Share Name Share Symbol Market Type Share ISIN Share Description
Scancell Hldgs LSE:SCLP London Ordinary Share GB00B63D3314 ORD 0.1P
  Price Change % Change Share Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  -0.10p -0.70% 14.25p 177,456 12:04:07
Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price
14.00p 14.50p 14.35p 14.25p 14.35p
Industry Sector Turnover (m) Profit (m) EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap (m)
Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology 0.0 -4.5 -1.4 - 54.81

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24/5/201816:17Using immunology to fight cancer.15,811
20/5/201817:25Scancell short thread2
27/4/201813:57Could this be the end of cancer?758
16/8/201408:47Using immunology to fight cancer (LTH W/O Rose Tints - Free Speech Thread)161

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Scancell Hldgs Daily Update: Scancell Hldgs is listed in the Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology sector of the London Stock Exchange with ticker SCLP. The last closing price for Scancell Hldgs was 14.35p.
Scancell Hldgs has a 4 week average price of 11.75p and a 12 week average price of 11.50p.
The 1 year high share price is 19.25p while the 1 year low share price is currently 9.50p.
There are currently 384,611,936 shares in issue and the average daily traded volume is 236,841 shares. The market capitalisation of Scancell Hldgs is £54,807,200.88.
panama7: RH, the share price is consolidating at 14p, the share price was 34p when Goodfellow released his video, the BOD should have been ethically and morally obligated to keep the share price above that price. they have left those unfortunate Investors out of pocket for 5 years and counting and have shown by their words , actions and deeds they couldn't care less about their PI's.
panama7: RH, the problem is many other Investors have written the same type of list of events that will drive the share price forward every year for the last 5 years and also the BOD at every AGM and Presentation give a comprehensive list of drivers and nothing happens. It suits our BOD to have a depressed shareprice to fill their boots with cheap options and cheap fundraisings. they have shown no interest in raising the share price and in fact over the last 6 years have quite deliberately done the complete opposite.
gazza: Is selling a good thing? Inan, Try, if you can, to get your head round it, I will try and make it simple for you: When I did economics in nursery skool many years ago, we learned the funamental principle of price is determined by supply and demand. Plentiful supply and low demand would cause the price to fall. On the other hand, limited supply and high demand would cause the price to rise. Now here's the thing: What would happen if there was NO supply (ie, no sellers)? There would be no price, no trades happening that would cause the price to move either UP or DOWN. In the case of a share, if noone sold, noone could buy either and the share price would stagnate. This is what is meant by LIQUIDITY, it is not what happens in your head or should I say thou head? What WE need, as shareholders in SCLP is plenty of eager buyers whose apetite for shares is met by some sellers. In this scenario, the price may even go up.
inanaco: Poor old ONW ........ here is his £3 forecast """" IMAGINE ANY SUCH SALES WOULD BE LIMITED WITH THE RESIDUAL SALES BEING QUICKLY SNAPPED UP! ALL IN ALL I STAY RESOLUTELY BULLISH HERE, ALL THE WAY UP TO 300P/SHARE WHEN I'LL RECONSIDER. """"" SCLPHey all!19 Aug '12 Haven't seen a lot like this, tens of pages to catch up today's posts! Wow! So we think it's going north tomorrow? Sounds good to me! I think I'm lucky cos I bought my shares as a lock up and that's what they are! Very happy with the move so far and hope for a great deal more IDC. Have NO IDEA where they close tomorrow (I hate to say it) but it could conceivably be level or a bit lower! or higher I just don't know. One thing I do know is that I'll not be giving (sorry selling) my shares away at this level! I want to qualify for any new share offering (and I'd happily proprtionately subscribe for any new company) with the expertise of the existing researchers who make up the SCLP team! The only reason tere's a new company mooted is to allow the EXISTING trials to be completed and then (if appropriate) to sell off the proven product and allow others the opportunity to develop and market. as I understand it the new (unexpected discovery) will likely be a new stand alone company, hence the discussions with shareholders, as the discovery is Scancell's but needs to be segmented and ringfenced from those exisiting. So we possibly have two bites at the cherry, and nothing has changed the position re SClB1 where the share price was moving up in anticipation of news re report due between now and End October this year! I await any info from company re new discovery and existing shareholder entitlements IDC and as a result of the new unexpected potential research I WOULD THEN BE HAPPY TO COMMIT FURTHER FUNDS! Bear in mind I've ALWAYS said I had a self imposed upper limit to investment here, because of the last RNS I will probably put more in which suggests to me we will see Massive new investment over the coming days/weeks. In that situation I cannot see how the existing stock of share in issue can be anythiing but bid up with the limiter being any new issued capital from the latest RNS. Maybe that will create some limited sales of existing shares (To fund any new shares on offer to existing holders) but I IMAGINE ANY SUCH SALES WOULD BE LIMITED WITH THE RESIDUAL SALES BEING QUICKLY SNAPPED UP! ALL IN ALL I STAY RESOLUTELY BULLISH HERE, ALL THE WAY UP TO 300P/SHARE WHEN I'LL RECONSIDER. Otherwise I'm still a lockup holder! All of this is qualified by the usual DYOR and everything is IMHO. GLA and lets see in the morning! Oh if I have to guess tomorrow Mine's 73.5p but I stress GUESS!! (or maybe hope???)LOL Great Board this ATM!!! Inanaco has the last laugh ONW ...
tosh 123: Ineptico.... I stand by both of those posts... I'm really not sure what point you're trying to prove... are you going mad or something ? Scancell is all about potential, otherwise there would be no need for any further trials, or any further funding, as we would be generating revenue and paying a dividend ! Which bit of that most basic of business principle don't you get ? The market ( which is currently what determines the share price ) is well aware of THE RISKS ( as are the BOD ) hence the share price is where its at.. simple ! It is all about risk vs reward, as it is with EVERY investment... and the BOD are , by their own admission, trying to reduce the risk, and thereby, encourage an increase in the share price... Contrary to your now " proven to be totally wrong " posts that there is no risk.
fragma: ONW, What an odd post. "relentless share price predictions " serioulsy. The only relentless share price predictions are made by the relentlessly negative posters. you hardly see any share price ramping going on in this share. You're invested in VAL, why no such comments on the complete and utter unfounded uber ramps going on over there ?
tosh123: And with that one post you merely reiterate your complete and utter lack of any understanding what so ever.... You Buffoon ! Firstly Phase III trials, have not only been financed, but they have been completed... Sentiment ? I think not, its down to the FACT that IMM have done exactly what they promised they would do, and completed Phase III. Secondly, as well as completing Phase III trials ( which could not have had any major side effects otherwise the trial would have been stopped ), They have also announced that the recipients of the drug, and indeed the trial coordinators, have asked to EXTEND the treatment for another 6 months.... Sentiment ? I think not, its down to the fact that the trial has apparently been a success. The fact that over the last few years, IMM has gradually mitigated risk is exactly why the share price has risen nearly 400%, not sentiment.... Sentiment is driven by risk, the more comfortable people are that their risks are being reduced, the more the share price increases, the two are directly proportional. rHatton... Unfortunately i think you're right. I would venture that any funding will now be south of the current SP, which is clearly a real kick in the teeth for existing shareholders, especially those who continue to try and support the current levels, by buying more. There is now a real risk that shareholders will be diluted out of existence. Clearly, what we all hope for is someone with deep pockets and credibility to ride over the hillside and provide full financial support, for the next 3 years, however, bearing in mind that the " data room " has been seen by numerous candidates for funding, i think this scenario is becoming more and more unlikely. As i have said before, i will continue to hold " just in case " as if this does make it through the next few years, the potential remains meteoric, but lets not kid ourselves, this is now a longer term investment than it was perceived to be many years ago. I agree that the IP has somewhat increased with the evolution of Modi, but that has not, nor will it, be reflected in the share price until the OBVIOUS RISKS have been mitigated. All the while we have idiots ramping £6 / share, and claiming zero risk etc, he will be the laughing stock of the BB.
oldnotwise: R Hatton Actually there was an IMPLIED (not specific) "target" of having an event which would provide "cash to spend". This was (IMO) what the market latched onto and was linked with the manifold suggestions that funding was the crucial factor in the short term share price horizon. Thus the "target" I refer to was simply the market's view that there would be a CASH PROVIDING announcement between October 2017 and 10th January 2018. Since that event hasn't happened, that's why I said that I hope it's been delayed rather than not fulfilled. Anyway, you say there was no target, BUT you then state, "I believe there was hope from the board that recent developments would have given the share price a boost." That's PRECISELY the sort of "target" to which I refer.... RG set the share price up with that comment, and let's be honest, it's not the first time that's happened. IMO his statement was rather too specific, because I have sympathy for the view that says he was referring to the CRUK and BioNtech linkups.... but as you say ther's little to do now but sit and wait. ATB
drdobson1: ONW-Personally thought what a great post. I have been thinking along same lines re Inanaco.Is he a lot cleverer than I have given him credit for. Create the impression of being a long term holder but all the time is he has been trading SCLP-probably only revealed when his ego could not cope with the beating it was taking from the declining share price and he thought I have to be seen as a much better investor/trader than the ASTUTE. On the VAL board he was called a shorter and that he and C7 were part of a boiler room crew.Well I thought that a load of nonsense but perhaps he is a secret trader as you say that stock is a lot more volatile than here. Good traders are often perceived as being devious and only out for themselves and he certainly fits that bill By portraying himself as a self taught science guru he has sought to distract from his game plan which is to destroy investor sentiment and cause maximum bulletin board disharmony. He probably wants to get the SCLP share price to fall so he can buy and trade in fact he may not have much of a holding at all. He is as cunning as a cartload of monkeys and slippery as an eel and has me totally fooled or am I being too kind t9 him. Anyway all have a happy new year
inanaco: ""if you make a statement that i cannot reason against then your statement becomes the lead policy which i then support "" yes because most of the intense discussion are on the science that impact IP value """There are plenty. Here's just one: share price down from 60p to 12p. Isn't that a negative? I make it negative 48p."""" That's sentiment has the science stood still in all that time, ? ""the Shareprice is not relevant as all i am trying to show is it's cheap relative to the IP.<<br /> Two fatal flaws in one sentence: 1) How on earth can you say the share price isn't relevant??!! It is very relevant if you have invested and need to sell.""" You have now added a third party ie somebody that needs to sell, that is not my position. """It is relevant to how easy it is for SCLP to raise new funds and at what price those funds are raised and therefore relevant to the amount of dilution of our investment.""" Very true, But like you have done, you can then look at the shares in issue and assess the likely outcome of capital growth based on the resultant influx of cash and how the science develops from that Dilution so has a result on both sides of the equation Ie A bigger increase in capital growth than was forecast without that expenditure. """ all i am trying to show is it's cheap relative to the IP.<<br /> Well you haven't! """ I have but maybe you have not understood the years of comparing and understanding of the science of others with wildforce allowed us to pretty well place Scancell into the market place and place reasoned value to the IP """" lozan/Tosh, Mr W cannot explain why the IP has a lower value to the share price <<br /> The IP has a lower value to the SP? Are you saying the IP is not worth 12p? """ actually the buying of the share by Loz at 47p and selling at 53p would indicate Loz buying at the level was cheap and selling at 53p produced a true value event. to then argue its only worth 12p with that evidence would be difficult ... but Loz would have to show comparative value to the IP .. being 12p .. which i suspect would be impossible """not a point worth discussing as No conclusion will be ever drawn from it as its not linked to IP only market sentiment on any particular day ...<<br /> You have a point, why worry about a share price of 12.3 when it could easily be 12.5 tomorrow."" I am not worried about the share price, i already feel the value way exceeds this level, and indeed the Board of Scancell accept that, hence they want to raise the big amounts not based on share price but IP .. however they will always have the fall back position of market priced cash raising which again is Not Ip priced cash raising like a deal """thus all the posts can be dismissed as not relevant, <<br /> In YOUR opinion, which here does not command a very high level of respect"""" then show me posts that you feel are of High Value that i have missed, like i said I debate for my own investment position ..I defend Scancell because I am invested not because your invested,
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