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Purecircle Limited LSE:PURE London Ordinary Share BMG7300G1096 ORD USD0.10 (DI)
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  0.00 0.0% 99.50 99.40 99.60 - 0.00 01:00:00
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Food Producers 99.2 5.7 3.8 27.5 184

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Hi, just looked in after today's RNS, and have an obvious question. The market cap. is about £270 million, and sales are just under £10 million. I suppose that sales are supposed to ramp up quickly, but even so isn't there a some discrepancy here? Can someone explain? Thanks. On a forward PE ratio of about 24, there already seems to be quite a bit of optimism built into the price. But it's a difficult one to value, as all fast-growing companies are. On what basis do HansonWesthouse arrive at a target of 430p?
Been watching this sice recent highs. Todays full page buy tip in the I.C. made me dive in at last.
200 products launched with stevia world wide. should show some buying interest once peoplr realise its potential , its safety and taste
i went on the atkins diet and my raised blood pressure went back to normal, in fact to that of a young 18 year old fit man and i am nearly 60.(110/70) this ties in with sugar and or frutose causing hypertension.atkins mearly gives a one liner in his book stating blood pressure returns to normal but gave no explanation. he would have been pleased to see this research on fructose.. the fact that Firmenich have formulated the product is brilliant as they are well known and respected in the food formulation world. as more food producers take note the uptake will increase as new products are formulated to exclude sugar.
HansonWesthouse bullish on PureCircle after market breakthrough company news image HansonWesthouse retained a "buy" recommendation for Malaysia based manufacturer of natural sweeteners PureCircle (LSE: PURE) following what the broker called a breakthrough in the market and widening of its global footprint following the launch of a number of new Reb-A sweetened food and beverage products over the past 2 weeks. The developments highlighted in the report included the formulation of ingredients using Reb-A as a replacement for sugar in vanilla ice cream and lemon sorbet by Danish food ingredients company Danisco and PureCircle's partner Firmenich, which recreated the sweetness and flavour performance of sugar by combining RebA with its own ModulaSense technology. HansonWesthouse called it a major breakthrough for the application for RebA in the food industry, noting that the ice cream industry consumed over 2 million tonnes of sugar annually, thus creating a huge potential market for Reb-A. Reb-A was also used in New Zealand based beverage producer Frucor's Revive Supplement Water, which was launched last week. The water is similar to SoBe LifeWater producer by PepsiCo, which has strong links with Frucor, New Zealand's second largest non-alcoholic drinks company with sales in excess of €210 million. On the same day, PepsiCo announced the launch of Aquafina Plus Vitamins 10 Cal, which is sweetened with Pepsi-s PureVia branded Reb-A. HansonWesthouse said it was particularly encouraged by these announcements, which demonstrated the penetration of Reb-A in markets outside of the US. HansonWesthouse set the target price for PureCircle's stock at 431 pence, more than double its current price of 206.5 pence.
anyone got a copy of that recent Hanson Westhouse report please ? Leoboy .
HansonWesthouse set the target price for PureCircle's stock at 431 pence, more than double its current price of 206.5 pence. angusf27.... I particularly liked that bit of the article
16:00 Daily express article on sweeteners today(front page) MILLIONS of Britons are risking high blood pressure by consuming snacks that contain a common sweetener, a study has revealed. Fructose is found in many everyday products, including bread, cereals, cakes, sweets and soft drinks. Now researchers have found that even a small amount of the sweetener – equivalent to two-and-a-half sugary drinks a day – can increase the risk of high blood pressure by almost 90 per cent. The study is one of the first to find a strong link between fructose and high blood pressure – also known as hypertension. In the UK, 16 million people suffer from high blood pressure but around one in three are not aware they have it, which is why it is often known as the "silent killer". It can trigger strokes, heart attacks, heart failure and kidney disease. There is also evidence it can lead to vascular dementia. Although obesity is known to cause high blood pressure, experts have so far only identified salt as an ingredient that directly leads to hypertension. Until now, the link between sugary foods and high blood pressure has been unclear. But US scientists at the University of Colorado found that soaring rates of hypertension over the past two decades exactly match the huge rise in consumption of fructose. The team found there had been a 30 per cent rise in the amount of fructose consumed by Americans in the last 20 years and a 400 per cent rise over the last century. They tested 4,528 men and women aged over 18 who had no history of high blood pressure. Dr Diana Jalal, who led the study, found that consuming more than 74 grams of fructose a day dramatically increased the risk of hypertension. This intake increased the risk of suffering very high blood pressure by 87 per cent, moderately high blood pressure by 36 per cent and slightly raised blood pressure by 28 per cent. The team believes this rise occurred regardless of how obese participants were or how many calories they consumed. The paper concluded that: "These results indicate that high fructose intake in the form of added sugars is significantly and independently associated with higher blood pressure levels in the US adult population with no previous history of hypertension." Fructose is a simple sugar found in the fruit and other parts of plants and also in honey. It is much sweeter than sucrose, which comes in the form of cane sugar. It has often been viewed as a "healthy" alternative to cane sugar because it is lower on the Glycaemic Index scale, and is therefore recommended to some diabetics. But in many cases fructose is added to another sugar called glucose, to create an ingredient called High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) that is used as a cheap sweetener for foods. The number of foods in which HFCS is added include breakfast cereals, soft drinks, cakes, ice creams and some yoghurts. Although fructose is also found in fresh fruits, it is not thought to be dangerous in this form because antioxidants and other compounds block the harmful effects. Blood pressure charities last night said the research provided further evidence of the importance of following a healthy diet in the battle to lower blood pressure. Sue Massey, deputy executive director of UK charity the Blood Pressure Association, said: "This piece of research further highlights the link between an unhealthy diet and high blood pressure. "Of course, added sugar isn't the only culprit. That is why we believe the best way to prevent high blood pressure is to try to indulge your sweet tooth only occasionally and focus on having an overall balanced diet, with plenty of fruit and vegetables." The authors of the latest research said that additional studies were needed to see if low fructose diets could normalise blood pressure and prevent the development of hypertension. The paper is being presented at the American Society of Nephrology's 42nd Annual Meeting and Scientific Exposition in San Diego, California.
Sleveen, Yes maybe, I guess they are just trying to raise awareness as much as possible and highlight potential markets etc... I develop and redevelop food products for major brands and retailers, personally I don't like to shout to much about the products until I see they are a commercial success.
foodcritic IMHO yes given the overly negative slant on future Reb A product launches in the AR. It shows that there is substantial sales potential in the ice cream sector at least. I'm expecting more good news in the AGM announcement
Is that really worthy of an RNS?
RNS Number : 6394B PureCircle Limited 30 October 2009  PureCircle in conjunction with Firmenich and Danisco announce stevia formulated ingredients now viable for multi-billion global ice cream market PureCircle (LSE: PURE), the world's leading producer of Natural High Intensity Sweeteners, including Reb A, is pleased to announce that Danisco, along with its collaboration partner Firmenich, have successfully formulated ingredients using stevia as a sucrose replacement, initially in vanilla and lemon sorbet ice cream, opening up new opportunities for the natural zero-calorie sweetener. Firmenich recreated the sweetness and flavour performance of full-sugar products by combining PureCircle produced Reb A with its own ModulaSense technologies. These modulate flavour and taste, and include sweetness and 'mouthfeel' enhancers as well as masking flavours to maximise the taste profile of stevia. Danisco contributed its experience of using optimal combinations of bulking agents, alternative sweeteners and emulsifier/stabiliser systems to ensure the consistency of the ice cream. Sugar replacement requires a complete product reformulation to restore the texture, structure, taste and flavour properties of ice cream, the companies said, adding: "Sweetness is also an essential sensory factor influencing the flavour perception and profile - for example, the balance between sweetness, acidity and flavour is a key success factor for sorbets," PureCircle Director Sales & Marketing, Peter Milsted, said: "Ice cream is a major new market for stevia. The roll-out of products containing stevia is accelerating, driven by consumer demands for full taste with lower calories and natural ingredients. Ice cream on average contains over 20 per cent sugar and the industry consumes over two million tonnes of sugar annually. This breakthrough technical development by world class formulators Firmenich and Danisco allows stevia to be supplied on global scale to a major new application area".
Good news for PURE bit I do have a concern about the size of the market in NZ. Not sure if this news will move the share price until it is rolled out more widely. :)
RNS Number : 5531B PureCircle Limited 29 October 2009 PureCircle announces the launch in New Zealand by Frucor of Revive Supplement Water, sweetened naturally with PureCircle's Reb A PureCircle (LSE: PURE), the world's leading producer of Natural High Intensity Sweeteners, including Reb A, is pleased to announce the launch in New Zealand by Frucor of Revive Supplement Water, the country's first low-calorie vitamin-enhanced beverage to feature a pure Stevia all-natural sweetener. The Revive Supplement Water is sweetened naturally by PureCircle's high purity Reb A. PureCircle VP Sales Asia Pacific, Chris Hession, said: 'Revive' is the latest extension to the Supplement Water range from Frucor Beverages in New Zealand. We are delighted to be associated with Frucor in this important launch for the category which further underlines the growing support for Stevia by major Food and Beverage manufacturers in Asia Pacific"
RNS Number : 1217B PureCircle Limited 21 October 2009 PureCircle and PepsiCo to receive Scientific Excellence Award for developing zero calorie SoBe Lifewater
gonna say - they are about 4 days behind google on new launches etc
Strange RNS is so late compared to the press? Guess they are just trying to raise awareness.
The results report sounded very cautious about new products launches and now this RNS appears to be stating that more product launches are to be expected soon. Will the share price rebound....probably.
PureCircle Limited ('PureCircle' or 'the Company') PureCircle announces PepsiCo's continuing expansion of stevia-sweetened beverages with launches in Canada PureCircle (LSE: PURE), the world's leading producer of Natural High Intensity Sweeteners, including Reb A, is pleased to announce that PepsiCo has continued the much anticipated international rollout of stevia sweetened products with the launch in Canada of Aquafina Plus Vitamins 10 Cal, the country's first low-calorie vitamin-enhanced water to feature a pure Stevia extract all-natural sweetener. The water contains PureVia, PureCircle's high purity Reb A natural sweetener. "We are extremely proud to be the first and only nationally available beverage in the country to feature PureVia as a zero calorie, natural sweetener," said Stacy Reichert, President, PepsiCo Beverages Canada. "Consumers have long anticipated a zero calorie natural sweetener and are seeking healthier beverage choices. Our hydration portfolio, including Aquafina Plus+(R) vitamin-enhanced water, has seen explosive growth in Canada, and the Aquafina Plus Vitamins 10 Cal brand is going to further that leadership position". Aquafina Plus Vitamins 10 Cal beverages are available in three unique flavours - Black and Blue Berry, Acai Fruit Punch, and Tropical Cherimoya. Peter Milsted, PureCircle Executive Sales and Marketing Director said: "Consumer acceptance of stevia sweetening in purchasing behaviour is making it easier for global brands to lead the way. Canada is a very important market for PepsiCo and PureCircle and the coming months will see many mainstream product launches. Tabletop has already achieved record levels of penetration in the US since regulatory approval and global rollout is on schedule. We expect more launch announcements to follow in major markets".
Mentioned in this weeks IC. Nothing new bu pretty positive.
interestingly the RNS states what I posted above on the 10th October but is now no longer on the news section of the PURE website
seems as though we have all lost our sweet tooth
Taken from the PURE website latest news tab: United States and Paraguay Governments Sign Landmark Investment Agreement for Stevia Development In recognition of the significant commercial and social development opportunities that stevia cultivation and extraction offer regional development, Paraguay Vende, the economic growth program of the Government Agency of the United States for International Development (USAID) in conjunction with the government of Paraguay, have signed a cooperation and mutual investment agreement with global stevia firm PureCircle, to promote the cultivation of stevia in the south of Paraguay. The technical assistance of the Economic Service Center South Corridor of Paraguay Vende to the company PureCircle South America SA begins with a diagnosis and a business plan, and focuses on assisting in the formation of production basins of Ka'a he'e (Stevia) in the Department of Itapua. To this end, the South Corridor seeks to contract and assume the costs of specialized advisers and consultants. PureCircle Corporate VP of Supply Chain Dorn Wenninger said: "This is a very significant development for the Reb A and stevia industries. The decision by USAID and the government of Paraguay to select and invest with PureCircle, illustrates the enormous commercial opportunities and socio economic benefits that stevia cultivation is bringing to South America. This is a very proud and significant day for stevia in the region." The signing of the agreement was be attended by the Governor of Itapúa Mr. John Afara and the Secretary of Production and Regional Development Ing. Lucio Cañete. Representing PureCircle South America S.A. Mr. Fernando Gonzalez, and in representation of Paraguay Vende, Reinaldo Penner.
Hi folks - I abandoned PURE when Evil started to short. A) he has been known to be right and B) why fight the marauding crowd. The results were excellent but it's all in the price (as spotted by Mr Evil). It is all summed up by saying that the pieces of the puzzle are all in place, now we wait to find out how big the market really is. There is much scope for disappointment. I wait for the price to appear better value, either by higher sales or lower price. S
Does any one know when and where the AGM is
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