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Sirius Minerals Plc LSE:SXX London Ordinary Share GB00B0DG3H29 ORD 0.25P
  Price Change % Change Share Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  0.00 0.0% 5.49 0.00 01:00:00
Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price
5.485 5.49 0.00 0.00 0.00
Industry Sector Turnover (m) Profit (m) EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap (m)
Mining -13.50 -0.27 385
Last Trade Time Trade Type Trade Size Trade Price Currency
- O 0 5.49 GBX

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Sirius Minerals Daily Update: Sirius Minerals Plc is listed in the Mining sector of the London Stock Exchange with ticker SXX. The last closing price for Sirius Minerals was 5.49p.
Sirius Minerals Plc has a 4 week average price of 0p and a 12 week average price of 0p.
The 1 year high share price is 16.82p while the 1 year low share price is currently 2.60p.
There are currently 7,019,377,895 shares in issue and the average daily traded volume is 0 shares. The market capitalisation of Sirius Minerals Plc is £385,363,846.44.
holidayfunds8: clotted cream - you obviously have a lot of knowledge on how the fertilizer industry now works, and I'd be delighted if the SXX story would get rather more focused upon how a range of true, industry experts feel Poly4 will be able to break into the existing, established market, where blends and compounds make up such a high proportion of the current market. I can readily concede there is likely to some resistance to Poly4 from the established blenders & compounders because, well, that's potentially a key feature of the polyhalite product offering, in that Poly4 comes out of the ground with 4 of the 6 key nutrients ALREADY in a compounded form (plus some extras). I am guessing you do agree that Poly4 does have those 4 macro nutrients - right? But that you feel that, even with those nutrient contributions, that Poly4 will not offer farmers enough of an incentive to change away from the mix of products they use today. Or perhaps, you just feel that Poly4 is new, and maybe the industry will not take kindly to any degree of change. If so, that's fair enough. It would be interesting to see how the bankers did assess the risks here - my feeling is that CF & team were just trying to be too clever here, by trying to get such a high % of the overall funding covered by 'close to normal-rated' external bonds / loans. In practice, a greater proportion of the risk should be on the shoulders of shareholders. But I guess few of us really know the inside view of why the funding arrangements fell through. CH & team have suggested there were worries about the risks associated with the mine construction itself, but you are suggesting that the lenders saw the real risk that the whole Poly4 end market value proposition would not fly. But you will be aware that the nearby ICL operation has invested in pretty quick time to ramping up polyhalite production as far and as fast as they can, and they do appear to be shifting the stuff out without any trouble. I was trying to work out what ICL was getting per tonne, but they do not readily disclose that info, but the overall ICL accounts do not appear immediately inconsistent with the $ prices that SXX has been running with. And, note, as you plug in rather lower $ price assumptions, you have an awfully long way to go down, before the SXX project values get anywhere close to not making sense. So, putting everything into the pot, I get the feeling that the established fertilizer players will not be too happy when Poly4 does come onto the scene, but my recent investment into SXX reflects my view that Poly4 has enough intrinsic nutrient value in it to be able to readily pick up a modest slice of the existing market. But, as I say, I'd be delighted if the whole SXX debate could be more centrally focused on a more visible debate on whether Poly4 can break into the existing market in any meaningful way (say, up to the 20mtpa level) and what sort of average $ prices the product could command. However, those of a negative bent here virtually never want to get into that side of the debate, but I'd be delighted if that happened. If I saw that Agri experts at leading UK Universities held a clearly negative view on the outlook for Poly4, then that would obviously be views that any sensible investor would listen to. Equally, though, if the same people were to hold a positive view on the outlook for Poly4, a simple person like me would take such views on board also. In that regard, I'd be grateful if you could point me to any published material from industry experts who hold a negative view on the outlook for Poly4, either from leading UK institutions or from places abroad, as I fully agree that any such views need to placed center stage in the current SXX share price debate.
dp1umb: John what’s your estimate for the SXX share price this time next year?
holidayfunds8: Not My Real Name, You are saying 2 different things which don't seem to be consistent: "I am firmly in the camp which says the mine will get built but current shareholders will be diluted to near extinction. These shares are NOT cheap at any price in my opinion." So questions / comments back at you would be as follows: 1. If the existing SXX shares are not worth ANYTHING, why are you firmly of the view that SOMEBODY ELSE will now take control, and complete the construction of the mine into production? 2. You seem to be suggesting that there is indeed an obvious Project $NPV, based upon expected future cash flows, which readily support the required $bn investment to construct the mine? 3. So why do you feel the maths works for SOMEBODY ELSE, but does not work for the incumbent SXX team? I would readily agree that the SXX team have made a complete mess of the initial financing plan, in that I think they were SO CONFIDENT on the massive inherent $NPV Project Value, that they were far too bullish that they could finance the remaining capex from bonds / external borrowing ALONE. The BIG CHANGE since Sept, is that the SXX team have now been forced to accept that they need to share the $NPV Project Value prize out to some degree, by bringing in a major Strategic Partner, and giving them a major % shareholding position. This is a MAJOR CHANGE since Sept, so you know it is unfair to suggest that the SXX team have been talking to Strategic Partners "for many months now" - that is just not true. Instead, the truth is that SXX have now effectively put the offer of a major % shareholding out for competitive auction, and they have confirmed that MULTIPLE Partners (both equity and debt) are now studying the details of the situation, to determine if they now want a seat at the table. This whole situation really comes down to what you think the $NPV is of the entire mine project - and it is telling that those who think SXX shares are worthless, then go on to confirm that the mine project will be VERY ATTRACTIVE to SOMEBODY ELSE. Those 2 views just don't align. Either it is an attractive mine investment project, or it is not. You can't just mix & match on that. I am of the view that the SXX team have been very strong on the mechanics & details of the mine construction process, but have not had a balanced view on the financing plan. They are a new mining industry entrant, who has ended up holding the rights to the world's largest known deposit of polyalite, which everybody seems to now agree is of massive inherent value. Bringing in ONE other strategic partner, to provide both new equity funding and lend the WEIGHT of that partner reputation into the overall project mix, will secure those future cash flows with a more balanced split between equity and debt financing. And, linked to that same point, since the return to shareholders is heavily influenced by how far they can gear the $NPV value through EXTERNAL DEBT, any Strategic Partner that DOES come in now - say, $600 million in return for a 40% stake - we can be sure that Strategic Partner would then work flat out to help secure that the vast bulk of the remaining funding requirement DOES come from external borrowing, as it will then be in their own (share price) interest to see that happen. So getting a Strategic Investor now on board will serve to strengthen the SXX team's hand in MANY DIFFERENT AREAS, not just the provision of the $600 million. So, I ask again & again to those who think SXX shares are worthless - what do you feel the overall $NPV Project Value stands at today? In my view, you just can't keep dodging that fundamental question. The value estimate HAS to come first, before you can start plugging any positive or negative view on the future direction of the SXX share price.
holidayfunds8: Good to see some new (positive) posters this week. Some great posts (lendmeafiver etc.). The broad maths behind the Project NPV Values is understood, and it is obvious that you can work with assumptions which reduce the headline NPV well below the 13mtpa output results of $11-13 billion that SXX have again now headlined, and the mine project will still obviously fly. I think we are all interested in understanding the downside risks, especially in terms of the actual mine construction & operation and in the selling POLY4 in significant tonnage and at good prices. And, on both fronts, I do not detect much real doubt, in that mines like this can be successfully sunk and operated, and the BOULBY mine have effectively now proven that there is real demand for the product and prices still look solid. BUT I would be interested to see any considered & structured view, which explains why they feel the share price will now tend lower, but that needs to walk through the various key elements, most importantly: i) what do they think the overall mine project is worth, and why? ii) in light of that valuation, why they feel that no strategic partner will now want to stump up $600m now, to secure (say) a 15-40% stake in SXX; But all I am hearing from the bulk of those who are just blatantly talking the SXX share price into the ground are that, either: A. SXX needs a substantial amount of funding to survive - well, OK, that is indeed true but, hey sherlock, that has been the case from Day 1 - so one can only wonder what the previous 20-40 pence range share price was sustained by over more than a year; B. Why would any partner stump up $600m now for a % shareholding, when they can just wait for a few more months, wipe the existing share price out to NIL, and take over 100% control of the mine, and then complete the mine themselves and secure the entire Project $NPV cake for themselves - well, the simple reply to this often repeated mantra is that there is now MULTIPLE potential partners in the frame, and unless they can all collude together in some massive conspiracy in order to save themselves the existing market cap of just £240m, then they will be attracted to get involved in this opportunity, so they will compete to secure a good deal for themselves. So the potential partners are now assessing the situation NOW, to secure their seat at the table. It's the sheer scale of the Project $NPV that makes this now a reality. So, in my view, there is now a classic greed & fear battle now playing out with SXX, and key players in the City of London have their eye on this, because they know that the end game here is not Administration, but a share price in the very near future that is some way above 10 pence per share. And, if you hold that view, you want to now shake the SXX share price tree as hard as you can, and mop up as many SXX shares as you can in the 3-4 pence range, so that you can enjoy a nice Xmas (or New Year) celebration. If there was perfect knowledge in terms of who now holds all of the SXX shares, I think it would reveal a very telling story, but hey ho, whilst small shareholders like us do not have access to the latest & most accurate information, this is a single mine site now being built, with what appears to be a very excellent (and simple) end POLY4 product, so this is a situation where a small investor can do their own sums, and come to a view of what the SXX should now be worth. Don't forget, the current 3-4 pence level reflects the fact that there are still some marginal sellers who are willing to sell SXX shares at this level, but the volumes of late have still been very low in the grand scheme of things, so when the remaining stock of those marginal sellers dries up and / or those with short positions decide the chances of the share price going lower still is unlikely, then my bet is that the worm will turn, and turn quickly. David
11_percent: Least we forget... SXX share price for the end of 2019. Now closed. ============================== secretsqu - 497,25p mr.oz - 205p after consolidation michaelsadfvn - 165p rrichard26 - £1. (plus). shanew48 - 84.75p Professor Pettigrew - 70p Foresite - 69p bothdavis - 68.3p carla1 = 68p blindsquirrel - 68p walkermike - 68p bagi58s - 64.2p chrisatbirdies - 60p Guppy57 - 56p Y1phr1 - 55p Spirito - 54p stoaty - 49p THIC1 - 47p Billynotsilly - 43p Valek - 42.5p dp1umb - 40.5p whiteslice - 38p Charleyduck - 37p 0 0 0 filster - 34p thebradski007 - 30p trev1223 - 28p markth126 - 25p itsaduster - 23p nicksig - 21.5p lionheart69uk1 - 20p 11% - 18p (or 180p consolidated). davethehorse - 18p eurofox - 15p professor liar - 13.75p klipkl - 11p clotted cream - 10p in old money after consolidation professor halitosis - 8.625p bazildonbond - 5p (suspended)
holidayfunds8: Johnwise - many, many thanks for the link to the POLY4 webcast - I had missed that! So, IF the demand & pricing for POLY4 is viewed positively (he mentions an offtake price to SXX of $150 to $155 per tonne), then the current SXX share price story collapses back to the different project options available, that allow the Woodsmith mine to start bringing up 15 skips per hour (at the 5 mtpa level), with the option to double capacity by adding a second winder & two further skips (30 skips per hour = circa 10mtpa), which SXX says could mean a max output of 13.4mtpa. We would ideally like to be on the inside, to understand the key risks identified by the Stage 2 lenders, and hopefully CF & team have a good idea of what kind of project re-work might help to make the lending option more attractive (best outcome for the existing SP). Otherwise, an alliance / partnership with another major mining player could unlock things - though I am still left wondering how any such partner would view the planned $1.5bn spend on the MTS tunnel. I understand the concept is landscape / environmentally lovely, but do we know of any other mine in the world that has such a transportation tunnel, certainly to that kind of length? (Am looking now, but any tips would be appreciated!)
holidayfunds8: kreature - the likely demand for polyhalite and the likely price per tonne is absolutely fundamantal here. The story, based upon truth, needs to be more clearly assembled brick by brick. Without a clear acceptance that the end product market is sound / healthy (it seems to be from the early messages coming out of BOULBY) - then there really is no point in sinking such a vast sum into building the mine. If you buy into the demand & pricing story (I think I do), THEN we can focus upon what kind of re-worked project scenarios that can deliver product out of the mine, up to ground level, so that some decent cash flow can be evidenced. Looking to that project reassessment, my sense is that having 35% of the spend focused upon the MTS tunnel would be a key aspect to look at. It's getting the mine shafts themselves completed, and bringing up circa 15 skips an hour (around 5mtpa) that will get peeps to take a more positive view of the SXX share price. So, one step at a time please (I can be a little slow)- do we know what polyhalite is selling for today or not? Obviously, this must be a known $ price per tonne that is known to many that are familiar with the existing BOULBY operation.
kreature: kreature - 04 Mar 2019 - 02:03:53 - 36975 of 44251 SIRIUS MINERALS PLC -(Moderated) Potash Powerhouse in the North Yorkshire Moors - SXX SXX share price for the end of 2019. Now closed. ============================== secretsqu - 497,25p mr.oz - 205p after consolidation michaelsadfvn - 165p rrichard26 - £1. (plus). shanew48 - 84.75p Professor Pettigrew - 70p Foresite - 69p bothdavis - 68.3p carla1 = 68p blindsquirrel - 68p bagi58s - 64.2p chrisatbirdies - 60p Guppy57 - 56p Y1phr1 - 55p Spirito - 54p stoaty - 49p THIC1 - 47p Billynotsilly - 43p Valek - 42.5p dp1umb - 40.5p whiteslice - 38p Charleyduck - 37p 0 0 0 filster - 34p thebradski007 - 30p trev1223 - 28p markth126 - 25p itsaduster - 23p nicksig - 21.5p lionheart69uk1 - 20p 11% - 18p (or 180p consolidated). davethehorse - 18p eurofox - 15p professor liar - 13.75p klipkl - 11p clotted cream - 10p in old money after consolidation professor halitosis - 8.625p bazildonbond - 5p (suspended) Kreature - 2p
11_percent: Ok...1st of August.....share comp numbers from January, for year end... Eurofox @15p has it at the moment. ============== SXX share price for the end of 2019. Now closed. ============================== secretsqu - 497.25p mr.oz - 205p after consolidation michaelsadfvn - 165p rrichard26 - £1. (plus). shanew48 - 84.75p Professor Pettigrew - 70p Foresite - 69p bothdavis - 68.3p carla1 = 68p blindsquirrel - 68p walkermike - 68p bagi58s - 64.2p chrisatbirdies - 60p Guppy57 - 56p Y1phr1 - 55p Spirito - 54p stoaty - 49p THIC1 - 47p Billynotsilly - 43p Valek - 42.5p dp1umb - 40.5p whiteslice - 38p Charleyduck - 37p 0 0 0 filster - 34p thebradski007 - 30p trev1223 - 28p markth126 - 25p itsaduster - 23p nicksig - 21.5p lionheart69uk1 - 20p 11% - 18p (or 180p consolidated). davethehorse - 18p eurofox - 15p professor liar - 13.75p klipkl - 11p clotted cream - 10p in old money after consolidation professor halitosis - 8.625p bazildonbond - 5p (suspended)
sm22: Here we will take a look at several key ratios for Sirius Minerals Plc (LSE:SXX), starting with the Book to Market (BTM) ratio. Value investors seek stocks with high BTMs for their portfolios. The ratio is a comparison of the firm's net asset value per share to it's current price. This is helpful in determining how the market values the company compared to it's actual worth. The Book to Market value of Sirius Minerals Plc currently stands at 0.491215.As any seasoned investor knows, trading stocks can be both exiting and scary. Figuring out how to profit in the market may take a lot of time and dedication. Many novice investors may jump into the markets without any kind of research. Some people may prefer to let professionals deal with their investments. With so much available information, investors may need to find out how to separate the important data from the unimportant data. As we move further into the second half of the year, investors are most likely monitoring market momentum to try and figure out how stocks will finish the year. With the stock market still trading at high levels, investors may be looking for certain stocks that still have room to move higher. Finding these stocks may be tricky, but doing the necessary research may help spot some names that will make a positive impact on the future of the portfolio. In terms of EBITDA Yield, Sirius Minerals Plc (LSE:SXX) currently has a value of -0.014672. This value is derived by dividing EBITDA by Enterprise Value.Sirius Minerals Plc (LSE:SXX) presently has a current ratio of 1.10. The current ratio, also known as the working capital ratio, is a liquidity ratio that displays the proportion of current assets of a business relative to the current liabilities. The ratio is simply calculated by dividing current liabilities by current assets. The ratio may be used to provide an idea of the ability of a certain company to pay back its liabilities with assets. Typically, the higher the current ratio the better, as the company may be more capable of paying back its obligations.The Price to book ratio is the current share price of a company divided by the book value per share. The Price to Book ratio for Sirius Minerals Plc LSE:SXX is 2.035769. A lower price to book ratio indicates that the stock might be undervalued. Similarly, Price to cash flow ratio is another helpful ratio in determining a company's value. The Price to Cash Flow for Sirius Minerals Plc (LSE:SXX) is -51.989028. This ratio is calculated by dividing the market value of a company by cash from operating activities. Additionally, the price to earnings ratio is another popular way for analysts and investors to determine a company's profitability. The price to earnings ratio for Sirius Minerals Plc (LSE:SXX) is -93.580251. This ratio is found by taking the current share price and dividing by earnings per share.Looking at some ROIC (Return on Invested Capital) numbers, Sirius Minerals Plc (LSE:SXX)'s ROIC is -0.030914. The ROIC 5 year average is -0.078600 and the ROIC Quality ratio is -0.147268. ROIC is a profitability ratio that measures the return that an investment generates for those providing capital. ROIC helps show how efficient a firm is at turning capital into profits. Free Cash Flow Growth (FCF Growth) is the free cash flow of the current year minus the free cash flow from the previous year, divided by last year's free cash flow. The FCF Growth of Sirius Minerals Plc (LSE:SXX) is -13.876610. Free cash flow (FCF) is the cash produced by the company minus capital expenditure. This cash is what a company uses to meet its financial obligations, such as making payments on debt or to pay out dividends. The Free Cash Flow Score (FCF Score) is a helpful tool in calculating the free cash flow growth with free cash flow stability – this gives investors the overall quality of the free cash flow. The FCF Score of Sirius Minerals Plc (LSE:SXX) is -8.802766. Experts say the higher the value, the better, as it means that the free cash flow is high, or the variability of free cash flow is low or both.The Gross Margin Score is calculated by looking at the Gross Margin and the overall stability of the company over the course of 8 years. The score is a number between one and one hundred (1 being best and 100 being the worst). The Gross Margin Score of Sirius Minerals Plc (LSE:SXX) is 70.00000. The more stable the company, the lower the score. If a company is less stable over the course of time, they will have a higher score.At the time of writing, Sirius Minerals Plc (LSE:SXX) has a Piotroski F-Score of 1. The F-Score may help discover companies with strengthening balance sheets. The score may also be used to spot the weak performers. Joseph Piotroski developed the F-Score which employs nine different variables based on the company financial statement. A single point is assigned to each test that a stock passes. Typically, a stock scoring an 8 or 9 would be seen as strong. On the other end, a stock with a score from 0-2 would be viewed as weak.Shifting gears, we can see that Sirius Minerals Plc (LSE:SXX) has a Q.i. Value of 71.00000. The Q.i. Value ranks companies using four ratios. These ratios consist of EBITDA Yield, FCF Yield, Liquidity, and Earnings Yield. The purpose of the Q.i. Value is to help identify companies that are the most undervalued. Typically, the lower the value, the more undervalued the company tends to be.Watching some historical volatility numbers on shares of Sirius Minerals Plc (LSE:SXX), we can see that the 12 month volatility is presently 62.772600. The 6 month volatility is 60.472200, and the 3 month is spotted at 72.907900. Following volatility data can help measure how much the stock price has fluctuated over the specified time period. Although past volatility action may help project future stock volatility, it may also be vastly different when taking into account other factors that may be driving price action during the measured time period.Many investors rely on technical analysis when making market decisions. Technical analysis enables investors to examine previous market activity to try and predict future stock price movement. Stock prices often move in trends that can be observed. A trend may remain in place until a specific technical line is breached. Many traders will develop strategies based on defined trends. Some investors will develop opposite strategies that tend to go against the trend. Many technical chart watchers are interested in finding patterns that may repeat in the future. Repetitive price movements have been studied for a long time. Investors may choose to develop highly complex systems for trading equities, while others may choose to follow simple trend lines to identify entry and exit points. Mastering the art of technical analysis may take a long time. Developing technical skills may be a very useful tool for the investor to add to the kit.
Sirius Minerals share price data is direct from the London Stock Exchange
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