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NANO Nanoco Group Plc

-0.32 (-1.80%)
28 May 2024 - Closed
Delayed by 15 minutes
Share Name Share Symbol Market Stock Type
Nanoco Group Plc NANO London Ordinary Share
  Price Change Price Change % Share Price Last Trade
-0.32 -1.80% 17.43 16:35:10
Open Price Low Price High Price Close Price Previous Close
17.70 16.92 17.98 17.43 17.75
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Nanoco NANO Dividends History

No dividends issued between 28 May 2014 and 28 May 2024

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Posted at 28/5/2024 09:50 by paul planet earth1
The good thing about Nano unlike many a small tech start up is that it is fully funded for no doubt the next five year's unlike some tiny firms I can mention!..isn't that right Bones698, how's AGL doing, oh its not, shame..

Nanoco won't need cash placement for year's unlike AGL a matter of weeks lol!
Posted at 10/5/2024 14:42 by kooba
Just remembered this gem from the clown when the price was ridiculous post tender at 23p..what a muppet"TerrorWit - 12 Apr 2024 - 19:11:49 - 39267 of 39506 Nanoco/Dow - 2016 a transformational year for CFQD - NANOI have enjoyed your humiliation on LSE today Kooba.You're a self-righteous loudmouth who's always full of opinion and all of it wrong - and now picking me up on a trivial point even though the substance of my point was entirely correct.I hope no-one was freaked by your post-tender valuations of 17p and sold out hoping they could buy back in cheaper since it's fast looking like that might have been a very expensive mistake.Time for you to apologise I think."Time for witless to apologise i think..i am buying some back at 18p ..25% down on where i sold my whole holding. I could buy a fair few more back than i sold ..if i thought they warranted it. I hope others followed suit.
Posted at 02/4/2024 14:13 by terrorwit
I listened to the whole Q and A today and some of these issues arose. I thought the whole presentation was excellent with BT taking time to answer all questions and explain everything carefully. I really don't see how anyone can not understand the position now.

On the tender vs dividend question the answer came down to more favourable taxation since a dividend locks in higher rate taxation instead of lower rate CGT but a tender offer leaves the choice down to the individual investor because they aren't forced to tender. You will recall that choice was promised by the company

The decision on whether or not to accept the offer is for individual investors who can refuse it and increase their exposure or accept it and keep their exposure the same whilst taking some cash to use to diversify or spend or sit on.

(FWIW I'm going to accept the offer, diversify and hold the balance but then I bought a lot between 6-10p in 2019 and this probably effects my perspective.)
Posted at 27/3/2024 17:05 by fat frank
On a more adult theme:

I contacted Nanoco and asked if a straightforward dividend had been considered as this would have provided me with a substantial cash award as I own 400k shares. I received the following reply:

'We have previously referred to the various methods we were considering, and yes, one of these was a special dividend. We consulted with a number of shareholders as part of this process (as disclosed in the circular).

The tender would still allow you to hold your shares and receive some cash. If full participation, whilst your holding as a number would reduce, the share capital of the company would also reduce and so your % of the company would remain very similar.'

I responded with:

'Whilst I understand the point you make regarding my holding it is still the case that if I take up this offer I will be selling at a lot less than my purchase price.

Do you not agree that this offer is far more attractive to a short term holder who bought in January 2024 at around 18p than it is to your loyal long term holders that bought in at a much higher level and have stuck with you for many years?'

Thus far I have had no response......
Posted at 19/3/2024 18:45 by kooba
They have “got involved” because they are a paid financial advisor and broker to the company announced 22 Dec 2023 and are expected to produce some coverage..part of the package.
22 December 2023
("Nanoco", the "Group", or the "Company")

Appointment of Financial Adviser and Joint Broker

Nanoco Group plc (LSE: NANO), is pleased to announce the appointment of Cavendish Capital Markets Limited as the Company's Financial Adviser and joint Corporate Broker.

This communication is NON-INDEPENDENT RESEARCH AND A MARKETING COMMUNICATION under the FCA's Conduct of Business Sourcebook (COBS) and is issued in the UK by Cavendish, the trading name for the business operated by Cavendish Capital Markets Limited and Cavendish Securities plc, both of which are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)| and are members of the London Stock Exchange.

In terms of the share price I imagine there is some short term arbitrage buying that will tender 100% to try and lose half the holding at 24p then hope to sell the balance close to 20p..I think they will need to be lucky to make that much of a turn.
Posted at 12/3/2024 07:07 by paul planet earth1
From the LSE BB the share buyback looks set for failure!


Posts: 1,871

Price: 20.275

No Opinion

RE: Share BuybackToday 07:01

"If you look at the current spread 24p versus ask price 21p or 10% to 12% that's little incentive for investors to sell up!

I would say the proposed share buyback has already failed regardless of the vote which will simply be a formality ie same 37% pushing it through but hardly any uptake as investors are not forced or induced to sell"


Posts: 1,871

Price: 20.275

No Opinion

RE: Share BuybackToday 06:45

Just to add...

"My expectation is that the share buyback will fail to attract many sellers and a special dividend payment time for late June following the signing of the first commercial deal with STM seems the more likely outcome with the share buyback failing to achieve its original objectives reducing the share capital base and making Nanoco a more attractive takeover target"


Posts: 1,871

Price: 20.275

No Opinion

Share Buyback Today 06:42

"If you checked my original posts I cited that a share buyback was on the cards as part of a wider strategy and that was LOAM's future 'exit' strategy by reducing share capital making Nanoco a more enticing takeover target.

At the time I suggested a £40m buy backbat 40p a share equating to 100m shares this would be priced above the 37p placement price in 2022 when the company needed operational funding.

This I felt was a 'fair price' for the risks investors had faced and given that the share price itself had crashed 70% since the Feb 2023 Samsung settlement announcement was made on the $150m deal struck.

It seems the Board have become too aggressive and priced the buyback at 24p having taken third party advice, which in my view the advice offered is fundamentally flawed as its always extremely important to take such matters into the context of the current situation and recent circumstances that Nanoco faced.

A buyback at 24p if succesful plus a further £3m but with 90% of shares cancelled would at best lead to around 190m shares remaining in issue.

324m × 38.5% x 90% = 114.74m, post share price £33m/209m = 15.7p

Note: 10% of shares won't be cancelled and still in effect counted as in issue.

£3m spent on 'open market trading', £3m ÷ 15.7p = 19m x 90% = 17.9m.

Total buyback = 114.74m + 17.9m = 132 64m

324m - 132.64m = 191m therefore £33m ÷ 191m implies a 'theoretical' share price of 17p where LOAM hopes Nanoco gets taken out at between 5 and 10x multiple or 85p minimum = 85p x 191m = £160m at 8.75% WACC = implied pre tax earnings = £14m but recent buyers have been using c.5% (or less) for a cash purchase implying earnings £8m which broadly will be inline with likely first Nanoco commercial deal at c.£12m recenues per year.

The expectation is the Board believes investors will sell at 24p while current share price has risen 5% to 20p.

My view the vote at the end of March will progress ( same 37% pushing it through, just a formality) however not many retail investors will sell and risk being 'out of the market' should positive news get released and then being unable to buy back in sub 24p...

Ergo the 24p share buyback price is way too aggressively priced ie too low to induce many investors to sell up. And those that do sell were pribably inclined to anyway regardless of the price.

Given the current share price and likely poor take up, evidenced by the number of frustrated posts here, I believe the take up will fall well short of 38.5% as there is no real financial incentive to do so as the buyback price is too low, and way below the 37p placement offer, to make it attractive enough!

As always one to watch 'dodgey' LOAM RNS share holdings who would no doubt be buying up off loaded shares cheaply at 17p in the expectation of a future buy out by a third party.

Again the Board have executed a poorly thought through plan with substandard third party advice who clearly wern't aware of the previous 37p"
Posted at 01/3/2024 19:48 by pj84
"jfacwc28 Feb '24 - 09:20 - 38632 of 38666

Poor argument to worry about share price drop.
Rather have dividend and take chances.
More choices.
Can always buy more. The future prospects have not changed?
Always so much gloom here."

jfacwc28 I missed your post at the time but I would also rather get it all as a dividend so that I can choose what to do but that wasn't my argument I was just pointing out that all other things being equal even if the return is all by dividend Barkboo won't then get out unscathed as the share price is likely to drop by that amount as soon as it goes ex-div unless the market then rerates it up or down.

My fear is a buyback which would allow LOAM a way to reduce it's holding and whilst in theory a buyback should be neutral or even positive there are numerous examples of it having no positive effect on the share price often with the share price falling.

The delay doesn't make any sense as Nanoco was wall aware of all of the alternative's for returning funds to shareholders last year and I would be surprised if for once they favoured small shareholders who have or should have there shares in either a SIPP or ISA and should want a dividend.

As I write this I am actually questioning why I continue to hold given that I have long ago lost any faith in what BT says.
Posted at 15/2/2024 22:57 by rochdae
TH would have been a disaster and the end of the company. The science team would have walked and without the people nano has little value. I recall his criticism of Nigel Pickett that he hadn't produced many patents in recent years, as if coming up with a world beating patent happens overnight.

You can buy £100 of nano shares today and get £160 back by end of March at the latest. Any takers?

Nano 22 years and still going. All of its original competitors in the QD sphere have gone bust. Only one left. And just about, given Samsung's theft.

Qdot display is accelerating. The majority though use Qdot light, so just under RoHAS but still containing small amounts of cadmium.

I think display could still come good. Some form of collaboration perhaps, though it's difficult to produce Samsung's offering. It's not all to do with the seeding process, Samsung have multiple patents and expertise underpinning their tech. Still some 10 years ahead of the competition imo.

Nano's first generation SWIR dots is exciting. Probably in Vision pro. To break into the supply chain is incredibly difficult. You're talking about a new material. Happens very rarely. The problem with Nano and ME was that they thought it would happen overnight. Then the disaster with Marl and horticulture and the premise of the business setup.

The ST micro tie up extremely positive. They have 200,000 customers. What they do with Nano's Qd's is impressive, too. I think the Asian customer is almost certainly Sony. Sales to Japan, plus Sony's expertise in SWIR Qdot sensors etc..

Posted at 10/2/2024 22:41 by barkbooo
Frank - “ Colin:

So stick to the other thread....” he can’t, nobody reads it!

The authors contribution:

Dz30700 .. welcome to the thread. Please read the guidelines in the header and post 79, regarding the poster kooba.
Nanoco Technologies Ltd - Post 100 NANO Nanoco Group Plc BROWNSTONE22 23 Jan 2024 10:11 1
warranty .. please read post 79
Nanoco Technologies Ltd - Post 79 NANO Nanoco Group Plc BROWNSTONE22 29 Oct 2023 21:39 14 3
ð��“ð��;¡ð��ž ð��©ð��¨ð5533;�¬ðʏ33;�­ð�;�žðA533;�« ð��¤ð��¨ð5533;�¨ðʏ33;�›ð��š
Nanoco Technologies Ltd - Post 77 NANO Nanoco Group Plc BROWNSTONE22 29 Oct 2023 20:37 1 3
Take a 72 hour break and come back better.
Nanoco Technologies Ltd - Post 75 NANO Nanoco Group Plc BROWNSTONE22 29 Oct 2023 15:23 3 2
andycapped, post 73 as per header
Nanoco Technologies Ltd - Post 39 NANO Nanoco Group Plc BROWNSTONE22 11 Oct 2023 12:04 1
Shapes, have placed your link in header.
Nanoco Technologies Ltd - Post 17 NANO Nanoco Group Plc BROWNSTONE22 04 Sep 2023 07:33 1
Activmojo, post 36921 your link added above.
ADVFN - PROBLEMS - Post 4080 HELP BROWNSTONE22 15 Jun 2023 13:31
Nanoco/Dow - 2016 a transformational year for CFQD - Post 34082 NANO Nanoco Group Plc BROWNSTONE22 12 May 2023 11:55
andycapped moderated
Nanoco Technologies Ltd - Post 14 NANO Nanoco Group Plc BROWNSTONE22 08 May 2023 09:18 4 1
Quantum Leaper”

So sinister - Brownstone could be BT?
Posted at 18/1/2024 15:59 by seball
A summary for new investors:

- In Jan23 won a settlement for patent infringement against Samsung, earning Nanoco pre-tax $90m ($15m from a first payment, $75m due early Feb).

- 10-12pps will be returned to shareholders in March24, exact method TBC but likely in whole or part a special dividend and/or buyback

- During Samsung litigation, Nanoco had core patents challenged, tested and upheld at PTAB, confirming validity of patents for Nanoco's volume QD seeding process.

- Nanoco have deep partnerships with 2 global device component/chemical manufacturers partners (one is ST Micro, the other an Asian customer). Both of these have thousands customers.

- Big opportunities are in QD Sensors and display. QD sensors have significant performance and safety benefits, independent reports forecast QD sensors to become mainstream.

- Nanoco are uncovering and engaging with other possible patent infringers, which could result in additional settlements or licence partnerships.

- Nanoco's competition (QD manufacturers) are not profitable and some may have infringed Nanoco's patents. Following Nanoco's patent validation, many will now struggle to raise additional PE funding, one (Nanosys) recently sold.

- Nanoco have cash for 4-5 years (after return to shareholders) but will be cash positive from 2025, possibly sooner = no further dilution.

- Many announcements suggest that Nanoco's QDs are in sensors in the Apple Vision Pro, would be a huge validation of their tech and result in a huge scaling revenue stream and increases likelihood of Nanoco's QDs getting into future iPhone models = massive.

- Other than Samsung (accused of partnering with & stealing Nanoco's methods and knowhow, resulting in $150m settlement and validation of Nanoco's IP at PTAB), QD adoption in devices has not got going. This appears to now be changing, with actual STMicro sensors on sale using QDs. This should snowball significantly over coming months/years.

- Recently strengthened board with two experienced advisors with extensive contacts and experience scaling & selling tech businesses.

- Nanoco completing build of a device lab, to actually demonstrate tech to customers, instead of talking theoretically, which will de-risk and accelerate customer adoption.

- Nanoco is pretty much valued at cash or less than cash, with no value priced in for the core and fully funded business, in the early stages of a new technology adoption across a very wide range of use cases, including sensing, display, lighting, solar panels, medical devices and more.

- Directors are now buying - 16th Jan

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