Tips to Save on Car Running Costs

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Do you spend too much money on your vehicle? Owning a car can dent your wallet due to the way you use and maintain your car. Use the following tips to reduce the running and maintenance costs of your car.



Save Fuel

The major running costs of any car is the fuel costs. Small regular savings in fuel can save you more money in the long term. Reducing your fuel consumption is also good for our planet.

Firstly, avoid unnecessary trips. Do you drive in the same direction regularly for different purposes? Combining some of them can not only save you time. It can also save you fuel.

Secondly, it is not always a good idea to take the shortest route. You can burn more fuel on congested or bad roads. Sometimes the best option is to take a roundabout, but less congested route. Do not drive through crawling traffic. Taking a less congested route is a saner option. Reschedule your errands to dodge peak traffic.

Thirdly, use your air conditioning wisely. Air conditioning consumes too much fuel. Do not run your air conditioning when you do not need it.

Going on a long drive? If so, do not keep your windows open. Instead, use your air conditioning. Open windows at speeds of around 40km/h create wind resistance, which can increase the fuel consumption of your car.

Running your air conditioning a few minutes every week can help keep your a/c in good condition. So, run your air conditioning for a few minutes every week.

Keep the temperature setting at the coldest and the fan speed high until it reaches your desired temperature when using your a/c.

Adjust the temperature control to your desired level once the interior of your car is comfortable. And keep your fan speed low.

If you get into your car and the interior is very hot, open your windows for around half a minute. Opening the windows flushes out the hot air.


Car Insurance

Car insurance is a cost that needs to be considered. The amount you pay in premiums depends on the value of the vehicle you choose and your driving record. That said insurance can vary vastly. You will want to check that you are getting the best deal. Car insurance comparison will ensure that you are never paying more than you should.


Maintain the Right Tyre Pressure

Underinflated tyres increase tyre wear and rolling resistance, which decreases the fuel efficiency of your car.

Do not overinflate your tyres. Why? It increases the risk of tyre failure and leads to bumpy rides. Check the tyre pressure of your tyres once or more times every month. Check the tyre pressure even if you do not use your car regularly.

Do you use your car frequently? If so, then check the tyre pressure once a week.

Maintaining your tyre pressure at your manufacturer-recommended levels will help maintain tyre life, fuel efficiency, and comfort.


Do Periodic Checks

Change the Air Filter in Time

Your car engine uses an air filter to breathe. A clogged air filter reduces fuel efficiency, engine performance, and engine life. Inspect the air filter periodically. Change it when needed. Most routine services include air filter checks and replacements.


Maintain Engine Oil Quality and Levels

Engine oil lubricates your car engine. The engine gradually consumes the engine oil and the oil deteriorates with use. Therefore, check your engine oil once every month. If necessary, top it up. The manufacturer recommends a specific type of engine oil, so use that type of engine oil. A routine service usually includes engine oil checks, top-ups, and replacements.


Check the Levels of other Fluids

Your car not only uses engine oil. It also uses different fluids, such as windscreen washer fluid, gear oil, brake fluid, and coolant. Check the levels of these fluids once every month. If needed, top them up. Use fluids from reputable brands. Make sure the fluids are of the right specification.


Get Your Car Serviced In Time

It costs money to service your car. However, it is worth it. Taking your car for regular servicing at a reputable garage reduces your maintenance costs and maintains your car’s resale value. It also ensures your car is safe, comfortable, efficient, and reliable. A periodic service covers almost all the above checks.


Choose The Right Garage

Do not make the mistake of postponing your car service. Also, do not use the dealer garage at all times. Regular car service reduces your running costs and prevents expensive breakdowns. Choosing the right garage is important.

It is expensive to use dealer garages. That is why going to a specialist garage is the best option. A specialist garage provides convenient service options are better prices. And your service history and warranty will stay intact.

We are ready to help you find the best alternatives to the dealer garage. Give us a call today! We will ensure you get the best service at great prices.

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