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am still in because something is brewing here. takeover by lukoil????? for $250m lukoil should have bought out bowleven (they still can)
PaulI don't know about a takeover rumour but with the Dow down 3% at close you can certainly look forward to a bloodbath open on the ftse and a new all time low on blvn
Hey nicky thank god you are back. We need a takeover rumour. Good to finally have the harbinger of good news back with us.
"how come no ones answered my question." Because its a tough question. Its worth what someone will pay. You could argue that 3 years ago £100 million. Different days with oil half the price and low confidence. What was considered "value" in 2012; hTTp://www.scotsman.com/business/energy/600m-takeover-talk-sends-bowleven-shares-spinning-up-1-2123893
Guess that means that the imminent takeover is going to have to be put on hold. I was so confident as well after those new posters arrived and said it was happening. I was surprised that he was able to buy in the middle of a drilling campaign awaiting results. That said it means the results aren't going to be bad, either that or he needs his bumps feeling.
complete lack of volume could point to a deal being made. Often before a deal (takeover) the volume is very low as key holders are barred from trading. Also, for what it's worth, I called IR at Bowleven on Monday and didn't get a call back. Normally most IR departments call me back. A deal could be brewing. And if it isn't it should be at this crazy valuation
A bit of nostalgia , lets hope that in another 3 years we see that 200p lol hTTp://www.scotsman.com/business/energy/600m-takeover-talk-sends-bowleven-shares-spinning-up-1-2123893
Takeover RNS must have been delayed due to market volatility.
Bull**** No need to inform a takeover panel at this stage. Why would they release that info when no need to? If talks were going on would be behind closed doors for a lot longer. If your broker knows why will volumes only rise later and not now?
Broker informs me that BLVN have been approached, notification to takeover panel may have been lodged yesterday pending official release.what this space. Exciting and turbulent times. rising volumes later will be the clue.
so its obvious that this could be a takeover target for lukoil.
No way they`d see 50p offer in todays climate. I`d say if they got a 50% premium i.e 33-34p per share on todays share price than thats about it. Don`t shoot the messenger here, its the reality of takeover offers, they are seldom more than a 50% premium. And whats more is the deal could be done and dusted very fast with KH offered a nice position at Lukoil to smooth the transition.
Takeover declaration
Would take 60p in a heartbeat....but given where we are I expect majority would accept $250m takeover (around 48p) if it was offered today.Dum Spiro Spero
one of the safest stock on AIM backed by a discovery and cash in bank (with more cash to follow next year). question why did not lukoil takeover bowleven?? it would have been more cheaper.
Good afternoon kbrook. Imo you will eventually profit here. Remember that a very canny man called SUTTIE bought in here at 45p. BLVN is at risk of a takeover during this dismal period. I suspect you would take 50p in a flash. I want a lot more and would be disappointed at 50P.
Simply no buying interest at this level, why?Because it doesn't take a genius to work out that it's going to go lower, but why when the cash is higher than the current MCAP and resources valued at Zero?Because Bonomo will be commercial but in no real volume, Etinde appraisal will likely be delayed, Fertiliser Plant is unlikely to happen anytime soon resulting in no production for years.So what will Bowleven do in the meantime?NOTHING but burn the cash from Lukoil.The market knows this and the HNWI who have sold up also know this!!A takeover is your only way to make money on this runt!
Malcolm Wood is not a "Source" and it is not a rumoured takeover its him suggesting what he would do in BLVN or specifically KHs situation - make a bid for VOG- Take his recommendations and tips with a pinch of salt- last time I even bothered watching him and tweedle dum Zak Mir on tipTV he was frenziedly tipping CAZA from 14p to 50.. check the current SP
grahambr- yep I really can't fathom the wet Hens here who flap around every time sp drops a few points or when news seems to be delayed- the hard to be equalled value/fundamentals will win out... eventually. Its been an Interesting often intriguing share to watch & sure will continue to be so. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see some takeover action if SP doesn't shift sooner or later - all the more so obviously if Bonomo is a success too. Looking forward to hear some firm dates for Etinde appraisal too- Lukoil stating before year end so time is ticking
SplitbayIf this not at the bottom now then we must be a whisker away from it The company is well undervalued in the current status I think even if this is a dry couple of wells then the share price will only touch on lows of 22 or 24 momentarily The upside potential is massive and anyone with spare cash can expect to have a decent return with blvnWe also have the possibility of a takeover looming as many of the larger companies are looking to get some bargains Blvn has got to be on the takeover shopping list of a few companies There are a few people moaning about the lack of news or updates Blvn in the past have been very thorough with there news so I am sure that when it eventually comes we will get all the detail that is required in one rns Gla
winnet Totally agree the IM5 Etinde drills are the Lukoil takeover drills. AIMVHO
nah - best and most realistic case is KH will sell out of etinde completely post IM5 and they'll be a quick gas to electric deal for bomono to keep us in jaffa cakes. Thats the best case. Apart from a takeover at 250 of course.
Hang on there's just been a 922 buy so takeover definately on! Knob
Gotterdammerung 14 Jul'15 - 09:43 - 28736 of 28737 0 0 Bowleven "In Takeover Talks" Gotterdammerung - 10 Jun 2015 - 16:16:29 - 162 of 165 Rumour mill stating Hart will resign on Friday. About bloody time. Not too bright are you?
Bowleven "In Takeover Talks"
To provoke a serious debate as to BLVN's 'value' and hence possible ball park takeover price I should like to throw into the ring BLVN's 'price to book ratio' this is 0.16. That is very low. Here are a few random ratios; RKH 0.87 FOGL 0.43 BP 0.72 VOG 0.23 PMG 1.14 BOR 0.08 A blunt ratio but I am think BLVN has a much better 'risk' than BOR.
paulbiya I see you have learnt nothing, there will be NO takeover KH is far to comfortable in his little nest to allow that to happen. Perish the thought he may have to go out into the big wide world and compete for a new job...... WJ.
The rumour isn't Dragon Oil, its on the lines of a reverse takeover by LUKOIL. But its only a RUMOUR at this stage so means f-all.
well the starting point for kevin is 124. We had a great discussion a while back about takeover prices. Most agreed with Paul Curtis 60p was ok. I suggested 1 pound plus back then (this was before cash came in) and was hounded off the board for my absurdity. Now Kevin has come out and backed up my thinking. Lets hope 124 is achievable if the time comes.
I'm now out of BLVN May look to get back in if it falls to mid 20's but I don't get the impression that the board have any sense of urgency or accountability for the sp so can only see a drift for a while. Nothing due on the horizon to change that position other than a takeover bid but don't see that happening anytime soon. Odd that the reports from the presentation don't convey any optimism or powerful positives - just explanations and long time frames.
Any further comment on the this from 1MSN on LSE- Can't M&G can bloody well buy the stock like everyone else.MeetingI went to the meeting yesterday and I would say that everything I heard and was told was positive for this share. Although Kevin stated it was hard to get II to invest at present they had managed to get artemis to buy 5 % of the company, as we know JPM hold around 10 %, he stated that Fourton were in the process of buying more shares and they had 1 % hoping to add more, what got my attention was that M &G want more equity in Bowleven, away form market.. again kevin said if the share price does not move closer to NAV then the market would make Bowleven a takeover target as this price discrepancy will not be around long.. This is a vey safe bet in the E & P space and the next 12 months could be very interesting..
also if there was a takeover in the air, this is AIM and that sort of news gets out...
I'm still thinking there is more going on behind the scenes such as a takeover and thus the delay in news here
Beg; I understand the volume yesterday was partly down to a takeover rumor. Obviously a load of bull, so we will leave that there. I'm reserving judgement on the state of play at Bomono- at least till the middle of next week anyway. I personally believe the rig will be put through rigorous testing before its accepted fit for purpose on the 100 day turnkey contract. How long and thorough that testing is would be anyone's guess.
I feel sorry for his parents and his new PR lady who is organising a press conference of sorts, I believe on Friday. I can not feel sorry for Chris . With his monstrous ego calling himself the "God of Investments" he was a disaster waiting to happen . Its all those followers I feel sorry for. To explain away to the takeover panel it was some kind of unintentional accidental purchase of hundreds of millions of shares, and they accept that, leaves me gobsmacked. An accident is when you trip on the pavement.
Sounds like a good idea Leoneobull. We had better be quick before the multi-millionaire who lives in a castle beats us to it! "Chris Oil @chrisoil · May 11 BLVN sitting on 33p cash assets 50p come on or will takeover BLVN next . 7 retweets" Absolutely bonkers
bigboots, your prediction of a £4.50 takeover of justeat was a good call back in March... what price are we looking at here in your opinion?
Brokerman Dan reckons 75p takeover :)
Talk that Spudding has been delayed due to " Bowleven receiving an approach which may lead to a takeover of the entire shares in issue !
If they delayed drilling till the end of the wet season, it wouldn't do sentiment and the share price any good. It could then maybe, allow the newby and anyone else to fill their boots at a bargain basement, much reduced cost...... but of course it would be necessary, to try to restore shareholder confidence. It might also make the company even more attractive for takeover, and an offer more likely to be made earlier, to a fully loaded management. Sounds like a plan? Just a cynical personal point of view. Been in AIM too long
Very interesting to note the complete lack of takeover interest here. something is seriously wrong.
Im hoping its a complete takeover by Luk or NA !
40p - not a hope in hell takeover pre Etinde drill by lukoil IMO at 75p ish
OTWould be nice to get an inkling of what's going on behind the scenes at Bowleven.No Bomo spud yet, so I suspect that they may be engaging with lukoil about either a complete farm out or else a takeover by them.If it was the case of a takeover how long before they have to notify the market of any such interest?And anyone hazard a guess of what the Sp would be ? 40p?
i wonder what on earth he is suggesting or even means with the hundreds of posts he has removed from advfn and put the words 'removed by JH' in place of his original posts? I did not even count those.There must be nearly 500 of these posts below on top of the 1000plus completely deleted posts! On second thoughts i don't want to know Le com.Please spare me! No doubt JH is your personal imaginary butler that edits your posts and then serves you imaginary caviar from an imaginary silver plate inside your imaginary mansion whilst you are entertaining imaginary heads of states from planet Venus! Who are round to discuss a BLVN takeover. BLVN..Undervalued Assets - Troll Free - BLVN le_commissaire - 14 Nov 2014 - 09:06:55 - 20427 of 26799 /removed by JH BLVN..Undervalued Assets - Troll Free - BLVN le_commissaire - 13 Nov 2014 - 17:29:28 - 20404 of 26799 /removed by JH
Heres the bit that mentions BOW In our view, stocks such as Circle Oil, Faroe Petroleum, Rockhopper Exploration, Ithaca Energy, Bowleven, Parkmead, Lekoil and Chariot Oil & Gas are all candidates for takeover given their depressed valuations relative to their portfolios," analysts Mark Henderson and Jamal Orazbayeva wrote.
£47BN SHELLED OUT FOR BG GROUP Big oil is getting bigger: Royal Dutch Shell has agreed a cash and share offer for BG Group, the UK's third-biggest oil company, that values it at £47bn. BG has been seen as a takeover target since the oil price began to slide last year, forcing it into a full-year loss. The deal will be one of the biggest this year
amazing news on the BG Shell takeover today! Think the whole sector will get a lift today
. ... (takeover?)
bengalspot on, the bees always come to the honey...the trolls having dealt in worry and speculation for so long have now changed script to cash burnNEWSFLASH: bowleven are an exploration company, thats why we are all here!if they dont find oil we lose our money - full stopin the case of blvn, takeover is now a distinct possibility, board willing or not!
hayfield - that is a worrying thought, but it would never be sanctioned. Unless something aggressive is going on takeover wise. Not enough volume to get anywhere near the level of shares required though...
Nothing to gripe about here. At no other time in the last 20 years has it been possibly to buy shares in a company like this below net cash. Takeover at 50p very likely if shareholders continue to show lack of interest.
Pah.... You really are a TWAT Pulson.Let's concentrate on the positive news flow to come:Bonomo SpudBonomo Farmin (further farmin %)GSA (now led by Lukoil)Etinde appraisal drills.Possible share buy back.Not to mention we are now a sitting duck for a takeover at this price with Cash in the bank.
some poor quality ramping on the other thread talking about takeover, FFS get a grip KH won`t sell, his nest is feathered for the next 5 years, receptionist says he has been polishing his boots all morning and the Stetson has not been off his head since the dosh hit the bank, even changed his middle name to JR WJ.
With a bid and takeover of the company they no longer need to go through the months of shit waiting for some lazy Cameroon Officials to do "something" for the remaining 20% that Bowleven own ? Certainly easy for Lukoil to make an offer now I would say with market valuing at less than cash in bank and everything else for free.Just thinking out loud.
Obvious takeover target let's see who shows their hand first.
cyan, James (I think) commented at the time that the 10 man delegation were there as part of the operatorship hand over. Seems reasonable. Wonder what else they discussed.... Although it would be nice, I doubt anyone would takeover blvn right now as they would just be going long like the rest of us. As you say, once derisked - even if they have to pay double - that's another story. I'd still like to know what caused the strong volume (on tuesday?)
Good takeover target this one, no debt, attractively priced for potential suitor, had lots of history DGO etc DGO looking to buy, with huge cash piles but not the area they are looking at apparently...ah the art of war
Would love a takeover here.

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