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EVR Evraz Plc

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Last Updated: 01:00:00
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Share Name Share Symbol Market Type Share ISIN Share Description
Evraz Plc LSE:EVR London Ordinary Share GB00B71N6K86 ORD USD0.05
  Price Change % Change Share Price Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  0.00 0.00% 82.68 - 0.00 01:00:00
Industry Sector Turnover Profit EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap
Bitmns Coal Undergrnd Mining 14.16B 3.03B 2.0799 0.40 1.21B
Evraz Plc is listed in the Bitmns Coal Undergrnd Mining sector of the London Stock Exchange with ticker EVR. The last closing price for Evraz was 82.68p. Over the last year, Evraz shares have traded in a share price range of 0.00p to 0.00p.

Evraz currently has 1,458,689,712 shares in issue. The market capitalisation of Evraz is £1.21 billion. Evraz has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 0.40.

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Anyone voting?
Share trading: I am focusing more on buying out the institutional holders right now, but still offer best terms for individual investors who want to get real money for Evraz plc shares. I have just received from Evraz the certificates for the 4th of December 2023 deals, so if you sell to someone else who promises to pay you upon transfer – get ready to wait for 4 months and then may be get the transfer declined by the bank. I pay 100% on the day of the deal. My price is 0.8 gbp per share, more if you have a lot of shares. Contact me at chinaadr2021 at . Minimum amount 8000 shares, you have to be sane and sober. I have bought 15 people so far.

Evraz news:

ESO list first edition is out. ESO-ing means that Russian assets get torn away from the UK Plc under the mandatory 470 law. FIVE X5 – Russian top retail chain with 25 000 stores - another company I bought a lot is in this ESO list, I am very happy. Evraz PLC is not in this first addition of ESO list, but I have invested a lot of my own money into the idea that it will be eventually ESOed, so I put my money where my mouth is. The Russian Gov had claimed in 2023 that there would be one list of companies to ESO, so I thought it would include all the companies, but the Rus Gov decided to start with 6 first companies and then add others like Evraz. I have no idea when the second part of the ESO list will be out.

Raspadskaya coal company – the key subsidiary of Evraz and value generator - has released 2023 results. The results are ok, but the cashflow is bad. If you add the numbers starting with the Evraz 1st half of 2022 net debt of 3,5 bln dollars and calculate the debt on 31/12/2023 you can see that there is still a lot of debt. My estimate is 2,5 USD bln in debt on Evraz PLC combined. The main reason is that some huge customers of Evraz are not paying for the metal/coal send to them. This leads to Evraz essentially sponsoring some “unknown”; (wink) Buyers. It is a common practice in Russia to do this if you don’t want to show the money.

This debt situation leads to variants for Evraz PLC fate:

1. Oligarchs manage to persuade the west to abandon sanctions and unfreeze everything before the ESO process hits. I think that it is almost impossible since there is no time left.

2. ESOing. Foreign shareholders lose almost everything if they don’t have a Russian wife/entity, oligarchs regain Rus assets.

3. Evraz PLC does what Polymetal and Yandex did – i.e. sells all Rus assets for debt plus a tiny amount of money to repay some Eurobonds debt. For me and you this is super bad, shares are a zero.

4. Russian GOV seizes all Evraz Rus assets for zero. There is a huge wage of nationalization right now in Russia as the war gains steam, so this can happen, but lets hope that oligarchs do nothing stupid.

andrey aaa
Sorry, 5.063k shares. Some are held in non isa and the remainder in ISA A/C
Can you buy back about 4k shares?
1. The list of economically significant organizations to be forcefully moved back to Russia under 470 law still has not been released. The main reason for this in my opinion is the Yandex situation. Yandex is the “Russian Google” wannabe so it is a very complicated and politicized matter. You can read this story in depth on Forbes dot ru in Russian only. The Yandex deal has moved to 1q2024 so the list which should include all the companies has moved also.

I still think that for Evraz and for FIVE_X5 the destiny of going back to Russia and abandoning the Evraz PLC is inevitable. Right now Evraz PLC even can’t have an office in UK, they rent a essentially PO Box to receive mail. Think about it.

470FZ law from august2023 is about taking the assets from foreign companies like Evraz PLC and giving them to a new Russian based company. I think they have changed the law a little bit in late Dec2023, but anyways for foreign shareholders it means being frozen in Russia until the sanctions are lifted that is than Putin leaves that is 2042. If you are ready to wait - great. Ending the war is not lifting the sanctions unfortunately(

2. Since the open antiRussian hate in the telegram groups which claim to be Evraz plc share oriented we have created our own group Evraz 2024 sane people only. You can post your bids and offers in it if you want to buy or sell the shares. The only thing that we won’t tolerate is calling Russian people derogatory terms and words which in the previous groups to me was common. You should respect people despite different views on the share price and always be ready to tell the same thing in person as you say to someone online.

3. Since the deadline has moved to I don’t know when I can buy some more shares at $1 or 0,8 GBP. Minimum amount of shares is 8000, you MUST have a paper certificate and be sane and cooperative. I am the only person buying them and actually finishing the deals. 12 people sold and got the money in December2023 alone so I am not so anxious to buy more, but since I have all the infrastructure in place we can discuss. Write me here or in the telegram group Evraz 2024 sane people only.

4. Common questions – why you buy if the stock is a zero? I live in Russia, I HOPE to get the shares in the new Russian based Evraz company although it is not certain. Are you real? Yes, I am. Can you pay me a lot more per share? No, there are a lot of risks involved for me in the process. I am mostly looking for sellers with 100 000++ shares, may go a little higher for them. North America and EU assets? 10 years no profit, 2022 only profit, I value them at below Evraz PLC debt. Dividends/buyback on the Evraz PLC? The major shareholders are sanctioned to death, it is super-stupid to think they will pay YOU and freeze the money due to sanctions for themselves, they are smart people.

andrey aaa
Farrugia I have a few JEMA which holds a good amount of RUSSIAN equities valued at zero in the accounts net assets 49p and share price £1.32 but over £5+ of Russian equites .
i live in Russia, if peace comes and sanctions are lifted before 2042 I will benefit from my Rus assets, so i don't need to "hedge" that outcome. Who wants to sell - hit me up in direct messages. Minimum 8000 shares, paper certificate a must.
andrey aaa
how do you hedge against a cease of hostilities? I know of Caspian Sunrise - what else could you buy that would benefit from a cessation of the war?
i am thinking about a second round of buying Evraz plc shares. Same price 1 usd (0.8 GB pound). 11 people sold last time in December 2023, 300 000 shares in total, I know how to do it from A to Z. Minimum 8000 shares, you have to be sane and cooperative. You also have to have a paper certificate on hand.
andrey aaa
My telegram account is @slavikyes. If anyone interested to sell please contact me
The moment any Russian assets held abroad are sold by the West is the moment the U.S dollar ceases to be the world's reserve currency.
Just post him your certificate, he'll send you the cash via his First Republic account :0)
That's a much better price than Andrey offered.
Hey everyone, as Andrey here i would like to buy Evraz shares because i have russian passport and maybe can obtain shares of russian Evraz, but it's not certain because in many cases shares bought in foreign infrastructure freezed. So i can provide you price up to 1,5 USD for share certificate.

If you have share certificates and willing to get back at least part of your invested money please contact me. We have the same problem in foreign shares which freezed and maybe will be seized.

It does not and the quicker they seize and sell Russian assets the better. Kick Putin where it hurts and hopefully then the population will come to their senses
No, but other countries hold Western assets. It establishes a precedent that they can be seized; even if nothing happens immediately, assets held abroad suddenly become much less secure. It applies to business assets as well as central bank funds.
I call it Ukraine's compensation money
Zangdook, the west has Rus money frozen, but Rus does not have any of the west money
andrey aaa
I can't get through the paywall to read that article, but I find it hard to believe the West would do that, because the obvious result would be US and NATO assets seized and given to Libya, Iraq, Serbia etc etc, and then the world order as we know it would break down.

But it's probably a mistake to underestimate the stupidity of the Western political class.

Weekly update on Evraz plc situation:

1. There is an article in the Financial Times today that “G7 moves closer to seizing Russian assets for Ukraine”

As you probably understand that means that Russia in return moves closer to seizing all western property in Russia, i.e. Evraz PLC Russian assets. As one seller told me – the rift between the countries is getting wider with no sign of easing. Putin also said in his press-conference that the war will be till the end no matter what. Sanctions on North Korea, Siria, Cuba, Iran, USSR all lasted for decades and in some cases for more than 50 years. Putin stays in power until at least 2042.

2. I still value Evraz NA assets at 1 bln maximum (no free cash flow and losses for many-many years except 2022 – see previous weekly update for numbers), that does not cover the debt on Evraz PLC (1,5-3 bln USD depending how much money is debt within Russia).

So as soon as I get the Russian part of the assets under the 470 Rus law that takes the Russian assets from Evraz PLC (90% of all plc assets) and gives it to Rus citizens like me I will be selling my several hundred thousand Evraz PLC shares at 1 USD (0,8 pounds). Since there are no buyers, this will be the price for years to come.

3. Putin has told in his June 2023 speech that the “returning home” of the Rus companies abroad should be finished by the Rus Gov by 31/12/2023, so I plan to stop buying on 22th of December 2023. If you don’t want to lose your money you’d better hurry up. My main risk is missing the registry for the split to Rus and non-Rus assets so I need to close the deals before the deadline.

4. If you have a lot of shares – we can make a deal where you sell me the shares and can buy them back after I receive the Rus assets. I value Evraz plc at very low without Rus assets so I don’t need it afterwards. This way you get some money “dividend” from me and retain your shares with Evraz NA assets.

I still buy at $1 per share (minimum 8000 shares and you must have the paper certificate and be sane and cooperative), write me a direct message here

andrey aaa
Check your PM, I’ve spoken to Lloyds and they can get me a certificate, will take 3 weeks. I have 30k shares.
I don't have 8000 shares, and anyway I shall wait and see. If it really works out as you say I may as well donate my small holding to Russian charitable organisation that can get some money for them and help orphans or something. Of course the UK government would probably lock me up for an imaginary crime if I gave assets to a Russian entity...

As you can see I may not be quite sane either...but if you think this is a feasible route and you know of such organisations, let us know.

Thought to write on Monday, but have a little time now:

1. Putin has re-elected himself to be the president of Russia for 6 more years - you probably saw the news. This means the sanctions are here to stay for at least 6 more years. I personally think that he will rule till he is at least ninety, so 2042 is the time he realistically would step down and probably the sanctions gone. There are no elections so i don't see him gone earlier.

2. Ukraine ceasefire/peace options - if you think of any outcome they all continue the sanctions. Ukraine defeat = 100% sanctions, ceasefire = Russia retains new territories = sanctions, Russia's defeat would mean a 100% new attempt in 1-3 years so still sanctions.

3. Evraz has decided to pay for holders of the eurobonds IN RUSSIA it's 2024 700 mln usd eurobond payments. Foreign holders are still getting zero.

Payment is only with "хрk2;не 85;ие084; в рос;сиl1;ск 80;х деп;озl0;та 88;ия093;" i.e. within Russia. I always thought they have money in Russia, but the PLC is empty except for the Evraz NA assets, so I calculated them - see 4.

4. So I saw into Evraz North America reports to see “amazing”; results of the “amazing”; assets. They are even worse than I thought!

2014 last good year made 100-150 mln free cash flow

2015 minus 100-150 mln cash loss, survived because helped by the Russian assets

2016 minus 200 mln cash loss, survived because helped by the Russian assets

2017 minus 100 mln cash loss, survived because helped by the Russian assets

2018 minus 150 mln cash loss, survived because helped by the Russian assets

2019 minus 100 mln cash loss, survived because helped by the Russian assets

2020 minus 150 mln cash loss, survived because helped by the Russian assets

2021 50 mln cash PLUS! Makes some money!!!

2022 200 mln cash PLUS! Makes some money even after investment % and taxes!!!

So 10 years minus 450 mln USD negative cash flow. I still think that NA assets don’t cover the debt (3 bln USD of the last Evraz presentation) and existed only as an addition to Rus business that will be no longer there to help.

I still advise you all to read the asset stripping law to understand that there will be no dividends and no compensation until all the sanctions are lifted which is never (i.e. 2040s).

i still buy at $1 per share (minimum 8000 shares and you must have the paper certificate and be sane and cooperative), write me a direct message here or in telegram

andrey aaa
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