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Robbie Burns
Robbie Burns's columns :
09/04/2010Oil Woes
08/03/2010Return of the IPO ?
25/01/2010Waiting For The Comeback

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Robbie Burns – The Naked Trader

Robbie has been trading full-time since 2001. His book "The Naked Trader" (which also has useful information on how to use advfn) has become one of the biggest-selling finance books, reaching the top 150 books on Amazon - order it here. Trades made for Robbie's website have amassed profits of more than £300,000. You can read about his buys and sells daily at



The head cheese of this very website, Clem Chambers, has just had his second finance thriller published.


Let me just say before I go on to tell you I think it's a "buy" he hasn't passed me a fiver for this article - who do you think I am - The Duchess of York? Nor indeed has he threatened the end of this column should I not comply.


 Though I guess that kind of thing would happen in one of his thrillers.


But I don't need any incentive to publicise his new financial thriller "The Twain Maxim" because it is a genuinely ripping read - and more so for many advfn readers.


Why advfn readers? Well, I have a pretty good idea a large number of you are into small mining stocks. You are aren't you? See, told you. And you might just wonder what goes on behind the scenes at one or two of these stocks!


 The Twain Maxim is really all about a small mining stock. A broker goes out to deepest darkest Africa to check the drilling area of a mining company. Then he disappears.


Could his disappearance be anything to do with a dodgy mining company pusher? Whose main aim is to push the share price up of said company knocking over anyone who gets in his way.


 We're reunited with star chart trader Jim from Clem's first book - The Armageddon Trade - in which his charts told him shares were shortly to go to zero (which appears to be happening in real life right now!)


Jim happens to have bought some shares in this company and decides to find out what is going on which leads him into another adventure he could not have forseen in his charts. 

 It's another page turning financial thriller from Clem Chambers. There are some excellent new characters - the best of which is the lowlife mining promoter who does anything he can to get investors to buy into rubbish mining stocks.

Now throw in various warring parties close to a volatile volcano and the book erupts into a thrilling climax. There's even a bit of romance mixed in (that is nothing to do with the thrilling climax).


 Wouldn't want to give too much else away or I'd ruin it except I loved the Doombas, automated killing machines which don't quite do what they should.

So for some thrilling action, stock market dastardly-doings, share shenanigans and a rip-roaring ending, it's a buy! And if you've ever traded a mining stock, it should give you an ultimate sense of revenge...


If you haven't already bought Clem's first book "The Armageddon Trade" it's worth buying that as well and then you can enjoy the novels in chronological order.
To get The Twain Maxim, click here and for Clem's first book "The Armageddon Trade" click here:

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