"I'm hold because I'm waiting for the reverse takeover from the board! What don't you understand about that?" so that's the new name for the royal flush!!! so berkpoooooo admits he called it wrong! well at least thats progress
"I'm hold because I'm waiting for the reverse takeover from the board! What don't you understand about that?" so that's the new name for the royal flush!!! what a loser Berkpooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! The biggest liar on the bbs red or blue just now? falling fast cash pile disappearing profit warning next week 25p? if you are lucky
Romper boy - you talk like a baby sucking permanently on double dummies. Even your poor attempt at insulting is incoherent to most. "I'm hold because I'm waiting for the reverse takeover from the board! What don't you understand about that?" I don't understand if "i'm hold" or "I'm old"? Either one is stupid.
Barky you just don't listen you fool!I am a shareholder in BLNX.I've written off my investment within BLNX.It's all tax deductible at the end of the day?I'm hold because I'm waiting for the reverse takeover from the board! What don't you understand about that?Your simply delusional quoting £2.40 and you look more stupid as every hour passes.It's been nearly a year and they just can't stop the sp decline.May be they don't want to....just yet!?
Barky. No I'm not selling until we get 40-45p for the takeover.GEHE. No RG is not buying anymore.
Stocky .........The Martians have already landed and have set up HQ at BLNX San Francisco!They have overtook the host bodies of the BOD's and everyone else who works as BLNX. They are here to bleed dry BLNX's 35 million hours of video so they can analyse us in-depth before they take over the human race!Only problem is, that they can't seem to get much out of it appears not to work very well.BLNX CORE that is?So they are know going to takeover a proper company instead!

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