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Lots of companies issue statements about share buybacks and often they're commence within a week or so, seeing this one is dragging on it may have been put in their just to appease shareholders or draw a line in the sand to shorter's saying if this comes under attack again they will defend the share price buybacks. As the reverse takeover or acquisition I hope not unless there's nothing money in the bank to pick up Apple cheap.
I see the taptica buyback halt was explained this morning - company looking at a potential acquisition. Anybody want to speculate on the possibility of another reverse takeover plan by Singer?
Many thanks to LCWA for reminding me about the 40% house price fall post. That gave me a chuckle. A real corker and well-deserving of being reposted for anyone who missed it first time round. ------------------------------------------------------ sikhthetech - 20 Sep 2018 - 20:56:41 - 8802 of 10441 Not everyone needs to post well written, in depth analysis to understand business and finances... Just because some of us choose to... I mentioned the house prices are going to crash by 40%, qxl are worth £300, pace takeover at 500p.. all years before they actually happened...
Good post gerihatric......that’s a sterling amount of work on paper by Bonney...and I would certainly buy a car off him if I was on his car lot... Truth is the company valuation was more than double the current valuation before the Singer/Bonney roadshow rolled into town...it took apart the existing management,hacked and chopped out the dead wood and the market rewarded shareholders by reducing the market cap by half! Knighthood for Bonney in 2019..?..... More likely a liability free cheap takeover by a cooperative based on an island with white sand? Night all x
You can easily waiver a takeover once you get above 29.9. Just look at what Tosca did over at San Leon and their current holding.
A 55p old money takeover would be a dream alright, it's called a nightmare.
A takeover at 550p would be a dream imo
I would prefer a takeover based on the revenue multiple S4 are paying for MightyHive. A takeover at 55p old money would be a fucking disgrace.
Looks like Schroders is doing the selling over there and we have had sweet FA volume over here. Our 2 big volume days was Lombard fooking about. Tosca picked up £60M from that chinese takeover a few weeks back which should have paid the bills.
A 300p takeover....? You seem very optimistic there Loaf...lol It would be a fucking disgrace!
Thanks loaf as you said three different accountancy systems, basically a reverse takeover and we've got rid of the company advises and were only about a week or so behind this time last year with announcing results. Couldn't see what all the bother was about but it did give the shorter's and trolls something to play with now I guess they were left to start throwing their toys out of the pram again.
We must not forget Singer stole R1 from us in a reverse takeover....that was an immediate two fingers to paying a decent market price....some would say that act in itself set out the form/credibility of the yume management that was to take full control of our company via a backdoor deal....
"No more than £2 in my highly esteemed view." But the scaffolders said 240p... I wouldn't be surprised that IF there was any takeover, it was current sp + 30% premium, so currently 240p... ;-)
Out of interest, I was doing some digging into Tosca. The funds including Tosca Opportunity and Tosca Pegasus which are invested in Rthm were also the same funds invested in Sinclair, which recently sold. Those funds I believe are due to be redeemed and paid back to investors in the not too distant future. Tosca is therefore in exit mode across its entire portfolio and will be working hard behind the scenes to put Rthm in takeover play. It really does help explain the silence of the Board, temporary nature of exec appointments and the paucity of forecasts and trading data...not to mention any trading volume. Watch this space..........
Half year figures released 17th Nov 2015 and 15th November 2016, last year they were obviously delayed because of the takeover. Would expect an RNS informing us of the release date this week with results within the next 3 weeks. After all the BOD are all about creating shareholder value and looking after the SP. RNS Number : 1541P RhythmOne PLC 15 November 2016 RHYTHMONE PLC ANNOUNCES UNAUDITED FIRST HALF FINANCIAL YEAR 2017 RESULTS Company Exceeds Expectations, Led by 45% Growth of "Core" Programmatic Products, and Reaffirms Return to Full-Year Profitability in Financial Year 2017
the very fact this was a reverse takeover by yume meant we we’re getting nothing then for handing our top tier company over to hedge funds....what makes anyone think Singer is gonna share the spoils from the profits with small time holders!!.... Fire it my way Eric I’m locked and loaded in the isa,s for tax free 10x bagging again
Interesting shenangighans. I have it from a good mate of mine that Bonney won’t talk to shareholders hiding behind close period. Since most of the questions she had were around who is running this company, she thought that was a bit limp. The trading update and guidance of brokers remains valid so one has to take trading at face value or they are complete liars. Therefore one must conclude the trading, volume and silence from the company are linked as with no comment on share price drop, I tend to believe a previous poster who suggested something takeover related is going on. Whatever it is as a PI I hate being played. That volume on Friday was real. Someone took a big dump.
Don’t rely on a takeover to save the day. Remember that Rocket Fuel (once valued at around $2Bn) was taken over by Sizmek over a year ago at one third of revenues, or $145m. In the case of RTHM, with declining revenues, that would now be about $120m, so say $1.50 a share or about 120p. Anything could happen but there is no safety net here.
Well tosca are also under water here?They are the biggest shareholders here and back the senior team in charge.They can easily mount an agreeable takeover should they wish to do so.3.50 or over i will take it.
Bonney is not taking calls; Numis (as advisor), unlike Whitman and N+1 did not update their research note (it may be concluded it's on their restricted list); the trading update was very careful to give a profit forecast under the Takeover Code; Ed was kicked out (no notice period); FD brought in with a specific purpose; 2 geriatrics as CEO/CFO are not here to build a business by acquisitions; no new NEDs added; Board of 3 amigos only; clue in RNS re "consolidation activity". I guarantee they are in advanced stages of talks on a sale; in between times the algo trading patterns are identical to those before Lombard announced their last stake increase being managed the mm taking stock on its balance sheet with all the small sells to create the liquidity for the Lombard large purchases...watch this space....
On Aim for 11 years indeed Digi, so the greedy techie fuckers could collect fat paychecks and inflection bullshit investors. Even when we had around a $1B valuation SC and ML thought AIM was a better place vs US listing due to costs, which was total bullshit of course. Singer is not responsible for the gross incompetence from the cunts that came before him. The reason how he was able to take control here is because Singer convinced major holders they were/are incompetent inflection bullshitting cunts. We now have a new team at R1 and imo it's too early to tell. November outlook should reveal Singer's true agenda. A downbeat or 'in line' statement on things would point towards a cheap takeover. A slightly better than expected and positive outlook set of results should point towards a strong next year. All imo of course.
We had a ready made listing when yume and Singer came knocking....imho he’s not only short changed us with a reverse takeover he’s shafted yume holders without spending a penny of his own cash..... There is an reason we are being kept in the sewer!
Gordon, come in? Surely with them being a US company in all but exchange listing they can move across? More so since Yume took over 1r imo via a reverse takeover.
November it will be barky.....I like the sound of a sting,I hope it’s not us that gets stung old friend..... Keeping the pressure on by regurgitating everything I’ve seen since the takeover....
Quantum Corp was doing rather better till the dream team invaded the boardroom......this is one of the last statements from the board before Singer took over..... Their stock bobs along at 5yr lows Although we are open to VIEX having meaningful representation on our board, we do not believe it would be in the best interests of Quantum and its stockholders or consistent with the board's fiduciary duty to allow VIEX — which owns 11 per cent of the company's shares — to control our board and to dictate our business strategy without paying a proper premium to all remaining stockholders. Basically the quantum boss was saying fkk off hedgie this smells like a takeover and it’s not in the interest of our shareholders......latterly proved right after 2yrs of nothing only a share price decline
While everyone winds themselves up, the facts are these. Brokers were guided that their full year ebitda forecasts were still on track but revenue was lighter hence broker updates post trading announcement means management remain comfortable with full year market forecast. If they weren’t they would need to say. Equally they have been very careful not to reiterate management expections of full year forecasts in the end. Why? Very simple. To do so means they wouldhave made a profit forecast which has implications under the takeover code. To my earlier comment about the subtlety of their consolidation comment this makes it clear as mud to me that a sale Would be exoected in the next 6 months hence the caution about saying anything which could cause issues eg a profit forecast needs to be fully reported on by accountants under the Code.
I accept that was the reason.But we now know in light of the TU that the figures produced to support the takeover with indicative outcomes were in fact utter bollox.Were the respective BoDs aware of this if so why prepare them or is it that there is a genuine shortfall from the anticipated projected combined entity.Which seems the most likely?Knowingly publishing utter bolloxOrA shirtfall in anticipated turnover?
Any takeover would be at multiples of current share price. R1 is ridiculously cheap.
It is bizarre. They have missed their initial forecasts by a country mile and still the idiots think R1 is performing. As for the press and analysts if they were any good they would have made their millions investing instead of getting paid to write trashy inaccurate articles. So cost cutting is the new way forward. Good luck with that although I note that YuMe has slashed costs prior to the takeover with little impact on the bottom line. They are going to slash it again? This is all smoke and mirrors and will end badly. Short to zero.
Not everyone needs to post well written, in depth analysis to understand business and finances... Just because some of us choose to... I mentioned the house prices are going to crash by 40%, qxl are worth £300, pace takeover at 500p.. all years before they actually happened...
Sikh. Football I do not know about re QXL however we both know a big player in QXL that was into BLNX now RTHM. I do not identify for obvious reasons. Re similarities between RTHM and QXL. Both were fundamentally highly geared plays in that they were (are) both highly geared to coming good. In QXLs case it was a matter of resolution of the Polish question, the theft originally causing the price depression. However the coming good was also a matter of change of investor sentiment ultimately resulting in the takeover. Allegro was and I believe still is the largest internet auctioneer in Poland. Basically Ebay is nowhere in Poland. I do not follow Naspers but it is still going profitably inspite of the somewhat hostile business environment is SA. GLA
POSSIBLY TAKEOVER JKX Oil & Gas PLC Notification of major holdings 14/08/2018 12:21pm UK Regulatory (RNS & others) Resulting situation on the date on which threshold was crossed or reached 19.97% N/A 19.97% 171,723,145 ------------------ ---------------------- ---------------- -------------------- Position of previous notification (if applicable) 10.00% N/A 10.00% ------------------ ---------------------- ---------------- --------------------
Mike Lynch and Suranga will have to take the witness stand here, and be cross examined. Perhaps HP should be invited to register their interest in this case, and join the proceedings, after all they bought the IDOL technology with the takeover of Autonomy. But of course Blinkx/1R do have a lot of form even since the Professor’s blog, and they have misled the market on many occasions. Remember the infamous ‘inflection point’, the analyst projections of monster revenues and profits (was this ‘research’ paid for by the company?), the absurd F-4 projections submitted to the SEC. My own favourite is the repeated assertions of massive growth on the RhythmMax platform which has now evaporated. My belief has always been that they were simply transferring their own revenue streams across from the old system. The list goes on and on.
Just to cover myself I think a cheap takeover of a tenner is possible but very disappointing......
Evening Jarvis,all I can say is at least I won’t have laid down when the paltry offer comes in.....i laid out the evidence of the viex past activity.....I’m still looking for something I can hold up to say Singer is our knight in shining armour.....it’s not very fruitful at the moment.....all I have is his Trojan horse takeover of R1 and a bucket full of reasons why we are shrouded in a veil of lost profits and promises....get us the feck off aim,drop this baby stateside on the main market and let’s get Singers promises legitimised.......all my opinion of course.... Either way there’s a crust in it for a takeout but 10bagger?....I think a sat lotto win is more likely......
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