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TSLA 1x Tsla

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21 Jun 2024 - Closed
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Name Symbol Market Type
1x Tsla LSE:TSLA London Exchange Traded Fund
  Price Change % Change Price Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price Traded Last Trade
  0.05 0.01% 355.25 341.75 368.65 - 142 16:35:21

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We underestimate the subtly and power of the human brain.

I suppose kids were even scared of Daleks in Dr. who way back.
So easy to defeat.

That you think that small microprocessors are 'clever' amazes me.
I worry that it will be more a case of AS not AI.
(artificial stupidity)

That said who would have ever guessed that smashing a couple of lumps of Uranium together could blow up a city?
Some people I suppose tried to work out why the Sun burns brightly for billions of years without going out.
..and yet there are awful diseases we cant understand, why does a dog die at 15 and we live for 80+ years and a Turtle 200?

Ask AI you will get AS. Artificial stupidity. Even Elon doesn't now.

the point, careful, is he is right. The smaller the microprocessors, the faster and cleverer they are. All software builds on what went before.
Even apps we are used to, routing for example. If any user of 1997 routing could look at routing in a Tesla (for example) he would be excused for thinking it was magic! There are plenty of apps, and especially AI systems, that will look like magic in the next few years.
At present driverless systems are pretty good on multi lane moroways and similar, but pretty hopeless on a British country lane, but that will improve.

But AI is effectively a silicon based biosystem and has many advantages over a carbon based one. It can survive over a much wider temperature range, I doesn't need to eat drink, pee or poo or even to take in oxygen: a light source, a solar panel and a small battery are all it needs. It may take centuries or more to develop - as we have - but eventually could do everything we do and when the sun eventually absorbs this planet it could fly off into space and survive almost indefinitely in a dormant state.
I wonder how long it will be before a robot can tie a shoelace - maybe the most dexterous action we routinely perform

Elon is a dreamer but he has achieved so much.

He often gets its wrong.
That Geeky statement he made last month ' with AI no one will need to work in the future'.

Typical of a bloke that spent most of his early life looking at screens, he thinks knowledge and information is all we need.
but how do we produce food,build houses,aircraft,make clothes, care for the sick, keep warm, keep cool etc etc.

Come to think of it, morons gawping at screens all day achieve very little of value.

Now he thinks he can send a robot taxi controlled by sensors and cameras down a windey country road with so many distractions. A sensor and a camera cannot tell the difference between a statue and an animal.
Even our trains that go down a rail track need a driver with a dead man handle to ensure safety. His fantasies are catching up with him.
the trouble with sensors and any sort of instrumentation it becomes unreliable and ceases to work properly. Anyone with a modern car who has had scary messages from sensors only to find that is faulty sensor.

Similarly with aircraft engine health monitoring sensors. They often fail and need to be overrided.

Musk is not developing new technology, is is applying old technology more intensely for new applications.

Elon Musk’s Robotaxi Dreams Plunge Tesla Into Chaos
More woes for Tesla as Elon Musk is forced to slash prices in China, Germany and the US days after axing 10% of its workforce as billionaire struggles to shore up limping car company and shares continue to tank
As I said "The Company may still survive and be profitable but a normal PE of say 8-12 would be more appropriate - and that's where it's headed"

Meanwhile Tesla will continue with revenues from electric power supply (with low overheads) and with 5£/$ per month, per car sold (also with low overheads) whilst the 'traditional manufacturers' can only rely on vehicle sales.....
Chinese EV manufacture BYD is making great cars at half the price.
America as always will be revert protectionism.
Trump has said a 50% tariff on cars imported from Mexico.

They argue that the Chinese subsidise and are dumping.
'National security' as always is used.

Any opportunities we have for inward investment from China in the UK we can forget.There is talk of the Worlds largest battery factor in the Midlands.
America will never allow it, forget it.
So much for taking back control.

Globalisation is dead.
It was good for our top companies to trade with the rapidly growing Asian economies, but now they are fast acquiring technologies and are becoming a serious threat.
They are moving up the value chain.
Protectionism will be the new reality, Tesla will have no unique technology, if they develop a robot taxi then so will many others if there is a market.

Yahoo Finance - 18/4/24:

"Tesla, as a stock, will suffer greatly with or without Musk," said David Trainer, CEO of New Constructs, an investment research firm based in Nashville that doesn't own shares of the automaker. "Musk's chief value-add for Tesla over the last several years has been in distracting investors from the truth about the weakness in the business that has finally and unmitigatedly emerged."

...the company's early success as an all-electric pioneer, bending the entire auto industry toward its vision, is now working against it.

Tesla holds a sizable lead in market share and in the value of the company. Its market cap stood just under $500 billion as of Thursday.

But competition is everywhere. And while shaking up stodgy Detroit fueled Tesla's rise, legacy car companies are churning out incremental innovations.

"It's first-mover advantage has long since eroded," said Trainer. "The competition has caught up and is surpassing Tesla at the high and low end of the market."

...the company's autonomous ambitions coming closer to fruition weren't enough to calm worries from longtime backers. "Without a low cost model to sell, there isn’t one financial model that any analyst has that works for Tesla," Ross Gerber, the CEO of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth & Investment Management, said on X. "They must develop a low cost Tesla."

Musk might have other plans. In the weeks leading up to Tesla's June shareholder meeting, company leaders will be under pressure to detail what the automaker's next phase will look like. A pivot might take shape and could even succeed. But the question will be if an altered vision can still sustain a towering stock price and a growth story to justify it.

simon gordon
Now all Cybertrucks need to be recalled - I seems like one disaster after another.
The result of rushing everything to try and keep up with the hype (IMO)

If that is the only point you take from that statement good luck with your investment portfolio
are you the official Tesla "mole" on this thread?.
The Company may still survive and be profitable but a normal PE of say 8-12 would be more appropriate - and that's where it's headed

I assume you mean "at least half a brain"?
I think being dragged down by poor styling/ better looking vehicles from competitors and also many people being put off by the Musk persona. The knowledge that depreciation is also really kicking in to the EV market would make anybody with half a brain stall a purchase
The cost of servicing debt will overwhelm everything else I think: Most people won't be able to afford cars - of any sort
Not if governments have a say in the matter. They have legislated to punish car manufacturers who give the public what they want by altering market dynamics and penalising car manufacturers who sell too many ICE cars.And forcing companies like Ford to kill off their most popular cars like the Ford Fiesta.
I doubt it will ever be 200 again. The great EV revolution has turned out to be a fake. Sales everywhere - except China - are falling steadily. I'm afraid the world debt crisis is going to kill the Green revolution - or a least set it back several decades
It will be $200 before it sees $125!
I am not a fan of the styling of any of their models.

Regardless of the driveline.

I would not buy one if it had 5 litre lump under the hood.

On its way to the low of around $100.

claret dragon
Tesla To Ask Shareholders To Reinstate Elon Musk’s $56 Billion Package
My 3k short is a gift that just keeps giving!

If the price keeps dropping I can't see the shareholders being too much inclined to approve Musk's 56Bn pay package

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