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LGO Energy - Overvalued and falling

26 Aug 2015 @ 12:56
The darling stock of the bulletin boards is (LSE:LGO) LGO Energy, but the transformational time for them is coming to an end. The share price is now way off highs last year of 6.95p (which gave the company a laughable market cap of over £200 million) and is now at 1.3p (a still overvalued £40m market cap). This is still grossly overvalued and will fall under 1p and stay there before the end of...

Clean Air Power – This is an Excellent Opportunity to Buy

04 Aug 2015 @ 08:23
Clean Air Power stock (LSE:CAP) now offers an excellent opportunity to buy, owing to the current price action and the situation surrounding the market. Astute buyers may not want to watch the stock as it recovers, garnering massive gains (like thousands of percentage in the months and years to come); they may also want to partake in the windfall that is yet to come in this market. 4 EMAs are...

Larry Hite: What Can You Learn from Him?

15 Jul 2015 @ 22:34
INSIGHTS INTO THE MINDSET OF SUPER TRADERS – Part 9 “The best strategy loses its effectiveness when you trade from a place of fear.” – Mercedes Oestermann van Essen Name: Lawrence D. Hite Nationality: American Profession: Funds manager, trading systems developer, philanthropist Career: Larry Hite is an award-winning funds manager who’s one of the forefathers of trading strategies. In...

Northcote – A Worthless Stock

14 Jul 2015 @ 09:32
Northcote stock (LSE:NCT) is virtually worthless as it continues to lose value, going towards zero. Although some bulls see this stock as a wonderful opportunity to go long at very cheap prices, the bears would continue to fight for supremacy, and this may cause a considerable amount of volatility. Speed + magnitude = volatility. Markets move randomly, and that is why they cannot be predicted...

Massive Sell-offs to Begin on San Leon Energy

14 Jul 2015 @ 09:21
There is a high possibility that massive sell-offs soon may begin on San Leon Energy shares (LSE:SLE), as indicated by the price action in the chart below. Chris Tate says there is a time to be in the market and there is time not to be in the market. Definitely for the bulls, this is not the time to be in this market. In March 2015, the price made some attempt to go upwards but the upward...

Stock picker seeks love investment on iHub bulletin boards

15 Jun 2015 @ 13:45
Marriage proposal made via stock discussion thread - Investors Hub (iHub), one of the most active financial forums in the world, is the catalyst for a merger between two stock market enthusiasts. Bruce from Washington state, who has been using the site for nearly 10 years and goes by the alias nonsequetor, made the proposal on a thread about Decision Diagnostics Corp (USOTC:DECN) – a...

PHE: the Underdog that Investors are Overlooking

29 May 2015 @ 19:45
PHE IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY, READ ON TO FIND OUT WHY I hereby declare that I am not invested in (LSE:PHE) nor do I intend to be within 48hours of this article being published. Right folks, you know the drill. We must always start at the beginning so here we gooooooo!! ha ha Lets go right back to the 4/10/2011 PHE has a 30% holding in Pyromex. Pyromex declare that they have received the first...

LGO and a 2000bopd question

28 May 2015 @ 19:31
A researched piece on the real reason why LGO is holding back production!! I hereby declare I am not invested in LGO nor do I intend to invest in LGO within the next 48 hours of this article being published. Hi, Today we are going to be looking at (LSE:LGO) and the 2000bopd Gourdron field threshold This story began in early 2011 when the company declared it intended to increase its portfolio...

Would You Bet on Plus500?

03 Apr 2014 @ 15:41
Contract for Difference (CFD) provider Plus500 (LSE:PLUS) watched its share price reach a record high of 683.75 yesterday following release of its Q1 2014 results. The company, which I call, “the legalized gambling alternative to investing directly in the stock market,” achieved at 207% revenue growth in the first quarter of 2014 over the same period in 2013. That was an income...

SEE's Vision Is to Be the Eyes of the CAT

16 Dec 2013 @ 16:27
Seeing Machines (LSE:SEE) made a mark today with a 16.7% increase in its share price. Every so often we need to take time to look at some of the smaller companies on the London exchange like Seeing Machines.  Afterall, these are the ones where a lot of money can be made once the company reaches a tipping point where the demand for it services shifts into high gear. Seeing Machines is a...
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