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The Top Seven Swing Trading Strategies for Maximum Profits and Minimal Risk

09 Jan 2023 @ 06:09
Plans for Swing Trading If you are fed up with the stress and uncertainties that are associated with day trading, and are in search of another quick way to make profits other than investing? Then swing trading may be the right trading strategy for you. In this article, we’ll disclose seven tested and trusted swing […]

Vauld Resorts to Fund Managers as Nexo Withdraws from a Prospective Deal

26 Dec 2022 @ 21:49
QUICK TAKE: Vauld and Nexo fail to conclude on terms of the agreement for a pending deal. Lack of transparency was identified as one of the reasons for the futile talks. Across the board, several Crypto firms are entering into partnerships as a means of remaining afloat. While some have recorded a measure of success, […]

The Upcoming Hundred Million-Dollar NFT Investors

26 Dec 2022 @ 12:48
As non-fungible tokens decline by a whopping 97% from their highs, one may think that the frenzy surrounding this group of digital assets is over. However, if one sees electronic collectibles as long-term investments, this is a good buying opportunity. One should think of non-fungible tokens as collecting foreign investments such as uncommon wines and […]

What is Solana (SOL)?

19 Dec 2022 @ 10:08
The blockchain concise is about Solana, this Blockchain is energy efficient, low cost, and fast. This blockchain as well powers dApps globally.  SOL Defined This is a blockchain platform that uses proof of history tech to increase speed without jeopardizing security. Solana blockchain has become the fastest blockchain there is, through the help of its […]

Boohoo Group Plc price: BOO is where it is not supposed to be

05 Nov 2022 @ 11:05
Boohoo Group Plc shares (LSE:BOO) are currently where they are not supposed to be. The price still showcases bearishness, instead of bullishness. For most past of this year, the market has trended downwards, generally. There were occasional rallies along the way, but they were followed by further bearish movements. 4 EMA as used for this […]

The Meaning of Margin Call

18 Oct 2022 @ 20:15
A margin account can be used for trading cryptocurrency, forex and stocks. This type of account affords investors the power to leverage a higher amount of money which they use to enter a much larger trade for purpose of getting higher profit. Trading on a margin account is like borrowing money from one’s broker to […]

What If I Sent Some Crypto To Scammers?

18 Oct 2022 @ 08:29
“Illusions are something pleasant. The disadvantage is that they tend to burst like a bubble.” – Wolfgang Kurz There are many Internet fraudsters and scammers out there whose primary aim is to turn you into a dupe. They will do everything possible to convince you that their claims are genuine. This includes fake websites and/or fake […]

3 Emotions Pro Traders Have Mastered

18 Oct 2022 @ 08:11
Successful traders may differ in their trading strategy, but they do have one thing in common. Pro traders have learned to manage key emotions that affect their results. Here’s how you can do the same. Finding and properly following a proven trading strategy is one of the most important steps to becoming a successful stock […]

Is BTC (Bitcoin) Worthless?

10 Oct 2022 @ 06:48
For more than 10 years critics were unable to understand how BTC can be of value in reality. If you are pissed off hearing this from people around you discussing this, then this article will supply you with information about how BTC was adopted. BTC Is Good Cash One of the usual ways of underrating […]

A Few Days After Celsius CEO Resigned, Joint Founder as Well Follows Suit

06 Oct 2022 @ 14:09
The CEO of Celsius Alex Mashinky resigned from his post. However he is still the director of the company, the reason he gave was that the resignation was needed to help him commit more effort towards providing a way to rescue the company from its present financial state. Also, another Celsius executive Daniel Leon (joint […]
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