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PANR Pantheon Resources Plc

1.42 (5.87%)
01 Mar 2024 - Closed
Delayed by 15 minutes
Share Name Share Symbol Market Stock Type
Pantheon Resources Plc PANR London Ordinary Share
  Price Change Price Change % Share Price Last Trade
1.42 5.87% 25.60 16:35:23
Open Price Low Price High Price Close Price Previous Close
24.18 23.80 25.80 25.60 24.18
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Industry Sector

Pantheon Resources PANR Dividends History

No dividends issued between 03 Mar 2014 and 03 Mar 2024

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Posted at 21/2/2024 09:02 by markfrankie
Lol wow your such a tough girl lol.
Big high and mighty guild 'MEMBER'
Im definitely glad I'm not in your club for sure now, if it's full of the likes of you! I thought it may be a place for PANR discussion Away from the playground antics on the likes of this chat but YOU have proved me wrong. I shall keep my panr investments and just smile at your precious club.
Meanwhile back at the ranch; Panr have got an almighty asset area, it's only a matter of time for this to come to fruition.
Mike290 are you in this guild, are they all like that?
Posted at 18/2/2024 01:33 by markliddiard
As everyone knows 88e are in the downdip, and PANR have much, much better fields!But, I agree, if they get good flow rates, then IMHO PANR share price should absolutely fly!!t ? When does everyone think 88e will release their flow rates? - it must be soon?(I may even switch out from some of my TXP shares to buy more PANR!!...but timing is everything!!)GLA LTH'ers!!
Posted at 06/1/2024 20:29 by olderwiser2
Trolls still beating their tired drums, and fluffing up and rehashing the tiresome banality of the last few weeks.

Moving along to the investment case now, PANR have 100% of

~ 1 billion barrels of independently assessed contingent oil resource in Kodiak

~ 500 million barrels of PANR assessed contingent oil in Aphun, (currently awaiting the NSAI IER)

A proven ability to achieve frack efficiency of 50%, which backs up the 40% required to lift EUR in Aphun, to the very conservatively estimated average 1000bpd in year 1, and expected ultimate recovery of 1 million barrels per well

COS of 70% to more than 90% in the newly acquired acreage, much of which will be conventional, rather than the tight conventional PANR have based their financial modeling on.

Of note PANR have modeled very conservatively using the actual results from long term testing at the Alkaid 2 anomaly, which is the poorer of the reservoirs, with a frack efficiency of just 20%.

In short PANR now have massive discovered resources, that based on real results, are modelling as valuable assets, and are now taking those assets to production.

This is the first time this strategy has been applied, and financing sought to transition from high risk exploration, to a bread and butter oil production company.
Posted at 04/1/2024 19:50 by boochy gongles
OWL you truly are one of the most arrogant posters I've ever encountered on this board, are you really as obnoxious as you appear or are you indulging in self parody like Kitty and I ?

'I am a pragmatic person Boochy'

You got the first consonant correct but I'd replace 'ragmatic' with 'ompous' for an accurate appraisal of your personality.

'the trolls will forever be trolls'

By this you mean anyone with a sense of humour?

'bully boy, playground antics'

I'm not the one who has threatened violence or evoked sinister 'East London pals' like your cohort Lizard.

'flawed characters'

You're not really in a position to label anyone as 'flawed' with the persona you exhibit on here OWL.

'But no this is a PANR thread, so PANR content it is'

Indeed it is, the PANR thread where you continually criticise the content of the thread starter accusing him of posting inaccurate and alarmist content, if that is your honest opinion why are you here?
Posted at 27/12/2023 01:13 by yombo araka
An early morning rebuke from .. OWL 🦉

Let me address each one of your comments:

1. I'm not invested in PANR, I have no knowledge of PANR, I'm not remotely interested in PANR, so why/how would I post anything regarding it?

2. It was only a few posts back Kitty claimed YOU were a 'CONVICTED LIAR' (frankly I don't care either way)

3. I'm on ADVFN to expose and humilate buffoons, as for my presence on this specific thread your cohort Lizard is entirely responsible for that.

For some months the majority of my activity has been confined to RKH and JDW where I have been taking great delight in destroying the enjoyment of one Gozzie2, however last week Lizard made an inexplicable and unwelcome appearance on RKH taunting Kitty, naturally I followed him here and ... well you've seen the results for yourself.

If you find my posts as irksome as you claim, I suggest you filter me.
Posted at 21/12/2023 16:59 by content5827
I tire of saying this.
I am long.I feel that Hobbs has a plan that may work but as an investor I realise there is risk.
There are ample opportunities for the plan to not work perfectly.
However,from a personal perspective I like the risk reward.
Everyone has to research carefully for themselves and decide if panr is something they want to touch.
I think panr have lucked out getting Hobbs on board and find him to be highly credible and knowledgable.
He is very focused on what he believes is a path to success.
I am always open to listen to anyone who has a genuine view that differs from mine.
As an investor I am always prepared to dump a stock if I see their trajectory has changed.
Panr is no exception to that.
I don’t know if I speak for any other longs,but I cannot be persuaded that I have backed the wrong horse if the person who is telling me(this forum)that I am wrong,won’t reveal whether they are short or indeed if they are paid to talk the stock down or they just want others to fail where they themselves are not willing to take a risk.
Posted at 17/12/2023 12:06 by antique7879
Htrocka2 - The best answer to your question, I’ve recently read from a poster with the moniker of Faitesvosjeux, is attached below..

Faitesvosjeux - 14 Sep 2023 - 12:06:10 - 36058 of 37431

Long term shareholder in PANR, rarely post but follow bbs regularly and wanted to share my insights into the increasing Mangrove short position given shareholder speculation. As some posters have already commented, on this board, the Guild and other sites, I don’t believe Mangrove has any information edge and are taking a general long/short hedge approach to small cap oil and gas UK listed companies. All IMO but my general thinking is as follows:

1. In the information available on Mangrove and elsewhere regarding the background of the principals, it's apparent that the PM that put on this trade is a generalist and not an O&G specialist. The typical hedge fund trader with that kind of background would be a couple years of geology at uni perhaps and then a bunch of years either trading oil stocks and/or bullshttng about them on social media. It’s now painfully obvious that no one at Mangrove did any specialist DD on PANR and it’s very likely that their investment thesis is based solely on following the Peel Hunt/Matt Cooper reasoning, which includes the 'idea' that PANR can go to 0, which in itself is a highly unusual price target to put out to market. Although I notice a high-profile poster on this board has spotted that Peel Hunt are the top bidder for Panr stock and I think he might be onto something. It’s fair to suggest that PH being the main buyer today (and yesterday?) is likely a positive signal.

2. The most useful text from Mangrove's website posted, which I believe has already been posted on this board, was the section on their 'strategies' and how they approach long and short positions respectively. In short, there is nothing remarkable here. Mangrove are a completely conventional, event driven, equity long-short New York hedge fund that does pairs/spread trading and looks for cheap/expensive names with catalysts. They have a decent merger/arb book and have done some SPACs but are a generalist, vanilla hedge fund of which the strategies they employ have been done by the masses for the last 25 years. Only 2 things stuck out for me in any of their marketing material, and they were both in the explanation of some of the things they look for in putting on a short position. Among all the usual blah, blah including fraud, valuation, etc., there was 'forced selling'. This is not a typical catalyst you would expect to see sighted in a sophisticated hedge fund strategy profile, and it is quite instructive because of that. It has become uneconomic for mid-to-large brokers to conduct in-depth research into small cap companies, with MIFID II in the post Brexit environment, resulting in firms being more vulnerable to re-ratings. This has become a significant cause of redemptions, of which we are seeing large amounts in the UK. Firms are having to sell their holdings in x number of small cap companies to cover their redemptions (forced selling). Andy Brough of Schroders Special Sits Fund lost c.£100m in redemptions. It is not a sophisticated strategy to look at the small cap companies in which the portfolio has equity holdings of 10%+ and take short positions. However, PANR does not have shareholders of the likes of Andy Brough. It has a large number of HNW UK based shareholders and small family office type ‘institutionalâ€͐2; investors. Therefore, any ‘forced sellingâ€͐2; linked strategy would have to be based on the convertible bond loan payment to Heights Capital. It is fair to assume that the Spencer deal has impacted one of the events Mangrove were counting on. The CBL is now uncertain and Spencer likely to do again. The market is not only more comfortable with Mangroveâ€T82;s short position but, judging by the recent rally, it looks likely this validates the removal of this event as one of Mangroveâ€T82;s only real basis for shorting PANR.

3. As mentioned earlier, Mangrove take a long/short general approach to UK small cap oil and gas stocks. It is likely Mangrove are long with names like Tullow, Predator, Jersey etc and short PANR as they believe the risk profile is balanced in their favour. Poor assumption but likely to be they believe there is a greater chance of these names providing a high chance of returning 50%+ and so worst case scenario PANR goes up 10x Mangrove will be covered by their hedge. Even so they would be able to cover in time before material damage is done to the fund. Mangrove has c. $1.3bn in AUM, with about 7 analysts and, while a c.15m short position might seem big on this board, it is immaterial to their overall portfolio. Looking at the recent volume, and to answer a much raised question on this board, why would Mangrove increase their short into such good news, Mangrove have used the recent positive news as liquidity events to increase their short position without price mitigation and in doing so raise capital for their long positions. A 5m volume day easily goes up to 25m and Mangrove can increase their short without impacting the share price which is what they care about. A point here or there is someoneâ€͐2;s bonus and it all counts. Plus the obvious impact of increasing a short position is to maintain the fear factor. They are trying to sow fear, discord and confusion. They are playing the old Butch Cassidy line, ‘who the F is that guy?’

All IMO!
Posted at 14/12/2023 18:14 by content5827
I guess it’s a matter of time before those who continue to trash panr will ignore all of todays presentation and subsequent Q and A…Hobbs never shirks any questions and appears in my mind to be straight forward,honest and intelligent.
The substance of the webinar is accretive to the existing plans and seems to make perfect sense.
The issue panr have is that like any company there are obviously time gaps between webinars.Clearly you cannot have a webinar every week.
Those who are out to trash panr use those quiet periods to sow doubt,untruths and misdirection.They ignore all the strong substance previously presented.
So as always,stand back and watch the panr trashers wheel out their customary play book and use the quiet periods to do their worst.
Posted at 13/12/2023 16:30 by content5827
To all you looking to destroy panr.
Congrats,you are winning so far,but hopefully the panr executives will have solid plans to counter the nonsense that is often planted on this site.
But be careful,because one day the authorities will find you and want evidence to support rumours that you are planting in the market.
They will also want evidence how you claim to know what D Hobbs is thinking when you have zero to support such absurd claims.
They will also want to speak to those who called panr a scam and was it all said without knowledge and only said to manipulate prices down.
As I have said repeatedly,I believe panr has a decent plan to get to production.I have also said it is not without risk,but it’s a risk I personally am willing to take.It’s not a stock for the feint hearted.
Hobbs,is experienced and very organised and has assembled strong fracking engineering people who have ambitions to improve on previous methods.
Anyone looking to get into panr should do all their own research and understand the risks.
They should also question why many posters on here use various methods including lies and childish commentary to continuously hammer panr.
Likewise,they should also decide for themselves how genuine the Longs are.
I am genuine.I know there are many risks and that panr have to execute each step of their plan with precision and certain amount of good fortune.
If they do,then panr could be a runaway success,but if they don’t it’s going to be a real struggle.
My investment is currently underwater,but aside from the constant barrage from some of the dreadful bear attacks,I haven’t yet seen anything from Hobbs that has made me change my mind.
Finally,keep in mind that some of these bear posters have in the past actively talked panr down,with the aim of buying back in at a lower price.
I would be very surprised if many are not lining up to do that self same move again,especially if they feel that the market cap becomes very attractive,especially in light of reports from Netherland and Sewell as well as the attractive durations of panr leases.
Make up your own minds.
Posted at 05/12/2023 16:15 by content5827
Kitty is a fool.

From everything I have seen on panr webcasts,including q and a sessions,D Hobbs appears in my eyes to be a straight forward ,extremely capable executive with a very reasonable plan.
As I have stated numerous times before,there are many steps he needs to successfully execute if he is to carry the day.
Success is far from guaranteed and therefore panr carries risk,a risk that I believe has very interesting,potential rewards.
No one should touch panr unless they have done all their own research and studied the various webcasts and understood the risks.
D Hobbs has put his money where his mouth is and he has publicly fielded high numbers of investors questions without shirking.
Now unscrupulous characters like kitty are accusing Hobbs of many things including the preposterous claim that Hobbs plants people on this site to do his bidding.
Instead of being a gutless coward,hiding behind his whimpering posts,Kitty should either commence legal proceedings against anyone in panr who he believes is involved in wrong doing or he should be truthful and immediately retract all unfounded accusations,but he won’t because he is a coward.

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