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Creator Oranjdeboom Created 12 Nov 2011 Posts 98 Last Post 1 year ago
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New thread, long overdue, and in anticipation of the New Year that should see Angel propelled to new heights. I welcome all those interested in Angel and in their arena of research, and trust you will engage and debate in a manner befitting the standards expected of shareholders and traders alike. However, I wont entertain any posters that try and cause disruption or try to hinder the progress the company will make over the coming weeks and months.

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Upcoming News Over The Next Month Or Three: ( Maybe not in order )

1. MRHA approval and certification of Cramlington Site
2. Angel & Materia Medica Finalise JV Agreement
3. Angel Comment On RENE good news.
4. New Contracts Announced ( Not with US based Company)
5. Contracts announced with US Major
6. January Update that exceeds many expectations
7. Grand Opening of Cramlington
8. Flood of Contracts announced in succession propelling Angel to new heights.
9. New Major Shareholder Announced

I am of the opine that by March 2012 Angels sp. would have at last breached the 1p mark, and rather than getting there on the all to familiar spike, would actually have attained it's new found level by an influx of serious investment augmenting the BODs endeavours over the last few years.

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