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Quadrise Fuels International LSE:QFI London Ordinary Share GB00B11DDB67 ORD 1P
  Price Change % Change Share Price Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  -0.025p -0.47% 5.35p 5.41p 5.69p 5.70p 5.30p 5.30p 1,868,228 16:12:35
Industry Sector Turnover (m) Profit (m) EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap (m)
Oil & Gas Producers 0.0 -4.9 -0.6 - 46.13

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Quadrise Fuels Daily Update: Quadrise Fuels International is listed in the Oil & Gas Producers sector of the London Stock Exchange with ticker QFI. The last closing price for Quadrise Fuels was 5.38p.
Quadrise Fuels International has a 4 week average price of 5p and a 12 week average price of 5p.
The 1 year high share price is 15.25p while the 1 year low share price is currently 5p.
There are currently 862,204,976 shares in issue and the average daily traded volume is 1,972,103 shares. The market capitalisation of Quadrise Fuels International is £45,696,863.73.
crippin24: maersk stabs pi,s inthe share price again.bouygate not continuing trial.scrubbergate .not using scrubbers.scrubbers have been a prerequisit of msar since the start .now maersk are not definetly going to use scrubbers.maersk not continuing trial share price crashes.maersk not going to use scrubbers maybe .share price crashes.if you posters can recall my other posts i definatly predicted that maersk would trump up any excuse to drop the share price{i thought it would be something engine related}i was wrong on the exact excuse .but the excuses are their.i also said maersk wanted control of qfi desperatly but as cheap as they can get it.can another report from maersk drop the share any we realy believe that maersk will use most expensive fuel while their competitors use cheap msar.all the delays problems with the marine side of this fuel are maersk related maersk are the worst parners in the world qfi could have found to test msar.oh i forgot maersk came to qfi and offered their serviced.{that has turned out well hasn,t it}.my advice to bod dump maersk like they are poison.{because they are}i would feel more confident in qfi if maersk were totaly out of the picture and not allowed to have anything to do with qfi in the future,i believe maersk is buying as many shares in qfi as they can for a cheap take over.maersk will ruin qfi at the cost to the shareholders.i hope i am wrong.just my opinion.
brookemia: They all have Tongers! strange that? another post from iii : Hi, I have held shares in QFI for over 3 years, believed it to be a "game changing" technology. I even purchased a few more shares yesterday thinking this "blip" would pass and the share price will rise in the near future. Not so sure today. I also thought the Maersk relationship was a strong positive in its eventual success. I am currently confused, as most on this board probably are. Now I am not sure where Maersk and QFI are heading. A few comments. 1 - Was the "Bouy" incident real or seen as an opportunity for Maersk to bail out of the project and re-assign the ship after "dry dock work"? (Am I to cynical??) 2 - Is the current situation the last time Maersk are involved with QFI? Do Maersk see it as a good time to cut the rope and sail into the sunset once they issue an interim LONO statement? 3 - Will the "continuation of the MSAR trial" ever see the light of day again? Is it something like"we will start again shortly" - never to start? 4 - Why would Maersk stop the trial after spending a few £million and running the 20 miles of the marathon to pull out with the finishing line in sight? 5 - Does this event show MSRA is not the technology breakthrough we all think it is? As I state, I am a longish term share holder and want QFI to do well but do not know enough of the sea going matters to have an informed opinion, I appreciate those more in the know commenting, ideally with a positive response, but an honest one.
brookemia: QFI share price dropping ? Why, I ask, has there not been a decision-in view of the accident and close proximity to end of LONO- to make an interim assessment and say Yes the LONO has worked. We are-subject to mis/interpretation-over 75% done, so whatever has happened, has happened and is irreversible! The question is, if it was favourable then why has Maersk not said anything as they would gain a commercial advantage, or at the very least get royalties as per the tri-partite agreement? If it was unfavourable, would not Maersk say so, put it to bed and move on? One would have opined that Akzo-Nobel have a say as well as QFI, is Maersk so powerful-in this agreement-that they can order a complete news blackout
tongosti: As long as you have non professional dreaming crowds you will always have companies taking the mickey out of their blind investor base. I guess they fully deserve one another. Sure, 1 company makes it among a 1000 ones. However, even for that lucky company the burden is on them to prove healthy skepticism wrong all along. Most people are totally ignorant of stock market history. If they were, they would see that there is no need to buy companies at their "idea stage". How ever, they do because they are a) blinded by greed and b) are deluded that they are much more clever than the market itself (does anyone with half brain think that if MSAR would be so close, institutional investors would not be around?!). Wait until firm commercial success is in sight and then jump in - is te lesson of history. Naturally, the price that would one pay for such a delayed purchase will be higher but the reward would still be a gigantic one (check out a long history from Motorola to Microsoft et al. how rewarding they have been had one invested after they emerged from their "idea" stage). Food for thought: if MSAR is indeed what unknowledgeable folks think it really is, then how about this as a roadmap:- Wait for Maersk to commit publicly to switch to MSAR- if so, I would expect share price to go up probably 3 to 5 times up overnight- still, not a big deal. Meaningful moves on the back of a revolutionary product hardly end up on day 1 (this is where knowledge of financial history pays off) but continue for several months (hint: once you see institutional money coming in, the share price can go as high as it sounds crazy right now to even envisage it). Moral: the "wise" of this board are the proverbial crowd taken for a huge ride because of their ignorance of the game. They play the game with odds firmly stacked against them (collapsing share price is evidence). If MSAR ever makes it (very low probability event in my view) I am CERTAIN I will still make boatloads of cash when I go long. That's because, I go long only when odds are firmly stacked in my favour. At the moment the reverse is true and anyone being long is truly gambling (as in taking blind risks in the hope things will fall into place commercially). Each to their own though. Finally, where is our boat these days - any clues?
tongosti: Deutsch3 - 07 Dec 2016 - 10:40 - 35310 of 35312 - 1My worry is that Maersk will be the first to know how successful the trials are ........then whoever they choose to share the information with...... then the Directors of QFI ....... probaly then the MMs.....and so on until the individual investors when they (QFI)choose to issue a notice of results - By then the share price will have gone through the roof or through the floor. ( or Maersk will have put in a bid) - This whole thing of trial and 'LONO' is rigged. there should be regular reports on progress for 'ALL' to see ( good, bad or indifferent)Too many people in the driving seat before the private investors! - not healthy!Not sure you are aware but if there is any significant piece of news which has yet to go public, you need not worry. The share price tips you off most often than not. Example: the share price has warned you for more than three years that QFI is a dog with fleas. If however you see QFI shootings to 25p tomorrow for no reason then you jump in and ask questions later. Easy peasy eh
brookemia: Numpty: don't know which contracts you are on about, but on the subject: Show me on public record that Maersk will guarantee to buy MSAR Did KSA have a written contract with QFI to install/commission/produce MSAR, if so what has happened? Why are they not urging QFI to ramp up the process. No one is disputing The LONO is underway, I mean, even you can see that QFI have over-promised, and under delivered. Senior people have left, is that the norm for great innovative ground-breaking technology. The markets dictate share price based on current knowledge, they are totally unimpressed. Obviously, you could always call them and tell them they have got it wrong, and to avail themselves of your investing strategy, I am sure once they do due diligence your phone will be red hot!and they will change the share price to at least £2 per share at a stroke. I suppose in your mind, the surges in share price were only caused by un-savvy get rich merchants, and not unfulfilled RNS's and updates. If that is the case, would you please advise us mere mortals when to buy and sell QFI in order that we might be as successful as you. Much obliged ! By the way most people on here are wise to PT Barnum and snake oil salesmen so don't bother to reply. Filtered for the sake of boredom, sanity and mankind!
argyll eagle: Brookies/Yodhaha's posts (read them in chronological order) a little one sided for someone purporting to "establish the truth" Pathetic schoolboy mentality. LOL Quadrise Fuels. Fuels for the future - QFI brookemia - 21 Apr 2016 - 21:57:19 - 32426 of 32429 Argyll Eagle Thank you for your reply, I shall invest in QFI, unsure about who my alter-ego is,but will defer to you as you are a self-proclaimed psychologist. Questions are asked to determine the truth and to separate fact and fiction, after all you have stated that one has to do one's own research and ergo, one needs to cut through the hyberbole expressed on both sides of the argument So to sum it up, QFI's problems have been caused by-in your words- by both naïve Directors and Investors. Have I got that right please ? One last question, are we to assume that-by your "The reality is that naive investors, who know little about investing and company appraisal, pile in and create a bubble"-you are a very skilled and successful investor (possibly unlike many other punters including myself). I would therefore welcome any advice from your good self as to timelines for share price increases in the immediate future so I might plan my strategy. Quadrise Fuels. Fuels for the future - QFI brookemia - 21 Apr 2016 - 19:49:12 - 32418 of 32429 kreature, you have pointed out the "calamitous" disparity in timelines issued by QFI, which are indisputable. How do QFI devotees answer these "FACTS" and what is their rationale please ? Quadrise Fuels. Fuels for the future - QFI brookemia - 21 Apr 2016 - 19:22:10 - 32416 of 32429 pcjoe, I am simply trying to sort out the wheat from the chaff, Brian has been accused of being a Heretic and worse, and seemingly one of his "disciples" as you refer to him-is reluctant to answer my simple question, to restore balance. For clarity Argyll Eagle: 1. Did you get hoodwinked along with others by Brian? and were you complicit in encouraging others because of this subterfuge 2. Is he still part of The Forum, and if so, does he post? 3. Is there any truth in the fact that he has made his killing and done a Lord Lucan ? Quadrise Fuels. Fuels for the future - QFI brookemia - 21 Apr 2016 - 16:39:18 - 32410 of 32429 AE, read your post 32374 thank you, but you did not answer my question, specifically-did Brian, hoodwink a number of you, make a pile and vanish? or is he still on "The Forum", which would rather negate the post about him hyping it up and scarpering! Please be candid as candid in your reply, as others have been Quadrise Fuels. Fuels for the future - QFI brookemia - 21 Apr 2016 - 13:26:27 - 32395 of 32429 lots of angst here, some desperate people, maybe overspent on QFI? Argyll Eagle, you have not answered my question regarding Brian (Bryan). Did he hoodwink you and others, make a mint and disappear, or is he still active please? Quadrise Fuels. Fuels for the future - QFI brookemia - 21 Apr 2016 - 08:32:38 - 32387 of 32429 Argyll Eagle, thank you for your reply and it appears that there could be mileage in QFI, however it has fallen from its dizzy heights, you must agree. Is there any truth in the statement that Brian Bryan hoodwinked you and others on the Forum and cashed in his chips when he had made enough, and is he still on the forum please ? Quadrise Fuels. Fuels for the future - QFI brookemia - 20 Apr 2016 - 22:05:42 - 32372 of 32429 TradeYodha, just read the interesting history behind Brian, who allegedly hyped QFI up, made a fortune and disappeared ? Argyll Eagle, is any of this true please ? Quadrise Fuels. Fuels for the future - QFI brookemia - 20 Apr 2016 - 20:12:15 - 32366 of 32429 Argyll Eagle, as you are obviously an advocate of The Quadrise Forum, do you have any stated position on there please ? Also, if that forum is so worthy of your like-why do you post on here please ? Quadrise Fuels. Fuels for the future - QFI brookemia - 20 Apr 2016 - 15:17:28 - 32345 of 32429 For serious QFI insight and discussion many shareholders now use a moderated forum which can be reached through the link below. Http:// Is this serious or a wind-up please ? Quadrise Fuels. Fuels for the future - QFI brookemia - 20 Apr 2016 - 11:53:37 - 32335 of 32429 Trade Yodha Your "correlations" do seem to-in the main-track the price of oil, well spotted. If Argyll Eagle is a psychologist then it is no wonder the lunatics are running the asylum.he is very disparaging, and obviously does not accept contrarian views. He must be of the anti-democracy school of analysts and counsellors
tradeyodha: On that OIL correlation study, I think few people did not get it as expected. Let me clarify. It does not follow the ratio of the price they are suggesting. It is more about sentiment. While oil price has been going down, the whole sector including oil related projects, services, projects, jobs almost everything has been getting hit. Hence the investor sentiment has been going down too reflecting in QFI share price. Simple rule, whatever happens in a sector affects companies in it. Few sustain the pressure and survive while others perish. That is why every business keep their eye on their sector all the time. They are aware of it. Again, I did this study to show the sentiment of investors and its affects on QFI share price and its market capitalisation. QFI also admitted this: hTtp://
tradeyodha: What a retard! Does not even know which Oil price to check :-) "Imbécile spécial" And for QFI Share price, read today's trades. They are being manipulated for a bigger player to get out again. Sorry I forgot you can not read. You are Retired errr! retarded.
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