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Thalassa (THAL)

Thalassa Holdings Limited
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13/06/202410:54EQS Regulatory NewsThalassa Holdings Ltd: Results of AGMLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
30/04/202415:40EQS Regulatory NewsThalassa Holdings Ltd:LSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
30/04/202415:32EQS Regulatory NewsThalassa Holdings Ltd: Annual Financial ReportLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
12/01/202410:16Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Thalassa inks non-binding deal for founder's asset salesLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
12/01/202407:36EQS Regulatory NewsThalassa Holdings Ltd: Trading UpdateLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
12/01/202407:36UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: Trading UpdateLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
16/11/202312:27UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: TR1LSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
03/10/202311:01Alliance NewsAlliance NewsEARNINGS: Apollon Formularies "excited"; Alina loss widensLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
29/09/202309:00UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: Interim Results (30 June 2023)LSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
28/09/202323:08UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: Amendment to Articles of AssociationLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
17/07/202315:49Alliance NewsAlliance NewsTRADING UPDATES: Beacon sees delays; Churchill China trades in lineLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
17/07/202308:12UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: Restoration of ListingLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
11/07/202311:55Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Thalassa Holdings annual loss narrows as revenue risesLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
10/07/202310:47UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: Final Results For Year Ended 31 December 2022LSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
30/06/202319:56UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: Result of AGMLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
07/06/202319:51UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: AGM Proxy FormLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
05/06/202311:20UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: Notice of AGMLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
02/05/202307:50UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: Temporary SuspensionLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
02/05/202307:30UK RegulatoryOfficial List Suspension - Thalassa Holdings LtdLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
19/04/202320:45UK RegulatoryAppointment of AuditorLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
14/02/202316:12UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: Confirmation of previously announced proposalLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
27/01/202314:40UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: Trading StatementLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
13/12/202218:38UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: STR-Statement re resignation of auditorLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
24/10/202208:34UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: CorrectionLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
21/10/202210:59UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: Directorate ChangeLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
15/08/202211:49Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Thalassa turns to interim profit but warns on market outlookLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
15/08/202207:01UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: Interim ResultsLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
28/06/202215:47UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: Result of AGMLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
27/06/202213:02UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: Appointment of BrokerLSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
09/06/202215:35UK RegulatoryThalassa Holdings Ltd: Final Results for Year Ended 31 December 2021LSE:THALThalassa Holdings Limited
 Showing the most relevant articles for your search:LSE:THAL