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http://www.fsa.gov.uk/pubs/public/market_abuse.pdf 6. Dissemination – giving out information that conveys a false or misleading impression about an investment or the issuer of an investment where the person doing this knows the information to be false or misleading. For example A person uses an internet bulletin board or chat room to post information about the takeover of a company. The person knows the information to be false or misleading. This could artificially raise or reduce the price of a share and lead to people making the wrong investment decisions. Harrington = Market Abuser
It seems to me that 'those who know' are comfortable with QPP and all that is going on. If the aduit was negative, all of those involved would know, if the takeover was a sham, those involved would know. The MM seem happy to be nett buyers of QPP stock day after day, they are rarely wrong. The chart says this company has settled down and is growing. The credit rating agencies are more relaxed about QPP than ever before. They remain a hold, even if they may give a rough ride.
not usually commenting here, but seeing people talk about S&G not being able to in their opinion afford QPP division due to their size is ridiculous....look at OPAY currently buying SKRILL? Anyone heard of a reverse takeover? if you have a good management team, good story, then city IMO will back you with a fund raise or debt if required...DYOR etc. but let's put at least that argument to bed perlease
Well what is the point of your last post...? Other than to hint at disappointment of any potential takeover The point is they have been locked in discussion for a long time so QPP is not worthless as you and Tom's Merry men have been trying to campaign for over many months...there is value there....surprised they have not raised money at £1.20 and told S&G to feck off by now
Geoff 8950 Betaville ... "However, I understand the timetable for the announcement of the Slater & Gordon takeover of Quindell legal services unit changed last week. Sources familiar with the situation tell me the deal is now on course to be announced at the end of this (upcoming) week instead of tomorrow". How convenient for the freelance 'journalist' given that the exclusivity arrangements between SGH and QPP expire on 31st March! Talk about being played like a fiddle by the alleged 'sources'.
No Sunday Times article... no point as the bears wouldn't believe it if it was a repeat of the £640 million story and the bulls wouldn't believe it if any article stated the takeover was not going to happen!!
Subject heading "UK Exclusivity Arrangement" not potential takeover or potential acquisition. When you have some experience you can speak to me until then you can fuck off
better be a takeover then dasv simples! you do make life complicated, old son
It is an almighty coincidence that someone has just been paid in QPP shares and a story about a large takeover happens to hit the business pages of a Sunday broadsheet not two days later. I have weighed in short today. Ditto the analysis of those before me; Slater Gordon couldn't pull that deal off because they would need debt and no one would be able to price it without themselves running a fine-tooth comb over the assets being purchased.
Sydney Morning herald this morning " Slater & Gordon’s takeover target, the UK-based Quindell’s legal service division, is close to approving the offer "
The Sydney Morning Herald posted this in the edition for today under the section for stocks to watch. Some more fuel to the fire ! Slater & Gordon’s takeover target, the UK-based Quindell’s legal service division, is close to approving the offer Read more: hxxp://www.smh.com.au/business/markets-live/markets-live-tensions-mount-ahead-of-fed-20150316-3s73n.html#ixzz3UUwmQq2e
Knigel - also the story says it won't be instalments - it will be "upfront" and cash:- "City sources said Quindell’s board is on the verge of recommending a £640m cash offer from Slater & Gordon, which is listed on the Australian stock market. ... In addition to the £640m up-front price, Slater & Gordon is expected to pay Quindell 50% of receipts from noise-induced hearing loss cases." How will this be raised? SGH multiplying their debt six-fold, or by issuing shares of 70% of their market cap? Or by Private Equity coming in and taking a majority slice of the action? (if this were the case the takeover would be from PE not SGH) - so it can't be PE for the majority of required funds imo. Strange the article doesn't explain the funding side.
One thing for sure, as we sane people knew, this rns knocks out the theory/lies/rampingbullshit/spin of a full takeover!
well it was 70p before these takeover story unraveled in that rns today, add in the accountancy comments,and its a possible plunge to 60p this am.
this is going to hurt all of those punters following the hot money on that takeover fairytale. the market will be ruthless in annihilating margin players this morning on qpp
Alphaville surprised me to be honest. The trouble is, where are the rumours coming from. There has been so much spin, from bulls that are being drip fed information., but none of us knows where it originates....one can only guess. However, the rumour of a full takeover is ridiculous. S&G are not aggressive risk taking companies, and I cant see it wanting or needing to take over the whole lot to get involved in solar instalation and scaffolding. I still believe they will only buy the files from qpp and are stretching things out to back qpp into a corner so they have to agree to their offer. IMO exclusivity is working AGAINST qpp
Haywards I have held QPP since it took over Auto Indemnity / Ai Solutions, or whatever it was called at the time of the takeover. So several years back. I bought because it was clearly doing what Helphire had tried, and failed, to do. In preparation for LASPO and ABS.
Utter tosh. Look at your previous post. All " dont know" and it could be bad blah blah blah I wonder if S&G will put out an announcement saying they are not considering a full takeover tonight. We know qpp wont, because it hides bad news, but S&G wouldnt want to be tainted, especially if there shares start to fall as a result
it would not be the first merger/takeover of a company far larger depends on the City/institutional backing for the deal we know that there is private equity interest in this sector look at Duke Steet Capital's investment in Parabis
Nick B Evil is rumoured to have left share profits from as Lord Hawhaw would say a reliable source...he now states his diaries are exclusive to spreadbetting magazine and even suggested a takeover of qpp on friday as an aside...I note there is no longer a link on share prophets to his blogs...but just a rumour http://www.spreadbetmagazine.com/
Given that Slater and Gordon's interims will be released on Tuesday there must be a fair chance that we will get an idea at what stage discussions are at regarding the Quindell legal services takeover/ joint venture.
So the consensus of opinions on the value S&G puts on the legal services unit of 6 times sustainable income. This values a possible takeover of £1bnThats 3 times current market cap. Not taking into account other divisions. Fair value of QPP shares of £3 of this takeover was to go ahead.
So many mug punters that are talking shite. So a company takes on a LIABILITY of a lease. Incredibly there are other companies that also operate within the same major city within the same industry! Must mean a takeover! I dont think there are any considered bears that think everything within qpp is bust, but there are numerous toxic parts which taint the good parts. By selling the jewels, qpp becomes the "bad bank" scenario.
Has this been posted? https://twitter.com/gothamresearch_/status/558560475026571264 Gotham City Research ‏@gothamresearch_ We closed our Quindell short at 120p. While takeover/merger rumours are circling regarding QLS, there's too much risk here. #QPP #Quindell
If you read it it is in two parts, first the takeover of a division then the case files.
QLS would be a great fit for S&G making them the biggest by far so the rewards are not simply based on how much revenue QLS is bringing to the table. It means S&G have effectively eliminated all possible competition in this country. It is not blind bulls spouting this as my post earlier this is in the legal mags and the talk is S&G have got an aggressive takeover strategy for 2015. QLS is likely to be the top of their list given where the SP is thanks to TW EK and Gotham :)
It's a once in 15 year opportunity to advance slater and Gordon's global business strategy. If a reverse takeover or s and g shares given to Quindell holders the Quindell value will be extracted to shareholders by having share in legal firm and share in insurance technology firm ie two companies created
I would bet on a reverse takeover by slater Gordon and then Nasdaq float off of ingenie/telematics....
elcap better close just heard a takeover at £2,00 thats more than 50% loss...to you ad gotham are long Could not make it up ROFLMAO ...
Forum Energy (FEP.LSE)Nido Petroleum has launched a $108-million takeover offer By stocktalk 8 Jan 2015 11:16:26 http://bit.ly/1xUP5bu
Forum Energy (FEP.LSE)Nido Petroleum has launched a $108-million takeover offer By stocktalk 8 Jan 2015 11:16:26 http://bit.ly/1xUP5bu
Shares in the Aim-listed company surged 29.6pc, a jump of 16p to 70p that gave it a £305.5m market value, amid ferocious demand from private investors. The catalyst for the leap was a stock exchange filing showing Toscafund Asset Management had built a 5.4pc stake, making it the second biggest institutional investor in the group. Traders took the Toscafund investment as an encouraging sign. Founded by Martin Hughes in 2000, the hedge fund is known for being both an activist and making risky, but potentially lucrative, bets. Toscafund has also been involved in takeover deals. It is currently part of a consortium that is buying telecoms business Daisy Group,
@Zaks Takeover Talk Mercom Oil Sands (MMO) Block 42 has made an agreement to buy into Askia Gold Ltd
Juicin Tom I only use the Redde example to illustrate that things may be far less bad than you tell us 40p is not expensive for QPP in my view, so has good recovery / takeover potential an awful lot of bad news is baked in I think you are nuts putting a 0p target on this PS I only have one user name, unlike many other characters posting on here
ntbb o/t COMS is very lively this afternoon, 1m buy earlier and takeover rumours doing the rounds. Could be nothing but certainly a lot of volume there in the lsat few hours.
F**k me this latest boss is worse than the other useless f**ker.lol.You would of thought they would at least do a circular for all the employees.Evrytime it grts lower there is more chance of a takeover bid coming............
......and qpp lead the share risers today on whites takeover talk..................oops nope they are down again.moron!!
Whist I am an ADVFN account holder and hold various stocks I do not as a rule post articles. My point is QPP at current level of valuation is a serious candidate for a hostile takeover?
Whist I am an ADVFN account holder and hold various stocks I do not as a rule post articles. My point is QPP at current level of valuation is a serious candidate for a hostile takeover?
Whist I am an ADVFN account holder and hold various stocks I do not as a rule post articles. My point is QPP at current level of valuation is a serious candidate for a hostile takeover?
Whist I am an ADVFN account holder and hold various stocks I do not as a rule post articles. My point is QPP at current level of valuation is a serious candidate for a hostile takeover?
Whist I am an ADVFN account holder and hold various stocks I do not as a rule post articles. My point is QPP at current level of valuation is a serious candidate for a hostile takeover?
FYI http://guerillainvesting.co.uk/2014/11/24/sound-oil-farm-in-takeover-consolidation-mergers-all-part-of-the-big-plan/ Dan x
Nigh on a 100mill in the bank ............... Primed for a takeover. Won't take a bid less than £12
Bear cast on the Himex purchase. Can TW be so far off the mark. ? I would be interested to hear any bulls try and defend the company on the Himex deal. Never heard of shares being left wit the company when a takeover takes place. You cant deny this, they have 4.4m in the company name on the register. hxxp://www.shareprophets.com/views/8970/tom-winnifrith-bearcast-special-himex-the-biggest-fraud-within-quindell
dean/ qpp/ there is a light that goes out! /shoplifters of the world unite and takeover. last track
Here's the really interesting thought of the day. IF QPP is not a fraud and the cash flow assumptions come to fruition, then if RT et al drew down on the full EFH now and bought stock that would increase their stake by almost 70%. What perchance the Board looks to actively sell the company to an acquisitor? That way RT et al really take home the bacon having increased their stock holding totally legitimately at a price likely half that of a takeover. Comment.
blueball 10 Nov'14 - 08:22 - 10452 of 10459 0 0 Get out now live for another day. .................... Good advice bluey! Sell up and buy Urals Energy(UEN) this baby is about to 5 time in the next few days as a clutch of RNSs hit the public. New CEO two new directors possible takeover by said new management, could be taken out at up to 20p before Xmas! You heard it here first! GET IN!!
An Aviva takeover. Is that today's rumour from QPPSAG / QPP1000 / Steamy & the zealots on the LSE QPP thread? What happened to yesterday's rumours about a RTO into WRN & the vague huge news in the pipeline? What happened to the rumours earlier this week about a N. American listing, a huge N. American contract & the sale of a tiny bit of the QPP maze of companies for a ridiculously exaggerated amount? Do you know yet what tomorrow's rumour will be or are they still working on it?
Here is a classic: "QPP Quindell Ports PLC - QPP janekane - 17 Jan 2014 - 18:04:48 - 16808 of 17399 Dave put me down for 44p" When she held she believed it was worth 44p old money (£6.60 post consolidation). Having now sold, well ... what can I say? Talking your own book janekane? Care to share with us why you felt then it was worth 44p old money (£6.60 now)? You were of course also suggesting QPP would takeover Helphire (now Redde) - shall we call that blatant ramping or do you have a better term?
American takeover imminent
Outsourcery (OUT)​Vodafone has long been the centre of takeover speculation - both as predator and prey :www.smallcapnetwork.com - Today, 11:58 AM
Outsourcery (OUT)​Vodafone has long been the centre of takeover speculation - both as predator and prey By PLATTS 3 Oct 2014 12:43:55 hxxp://www.smallcapnetwork.com/Outsourcery-OUT-Vodafone-has-long-been-the-centre-of-takeover-speculation-both-as-predator-and-prey/s/via/35680/article/view/p/mid/1/id/254/

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