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Creator steveandadele Created 20 Oct 2003 Posts 3 Last Post 9 years ago

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If this has already appeared on a bulletin forgive me but I think it is very big news and haven't heard a thing about it in the press.

New guidleines from the Department of Health last week specified three drugs that have recently gone generic that they are 'considering' reducing the price of.
The generic prices of these drugs have recently been very close to the patented medicine. This 'consultation' document changes that significantly.
One of the most affected drugs will be omeprazole - the DoH are 'suggesting' a price of £10.05 for 20mg tablets - a lot less than half the price of current generics. Not only will this impact a AZ it might also impact some of the retail pharmacy chains as well as so much money is being made by pharmacists on the difference between the price they buy omeparazole in at and the drug tarriff price ( the price the govt reimburses the pharmacy at).
The other drugs affected are Doxazosin, Lisinopril and simvastatin. It's good news as a tax payer but if any companies in your portfolio sell the branded version of the above, or even a competitor to any of the above it could be bad news.

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