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Yes it is.I’ve increased heavily sub 2.00.I’ve been waiting for this takeover and for IR and Tosca the timing is imppecable.It’s an aim share so no real surprises.Barky will nevef see his 24.00 or Digitaresalis his 30.00.Still...i’ve had worse days and a sell in June is on the cards for a reasonable profit at anywhere near a fiver.Will be glad to see the back of this one!!Will miss insulting the regular idiots though?
Ok 1gw so I see your on a personal attack as you can’t account for viex becoming the proud owners of R1 stock post takeover of YuMe then completely disposing of that holding without affecting singers website holding on the R1 site......lol I rest my case
When did singers holding on the shareholder register last change 1gw? If the 13f had shown YuMe as a complete disposal I could understand the system removing it post takeover......but R1?..... That’s a wholesale disposal of the combined holdings for viex..... They hold zilch now.....yet Singers holding remaining unchanged on the R1 holders page?......lol.... Come on.....look at the millions of shares that have shifted over the past few months but updates are nil?
the numbers don’t add up,why would he authorise a disposal at a loss?.... Would be interesting to know at what part of the takeover talks viex accumulated its R1 holding Some would just say he is a savvy investor who chose the right company at the right time!....cough.... was he just custodian of that stock for someone? Interesting stuff,but be sure it has smelled a little fishy for a while.....
No takeover at all. Short this pos to zero.
Synergy savings after takeover now expected to be $15 Million! Nothing negative as far as I can see!
Ajay Daved, one of their 'new' hires, was already working for Yume UK, as 'Head of Programmatic' Takeover of 1R by Yume staff continues... you'd have to wonder if any of the 'current' 1R will become 'non-core' in the future... https://www.rapidtvnews.com/2018041651691/rhythmone-makes-uk-appointments.html#axzz5D1J6k2U1
Share price was low but not on its knees pre Yume lcwa.....since the deal the stock price has been screwed down...but by who?.....we were needed by Yume pre deal,this is imho a slippery reverse takeover....the joint market cap of both companies makes the current price ridiculous....I await our rewards as it’s not been realised yet!!..... Tick tock
Dagsteeth, a 350p takeover price? (Post 13436) Wow, sky's the limit eh? lol
Absolutely incredible that a press release contains the usual waffle by the Nomad to prevent them being sued in the US is spun into a takeover for the Company at 350p. What drugs are you guys on?
Buys flooding in on the takeover gossip. 38,22....
Ps as we have speculated all along, the trading update will be part of the takeover announcement. 350p per share from Tosca plus Singer. This would explain the total silence for the last 2 months.
Loaf. You are a beauty. Those 2 Numis paragraphs are standard Numis paragraphs when they are acting on the sell side for a listed client. The wording is different to that used in the Yume announcements. Therefore one might conclude that one of the juniors at Numis has cut and pasted the paragraphs from another press release erroneously into this one (in which they are not needed). The conclusion therefore is that there is another set of Numis press releases prepared on Rthm which have yet to be released which by infrerence must be a takeover RNS. The total ceasing is algo trading suggests that institutions have now been brought over a wall so liquidity has dried up. Is this now the end game. All makes sense.... if this is a special screw up by Numis what a great opportunity to pile into the shares without being an insider, just being smart enough to spot the signs. Loaf, brilliant spot. Time to buy!!!!!
Anyone know why the 'Numis' paragraph is in there? No volume, NDAs and part of the takeover code on the release?
YUME agreed takeover price $185 Million or £130 Million at current exchange rate. Current market cap less than £128 Million ! RHTM worth less than nothing? Games afoot as we have all debated however things must be very very bad if the current sp reflects true value. IF THINGS WERE THAT BAD WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN INFORMED BY THE BOD WHO HAVE A DUTY OF CARE TO SHAREHOLDERS!!
Barky - I hear what you say. I have the R1 projections given to the SEC at the YuMe takeover as one of my bookmarks on this very laptop and like you, I am in till the end. It is fair to say, though, I am less optimistic! Stockopedia predicts revenue of $418m, profit of $44m and a P/E at today's SP of 4.5 for 2019. How can that make sense, when tech companies that have never made a profit are currently on projected P/Es of 100? I just don't get it!
Digi, if the takeover offer is high enough their options automatically get triggered. In the event they sell us out on the cheap they deserve something completely different which i probably shouldn't post on a public message board. ;)
Seems spot on. From start to finish, it seems the agenda has been a lowball takeover.
Digi, i doubt it. You can't really dilute your way out of a takeover. (Only on the OTC with billions of shares in dilution lol) Also, Tosca can waiver the takeover at 30% and continue to build an even bigger stake. It seems more and more Yume key figures are infiltrating the company so it seems the hunters are already sitting at the table.
Borgioli, They wouldn't have Yume AND 1R, just 1R. And the loan was agreed after Ted Hastings took over as CEO, when there were already plans to takeover Yume. Now a lot of the old 1R management are no longer in management roles... so ES and Viex/Tosca have the upper hand.. 30% of 1R currently about £50m, I would have thought that was peanuts to Tosca/Viex to get the deal through... It's odd to see a US company wanting to list on a junior market ...more like a Yume takeover...
Ed Reginelli only lasted 6 weeks as a Secretary. He's being replaced by the new Chief Legal Officer, Amy Rothstein (from Yume)... The takeover of old management by Yume continues... 14 Feb 2018 Appointment of Mr Edward Michael Reginelli as a secretary on 2 February 2018 20 Mar 2018 Termination of appointment of Edward Michael Reginelli as a secretary on 19 March 2018 20 Mar 2018 Appointment of Mrs Amy Melissa Rothstein as a secretary on 19 March 2018 https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/06223359/filing-history
Could be Barkboo, but i'm sure you know on AIM they can pretty much get away with anything. Perhaps that is why they didn't go with the Yume US listing, the fear of class action lawsuits against a criminally lowball corrupt takeover offer.
2pm RNS on what? The lowball takeover offer? lol IMO, the only thing R1 management, Tosca and Singer are currently busy with is guessing on how low they can go in terms of a buyout offer and get away with it, using paid for support from our bod. (A mediocre update with board recommendation to accept offer)
Football, no word from Ted means imo they are all part of the plan for a cheap takeover. I had a bit of hope that Eric Singer would turn this around like he did at Yume but it seems he's part of the Tosca plan.
Perhaps Tosca got rid of Brian because he would not play along with the plan?YUME shareholders didn't want to sell to RTHM and Brian did not want to buy YUME.Ted was swayed as they probably indicated they would have a top spot in the chair if he backed the takeover. He did and it was bye bye Brain.....ever wondered why Brian never got to hit 52p?......ah well. Never mind.Tosca, Singer and Super Ted all sitting pretty.Just waiting for the sp to crash further so they can take the company away for peanuts.All legal and above board too, so don't argue when the offer comes, no.Just accept it!
Legal action was taken because the $185 Million takeover price of YUME was considered far too low. Market Cap of the combined entity closed yesterday at $216.99 Million! Really got to admire the ability of the "Market" to take the piss out of investors. What would happen if say 20 long term investors tried to buy £10K worth of shares at the same time?
Funny old thing. I have to say that is a pretty good note. Covers all aspects that we would hope for and guidence in place. A share buy back and takeover target aswell! I wonder what offer Tosca would accept?
I think as 1gw has already suggested, they will try to kitchen sink as much of the one off takeover costs into the current year ending 31st March, leaving some very positive forward looking statements. It will be good to see some updated broker forecasts, post takeover and year end. The current £7 projections are a lot out of date!
Cranky - do you remember way back on the 21/09/2015 when Zurich withdrew from takeover talks with RSA and you along with others laughed because I had build up a nice holding in RSA way before the announcement. Scaffolders guessed and fancied the deal...I think I remember my old friend Jarvis was already in for a few quid...a shrewd gentleman! RSA dropped from 530p to 380p in four months - again I started catching those knives! I remember telling Gordon it will be £5 again before the end of 2016 - it was in fact over 580p....nice results today. lol Cranky - I will repeat, you rags are easy!
I am very pleased to report that the R1 shares and cash due from my YuMe holding have now arrived in my HL account, just about 2 weeks after completion. That has been with some chasing by me of both HL and FTI, but is way, way better in terms of delay than was the case with the Arris/Pace takeover.
football, Yes, I was able to Add a few today. Probably coincidentally, I did email aiminvestigations@lseg.com yesterday evening :- 'Please investigate why Market Makers are restricting the purchase of RTHM shares despite the fact that the SP is slumping (again). I can understand that many US shareholders of YUME may wish to sell now (following the takeover) but, surely, in the interests of small shareholders like myself, MMs should not be discouraging Buys which may partially offset the effect of the sales. The role of TOSCAFund in all this is also of concern.'
Kendo it seems you hold 1R paper so must be good quality are swiping paper Kendonagasaki - 11 Feb 2018 - 20:30:23 - 6563 of 6579 RHYTHMONE - new Name, new Beginning??? - RTHM Sikh i still retain that 55-59p target takeover bid by Tosca in the offing. Imo it cant come soon enough.
Sikh i still retain that 55-59p target takeover bid by Tosca in the offing.Imo it cant come soon enough.BM, SC et el have forged that outcome due to their self illusions of grandeur and they allowed Tosca to come in through the back door.Unlucky for them as they have had to use that same back door to leave as they were booted out!KARMA has its own payback im told?
The acquisition on the agreed terms represents very good business. Let's not forget the sp was at 50p or £5.00 just before the takeover was announced. Games have been played since but post takeover with good year end figures and a positive forward looking statement should see the RTHM sp much higher IMHO.
Exactly Digi the sp was played with to try and influence the YUME takeover terms! The opportunity to top up at 218 or 21.8p in old money was too good to miss. There is a long way to go until the sp reflects the true value post YUME acquisition on the original terms agreed! IMHO
The takeover of YuMe seems to be going like clockwork,it’s been done aggressively and quietly at the same time,to satisfy the major ii,s not a few drum banging swing traders......I am content now we are a force to be noticed,and seriously gonna dent the ad space controlled by majors......the outcome of that is gonna be mouthwatering imho
Im sure its worth a punt at anything below £2.My mistake was averaging down another 100,000 at 32p!!Need £5.86p to breakeven or go bust!Still in hope of a takeover from Tosca at anywhere near £5 and i’ll call it a day here.Cant see this getting to £24 as i dont go to the same opticians as Barky and don’t like Jam on my toast?Not a buyer here.
And what pray is the point of your question Midas? The sp of this 'cusp of greatness' stock was not far short of £20 at one time. Any rise in the sp before May 2019 would merely be recovering lost ground. Since many will have bought this crap around the £6 to £10 mark, they, like Barkshit, the great mouth almighty,will still be sitting on enormous losses. To make first time purchases at these levels is a fair punt. I, like the royal flush fantasiser, will simply be recovering paper losses. Not at all sure we have heard the last of the opposition to the takeover. This BOD manage to 'f*ck' everything they touch up, so why spoil their track record now? No point trying to predict 2019 until the deal is done or lost. So ask me again when we know theoutcome. I'll give you the exact figure for May 2019 like I always do. Unlike Barkshit I get it right.
Loaf. I would of thought they will need that facility going forward for working capital once the takeover has gone through.
Would Tosca have to inform the market if they had acquired YUME shares that would result in their holding in RTHM going above 30% after the takeover completes? They would then need to make an offer for the company.
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