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Yeah and rather than a hostile takeover attempt the way to dilute JD and transfer control is through a heavily discounted placing(against true value of BIDS)with the shareprice dropped witholding earnings(imo) directors selling shares(worst corporate decision I've seen for years) and advisor notes saying no significant earnings until H2.Since I first invested in BIDS not a single share has been issued.It's a dirty old game your mob play Andy.Who wants control of BIDS?.#knowthegangknowthegame
The objective here is to remove JD and his 17% holding.Had the RTO too soon and are now reversing the reverse takeover value so to speak without any dilution
it is simply my take on it as JD has shown excitement at a takeover in a couple of his interviews..If you are referring to m and a activity mentioned in last podcast imo you are barking up the wrong tree. .If some one was trying to acquire bids you really think JD would make a throw away comment like he did. No I don’t think so. . He has alluded to bids being taken over but that’s when concept has been proved which arguably at present it has not
Your point may be valid in being applicable to the work done last year Girdz, it is simply my take on it as JD has shown excitement at a takeover in a couple of his interviews. But where is "3 Years In 1" referenced prior to 20/09/19? Lewis joined in May.
A homepage takeover is a type of roadblock in which the homepage is filled by ads from one company for a specified time frame. 
Trump has a history of fighting with CNN and AT&T. Trump’s animus toward CNN was widely seen as a factor in the Justice Department’s decision to sue to block AT&T’s takeover of Time Warner on anti-trust grounds. AT&T won a decisive victory in Washington, D.C. federal court in 2018 that was upheld earlier this year on appeal..#cool.Impeach
Xaxis and Wavemaker are part of GroupM, and part of WPP AUNZ..Xaxis are in the mix. hTTps://
'Now that AT&T has spent $150bn on traditional TV content and distribution (Time Warner & DirecTV), they now need digital monetization and data capabilities to take advantage.'.AT&T has snapped up adtech giant AppNexus in a deal estimated to be worth more than a billion dollars as it looks to bulk up its adtech capabilities. The move marks the telcoms giant's second acquisition within a month.The pair haven't publicly disclosed the value of the transaction, but last week Wall Street Journal sources placed it at circa $1.6bn amid talk of a takeover – earlier AppNexus had been valued at $2bn.
Yes and JD is absolutely right to refuse a takeover. Because majors only look at synergies, revenues and profits. What JD has to take into account is the tens of millions of free mug PI money that comes with the listing. This is why you often see struggling AIM microcraps rejecting approaches only to go bust 24 months later.
From what JD was saying last time he spoke, a takeover wouldn't be welcomed at these levels anyway..Don’t know why we necessarily believe everything he says at the mo. .
Pwhite, the current SP would be peanuts for a major. 2, 3 or 4 times the current price would still be peanuts, but with the benefit of knowing the model works and is revenue-generating. From what JD was saying last time he spoke, a takeover wouldn't be welcome at these levels anyway.
Unfortunately I read the board without logging in.... hazl, not sure about politician but certainly well practised in talking down companies that end up as takeover targets, so he's bound to have improved. That's just coincidence though, let's be clear about that. Who was it that brought up blinkx?
Keeping the thread on topic.... The Advertising Revolution: How Native Ads Have Changed the Game (2016) hTTps:// The Tech Takeover of Advertising in One Chart (2017) hTTps:// This Giant List of 100+ Marketing Stats Reveals What Actually Works (2019) hTTps://
So why do we never have any convictions?.The CEO who is to be replaced just steps aside and is found employment elsewhere and the replacement takeover. Charlie Wood was the interim puppet at BNR (TSI) when they needed to replace Chris Ells who was put through the same shit as JD is being put through now. These are all establishment plants and winnifrith is just another part of it. The new board is ready to takeover but how do they remove JD with his 17% holding.A full disclosure of everyone involved?.I would love to see that
HNY all. Interesting 2020 lies ahead. Will Aiden's Chinese / Israeli / Russian / Martian takeover conspiracy theory be proved correct? Will Bids revenues take off and go into orbit? Will it sink and be consigned to the dustbin of AIM jam tomorrow (but tomorrow never comes) stocks? who knows? Everybody, it seems. However it pans out for Bids, here's to a prosperous 2020, see you on the other side.
Nice, we needed a name for the villains. I think the protagonist group here deserve a name. As for the hostile takeover, agree business is business but I doubt they’d jettison the team. For all the negative sentiment around the team... it can clearly get shit done and get in the right rooms and thrash out some solid deals. Not an easy thing to replicate and a moat in itself.
Reverse takeover and list on the MAIN market?
Aiden, I hope for your own sake you're right in the end. Your incessant talk of a takeover and #accumulation is pretty irresponsible imo when the reality at the moment is missed targets (by miles), flaky rns's, and decimation of the sp. People do buy into wild ramping on these bb's and they do lose a lot of money when the "inevitable" unicorn doesn't materialise.
LoL I remember how when a microsoft employee joined CTAG the ramp switched from a takeover by Apple to a takeover by MS. BIDS employing more people just increases the rate of cash burn.
So why are they a takeover target?
A possible Takeover?. The lack of revenue (£26k Interims)and losses (£1.7m Interims) at BIDS are sufficiently low and high enough for the company to have no problem in filing for administration. That is the more astute financial operative if the directors were ever inclined to enrich themselves by the sale of the company to a larger outfit. AIM companies don't get bought out. Speak Later
But a takeover blows all of it away and it means nothing.Sorry but your a 100% fake with an agenda.If I was a betting man I would say it's an Israeli agenda.#sussed
BIDS are a Takeover target.Just remember it was me who told you
Because the listing is part of the deal imo.The problem is JD sitting on 16%-17%.How do they transfer control without sending the sp to the moon if a possible takeover was leaked?.You do it the dirty way. The way it has always been done.Were onto a real winner here but the ride will be bumpy as was seen today with at one point a 96% swing.#accumulate
Classic Aiden response... ‘Here are some semi useful Bids related links with no context to cover my tracks.’ ‘Oh and here is a strenuous link to a potential takeover candidate.’ And so it continues.
What will the takeover company add to the mix that will launch us into orbit.1: Poor 1st half figures2: Profit warning3:JD a liar4: Directors selling5: No News.Who else thinks a MEGA deal is being put together in the background?.Will Tencent take a share in the new entity?
I'm guessing that there will be advertising hard coded into present games that are under contract and cant be changed. Deals on future games like Fifa 21 and the likes will be the key turning point for Bids. We have FM and Grid atm to get the money rolling in until future deals can be executed.Not expecting this to rocket overnight but see steady growth over time. I'm expecting a market over reaction on news and will act accordingly to maximize my position. Or maybe it's out of our hands now with an imminent takeover. If that's the case then I'm sure we'll all make some money. I'll find it a little disappointing as im hoping this will be a rare opportunity to see it through to becoming a £b company over the next decade. Patience!!
We need more links and names.Israel-Russia-Amazon.
A backdoor listing for a major private company who may have been considering an IPO. ie Ironsource. A bit like Weshop at TSI where they were going to IPO but that just like Ironsource has been put on hold.Given everything that has happened over the last few months it looks like a takeover to me with as low a value as possible with a lot of internal and external parties making it possible.All this rubbish about earnings and JD being a liar is just a red herring as collaborations are increasing with top people joining the board,company and advisory board.I've no problem with my investment and the gang just make me try harder.BIDS will be a new
I got slated for suggesting that would be the Bidstack target. After the takeover that is.We have all the big boys lined up with us.#possible
Promoting articles about Bidstack collaborations is pissing of investors?.Are you serious?.What about highlighting the corruption and manipulation?.No comment?.Bidstack are a takeover target imo so let's see how it plays out.I called it at TSI and look at the list of investors now.The same is coming here.Pissing of investors by saying they have invested in a possible unicorn.Put me on filter if you cant handle the heat
Only difference is the control at TSI is in place and has been left alone(bb).Bids are going through the handover/takeover stage and price has been manipulated down..All will come good.Same people running the show behind the scenes at both companies
Morton family as well.Going to be major changes here.Takeover is now a cert imo
Can somebody please give context to this 'shareholder' gathering? What's on the agenda? I'm hoping it's JD nibbling nuts quietly whilst Aiden is laying out the blueprints of an Anzu takeover. Remark turns up and gives a poem and is sick before the night is through. JD keeps schtum, shareholders are yelling at him and saying WTF is going on... coy smile and a wink from JD. Girdz walks in and bottles him. JD turns the other cheek. No idea who Sean66, 10bagger and ftangftang is but it all feels a little shady and unfair if you ask me.... you are all very obscure with the details too. It doesn't strike me as very professional... and half my investment is based on FAITH in JD at this point in time. Thank you to Crammond11 who gave us insight.
Stop talking crap.What Did Epic,Sega,DAN,TTD and Appnexus think about signing up with BIDS.Just admit this is all about a takeover at a low as possible price.It will all come out and I will be here waiting.Once the Israelis put one foot in the door(back) you will be silenced
They wont release figures if it's a takeover.They(BIDS)are doing everything possible to assist the shareprice drop.It just cant be denied unfortunately and it means the board have been complicit imo.#sayitasitis.Shareholders are not only fighting the gang but the company as well imo.Stinks to high heaven but it's no different to TSI
The same was done with TSI to allow two billionaires to step in and take 12% of the company.The same is happening here.Posting over the weekend has made them move.Takeover on the way!!!!!.Will it be Ironsource?
what aiden? share prices go up if there are rumours of a takeover. not dive like the Titanic? small selling today. not seeing institutional interest. madness.
I think we can safely say we have now hit the nail on the head regarding a takeover and this is the institutional reaction.#accumulate
It is a scam in a sense though.1:Attack by winnifrith gang2:only $26k earnings3: Directors selling4: No news.All being set up for a takeover by a large private company imo.Any rogue attempt at a takeover would be met with massive options being bought so BIDS are well protected
But look at the accumulation when it's being held down..Would they suspend for a takeover?
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