Professor Glen Arnold

My latest book has been released - The Deals of Warren Buffett, Volume 3

02 Dec 2021 @ 10:19
Those of you who have been reading my newsletters for a couple of years will already be familiar with the stories of investment triumph and disaster in the third volume in the series of books on Buffett’s deals – those newsletters are still available to you. However, for anyone who might want a book version, […]

How the amateur investor can win

02 Dec 2021 @ 09:56
The amateur investor is free from any list of rules that make life so difficult for the professionals and he is able to buy into small and medium-sized firms offering the greatest percentage gains, rather than diversify into poorly understood shares. He/she need only own a few shares; which permits time to understand an industry […]

Why buy out-of-favour stocks?

05 Oct 2021 @ 10:45
Recovery shares and others that are currently out-of-favor will produce the best returns because buying them is the opposite of going along with the herd. The stock market takes things to extremes.  Your job, as an investor, is to take advantage these excesses. By spending time looking for recovery shares you are forced to go […]

Anthony Bolton – what value investors can learn from him

04 Oct 2021 @ 11:48
                    Anthony Bolton is widely acknowledged to be the greatest British investor of his generation. Peter Lynch, the leading American investor, described him as one of the best investors on earth.  He was a contrarian-value investor, who searched for out-of-favor, under-researched shares with potential that others […]

Investors need Social, Economic and Political Awareness

29 Sep 2021 @ 10:52
Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, John Templeton and all the other great investors spend(t) a great deal of time trying to understand the social, economic and political dynamics of countries around the world. These must be considered by investors when estimating future earnings and the risk attached to those earnings – bargains cannot be identified without […]

Investor principle: Diversification

28 Sep 2021 @ 11:39
Warren Buffett says that you should be diversified, but not to “mediocrity”. To lower risk it is essential to split your fund between at least five companies and possibly as many as 20, or 25 if you are full-time professional investor. Beyond that you are diversifying outside of your best ideas, the true bargains. Also, […]

Investor principle: Do your own research

24 Sep 2021 @ 11:53
It is important that you do your own research, that you investigate before investing.  Understanding what makes a company successful is vital. How does the business work? What is its performance over time and how does that compare with competitors? What stimulates sales activity?  What pressures might prevent a growth in sales? In answering these […]

Investor rule: Take a longer view

23 Sep 2021 @ 08:14
One of the greatest ever investors, John Templeton generally focused on what a company could earn two to five years down the line. Warren Buffett intends to hold most of his portfolio constituents “forever”. On the other hand, the great majority of share traders look to the short term – what is going to happen […]

Words of wisdom for investors

22 Sep 2021 @ 11:39
Rule: Buy when others are selling and sell when others are buying One of John Templeton’s most famous mottos is ‘to buy when others are despondently selling and to sell when others are avidly buying’.  Such a policy requires a great deal of fortitude but it pays the greatest ultimate reward. Another is to ‘buy […]

How to Bargain Hunt for shares – advice from John Templeton

21 Sep 2021 @ 11:38
First rule: Don’t follow the crowd: John Templeton developed a knack for looking at investments in a different way to other investors, whether in a different country, with a different time horizon, using a different valuation method, or with a different level of optimism or pessimism. He would say that share picking is the only activity […]
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