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ADVFN User Opinions

The following table reflects the top 50 opinions of ADVFN users in the last month (since 24 Mar 2024). Only one vote is counted per user, per stock, but you may alter your vote however many times you wish.

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 SymbolNamePriceVotesVote ResultVote Now 
Skipton 12e7% To BBchart SKIP Skipton 12e7% 190.25 5
Buy Skipton 12e7%Hold Skipton 12e7%Sell Skipton 12e7%
Tr.4 1/8%il 30 To BBchart T30I Tr.4 1/8%il 30 341.11 3
Buy Tr.4 1/8%il 30Hold Tr.4 1/8%il 30Sell Tr.4 1/8%il 30
Newcastle 10t% To BBchart NBSP Newcastle 10t% 149.25 2
Buy Newcastle 10t%Hold Newcastle 10t%Sell Newcastle 10t%
Coventry Bs12e% To BBchart CVBP Coventry Bs12e% 183.75 2
Buy Coventry Bs12e%Hold Coventry Bs12e%Sell Coventry Bs12e%
Tesco 5.50%33 To BBchart 31CM Tesco 5.50%33 104.5 1
Buy Tesco 5.50%33Hold Tesco 5.50%33Sell Tesco 5.50%33
Wt Dax 3x S� To BBchart 3SDE Wt Dax 3x S� 41.0 1
Buy Wt Dax 3x S�Hold Wt Dax 3x S�Sell Wt Dax 3x S�
Ish India Gbp A To BBchart IIND Ish India Gbp A 7.3845 1
Buy Ish India Gbp AHold Ish India Gbp ASell Ish India Gbp A
Wt Ftse100 3x S To BBchart 3UKS Wt Ftse100 3x S 277.5 1
Buy Wt Ftse100 3x SHold Wt Ftse100 3x SSell Wt Ftse100 3x S
Vaneck Smh To BBchart SMGB Vaneck Smh 30.5825 1
Buy Vaneck SmhHold Vaneck SmhSell Vaneck Smh
Upland Resources Limited To BBchart UPL Upland Resources Limited 4.2 1
Buy Upland Resources LimitedHold Upland Resources LimitedSell Upland Resources Limited
1% Tr 24 To BBchart TG24 1% Tr 24 99.925 1
Buy 1% Tr 24Hold 1% Tr 24Sell 1% Tr 24
Users who voted mostNum
Most voted marketsNum
London Stock Exchange19
Precious Metal10
Dow Jones Indices10
Australian Stock Exchange8
New York Stock Exchange5
TSX Venture Exchange4
American Stock Exchange2
NASDAQ Indices1
Most Voted Stocks Num
Dow Jones Industrial AverageDJI10
Gold Ounce vs United States DollarPM10
Skipton 12e7%L5
Brent OilCCOM4
Diversified Energy Company PLCNY3
Tr.4 1/8%il 30L3
Newcastle 10t%L2
Coventry Bs12e%L2
Tethys Petroleum LimitedTX1