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So something dodgy going on with the takeover?Yume BOD to be banged up for insider dealing?No wonder everyone is short here!!
Well at least there making profits if they are....??We are in the territory of 1R been taken private especially if the current takeover falls through here.
Is that code, STT, for a belief that the results are going to be shit tomorrow? I would not be surprised. R1 have already placed their vote regarding the takeover. YuMe have left wiggle room for bad results. I can imagine YuMe is receiving the R1 filter treatment and gradually being integrated into the fold.
I think the sharp drop below 300p has far more to do with the Dataxu lawsuit than it has to do with the Yume takeover. The fact that R1 haven't won the case shows that just like with Edelman, it doesn't matter if they are 90% wrong(Dataxu), it's the 10% they are right about that seems to stick. It also opens up the possibility that R1 customers will start a lawsuit using the small part that Dataxu are right about knowing that at some point R1 would be willing to settle.(Haircut on money owed to R1) I sure hope that's not going to happen but imo they should've gone for the kill in order to make sure this possiblity is not even an option for customers. Also the reverse split was a major mistake but that just shows that the Yanks got R1 by the balls and not the other way around.
jw, 1gw is playing the arb... Not sure whether he did the same with Arris/Pace takeover... For me, it's a lot of hassle for a such a small and volatile %... It's also dependant on your view as to whether the deal will go through and we're a long way to go to know that... If I shorted I would have stuck to my prediction that the sp might fall below 300p and shorted, I would have made more money... Yume at current levels is tempting... If deal goes through the sp rises, if deal fails then it'll depend on their investor's reaction but likely the sp will rise... question is if deal fails, will their investors demand removal of BoD??? Barky is just desperately trying to make himself look good by trying to copy others...
I am getting quite bored with this Yume takeover already! Out of curiosity anyone know why it will not complete until Q1 2018 , that's 4 - 6 months away? Seems long time. Anyway the combined Rhythmone+Yume looks to be a real good money-making machine, when it eventually happens. Meanwhile looked in at Quantcast, (I know there are lots of questions surrounding its usefulness) - but, since 25th september there has been a huge increase in 'rest-of-the-world' uniques and views for Rhythmax (the premium money stuff)- about 13M US and 18M ROTW daily views - it looks like it could be significant. Just a thought.
When the takeover offer finally gets formally launched we should get to see the Recommendation Statement ("Schedule 14D-9") from YuMe which should include: "a fair summary of the financial analysis conducted by such financial advisor in accordance with applicable Law" i.e. the basis on which the YuMe board's financial advisor gave its opinion that the offer to be made to holders of YuMe stock was fair from a financial point of view. At that point it will be easier to judge to what extent if any, the prevailing price of R1 shares was relevant to that opinion.
Just a squash couple rumours or misleading posts by prop traders and their friends here, firstly last trading update was because of the takeover of radiumone and not any court actions intimated by posters here, secondly there will be a full detailed training update coming out soon for the last quarter. Always amazes me that people post here 24/7 asking questions but never find the time to email the company or phone them and get a direct answer. gla
Rhythmone seem certain about the takeover. It's plastered all over their website. Www.rhythmone.com
loaf, agree.. SLE...ouch, whoever said Tosca having a significant holding underpins a share... SLE returns from suspension, shares drop 40%, a £50m loss for Tosca... takeover talks over...
Wouldn't we all. But I don't think 1 extra Q of figures is really relevant to the takeover. All it would give you is a sense-check on "H12018 trading in line with management expectations". Even if you got actual financials rather than just price/volume/fill-rate you would still have to make an assumption on seasonality to be able to judge what it meant for 1H.
Agree jarvis4. I find it interesting that rather than a merger of equals, they have submitted to a takeover by R1. uS companies play hardball and this is a mighty acheivement for a lowly AIM outfit which has been royally trashed over the past few years. I would dearly like to have a glimpse of their balance sheet - the YuMe board have already done so and undoubtedly like what they see. As I've said before the R1/ Perk/RadiumOne/YuMe conglomerate should be a mighty force in the advertising world. The current SP surely must undervalue this regardless of the couple of elephants in the room who we know have a stranglehold on the market ?Interesting times indeed.
And it appears the structure of the deal means it will not fall under the UK takeover code and so we won't get the increased transparency during the "offer period" of holdings that would otherwise come with the initial holdings notices and daily dealing notices. There is still the notice of general meeting to look forward to which hopefully will contain some additional information. Edit - and also the 14D-9 and F-4 documents to be filed with the SEC.
Trust? No of course not.Im just waiting for fireworks or a takeover anything north of 60p.Trust went a long time ago to be honest!Someone will make a lot of money here but it wont be you or me or even Barky.At least we know now they will not stop the aqquisition trail, even if yume collapses they will saddle up again and go hunting.However we have some major recent investors in board recently and i doubt they are in for a quick 40% return on todays price.So i await the inevitable outcome.As for trust?The senior board of 1R past and present trampled all over thier integrity a long time ago and ground up any words of honesty they have by the disrespectful way they continue to treat PI's.Other than that, life is good, im healty wealthy and wiser today than i was yesterday.Ive had a large flutter on HFD today.A birdy flying high in the sky said to buy.....cuckoo!
I anticipate 41 pence if the takeover goes through then a trickle down again
the deal attributes a price of 41p... The takeover is @ $185m but Yume's mcap is currently around $200m... US markets open in couple of hrs, will be interesting to watch yume's sp...
Adtech company RhythmOne nears $185m deal with US rival YuMe "RhythmOne, a London-quoted advertising technology company, is close to agreeing a takeover of a US-based rival that could ultimately see its stock market listing shift across the Atlantic." http://news.sky.com/story/adtech-company-rhythmone-nears-185m-deal-with-us-rival-yume-11013640
1gw reporting on the jump in the SP of YuMe, which is what you would expect if the company is subject to a takeover.Interestingly enough, the academic research on this subject suggests that, more often than not, it is the shareholders of the acquired company who benefit at the expense of the shareholders of the company doing the acquiring. For the dim witted (you know who you are Football) that suggests that R1 shareholders may be on the losing end of the bargain. Given Blinkx's historical record on impairments, the write off of assets previously acquired, this does not bode well. Is their any evidence that the two previous acquisitions have been a success? I have my doubts about Perk.
wheeze, take SGI... Lombard Odier holding is just over 29% - Henderson holding and Lombard took them over... Despite the crash in sp, Lombard hasn't made a move... the company is currently going through takeover talks... Tosca have been increasing, although by small amounts.. I suspect they are hoping to make some money if it is taken over....
wheeze, I would have thought that IIs want to make money for their clients and therefore, their businesses... What about RG, there was a lot of speculation that there was collusion between RG & Tosca as they had previously worked together.. what happened to that speculation... Are the II invested in 1R active or passive?... The level of II investment shows they either have confidence in 1R or they are hoping the sp is at a level which might attract a takeover - either way, they are hoping to make some money for their clients... are the II making money by loaning out stock? Remember Blackrock had a substantial holding and were loaning out stock hoping the company will do well and therefore forcing shorters to close their position - What happened? Blinkx announced a shock profit warning.... At the end of the day, it's up to 1R to deliver....
Lance.Why take my word for it?Do your own research!What industry do you think ive worked in for 30 years?I ran my own investment firm until i took early retirement and handed the reins over to my two sons.As ive said i know this outfit, you dont.1R in profit = rapid sp increase = rapid takeover = very good takeout offer.Even Barky knows how this ends.Be happy, we will all actually make a profit on this one.You lot can be so Amateur at times?
What's the deal with radiumone takeover? Any timescales for remainder of payment etc?
Jw, agree, 1R have only themselves to blame... Issuing a one liner TU header was pointless and the excuse feeble.. Like gl, I think there's going to be plenty of time to buy in, if there's positive news, unless of course, it's a takeover bid...
BARKBOO my favourite of all the names is clubman used to be a troll on the autonomy thread continually saying how easy life was shorting the stock and then one day posting about they used short he is taking out at about £16ish I think and the next day almost £25 quid takeover price from HP Couldn't of happened to a nicer bloke Looks like someone's turned off the algorithm selling machine today as more sells and buys but the price is going up
loaf - usual mid-summer nonsense. All the players off on their holidays. What we all want is news that shows the business is profitable, with great growth prospects and the chance of a takeover! We understand not to expect that until November. The Blinkx/Rythmone story has been a long one, so it's not that long to wait.
I suppose it could be a cunning plan on the part of R1 to 'leak' the news so that the SP climbs to a higher base on anticipation of the announcement and then 'wham'. Somehow I think not though. I am still deeply puzzled. On the face of it, it is a game changer of an announcement and about as price sensitive as any news could possibly be, barring takeover. So, ???
IMO announced a good set of results and Tosca reduced... They have now reduced after the TU a few weeks ago and now after the results... Taking advantage of the increase in sp.. not holding for a takeover bid.. So it doesn't really help in what Tosca might do with 1R, does it? http://uk.advfn.com/stock-market/london/imimobile-IMO/share-news/IMImobile-PLC-TR-1-NOTIFICATION-OF-MAJOR-INTEREST/75150587
Let's see if I've got this right the algorithms are doing mostly all the trading now and basically churning over shares so institutions can get in at the price they want. We've got enough cash and hopefully no more cash burn so no chance of going bust any time in the foreseeable future. Seems more than likely that we will be taken out in the medium term if not sooner. So all this up a penny down a penny stuff is irrelevant all that really matters is that you hold stock on the day the takeover is announced and the only negative is to anyone that as a short open. The good luck all shareholders and enjoy the ride
So the gangsters can churn this around all day every day, lend out moody stock, set tight algo's, automated reasoning, bend notification rules, work with others in a concert party..but without the takeover, just massive leverage.. and gaining the power...four hedge funds involved and almost certainly working together! You can buy a Harvard pretend Professors, put him on the payroll, you can get the largest shorting gang in Britain [ADVFN] to headline the bent Professor on their big day..in an attempt to bring the company down. They can employ rags with multiple id's on their BB's then send them onto other BB's. The time work, effort and money invested in destroying this company - RTHM are safe, better and more valuable in real terms, than ever before! Absolutely no fear of failure with RTHM now - I dont give a fuck what SP those gangsters make us..........they will be taken on with confidence, zero fear and with a lot of big players!
Here you go footie San Leon receive takeover offer @ 67 - 76p per share.. think that means tosca will make some considerable cash with their holding over there, despite what the fake sikh has said.. hxxp://www.sanleonenergy.com/media-centre/news-releases/2017/june/30/receipt-of-conditional-offer-for-the-company-and-publication-of-annual-accounts.aspx
no idea whether this takeover will work out well or is an act of desperation, but at least it is not another Perk on another topic, does this ruling by the EU against Google represent a ray of hope for 1R, it has to cut in on their appeal to advertisers, surely? hTTp://www.bbc.com/news/technology-40406542
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