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Azeez Mustapha

I want to learn Forex but there are hindrances

22 Oct 2014 @ 23:56
“When you’re in love with a market, it shows…in your trading account.” – Old Trader It’s no longer news that Forex markets are full of opportunities. Sure, there are challenges, but once you learn what it takes to overcome those challenges and become consistently successful, then the opportunities in the markets would bring you rewards. Why do some people feel...

Emed Mining Shares Gain Strength

22 Oct 2014 @ 08:35
Emed Mining shares (LSE:EMED) have gained strength as a result of buying pressure in the market. When we look at our chart in order to determine a bias, we see a bullish bias as the price makes higher highs and lower lows. The market moves because someone is interested in a higher price or a lower price. We study charts in attempts to discover a promising candidate like this. The historical...

Tethys Petroleum Continues Its Downtrend

22 Oct 2014 @ 08:24
Tethys Petroleum stock (LSE: TPL) has long been in a downtrend and this is supposed to continue. This downtrend has been going on for most part of this year, while rallies proffer short-selling opportunities. We do not want to be fooled by the noises in the market. Rather, we want to look at the Big Picture. On Tethys, the Big Picture is a weakness in the market. 4 EMAs are used for this...

Gold Becomes Bullish, and Silver to Follow Suit

21 Oct 2014 @ 02:19
GOLD (XAUUSD) Dominant Bias: Bullish As it was expected, the trend on Gold has turned bullish – with a Bullish Confirmation Pattern in the market. The recent bearish bias drove the price as low as the demand level at 1183.00. That demand level was tested vigorously before further downward plunge was rejected, and since then, the price has moved upwards vigorously, rejecting bearish pulls along...

Daily analysis of major pairs for October 20, 2014

20 Oct 2014 @ 00:12
The EUR/USD has finally succeeded in going bullish. This has left a Bullish Confirmation Pattern in the chart, and the price is much more likely to go further upwards towards the resistance line at 1.2900. EUR/USD: The situation on the Greenback was the major determinant of the overall market directions last week. The EUR/USD has finally succeeded in going bullish. This has left a Bullish...

Weekly Trading Forecasts on Major Pairs (October 20 - 24, 2014)

18 Oct 2014 @ 11:08
Here’s the market outlook for the week: EURUSD Dominant bias: Bullish The major determinant of the direction of the EUR/USD (including most other USD pairs) is the USD itself. As a result of the weakness in the USD, the EUR/USD pair has been able to sustain its bullish attempts, which have been going on for about two weeks. There is now a Bullish Confirmation Pattern in the chart, and the...

An Opportunity to Sell Emerges on Leni Gas

16 Oct 2014 @ 12:22
There is now an opportunity to go short in Leni Gas market (LSE:LGO). Although the market has been going upwards for the most past of this year, the recent bias has turned bearish and has rendered the dominant bullish bias invalid. In the chart, the ADX period 14 is still essentially above the level 30, which means there is still momentum in the market. The DM- has almost crossed the DM+ to...

JQW Stock Shall Plunge Towards the Demand Level at 30.00

16 Oct 2014 @ 12:14
JQW stock (LSE:JQW) shall plunge towards the demand level at 30.00 within the next several weeks or months. This is very likely because the dominant bias has been bearish since the beginning of July 2014. Now, there is a clean rally attempt in the market, which gives another opportunity to go short at a better price. The price is generally below the EMA 21 and the Williams’ % Range period 20 –...

Michael Marcus: A Mentor to Trading Geniuses

15 Oct 2014 @ 22:16
LEARN FROM THE GENERALS OF THE MARKETS – PART 53 “You need to get comfortable with losing money, or you will never make money.” – Chris Tate Michael Marcus is a professional trader. He went to Johns Hopkins and studied Psychology at Clark University. He started speculating on the markets in the year 1972. His first trade was successful, though that might be out of pure...

Trading Signals on CAD Pairs (October 15 – 29, 2014)

15 Oct 2014 @ 07:17
AUDCAD = Buy USDCAD = Buy EURCAD = Buy CADJPY = Sell CADCHF = Sell GBPCAD = Buy NZDCAD = Buy NB: Every trade could be entered with a stop loss of 100 pips and a take profit of 200 pips. Only 0.5% is risked per trade. With an account balance of $20,000, a position size of 0.1 would be used. The breakeven stop is set after about 70-pip profit is made. A trailing stop of 100 pips is set after...
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