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HELD Hellenic Dynamics Plc

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23 May 2024 - Closed
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Hellenic Dynamics Plc HELD London Ordinary Share
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Hellenic Dynamics HELD Dividends History

No dividends issued between 23 May 2014 and 23 May 2024

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Posted at 20/5/2024 18:25 by extrader
This from Halland75, trading as Investing Genius :

.."People are clearly forgetting the 1m EUR loan over 15 years at 3.5%, this is accessible in June.."


We weren't told when this loan would be available when it was first announced in April, we learned of the midJune target date only after the emergency placing a fortnight later :

.."The proceeds of the Placing will be used for general working capital purposes up until the €1 million loan facility, announced by the Company on 22 April 2024, is received by the Company, which is EXPECTED to occur during mid-June 2024."

Then last week we learned this, about the earlier Riverfort facility ($315K principal + interest still o/s) :

.." Under the terms of the [Riverfort] Facility, the Company was required to maintain sufficient headroom in its share authorities to be able to satisfy the outstanding balance of the Facility by way of the issue of new ordinary shares in the Company, if not repaid in cash."

HELD has implicitly acknowledged that the Euro 1 m loan may not arrive, or may not arrive in time, because it has agreed [= been told by Riverfort it MUST] call a meeting 'to be held no later than 9 August 2024 [ Ed.: ie 90 days grace] in order to seek to pass resolutions to grant the necessary authority free of pre-emption to enable the Company to meets its obligations, unless the Outstanding Balance has been paid in cash, pursuant to the covenants in the Facility and to provide the directors with suitable capacity to allot shares as required from time to time..."

In plain English : HELD is calling a meeting [at Riverfort's insistence, my guess] to get authority to issue more shares in case Riverfort isn't paid off by the Euro 1 million loan.

Riverfort clearly doesn't share your confidence that the new loan will come through timeously.

Now ask yourself : why would a new lender agree to disburse (unless unavoidably required to do so), when 1/3rd of its money would be going to pay off another creditor, not to be productively invested in the business ? Especially when there seems growing (geddit?) uncertainty as to what that business is.

And - given this visible, known (in the public domain) uncertainty - why would an insurance company agree to be/stay on the hook for Euro 1 million for a measly 25K insurance premium?

'Splain that to me like I'm a 7 year-old.

Posted at 16/5/2024 13:43 by triskelion
> It would be nice (rather than constant money raising/arranging news)
> to get an update on the crop they said they began cultivating back in
> October and the main reason most holders are here.


I fail to see how HELD can be expected to be "close to cash generation" absent any evidence they are actually growing anything yet.

The RNS gives:

Hellenic Dynamics plc
+44 (0)20 3818 7850
Davinder Rai

Cairn Financial Advisers LLP
+44 (0)20 7213 0880
Emily Staples / Jo Turner

Peterhouse Capital
+44 (0)20 7469 0930
Lucy Williams / Charles Goodfellow

As for the RNS of 11th October 2023 which included

"It said Elgo Dimitra, the public research institute overseen by the Greek Ministry of Agriculture, has begun the cultivation of medical cannabis flowers for Hellenic Dynamics."

- I never understood that to mean planting in gross but instead cultivation of (please correct the concept/terminology) saplings/rootstock/seedlings/starters. A "public research institute" doesn't ordinarly grow commercial volumes of anything, so I don't understand why people persist with this idea that HELD announced they have begun cultivation. To me it seems plain they still haven't - and if so, that begs the question of what the current status of the offtake/purchase contracts might be....
Posted at 05/5/2024 00:32 by institutional investments
Problem is the overall market./ MSOS, MJ etc

If you break down the whole market, it is far from expecting the stupid 30% CAGR's by 2030 etc

In the recent lifts, HELD was a company that the managers could have added. It fits. They didnt

Held couldnt lift on a sector bear market retrace

hardly going to do much now with s sector turning back
Posted at 23/4/2024 18:30 by halland75
I have to add comedy, I can't begin to tell you how impressed with the loan terms and interest rate.
15 years!!!

Can you imagine the business plan, and perhaps recent positive developments that HELD have not yet disclosed to us, for that lender to offer such generous terms.

There is much they would have had to prove...and they did so successfully.

I reckon HELD are trying to equal or better those terms with Piraeus Bank.
PB will be well aware of the funding/terms HELD have already achieved elsewhere.
I now can't see PB refusing us.

I think an offer is already in. I believe they are only wrangling over interest rates.

3million buy after close today.
Posted at 17/4/2024 21:53 by masergt
Re cultivation and numbers (from across the road):


Today 16:14

Posts: 2,465

Price: 2.35

No Opinion

Trying to get a handle on the numbers HELD are targeting.

Full pelt they target 54000kg dried flowers per annum.

They have a 40,000m2 active cultivation licence, in their 195,506 square metre facility located near Thessaloniki.

Is the site with a facility set up for vertical cultivation or is it outdoor growing?

The average yield per plant is 2oz (56.7g) of bud. So the 54000kg (1,904,794ounces) per year mark looks more aspirational at this time.

They , depending on set up need 4 separate areas. Nursery stage, growing stage, flowering stage and drying area, for continual rotational cultivation. Then packing and dispatch areas on top

Ave cycle (cutting to flower) is 14 weeks. So potentially 4 crops per year. A fully grown flowering plant is easily 0.5m2 of floor space (if they’re nettles) or 1m2 if decent. Depends how crammed in they will be.

Given its medical grade there’ll be strict controls on nutrients etc.

Even if they achieve 3-4ounces per plant average under controlled growing conditions to achieve medical grade the numbers and space currently under licence are tight.

The following numbers are pretty big for the 40,000m2 licences area in my view. Unless it is set up for vertical cultivation.

80,000 plants (0.5m2) at eg. better case average of 3ounces per plant cropped and dried is 240,000ounces per crop. On a 12-14 week rotation say 4 crops per year is 960,000 ounces or 27215.5kg. So to hit their full target they need minimum 160,000 plants if they get an average of 3 ounces per plant.

More likely 1-2 ounces so more plants in my view.

The medical site (not connected to held) I have visited, used outdoor cultivation and yielded an average of 1-2 ounces of bud per plant over 16-18 week cycle. 3 crops on a 54 week cycle.

Which is why I’m asking about the numbers HELD are targeting and type of facility they have ?
Posted at 03/4/2024 16:28 by extrader
This from investing Genius (sic) :

If - per 4 - the bank (still Piraeus?) is a big supporter (a) why is there no update re status of the loan application and (b) why is there talk of alternative funding?

If - per 5 - HELD only took GBP 350 K (we were told $450K, never mind) and has been repaying 'since October' why only announce a mix of P + I (no breakdown) PARTIAL repayment, 5 months later ?

PS as I showed in an earlier post, it's arithmetically impossible for HELD to have been repaying instalments in full since October and still only have paid off principal (AND interest) of GBP 90K...which suggests that they're in some kind of 'soft default' / forbearance, surely?

This from a man who acknowledges (point 13) that 'PR and comms haven't been good' .......and assures us that he's going to do better.
That 'New year's resolution' hasn't worn well !

Point 6 acknowledges that HELD is indeed 'running on fumes'. If RGO is liquidating its portfolio as quickly as it can (per Halland75/Investing Genius), they're hardly likely to disincentivize early payment by imposing a penalty fee, are they? What's the betting HELD will nevertheless use that as a reason for drawing out repayments ?

'There are more questions than answers...and the more we find out, the less we know', it would seem.

Same old, same old...AFAICS
Posted at 30/3/2024 19:51 by extrader
The HELD payment of £90,756 paid in shares on 28 March @ 1.26 = $ 114,352.

We're told that this is 'part of an outstanding loan and accrued interest'.

The question is (or should be): How big a 'part' ?

It was paid 28 March 2024 on a loan for $450K taken out 26 October 2023 ie 5 months ago. 

.."The annual interest rate payable by the Company is 15% per annum payable on any outstanding amounts, quarterly in arrears.

ยท Each advance is repayable in monthly cash instalments after a holiday period, expected to be serviced from operational cashflow over the next 12-months.."

Unhelpfully (again) we're not told what the grace period is. The loan is $ 450 K.

If HELD had paid in 12 instalments, that would be $ 37.5K per month or $187.5K due to date. This exceeds the repayment actually made and also rules out a grace period.

A 1 or 2 month grace period would mean principal repayments of $163K (4 months@ $41K) or $135K (3 months @ $45K), so also not arithmetically possible.

So let's try a 3 month grace period and 9 instalments of $50K.

Two instalments due end March 2024 would be $ 100K. If interest is paid 'quarterly in arrears', after 5 months only 3 months interest is due. Three months' interest @ 15% on $450K would be ($67,500/12 *3 =) $16,875, together $ 116,875.

Absent any 'hard info', this seems as good a working hypothesis as any.

If so, HELD has paid off $100K out of its $450K loan and had accrued interest payable of $ 11,250 at end March 2024.

The situation appears even tighter than my 'blink' impression on first read.

If anyone has different numbers, pls share...including your assumptions !

Posted at 25/3/2024 09:12 by oakridge
nb. There has been a fresh fly by and image capture on Google Earth and interestingly, now that HELD's site in Greece is fully deaccessioned from its previous role with the U.N., pixilation is now no longer needed.

Although there were some great images supplied in the Facility Update RNS, one can now see from Google just what a vast site HELD have, with much work on the ground in evidence.

I believe the site, the license size and what HELD have managed to put into place thus far is worth well in excess of the market cap - particularly when compared to other players in the space.

Execution of the plan, or an initial part of it however - and proving operational competence - is obviously key. There are some top growers in and around the company (with a proven track record of implementing large grow sites) which can only be a good thing. Hopefully the arrangement with Piraeus Bank with come to fruition and this can be the trigger many are looking for.

Any such signs and I anticipate a significant market correction from these levels: the shares will simply be too cheap for the market to ignore.

Fingers crossed and NAI etc etc and good luck.
Posted at 25/3/2024 08:58 by oakridge
Good morning folks.

I've received a couple of messages from other HELD investors asking if I'm still interested in this company, so may as well answer on here.

Yes, I remain fully invested and haven't sold any shares at all. I posted back in January in response to the last RNS and tend now only to post when there is something tangible to respond to. Since then I've actually doubled my holding and vastly improved my average, so I remain more than committed even if I accept the hitting of certain key operational targets has taken longer than I had anticipated.

There remains a decent level of interest in the company within the investment community, however much of this enthusiasm appears to have shifted away from ADVFN, for now at least. There are of course uncertainties and HELD remains a speculative proposition, but there are some key aspects about HELD (all of which have been discussed on here before) that remain attractive and compelling for me and the outright size of the opportunity remains undiminished imo. As someone pointed out above, KNB are openly celebrating the recent regulatory developments in the German mkt. And that is just one market from many.

I believe we have a dogged CEO working hard to position the company correctly and who has already proven, through a very lengthy listing process, that he has the best intentions. The company also has some highly prominent advisors who naturally would want only to be associated with a sincere and, ultimately successful, venture.

The recent fall of the share price has, I believe, been in response to sustained selling, compounded with a gulf in news flow. However as others have pointed to, it could be that we are now approaching the thick end of the wedge and much of the waiting and suppressing activity within the market could be behind us. I hope so anyway.

AIMO only so ADYOR and NAI etc.
Posted at 27/1/2024 23:23 by halland75
If you are around at some point I would really like to know what you think of this, I ask you as you were the first who pieced together a possible Pfizer link with HELD.

I think it's a very realistic possibility that Pfizer could buy HELD once IP protection is secured (see the NBC piece below where it states Pfizer abandoned its cannabis-related patents).

And remember in an interview Davinder was not opposed to a buyout.

If Pfizer partnered/bought HELD out, perhaps Pfizer now feels the time is right to continue the work they had discontinued in regards to their pain treatments.
Remember that HELD can produce different strains of medicinal cannabis, and that if HELD secured that IP protection, meaning only they can be used to supply it.

Covid is over, Greek Banking crisis is over, Large Pharmaceuticals getting into the medicinal cannabis space, and that Pfizer link....

"Big Pharma Watching, Waiting and Building Cannabis Patent Portfolio".

Published on: July 10, 2019
David Hodes

"Big pharma is working on locking up cannabis patents, creating partnerships, and standing by to use its financial muscle for more ownership of the medical cannabis industry when the time is right".

This piece from NBC News Now on Sept. 26, 2019, 5:44 PM BST By Noah Smith

A Pfizer spokesperson, Sally Beatty, said the company “abandoned” its cannabis-related patents after it ended research into treating cancer and inflammatory pain.“Years ago we investigated a class of compounds for potential therapeutic value in treating cancer pain and inflammatory pain. Our work in this area was confined to the lab, never tested in patients, and eventually discontinued,”.

Is it just wishful thinking from me, or perhaps everything is aligning now?
At this IMO, right time.

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