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Versarien Plc LSE:VRS London Ordinary Share GB00B8YZTJ80 ORD 1P
  Price Change % Change Share Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  -1.10 -7.34% 13.89 576,143 16:35:10
Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price
13.02 14.48 14.02 13.92 14.00
Industry Sector Turnover (m) Profit (m) EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap (m)
Industrial Engineering 6.57 -8.07 -4.45 27
Last Trade Time Trade Type Trade Size Trade Price Currency
17:08:08 O 100,000 13.89 GBX

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Posted at 30/9/2022 17:42 by bbmsionlypostafter mk2
Into the 13s we go. Is someone organising a leaving do for the mavster? mavfav 3 Jun '22 - 15:49 - 136524 of 140660 0 7 0 Can we drop the SG element as somethings I agreed with and a lot I didn’t agree with him on. He was the past and is of no interest to the now. Fest this share isn’t about you despite what you think. You rightly said during the china talks that we had to ensure appropriate due diligence was made and it was. That is why we didn’t progress there. Now as stated previously if those that don’t hold shares eg Fest, Sloppy, BBM, Kemche etc are happy to take a gentleman’s agreement and agree to it now I will fulfil my obligations as stated below: If the share price goes sub 12p I will disappear from this board for good and before I will go I would post this was my last post and that you all were right. BBM would have this post saved for eternity as well Alternately if the share price breaches 27p you all do the right thing too but I don’t even need you to apologise or make a statement etc, you just slip away quietly. That seems pretty fair doesn’t it I know nooothing
Posted at 30/9/2022 09:10 by bbmsionlypostafter mk2
This Day In History 30.09.18 superg's thread graphite bot 30 Sep '18 - 13:28 - 37308 of 140753 0 2 0 There was talk yesterday on VRS private twitter group that if Chinese deal comes off Vrs could be suspended for a short while . I don’t think it will happen I believe share price will just open much higher . Any views on this. 20pc 30 Sep '18 - 13:52 - 37313 of 140753 0 14 0 Graphene bot, I guess that as we get closer to a deal there is the risk that people will get wind that something big is about to happen, in that case we may get a Trading suspended pending an announcement RNS. Having said that some would say that we have already had inexplicable share price rises and I am sure that some of the rise is in anticipation of a china deal. The big issue with VRS is that the shares are very tightly held by the well researched as to the possible effect that a china deal may have. The price could go wild for a while and if I was hovering in the background I wouldn't want to be in the queue when it happens. So other than a sharp rise prior to trigger the above mentioned RNS the only way is to let the market make the price, everyone has a price and some may conclude to de risk on the occasion. It is anyone's guess what will happen, but it will be a great day and even greater as new investors start to recognise that that announcement would have awoken a UK sleeping giant. sonsonnyjim 30 Sep '18 - 17:15 - 37316 of 140753 0 0 0 Just me or is Neill strongly hinting on twitter pcjoe 30 Sep '18 - 23:15 - 37336 of 140753 0 4 0 On the previous - It must be hard for Neil to appear on the same platform as some of the many Charlatans flogging snake oil at these events... Very good nature & the patience of a saint I wouldnt qualify unfortunately
Posted at 29/9/2022 17:28 by bbmsionlypostafter mk2
What happened to the VGap? Haven't heard from them in a while, or is it ever? Https:// Advisory Panel Versarien Plc (AIM: VRS), the advanced materials engineering group, is pleased to announce the formation of The Versarien Graphene Advisory Panel ("VGap"). The VGap will meet at least twice a year and will offer a platform to some of the world's leading authorities on graphene and related technology. It will focus on the dual agenda of scoping Versarien's current and future technologies, including GSCALE type applications, as well as wider graphene related topics. Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien, commented: " We are delighted to announce the formation of the Versarien Graphene Advisory Panel ("VGap") as part of our strategy to commercialise the many opportunities and applications we have whilst keeping abreast of future requirements. It will create a platform for the debate and advancement of graphene technology and its applications, enabling a firm foundation for the present and the future. The calibre of panel members is a testament to our commitment and to the shared ambition to cement our position in the graphene industry." This Day In History 29.09.20 superg's thread jointer13 29 Sep '20 - 07:15 - 110345 of 140725 0 24 0 very professional...doing it the right way. "strategy to commercialise the many opportunities and applications we have whilst keeping abreast of future requirements." "The calibre of panel members is a testament to our commitment and to the shared ambition to cement our position in the graphene industry." jointer13 29 Sep '20 - 07:17 - 110346 of 140725 0 15 0 versarien....looking way ahead. chillpill 29 Sep '20 - 07:42 - 110350 of 140725 0 15 0 Today’s rns just reinforces my view there are bigger things going on behind the scene that should be great in the medium term. rogerbridge 29 Sep '20 - 07:54 - 110352 of 140725 0 8 1 What excellent news for the future. Well done Neill. RogerTheGrouch 29 Sep '20 - 07:55 - 110354 of 140725 0 10 1 Brilliant news for holders. Yet more strength and prowess added to the team. Ferrari the real coup here although the others are great too. World class talent leading in the field. Delighted. petejay 29 Sep '20 - 08:15 - 110357 of 140725 0 13 0 The foundations have now been firmly laid What a great entry price for new shareholders and institutions Any guesses what the price could be once gcale has been commercialised I am a long term holder looking forward to an exciting future Moljen 29 Sep '20 - 10:06 - 110366 of 140725 0 10 3 Underwhelmed market response to todays NRN. Unexpected as does nothing to address revenue and cashflow & the market now sees through these bits of fluff hence why deemed a NRN. May have worked a few years ago (and did obviously) but this IMO is now in downward drift until a real RNS arrives between now and the year end. Obviously a real major sale and not another collaboration and whoosh up she'll go but conversely if it's more of the same and having to use the 15% from the AGM to provide working capital then way down in the 20's it'll be. Wonder if we'll end up with a Vox to try and build today's news up as all been a bit pointless so far phoenixs 29 Sep '20 - 10:08 - 110367 of 140725 0 16 4 I like most other investors am not happy with the share price Some may not like this but a few punters/PIs are responsible for this recent fall who buy and sell depending on what side of the bed they wake up on in the morning. They collectively create each others moods which have caused them to buy and sell on emotion and not according to the investment potential of VRS. They read and believe what the doomsayers write even though the comments are littered with lies and destructive innuendos. In my opinion, this is an ideal time to be buying. A non reg rns this morning saying "Vgap members currently include.......". That may suggest more to add in the future. As far as I am concerned there would be no reason to have such a group of people on an advisory board unless VRS is about to embark on commercialisation of their products with some very large international companies in the various countries which have been previously been mentioned. GSCALE has been announced for now and not for two years time. As and when the major deals are announced thse of us who have invested in the business will be the benficiaries and I seriously hope that the punters are all out of the stock because they have done nothing except moan and complain when the share price is not performing to their expectations. kemche 29 Sep '20 - 10:33 - 110370 of 140725 0 5 1 I have been asking for just such an advisory panel for a long time now as NR's limited time is too precious to be wading through not only 143,000 emails but also expecting him to attend to the "scoping Versarien's current and future technologies, including GSCALE type applications, as well as wider graphene related topics." It is now up to these eminent gentlemen to scope all current and future technologies and to generally discuss all wider graphene related topics. Twice a year. Including, but not limited to, masks and other things. Reading between the lines leads me to conclude that great things are afoot and much is going on behind the scenes that we are not privy to. But these esteemed gentlemen will know. rogerbridge 29 Sep '20 - 16:59 - 110378 of 140725 0 7 0 I agree phoenixs. Looks as though we have stabilised here, I may have a top up in the morning rogerbridge 29 Sep '20 - 19:47 - 110384 of 140725 0 20 1 An excellent podcast from Neill wit good explanation of where we are regarding Gscale. I am feeling very positive here and the share price woefully undervalues the company. hTTps:// kemche 29 Sep '20 - 20:32 - 110386 of 140725 0 9 1 "We are a speedboat and not a liner". Good old NR. Nice to see he has not lost his humour.
Posted at 28/9/2022 19:28 by bones698
Not seen a single ramper address the glaring problem of the cash position . March this year 3m in the bank with a cash burn of 5.2m says to me they are almost out of cash and nowhere near break even . All points to a big fund raise coming in single figures diluting current holders to a point they are unlikely to ever see a profit . Lots of need but no actual figures in them means that news is largely irrelevant because it can't be quantified . Only way to do so is look at the bottom line and for now and some time that will remain firmly in the red . Given the fact the company needs 13minths runway before the accounts will be signed off as a going concern they will be raising 5-10m imo at 5 to 10p if they are lucky and the share price doesn't continue to slide fast before they sort it . Issuing so many shares to an investment firm opens the door to shorting the stock and further price drops after the raise or at best keeps the share price fairly rooted at the placing price until they can show a profit or raise more cash again . I don't see any reason to invest here when I know I will be able to buy much cheaper in the coming months. Anyone holding will be on a big loss which is only likely to get worse . Some people can't see the wood for the trees even when it's pointed out to them Fireball utter rubbish the mid price wasn't 15.8. and see what price they quote you to sell in the morning . It won't be what you paid for them but shows the calibre of people buying shares here and their lack of any idea what they are doing.
Posted at 27/9/2022 10:22 by bbmsionlypostafter mk2
This Day In History 27.09.2019 - superg's thread flatcoat1 27 Sep '19 - 09:09 - 79504 of 125186 0 4 0 Of course huge deals are coming. I think i speak for most investors who believe huge deals are coming. Is just a question of when. Is up to the investor themselves to do their own research and decide if they are patient enough to hold. Who would be insane to invest in a company where you had no faith in them getting big orders in. jointer13 27 Sep '19 - 10:08 - 79514 of 125186 0 19 1 sg is a top honest guy...end of. rainbow23 27 Sep '19 - 10:25 - 79516 of 125186 0 7 0 Goodbye poundland(forever),hello pennyland. My prediction re share price following a non bigt agm is playing out exactly as expected. Never mind there'll be a huge order along shortly. Isn't that right Neill? A shorters dream this one. Never fails to provide. nellyb 27 Sep '19 - 10:49 - 79520 of 125186 0 11 1 rainbow - your subtle ways of trying to get nervous vrs investors to sell is noted, as the record of your posts are clear to see. hopefully, one day soon you will be held to account. Club Sandwich 27 Sep '19 - 13:16 - 79528 of 125192 0 6 4 the company - and its shareholders - aren't going to get rich off rocket nozzles, nor off earbuds neither (good though they are). we need significant orders for large applications - and such large orders are long overdue. Cheek212 27 Sep '19 - 15:40 - 79537 of 125192 0 21 3 I don’t care what people think but I’m going to say it anyway - I wouldn’t want to be out of this over the weekend!!! Big news about to drop IMO. Cheek212 27 Sep '19 - 16:08 - 79541 of 125192 0 10 1 Well I’ve just bought a few more and brought down my average nicely - thank you very much whoever is selling. Might just buy a few more in a minute if it drops again. Club Sandwich 27 Sep '19 - 16:18 - 79543 of 125192 0 5 5 Funny thing: 100 partnerships of various kinds, China, Korea, Japan, America etc etc etc - must be many hundreds or thousands of people who know about VRS and their deals, none of whom are buying. Not the HNWs neither. But y’all carry on snapping them up at these ‘bargain’; prices. News on Monday? That’ll be the day. There will *be* nothing because Ricketts *has* nothing. He’s a busted flush with zero credibility. rainbow23 27 Sep '19 - 16:51 - 79550 of 125192 0 4 0 AquaeSulis01 27 Sep '19 - 14:30 - 79533 of 79548 "That's the trouble with your dreams Rainbow, they're not real" Seems real enough today mate,as the predicted share price collapse gathers pace. 90p on Monday I reckon. 60p will follow later.
Posted at 23/9/2022 18:46 by bbmsionlypostafter mk2
This Day In History 23.09.2020 - superg's thread campbed 23 Sep '21 - 09:30 - 124898 of 140488 0 47 0 As a shareholder, I had been intending to attend today's AGM but unfortunately illness prevents that. I had wanted to ask the Chair of the Remuneration Committee, Prof Gray, to expand on their decision to award discretionary bonuses of £125,000 each to the CEO and CFO in the context of the Group reporting greatly increased statutory losses of £8.1m on much reduced revenues of £6.6m. It would also be interesting to learn how many staff were on furlough and what payments were received from the Government in year ending 31 March 2021 and since then. Another part of that context is that the Copper foam "revolutionary" (per the AIM listing document in 2013) technology has been written off as worthless and so is not presumably even saleable. None of this context detracts from the potential for Graphene but against this context the appropriateness of large discretionary bonuses in 2020/21 does look to be worthy of a question from shareholders. In my last post on this BB, #120,098 in April, I used the analogy of we shareholders being driven in a bus by VRS management to the promised land of graphene (as well as other 2D materials) commercialisation. I thought then, and continue to think, that very little is being done in terms of investor relations to make the bus look attractive to potential investors. I cited the lack of director buying and RNSs as examples. A Chairman's Statement RNS on the morning of the AGM is now pretty much de rigeur for growing companies but there was not one this morning. With a current share price of 30p, I can only imagine other shareholders will raise the matter of making the bus at least look more attractive to potential investors. Watzdorfer 23 Sep '21 - 09:44 - 124899 of 140488 0 7 0 Good post campbed. Let's hope we shareholders get some answers regarding the generous bonuses dished out and lack of BOD confidence to buy any stock breedsy 23 Sep '21 - 10:21 - 124905 of 140488 0 27 0 Good post Campbed. I am very supportive of the company and excited for the future, but I thought the bonuses were undeserved, particularly with share price performance and the fact that we 'are all in it together' when taking the hit from a global pandemic? Neil sometimes likes to give off the liberal caring togetherness, but on this occasion is misguided. I was disappointed to see the bonuses. Essentially, I as a tax payer and a share holder have taken a hit twice to support VRS employees wages on furlough, only to see Chris and Neil use that freed up cash to line their own pockets at our/taxpayers expense. Bad form in my view! Time for Neil and the board to start to deliver now and start promoting the wonderful things this company is doing. They seem to be being held back on this front? Most unusual? captain_kurt 23 Sep '21 - 10:56 - 124906 of 140488 0 7 2 Surprised this is still in the 30s. No RNS, another year of non commercialisation and the death spiral lender selling shares every month chillpill 23 Sep '21 - 10:58 - 124907 of 140488 0 5 0 Definitely worth questioning the board at the AGM. Don’t be afraid of asking hard questions! There is no real downside. supernumerary 23 Sep '21 - 11:31 - 124912 of 140488 0 14 0 My question would be: given that he failed to make a profit from copper foam, failed to make a profit from Total Carbide, failed to make a profit from AAC Cyroma, failed to make a profit from aluminium extrusions, and indeed has failed to make a profit from anything in ten years of trying, what is he going to do differently with graphene to change the situation? adejuk 23 Sep '21 - 13:25 - 124928 of 140488 0 1 0 does anyone have any meaningful feedback from agm that's more comprehensive than nigella's? NoPedigree 23 Sep '21 - 13:36 - 124930 of 140488 0 6 2 I think you can tell by the share price all the feedback you need to know, SFA that has any meaningful (commercially significant) bearing on the company financials and so share holders investment. Never mind, Neill and the rest of the board continue to drag good money for poor results, while we continue to see our net worth reduce. Well pee’d off of Herefordshire... Moljen 23 Sep '21 - 14:34 - 124938 of 140488 0 6 1 Share price and off loading tells you all you need to know about the AGM, 2 Sales of 50,000 & 54,000 at 29.5 in last 10 minutes. Guess it was the line "we are really, really, really going to focus on commercialisation in the coming year" wot did it. NoPedigree mutantcar 23 Sep '21 - 14:57 - 124946 of 140488 0 7 0 You'd think that Neill/Chris & any other bonus beneficiaries could at least spend it on some shares (in VRS)! Watzdorfer 23 Sep '21 - 16:10 - 124954 of 140488 0 14 0 The captain of the goodship Varsarien egged us on to board the cruise here with the brochure claiming visits to dealsville in China , full hoppersville, crossing the T& dotting the I,s islands along with a stopover in rocketland on the way. The problem hit when the good Captian steered us onto the rocks despite all the reassurance on the RNS colabaration tannoy . Problem now is can we trust him to steer us of the rocks back to safety or do we jump overboard into the howling sea ??? What you fink Neill flatcoat1 23 Sep '21 - 16:24 - 124958 of 140488 0 1 0 Maybe government have realised that with all the graphene they will need to buy for net zero carbon, far cheaper to offer a 10 million loan for 200 million shares at 5p. In effect they nationlise vrs at a snip. After all vrs have massive government support. If not in orders then what... Shavian 23 Sep '21 - 16:27 - 124959 of 140488 0 39 1 Currently driving back to Pembs, so cannot report in detail. The knockers will be surprised at how many gems could be extracted from the presentation and Q&A. Go ahead and unload your shares, suckers, I’d love to pick em up in the 20s. Details follow in due course. RogerTheGrouch 23 Sep '21 - 21:35 - 125007 of 140488 0 28 1 I’m with you Cheek, will stick my comments from today on forums where actual shareholders converse rather than here, a circus of detractors in a poisoned soup of contrived negativity. For genuine shareholders - today was excellent, I’m staggered by the progress being made and my excitement was truly stoked. Very satisfying day and delighted to witness an ever growing range of Graphene enhanced products filling the back of the room. Neill def had a spring in his step. Great to see you all again and thanks to all of Versarien folk for putting on a fab day. Ps Amid - The ‘Director̵7; explaining the remuneration to everyones satisfaction bar you, was Iain Gray. You really should know that if you have been such a big holder for so many years. rogerbridge 23 Sep '21 - 22:16 - 125013 of 140489 0 11 0 Some very encouraging reports from shareholders who attended the AGM. Unfortunately, I could not attend due to a heavy cold. Plenty of positives and I am sure HMG, are fully backing VRS as a leader in Graphene technology. From what has been reported to myself privately, I feel confident that the company is progressing nicely and some orders will not be too far away.
Posted at 16/9/2022 14:20 by bbmsionlypostafter mk2
This Day In History 16.09.21 - superg's's thread RogerTheGrouch 16 Sep '21 - 10:19 - 124677 of 140296 0 26 0 Share price looking at bit perky. Might see if I can free up some funds for a top up. Daughters ISAs will be topped up as standard. They've accumulated quite a haul given the share price weakness over the past year or so and will benefit greatly given the share price disparity. Its pretty clear to me, with or without my rose tints on, that VRS is hugely undervalued and quite capable or exploding at any point. It even take a great deal of research to reach this conclusion. For now, though I'll settle with a swift move up through the 30s, as always and lets see if it will move on up from there this time. An inevitability in time, just how much time. As always, fully loaded, seat on the train with my feet up, bullish, confident and excited as ever. rogerbridge 16 Sep '21 - 15:13 - 124688 of 140296 0 21 1 Versarien, the go to company for top quality Graphene, the only verified producer of Graphene. Why go elsewhere. Don’t forget there are many more 2D materials to be exploited over the coming years. Graphene is but one.
Posted at 16/9/2022 10:03 by bbmsionlypostafter mk2
This Day In History 16.09.18 - superg's thread ms57 16 Sep '18 - 17:47 - 33684 of 140281 0 7 0 Hopefully Neill will have a good reason to enjoy his birthday tomorrow! ridicule 16 Sep '18 - 18:16 - 33687 of 140281 0 20 2 My average buying price for 3 different accounts are: 56p.(£18,047 realised profit) 83p(£75,545 realised profit) 98p(£95,135 realised profit) I have traded and the realised profit on each account is in brackets. The higher the realised profit the higher my average price to purchase in that account. I now hold more than I have ever held and as, what I call the discovery or market awareness phase is maturing, serious value is about to accrue and I will not be flipping. I stopped this at £1.21 level. My realised profits were recycled into associated growth strategy shares and then flipped back again into VRS at opportune moments, an approach that has given me significant leverage and allowed me to accrue a seven figure holding in VRS. I note some of the earlier comment about pushing for dividend news at the AGM. I agree we should not be looking for early dividend payments, but we should be looking for an early dividend strategy. I say this because there are a further 2000 2D materials to exploit and if VRS was to concentrate solely on further material exploitation to the exclusion of dividends it would make the company more vulnerable to a takeover in the coming months. A take out offer of, say, £3 to £5 would be very tempting for a number of Pis. If there was a defined and attractive dividend policy, however, looking forward, that would help with an income sweetener to encourage PIs to reject the offer and stay loyal to independence until the really big money that many feel is awaiting us downstream arrives. Because IIs are largely absent as VRS investors, PIs, if we all work together, will be in a position to influence events. Kemorkid 16 Sep '18 - 19:01 - 33689 of 140281 0 9 1 Ridicule Why you feel you need to post that ? senden11 16 Sep '18 - 20:03 - 33694 of 140281 0 12 0 Self-congratulation is also a very unattractive trait! diversification 16 Sep '18 - 23:33 - 33719 of 140281 0 4 0 Trading a share or getting itchy fingers has historically cost me a lot of money. A share such as VRS with such a compelling story and a solid chain of newsflow allows me to hold with comfort. I personally don’t have the time to keep an eye on any stock to enable me to trade it so I am a lot more comfortable letting it ride through the ups and downs until the story becomes less compelling. This week promises to be another interesting week and whilst I have no intention of chasing RNS’s the law of probability would suggest we have a good chance of hearing something this week. NR and teams Twitter silence has become deafening after such an enthusiastic start to the week, especially when you consider how active they have been on social media over the last 12 months or so. This could be big, very big as I don’t think NR is in the habit of playing games.
Posted at 14/9/2022 19:21 by bbmsionlypostafter mk2
I did my research a long time ago and I've never changed my opinion and I've not learned anything new from most of the comments on here... Alrighty then. This Day In History 14.09.21 - superg's thread REDCHEF 14 Sep '21 - 00:41 - 124596 of 140226 0 8 0 I second that. Happy to hold and wait. A watched pot etc... I did my research a long time ago and I've never changed my opinion and I've not learned anything new from most of the comments on here. Happy to sit, hold and wait, checking in occasionally. You've got to be in it to win it as they say, because when this one moves it will be a skyrocket burtond1 14 Sep '21 - 06:59 - 124601 of 140226 0 28 1 Its all under control and coming back home for Versarien “…We’re creating a new science here. I’m really delighted that Versarien is making so much progress across so many different sectors…” Https:// SoilderBoy 14 Sep '21 - 10:38 - 124606 of 140226 0 11 0 Any orders yet? adejuk 14 Sep '21 - 12:42 - 124610 of 140226 0 10 0 in spite of my frustration, and yours, which neill mentions, it is bewildering to me why the share price is stuck here. the impending news, within a year, should be stunning. Philbyk144 14 Sep '21 - 13:00 - 124612 of 140227 0 6 2 The market has lost confidence in whether VRS and NR can deliver. Simple as that. Although the news does look more promising on a number of fronts experience indicates that the conversion rate between promise and cash is virtually zero despite many false dawns. Cash is not important! - collective sigh. Cash is King and always will be in any business. It is why companies and sports clubs spend millions hiring winners; people who have done it before as this reduces the risk of wasting opportunities. Until the first major deal lands the share price will languish. Or IMO if VRS hired a proven closer, winner the share price would double on that news. Alchemy 14 Sep '21 - 13:23 - 124614 of 140227 0 6 0 Tosh First of all how does anyone get to be a winner in your model? Secondly, thirdly, ….. Emma should not have played her first match Neill should not have started a company. Philbyk144 14 Sep '21 - 14:24 - 124621 of 140227 0 5 3 Wrong analogy! If Emma had kept failing the wild cards would stop. Strange you can’t see that. Do you remember Laura Robson? Wild cards to Wimbledon stopped in 2018. NR is not playing in his 3rd tournament he has been at it for years without any world ranking points!
Posted at 12/9/2022 07:57 by bbmsionlypostafter mk2
The ramping has reached criticality & is now beyond the control of anyone, probably including NR. Even when he tell's the cult members VRS has nothing going on with AML they refuse to believe HIM! This Day In History 12.09.18 - superg's thread bootie64 12 Sep '18 - 03:03 - 32684 of 140171 0 8 0 Anyone else can’t sleep? :o) able11 12 Sep '18 - 07:19 - 32700 of 140171 0 0 0 I believe Neill will light the blue touchpaper Friday week with a blockbuster to build into the Tuesday agm… or not. ellissj 12 Sep '18 - 07:21 - 32701 of 140171 0 2 0 Well he's tweeted apologies for being too busy to answer routine emails. Very busy boy ! Best ellis occultusverum1 12 Sep '18 - 07:50 - 32708 of 140171 0 2 0 #HoldForAstonMartins ellissj 12 Sep '18 - 08:08 - 32720 of 140171 0 0 0 191p just paid ! The charts dont work lol ? ;) best ellis superg1 12 Sep '18 - 08:08 - 32721 of 140171 0 1 0 Grabster I suspect that will be rewritten shortly. There is a genuine belief here starting to spread that big things are coming, belief with good reason. 1crackupboom 12 Sep '18 - 08:14 - 32728 of 140171 0 0 1 Aston deal being announced by business sec today. Think that's why Neill had to hold back. But he has been hinting to give Pis a heads up early. 3 quid later today if intra day rns. 1crackupboom 12 Sep '18 - 08:16 - 32731 of 140171 0 0 1 Too many with inside info buying. Neill prob knew reason and decided to give pis a chance also. superg1 12 Sep '18 - 08:18 - 32733 of 140171 0 13 1 I don't think the Wales visit was re Aston. Far better than that. bootie64 12 Sep '18 - 08:19 - 32734 of 140171 0 4 0 A number of posts lately from investors asking am I too late here at VRS? IMO There are a significant number of investors continually topping up including me twice this week, so my view is obviously no it is still on its journey here. Throw that in with serious interest from large, consistent buying :) sonsonnyjim 12 Sep '18 - 08:22 - 32741 of 140171 0 0 0 Bootie, this is still the start, it hasn't kicked off yet..imo sonsonnyjim 12 Sep '18 - 08:26 - 32749 of 140171 0 0 0 NR said we aren't helping AM atm, I think it's something with Welsh gov ratpat999 12 Sep '18 - 08:27 - 32750 of 140171 0 2 0 Unless Neill Rickets was having a laugh he has allready told us AM are only a target customer calm down we don’t want to hype this up it doesn’t need itu luckyorange 12 Sep '18 - 08:29 - 32751 of 140171 0 2 0 1crackup as Neill said yesterday on twitter there is no tie up with Aston, please stop ramping the hell out of it. 1crackupboom 12 Sep '18 - 08:29 - 32752 of 140171 0 0 0 If that's the case why did neill post the pictures. If there was not something in it then he wouldnt have bothered. Nanene is involved in the Rapide fuji99 12 Sep '18 - 08:30 - 32753 of 140171 0 1 0 For those who are taking about "undecided people", have they missed the boat, topping up etc., if one believes in VRS future, there is no other rule. Just hold your shares and think for the long term. All fluctuations even looking sharp, will appear just small blips in say 5 years. Check out Amazon, Apple share price charts within say 10 years. squire007 12 Sep '18 - 08:33 - 32759 of 140171 0 2 0 Do you think Liam Fox has asked his pension provider to stick it all in vrs like I did ... flippin' copy cat .... lol ...continues for another 230 odd posts.
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