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Boohoo Takeover Rumours (BOO)

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Thanks ThrogThis is absolutely terrible news and highlights how badly the company is being run. From poor quality to human rights issues to profit warnings and not the company closing sites.In a par of living crisis this company is going bust.Everyone please sell up and save yourselves as this company will surely be closing its doors.Mike Ashley at Frasers has increased to 22% but not to takeover Boo or make money by adding to his vast empire but to save the world of this terrible company.
Very true they haven’t bought since Feb which makes you wonder if 22 percent is enough and perhaps they aren’t looking to get to 30 percent for a full takeoverHmmmmmmm
Yep follow the money guys. I may not be bright and apparently a huge loser but when Frasers continue to buy and getting closer to having to make a full takeover it makes you want to follow the money.Boo also closing sites according to FACTS and others and also reducing aged stock which will massively help increase cash flow. When Frasers take over you would assume many of the sites will be merged anyway.What do I know #AJnotSoBright #serialloser
I wouldn’t trust them either FACTS but Frasers would to the tune of 22% of the company as they aim to get to 30% then action a full takeover.TR1 incoming
Hi guys, post from FACTs on other thread. More great news as Boo looks to reduce overheads and increase cash flow.Very smart move as Frasers will no doubt look to merge once they action a full takeover.John Lyttle, C.E.O of Boohoo PLC claims the closure of it's Thurmaston Lane manufacturing site in Leicester is not related to the recent BBC Panorama investigation however back in 2023 a BBC journalist working at Boohoo's headquarters in Manchester discovered staff pressuring suppliers to drive down prices, even though contracts and pricing had been agreed previously.boohoo-label-switch-2Prior to the factory opening in Leicester, Boohoo PLC repeatedly faced allegations over poor pay and supply chain failingsBack in 2020, following an independent review of Boohoo's entire business operations, lawyer, Alison Levitt KC reported that Boohoo's failings over poor pay and supply chain issues were substantially true.
Great shout buddyA complete dog of a share to you but not to Frasers who currently hold 22% and continuing to buy until they get to 30% and will make a complete takeover.Really appreciate you looking out for us bulls if you think different why not short it.I would suggest waiting until it gets to 40/42 and then short itIf it does get to 20p I will defo buy moreThanks pal
When the market drops like we are seeing in a cost of crisis or recession the likelihood of increase in sales is very slim.However what the market wants to see is how they are controlling costs and by increasing cash flow is a huge positive.Frasers group on the other hand will be loving this as they look to increase their shareholding from 22% to 30% and then full takeover.Could Frasers be working with a crew to help keep the price low hmmmmmmm
Well pointed out facts my friendWhat do we think Frasers group will act once they action a full takeover. Fraser have been increased their shareholding to 22% and once they get to 30% have to action a full takeover.Very good info Facts.Please can you make sure you keep posting all day and all week so no once misses this and I’ll also follow up.Let’s go pumping crew
Well pointed out facts my friendWhat do we think Frasers group will act once they action a full takeover. Fraser have been increased their shareholding to 22% and once they get to 30% have to action a full takeover.Very good info Facts.Please can you make sure you keep posting all day and all week so no once misses this and I’ll also follow up.Let’s go pumping crew
Well pointed out facts my friendWhat do we think Frasers group will act once they action a full takeover. Fraser have been increased their shareholding to 22% and once they get to 30% have to action a full takeover.Very good info Facts.Please can you make sure you keep posting all day and all week so no once misses this and I’ll also follow up.Let’s go pumping crew
Really positive day my friendsSuper newsTR1 incoming from Frasers increasing their holding from 22% as they look to takeover the companyUntil tomorrow you beautiful people
Up over 10% this weekReally good info by allGood balanced viewsFab news today but also by ASOS yesterday giving us an indication what the market expect who are another takeover target by Frasers
Rog Frasers will get to 30% level so they can make a takeover and are doing an amazing job of doing it on the cheap!
Mike Ashley through Frasers Group is up to 27% at ASOS. He may well increase to 27% here too? Probably aiming for max in both, without triggering a takeover - for the moment!
Scare who Mill who is scared of whatAre you scared you won’t be able to buy in lower as Fraser look to increase holding from 22% and once at 30% make a takeover approach.You got this millBe brave
Very very good point Mill I’ll put it to Frasers who are looking to takeover Boo as they are currently up to 22% and a TR1 incoming.Can’t believe all the negative people have gone and we just have a pumping crewI recon a TR1 will land any day now.Bosh
my question is will we ever see 400p again before the low ball takeover i been speaking to millenialinvestor & he seems to think we are worth 350p ?
More great news Thorg as that means lower over heads.I wonder if they are already working with Frasers group on merging sites across the group as they are at 22% shareholding of Boo and working on getting to 30% so they can action a full takeover.What a time to be aliveSo good to see so many people who taking it in turns to promote Boo.Thanks Guys
Yes Facts keep pumping! Good work fella.Today is more good news that Boo is turning things aroundWhen do we think we will see Frasers takeover Boo as they are currently at 22% and a TR1 is in coming.Much appreciated Facts
Love this FACTS this will in the end make Boo a better company and once Frasers bring Boo in to their group they can make sure the company is run as it should.Frasers are currently 22% with 30% around the corner and at that level have to make a takeover.TR1 incomingGlad to see the trolls have gone and this group is full of people posting great info. Thanks team and good luck with your boo holdings
Yes Mil agree but also the huge online presence for the Frasers group. Frasers are currently at 22% and I can only assume they don’t want to be a big shareholder but are looking for a full takeover. All aboard the Boo train
Great boo days can you imagine all this boo boo clothes in sports direct? yes. right clients and right market. Takeover? Maybe. Boo will live on and pay shareholders nicely.
Very very true UKneonboy I do think once Fraser group get their hands on as they are currently at 22% with 8% more required to make a takeover approach they will put actions and procedures in place to make sure the Co is run correctly. What takeover price do you think they will agree?? I think 100P Robert thinks 150pMore good news guys and unreal pumping by you lot
Great news Throg more cost cutting which will increase cash flow once Frasers action a takeover they will no doubt want to merge with other sites to further reduce over heads Keep pumping guys more great news
most would be happy with a takeover at 150p boohoo needs to put the sale sign up lol
Good luck to Robert, Jackson and Facts….. but I suspect they are paid de-tampers who don’t speak facts… ASOS RNS today has been seen by the market as positive news due to the increase in cashflow and reduction of costs. BOO news in May will reflect the same and will be seen as positive.Fraser are well in the 20% on both ASOS and Boo and once they get to 30% will have to act a takeover. These are the FACTS
takeover ? no buyers for this turd ... 30% will never happen old bean
Its currently ina range 32-40 and will stay in there until we get tangible news….. but we have a buyer in Frasers looking to take over and are getting closer and closer to the 30% level where they have to offer a takeover price….. this is a great buying area…. But to short it you would want 40 area DYOR
The whole UK market is 30% undervalued, it won't take much to rerate it and the likes of BOO will be a long way from here when it plays out. But the bigger problem for any one short is a realistic takeover that completely wipes them out, Which after todays currys announcemnet has increased significantly.
UKNEONBOY any bad news is now in the share price so expect in 20 days this to be above todays price maybe a takeover target if we remain under 40p
looks like a leak ? SDRY takeover news
Money coming into boohoo now sdry has had a pump. They know boohooIs the next takeover target. At least a 6 bagger here
Superdry is flying this morning on takeover rumours.. Maybe that's what this booboo needs after all. management looks out of breath, lost the will to fight... Why not throw the towel and hand it over to Mr Ashley. he certainly has what it takes to run a profitable business.
During its time as a listed company, Frasers Group has never launched a hostile takeover bid for anything. They prefer to build up large stakes, wait for the target business to go BUST and then pick up the pieces from the Administrators for peanuts. That is exactly what happened with the I SAW IT FIRST clothing business !! (before going bust, it was owned by Jalal Kamani brother of Boohoo's Mahmud Abdul Kamani)
we need a miracle 1 boohoo to make a profit 2 boohoo to be a takeover target
That’s a 100 million pound investment that Mike Ashley didn’t have to make just to oust another companies director?Are you from another planet Neonboy? Are you really that thick and stupid to post this? He is buying because he see’s….1. MASSIVE VALUE in the current boohoo share price.2. Probably has his eyes on a TAKEOVER from Frasers3. Is aware that boohoo is a TAKEOVER TARGET at this price which is pocket change for some billionaires .
LOADS OF BULL take note: It's never gonna happen.!!! Frasers Group has NEVER launched a hostile takeover bid for anything. The Competition & Markets Authority would not allow it
get ready for takeover or buyout 50p on the cards lol LOOKING RIPE FOR TAKEOVER LADS
Are you for real or are you just ultra stupid, WOLF OF LOSERVILLE + LOADS OF BULL ?? Before LOSERS like you, get over-excited, as far as Boohoo PLC is concerned, the stated agenda and objective is, Mike Ashley's desire to remove Mahmud Kamani as Boohoo Chairman. That doesn't automatically mean Frasers Group will launch a hostile takeover for Boohoo, it just requires enough shareholder votes cast AGAINST Kamani's reappointment as a Director at the next Boohoo AGM.
Voice direct one fcked up troll. Https:// Please do your own research as always
interesting times takeover will see the bag holders recover some losses lol hopefully 50p this time next year
I see 50p takeover within 24 months I bought in today
GET RTEADY for management buyout or takeover ... boohoo could be sold now ... place those shorts lol
FWIW if anybody is hoping for a takeover bid to be announced, you are likely to be disappointed. Looking from the sidelines, it appears that Frasers Group is only interested in removing Mahmud Kamani from the Boohoo boardroom. A case of bad blood perhaps ??
Https:// Next confirms takeover of Fatface in £115m deal Please do your own research as always.
Close to a takeover % holdingMaybe a nice Christmas present
Takeover highly likely