Trading Psychology

More Than 30 Billion Dollar Worth of NFTs Traded on the Ethereum Platform Are Wash Trading

07 Feb 2023 @ 00:30
According to recent research carried out by Dune Analytics, nearly half of the total NFTs traded on the Ethereum network are accounted for as wash trading. Wash trading is an illegal and manipulative way of trading that involves investors buying and selling the same particular financial instrument for the purpose of creating the illusion of […]

Liquid Staking Or Locked-up Staking

01 Feb 2023 @ 10:08
This is yet another chance to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Given that it earns interest, staking your cryptocurrency is comparable to opening a savings or deposit account in a conventional banking system. You may make money off of your digital assets without even having to sell them by staking them. The introduction of proof-of-stake […]

Best Crypto Mining Pools in 2023

26 Dec 2022 @ 21:47
In a mining pool, everyone on the platform offers his or her computing resources, and the pool of computing power will be united and channelled towards the digital digging out of new bitcoins. The only way new Bitcoins are produced is through mining; Bitcoin is sustained by its miners. When miners are successful, harsh market […]

India’s Reserve Bank Advocates for a Total Prohibition of Cryptocurrencies

24 Dec 2022 @ 14:44
Indian Central Bank contemns the continual adoption of private digital currencies due to its volatile tendency on a global scale Considering the recent appalling events that hit FTX, the Reserve Bank of India, through its head, Shaktikanta Das is pushing for an end to the use of cryptocurrencies. His argument stems from the fact that […]

‘It Is Not Your Crypto if You Don’t Have Your Access Code'

21 Dec 2022 @ 20:56
The preceding statement is supported by the recent turbulence that rages across the crypto industry, affecting major exchange platforms. A very good example of a platform affected by the crisis is FTX. But what exactly is meant by the statement? The answer to this question, as well as the advantages of keeping a private key […]

Best Crypto Cold Storage Wallets

19 Dec 2022 @ 21:41
Secure storages for crypto undertakings are very important; therefore, in this article, we will be recommending and reviewing some of the top-rated and very useful cold storage wallets. This information should assist you in finding a cold wallet that is well-suited for you. But before unveiling the top crypto storage wallet, let us discuss the […]

Mining of Crypto on Microsoft Cloud Platform Now to Be by Approval

16 Dec 2022 @ 22:57
QUICK TAKE Microsoft ends its free online crypto mining services Sets new rule that posits that mining must be only by approval   Microsoft, a US tech conglomerate, will no longer allow cryptocurrency miners to operate freely on its Azure platform. This is the outcome of a new policy that indicates that moving forward, any […]

FTX Digital Markets Chief Implicates SBF, Others in Unwholesome Investors’ Funds Transfers

15 Dec 2022 @ 22:18
  Quick Take A key FTX official communicated with the Bahamas SC boss about the ongoing illegalities before the firm’s collapse. SBF and two others made moves that contravened governance rules.   The gamut of woes rocking the once-blossoming FTX continues as more revelations pour in. In a November 2022 disclosure by Ryan Salame, the […]

Binance Experiences Massive Withdrawals as Customers Are Disturbed by the Reserve Report

13 Dec 2022 @ 17:03
Within the last 24 hours, customers have made withdrawals of close to a billion dollars from the platform as they become concerned about the proof of its financial reserve report. According to the information gathered by a blockchain intelligence platform, Nansen, $902 million has left the platform in the past 24 hours. This is a […]

ByBit and Swyftx Succumb to the Crypto Crisis 

07 Dec 2022 @ 04:35
ByBit and Swyftx announces their intention to reduce their workforce as they could no longer cope with the crisis of the crypto winter. ByBit is a high-ranking crypto exchange platform based in Dubai. part of the measures that they considered to be taken to keep their business floating is the reduction of their workforce. In […]
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