Share Name Share Symbol Market Type Share ISIN Share Description
Greenroc Mining Plc LSE:GROC London Ordinary Share GB00BLD3C518 ORD 0.1P
  Price Change % Change Share Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  0.125 2.22% 5.75 257,196 11:04:52
Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price
5.50 6.00 5.75 5.625 5.625
Industry Sector Turnover (m) Profit (m) EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap (m)
Mining -0.31 -1.11 6
Last Trade Time Trade Type Trade Size Trade Price Currency
15:40:50 O 10,000 5.56 GBX

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Greenroc Mining Daily Update: Greenroc Mining Plc is listed in the Mining sector of the London Stock Exchange with ticker GROC. The last closing price for Greenroc Mining was 5.63p.
Greenroc Mining Plc has a 4 week average price of 5.63p and a 12 week average price of 5.63p.
The 1 year high share price is 11p while the 1 year low share price is currently 5.63p.
There are currently 110,000,000 shares in issue and the average daily traded volume is 119,904 shares. The market capitalisation of Greenroc Mining Plc is £6,325,000.
sicilian_kan: luffness, the claim was not about permafrost. Your claim was that (paraphrased): - JAY walked away from the GROC licence because of issues to do with permafrost and walruses / narwhal populations; and - that these issues were not issues that JAY have [in their license next door]. Have a look at this document from the JAY environmental report (that led to environmental approvals for them next door at Dundas): hTTps:// At page 4, "The Project is located in a region of permafrost which extends well below the current base of the proposed pits" At page 5, "Shallow groundwater flow occurs in the active layer during summer months...The depth of the active layer varies spatially and temporarily...with an average of 1.1m" At page 9, "The upper most layer of ground that seasonally thaws above the permafrost is called the active layer". Conclusion: The level of permafrost at JAY's Dundas (who got their environmental permits) is identical to the level of permafrost at GROC next door. Yet for some reason, you seem to assert, unevidenced, that the permafrost situation is different at GROC is different to JAY and that JAY walked away for that reason. You provide no evidence of these assertions which on the face of it look factually wrong. So, I ask you again, what evidence do you have in support of any of your claims?
sicilian_kan: Exploration target upgrades are not issued to increase the share price for the fund raise due later this year. They are issued because the likely resource has grown in size due to the successful drill campaigns and other work, which is reportable to the market. We are also likely to get the Black Sands drill results upgrade very, very soon. Yes there will be a fundraise later this year - the 2023 campaigns need to be funded. But my key takeaway from this year is that Greenroc has not yet broken a single one of its targets for this year and there have been some positive surprises along the way too. I have more faith in the company now than when I first invested at the time of the the IPO last year and I have been increasing my holding at these low levels. At some point, the market will get this company and it will come good. It is dealing in an excellent resource, in two critical global needs. Right place, right time and as I say, a company that generally does what it says it will do. All very promising and I would be staggered if we were anywhere near current prices in 12 months time.
bobdown2: The lack of posts here show the lack of interest. Mostly brought about by the continuous unloading of the ipo shares at what looks to be at losses. How ever the recent rns statements as highlighted in the above post shows the potential here. There are not many shares issued and the share price will rise quickly once the ipo has gone. The rising share price should then push alba up.
ryanrhys: Their newest presentation today just repeats a 12 year rhetoric. No more than repeating big words and intentions hoping to wow you on non existent progress. Where is any real interest?! Bluejay had to spend £5 million in a year or so for interest from Finnaust and Royal IHC subsequently joined by a major Rip Tinto. Greenroc are doing nothing, more drills, pointless ESIA subjection, saying they will try and apply for a liscence in years to come. They need tens of millions, backing, partnership, test plants, trial runs, a dock and pier. An endless list they don't address and due to these failures and failure of any market interest it's a poor show which will harbour no growth. As with Alba we see the same model, we could almost call it the Alba model since they run it year after year up and down till all cash and ways to fundraise go soon followed by their assets. Ramp big, promise everything, deliver nothing but a few drills and minor pointless studies. This is why Alba hemorrhaged these asset's into Greenroc in the first place.... they ran out of cash, couldn't afford another year of Greenland government required spending commitment!? Years they had run these up but doing nothing, that's why they are still unwanted tumbleweed assets. This new spin is simply the old spin, twelve years old no less!? Any companies share price would fly if they were serious, did all studies and bathymetry etc etc in a year then look to be bought out or partnered. So this isn't going anywhere, their next year's development isn't much and not exciting. It won't achieve results and the share price and their meager cash reserves dwindle out.
iamthebest: GROC 110 million shares in issue Raised gross proceeds of £5.12m through issue of 51,200,000 shares at 10p. Consideration paid to Alba was in shares 59,500,001 plus £50,000 in cash... The above all stacks correct with a market cap of £11m at issue price of 10p. Also stacks with a share price of £6.43m@5.85p. Also stacks with what company said as per RNS sept 28th 2021 of net proceeds of £4,247,000 to provide 1.Funding for Greenroc to further explore develop Greenland projects. 2. Reimburse Alba for an agreed proportion of 2021 drilling costs at the Amitsoq and the Thule Black sand projects and 3. Provide Greenroc with ongoing working capital to support business operations...
chippyfriday: Hi SK, I have invested in small cap miners in the past but came to the conclusion that with a lot of them, the only people who made any money were the directors and most investors lost money. Looking at the directors of Greenroc I notice the strong connection with Alba Minerals and that Alba owns licenses for the Greenland resources. hTTps:// In ten years the Alba share price has only been above 1p once and that was very briefly in 2014. Talking of dilution, the current mkt cap of Alba is £14,400,000 and the share price is 0.22p so I'll let you work out the number of shares. hTTps:// Greenland is a very harsh environment which which will certainly add to difficulties and cost. I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that Greenroc isn't for me and I hope you will take this post as intended, which is to advise you to proceed with caution.
jwoolley: "It is not in itself a reason not to invest." Agree it's not. But I do think the raise will probably be below the current share price and I can't see anything at the moment to improve the share price significantly. So it might not be a reason to invest, just yet?? At the moment, I feel the slide needs to steady a bit, then it might be worth dipping a toe in. Just my thoughts.
ryanrhys: I don't drink, not that I am T total but I've just never really enjoyed drinking and really only have a drink on very very special occasions. It's quite popular to not drink thesedays, people who drink lots are just off putting and not emotionally stable. I use to just buy a few cokes or lemonades when out just to stop people asking if I was drinking or not, when asked if say it was G & T or Johnnie Walker and coke but with all these fancy new mineral waters and the present craze I just tell people I don't drink and enjoy a mineral water. At first I really was a Perrier guy, strangely I hated Perrier as soon as I got into San Pellegrino. After that the market exploded and you got water from the glaciers of the some pristine snow locked country to the Welsh Hills. It's amazing how subtle the change in mineral content creates a multitude of flavoured water and the enjoyment like a fine wines sensitive palate can be had. When in Wales I find the general tap water of the North and sometimes mid areas to be very tasty. It's easy to gulp down lots and is cleansing, refreshing and has a purity in its mild taste. Happily could I bottle and sell that, it's easily better than a lot of others on the market. Evian is quite strong tasting of minerals whereas Welsh tap water the opposite. One other type of tap water that was amazingly tasty was the water a certain type of granite like islands around the world. The granite breaks down into a rich muddy orange like soil over millions of years erosion. Hong Kong, some other similar but far scattered places of that granite makeup make you want to drink toll your bloated on a hot summers day. No I am afraid alcohol is not for me, there's much finer pleasure in non alcoholic drinks and for me just simple healthy water. As for GreenRoc it always seems I'm right and your wrong, as far as the words 'Share' and 'Chat' explain I feel predicting the first IPO failure in lack of subscription and its large drop even to and beyond today to be far more fitting. I also feel warranted that as far as their assets go they will never get interest or development and the continued drilling and pointless field projects merely a continuing saga that has been re-running for best part of a whole decade. Bluejay were bought out by Finnaust, they quickly got £5 million then £20 million then more after till completion of their ilmenite which wouldn't give you much change from £30 million and only seeks to do strip mining as a stage one and is not yet able to dredge offshore as it's next stage unrolls. Bluejay have had ICH run their samples and test deliveries through their pilot plant and have provided machinery and plant to site. They also build the dredgers Bluejay need. Rio and another company have given £20 million for development and will offtake their ore in ships. GreenRoc sit there (as these assets did in Alba) unwanted. No one will partner or fund and GreenRoc will never have, raise or get enough funds to do it themselves. The whole world knows what you got but no one is interested and for that it fails. More drilling on either of your main liscences won't change this, more studies and reports dosent garner what you need. Alba had actually run out of cash to pay much more of the Greenlandic government development agreements to hold the liscence and itself become low on cash and unable to raise anything. In fact the only reason it hasn't failed before are 1) It went cap in hand to Bergen for cash for share deals which Bergen hammered them on leaving Alba having to pull out of the deal and... 2) It ran bogus news stories on apparently finding Welsh gold to the tune of £750 million in the Welsh Hills. The gold scandal has seen them not find gold, their wash plant fail to make any gold and a slew of pointing everywhere claiming it holds gold reports which are now at stupid levels since they can't show even a speck of it!? The lack of interest was also why everyone dumped Alba and it's share price tumble to nothing but leaving 7 billion shares each only a minute fraction of a penny. The same lack saw Alba spinoff and the most crucial aspect this undersold overhang and the fact no one really bought into GreenRoc and why its price has crashed since day one even showing over %30 loss. I'm not sure what you expect, this is obviously the truth and only reason for its crash down. Did you really think I'd avoid the truth and start drawing little crayon pictures of GreenRoc named rocket ships blasting off to Pluto in clouds of investor filled cash.....!? I'd like to see proof this isn't a failure like people wanted to see lots of gold to prove Alba wasn't lying. For years and years they produced report after report claiming amazing opportunities, world class assets but got and did nothing. The plots of land are still barren tumbleweed plots of land they were upto a decade ago when bought and all those millions seem more just wages and admin minus a few drillings. Will GF, after taking £300k plus for wages from Alba then take the same from GreenRoc...!? No development, massive wage bills.... Come on what was promised hasn't materialised and the only ones who got rich were the board and CEO. How low does this overhang go and add on the fact lots keep selling out just when could this share price drop to!? Already no development just more drilling next year.....'''AGAIN!?''' and so forth til broke. No one gave these guys £5 million, the IPO didn't sell much and no one underwrote that they would give all the money for the millions of unsold shares. Can we have proof of what GF said that they got the £5 million!? I'd guess they'd be lucky if they got £2.5million and already £850k had to go back to Alba. Minus this and next year's drilling plus government spend requirements on all the assets by next Summer, close to a £600k wage bill..... this lot will be broke and unable to fund more. The truth often hurts those invested, I've not seen any of you add anything meaningful to the conversation or honour the words 'Share' and 'Chat'!?
hedgehog 100: Thanks to Bob for these useful new posts on the ALBA thread - bobdown2 14 Nov '21 - 11:53 - 11683 of 11692 0 2 0 "News from groc in the comming weeks. This is handy whilst alba try to install some common sense into the current situation. Part of the greenroc asset grew by 30% and it is a world class asset. But this has changed my view. Instead of alba leading its share price up, it now looks like it will be its greenroc stake. We need some more buying to clear the seller from the ipo. But the seller has created a 20% discount from the ipo price. As posted before the greenroc ipo price is the same as albas,s market cap. Poor value for an asset that has just increased its potential worth." bobdown2 15 Nov '21 - 11:46 - 11688 of 11692 0 1 0 "Dyor. Do your own research. The bid is creeping up and buys are out weighing sells. That does not mean the share price will rise but it does reflect sentiment. I think this is the absolute bottom. V.i.y.s. view it yourself."
hedgehog 100: RyanRhys 6 Oct '21 - 20:45 - 9 of 13 0 1 0 " ... Greenland might hold a wealth of minerals but no one is flocking there and especially with graphite many £60million to £100 million mines have sprung up around real infrastructure saturating the market for many years to come and a tiny plot in the middle of nowhere is the last thing any company wants. ... Don't believe me just watch the share price for proof, %20 drop by now means serious troubles and underwiters bailing out although with no one to sell to the price crashes. ..." RR, GROC's IPO wasn't underwritten, so how can underwriters be bailing out when there weren't any? The volumes are consistent with retail trades, not institutional trades. From GROC's AIM admission document, 22.9.21: "13. Details of the Placing and the Subscription ETX Capital has conditionally agreed, pursuant to the Placing Agreement and as agent for the Company, to use its reasonable endeavours to procure subscribers for the Placing Shares at the Placing Price. Additionally, pursuant to the Subscription Agreement, the Subscriber has agreed, conditional on Admission, to subscribe for the Subscription Shares at the Placing Price. The Placing and the Subscription will raise in aggregate, approximately £5.12 million (before expenses) for the Company. Both the Placing and the Subscription, neither of which is underwritten, are conditional upon, inter alia, the Acquisition Agreement becoming unconditional (save as to Admission) and Admission becoming effective by not later than 8.00 a.m. on 28 September 2021 (or such date as the Company, Cairn and ETX Capital may agree, being not later than 5.00 p.m. on 15 October 2021) and on the Placing Agreement not being terminated. ..." HTTP:// HTTP:// Note also that, despite not being underwritten, GROC's IPO raised the £5.12M. wanted, which is a clear success. In addition, GROC's graphite projects RNS two days ago sets out that its graphite projects alone could contain millions of tonnes of graphite, with an in-situ value of billions of dollars. In conclusion, I would welcome sensible bearish analysis to inform investors' views of GROC, but you are just making up nonsense. Would you please stop posting lies here, or I will report you to ADVFN, and/or the FCA.
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