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Would You Bet on Plus500?

03 Apr 2014 @ 15:41
Contract for Difference (CFD) provider Plus500 (LSE:PLUS) watched its share price reach a record high of 683.75 yesterday following release of its Q1 2014 results. The company, which I call, “the legalized gambling alternative to investing directly in the stock market,” achieved at 207% revenue growth in the first quarter of 2014 over the same period in 2013. That was an income...

SEE's Vision Is to Be the Eyes of the CAT

16 Dec 2013 @ 16:27
Seeing Machines (LSE:SEE) made a mark today with a 16.7% increase in its share price. Every so often we need to take time to look at some of the smaller companies on the London exchange like Seeing Machines.  Afterall, these are the ones where a lot of money can be made once the company reaches a tipping point where the demand for it services shifts into high gear. Seeing Machines is a...

Petards Soars Whilst FTSE Slides

13 Nov 2013 @ 15:16
On a day when the FTSE 100 has slid more than 100 points, AIM-listed Petards Group (LSE:PEG) share price has soared by over 110%, rising 12.75 pence to 24.25, and there is no guessing or speculation as to why.  Petards announce today that they have been awarded a £7 million contract by the Ministry of Defense.  Under terms of the contract, Petards will “replace the RAF’s entire...

Grocers Drag FTSE to Three-Month Low

02 Oct 2013 @ 15:18
UK grocers Sainsbury (LSE:SBRY) and Tesco (LSE:TSCO) published their interim results this morning.  The overall news for Sainsbury was not so bad; for Tesco, not so much.  Nonetheless, the share price of both grocery chains placed a burden on the FTSE from which has spent the day trying to recover. Follow a good report, Sainsbury shares have fallen by 4.9 pence (1.26%) to 385.3 whilst Tesco...

A Little Company in Leeds Leads Gainers

30 Jul 2013 @ 14:04
International Personal Finance plc (LSE:IPF), may not make a lot of headlines, so that may “leed” some snootier investors to ignore the company based in Leeds.  Interestingly enough, IPF is one of the “leeders” on the London Stock Exchange today.  Its share price is the ninth “leeding” gainer by percentage and the seventh “leeding” by actual...

Fastjet Story Still Fascinating

26 Jul 2013 @ 15:40
A long time ago, in a land far away (the U.S.), I learned that a company’s worth is not strictly quantitative.  Sometimes it is about “The Story.”  You see, vision is not something that can be quantified.  The numbers only tell you where you are on the road to reaching your vision.  Without a vision, there is no story.  And without a story, there is nothing to tell. I...

What Do a Candy Store & an IPTV Company Have in Common?

15 Jul 2013 @ 13:43
That’s a very good question.  What do a retail candy store chain and an IPTV company have in common?  At first glance, it would appear that the answer is “nothing”.  May I suggest that on this date, 15 July 2013, they both prove that what they teach in art appreciation courses is true.  That is, “Don’t stand too close.  You have to back away from the picture to...

Active Risk Share Price Up More Than 50%

11 Jul 2013 @ 15:15
You’ve got to like Active Risk (LSE:ARI) as an investment.  People liked it so much today that its share price grew by more than 50% on trading of only 1.076% of its outstanding shares following the announcement of its impending acquisition by Sword Aquila Ltd.  By early afternoon the share price had risen 11.5 pence to 34.00. You’ve got to like this acquisition for several...

Carpetright Still Recovering

25 Jun 2013 @ 15:48
It’s a game of good news / bad news for Carpetright (LSE:CPR) shareholders this morning.  But investors have responded positively today, pushing the share price up 13.0 pence (2.15% ) to 618.50 upon release of the company’s full-year results ending 27 April. Reading the report, one senses that Neil Page, Finance Director, and Darren Shapland, CEO,  struggled to find some good news...

FastJet Cleared for Takeoff

14 Jun 2013 @ 15:30
I can’t help but bring up the subject of FastJet (LSE:FJET) again.  As I have said before, it may not have the highest share price out there – not by a long shot – but this may be the best time to buy in.  Today, for the second time in a week, FastJet was the volume leader on the London exchange at 237,216,754, more than 2.5 times than Lloyds (LSE:LLOY), which was second, and...
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