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Bhp Group Plc LSE:BHP London Ordinary Share GB00BH0P3Z91 ORD $0.50
  Price Change % Change Share Price Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  4.20 0.25% 1,664.80 1,664.20 1,665.20 1,674.20 1,641.00 1,641.00 2,889,078 16:35:12
Industry Sector Turnover (m) Profit (m) EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap (m)
Mining 34,886.2 11,854.3 126.3 13.1 35,162

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RIO Barclays Capital Underweight 4,000.00 Reiterates GLEN UBS Neutral 300.00 Unchanged
la forge
Australian Stock Exchange Share Prices Name Price Change % Bhp Billiton 37.74 +1.86% Rio Tinto 97.9 +0.99%
the grumpy old men
Https:// Iron Ore 97.78 USD 0.02(0.02%) Gold COMEX 1,348.10 +0.40% Silver COMEX 15.06 +1.04% Platinum NYMEX 805.10 +0.17% Copper COMEX 2.62 -1.08% Brent Crude Oil NYMEX 62.92 +2.03% Gasoline NYMEX 1.70 +0.95% Natural Gas NYMEX 2.34 +0.47% (WTI) 53.46 USD +0.47% Rio Tinto 4,513.5 -0.55% Anglo American 1,973.8 +1.75% Glencore 260.7 -0.21% (BHP) 1825.1 GBp +1.15%
Https:// Iron Ore 97.76 USD -0.5(-0.57%) Gold COMEX 1,343.80 +0.76% Silver COMEX 14.91 +0.80% Platinum NYMEX 802.90 +0.01% Copper COMEX 2.64 +0.51% Brent Crude Oil NYMEX 60.62 -0.02% Gasoline NYMEX 1.66 -0.42% Natural Gas NYMEX 2.32 -2.52% (WTI) 51.66 USD +0.21% Rio Tinto 4,538.5 +0.39% Anglo American 1,939.8 +1.04% Glencore 261.25 +0.67% (BHP) 1804.1 GBp +0.54%
Https:// Iron Ore 98.32USD -0.07(-0.07%) Gold COMEX 1,343.50 +0.25% Silver COMEX 14.78 +0.04% Copper COMEX 2.64 -1.26% Brent Crude Oil NYMEX 60.45 -2.45% Gasoline NYMEX 1.69 -2.20% Natural Gas NYMEX 2.39 -1.20% (WTI) 51.41 USD -3.07% Rio Tinto 4,521 -1.85% Anglo American 1,919.8 -0.81% Glencore 259.5 -0.88% (BHP) 1794 GBp -0.37%
courtesy of cpap man 5 Jun '19 - 12:47 - 508 of 509 0 0 0 KAV #KAV SP Angel Morning View Conclusion: Kavango may have found a new method for discovering large scale, metalliferous anomalies in Botswana. If their first round of drilling is any indication then more exciting discoveries are yet to come. LSE:KAV hxxp:// no kisses please, we are afterall british. A cap H will do and a S was omitted Https:// Kavango Resources PLC (“Kavango” or the “Company”) is a mineral exploration company focused on Botswana. Its shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange (Standard List) with ticker KAV.L. At Admission on 31 July 2018 it raised gross proceeds of £1.5m. Kavango has been set up by an experienced team of geologists and a geophysicist with a history of exploration discoveries in southern Africa. The focus in Botswana is centred on three projects, which are prospective for copper, nickel and PGE metals. The Kalahari Suture Zone Project and the Ditau Project cover 12 Prospecting Licences (6,928km2) in the southwest of Botswana. The targets are nickel-copper-PGE deposits associated with a 450km long structural feature thought to extend deep into the earth’s crust. The Kavango Copper Project in the northwest of the country where Kavango is exploring for mineralisation associated with the extension of the DRC-Zambia copperbelt. The strategy of the Company is to repeat the successes of past discoveries through the discovery of world class deposits and the creation of value added for the benefit of all shareholders.
avoid xx with cap H loganair 5 Jun '19 - 12:27 - 75 of 76 0 0 0 Money Week - The global collapse in trust has driven a secret bull market in gold: Https://
Money Week - The global collapse in trust has driven a secret bull market in gold: hxxps:// How much more distrusting have we become? Check out these charts. The main authors of In Gold We Trust – Ronald-Peter Stoeferle and Mark J Valek – are (as you might expect) hardcore goldbugs. Theirs is a world view with which many MoneyWeek readers will have a lot of sympathy. I know do. There is too much debt in the world, especially government debt. Easy money, low rates, monetary manipulation, the balance sheets of central banks and all the rest of it have stored up a host of problems, and when the dam breaks it will be nasty. Gold is thus an essential diversifier in everybody’s portfolio. One word, however, appeared more frequently than I have ever known it to. It’s a word with which bitcoin bugs will be only to familiar – “trust”. Bitcoin, of course, was designed to obviate the need for it – “in proof we trust”, runs the saying. Incrementum observes that in the West, trust is disappearing. People no longer trust their governments. They do not trust their politicians. They do not trust their scientists, or their economists. Experts are biased. The media is biased. Even systems and processes are no longer trusted – whether it’s education, healthcare, even democracy itself. The blue squares in the chart below chart declining levels of political trust in various countries around the world. Interestingly, Finland has seen the biggest falls. It’s easy to explain why such trust should have evaporated, from lies about the Iraq war, to the authorities’ reaction to the financial crisis of 2008. Society, as a result, has become polarised in a way that we simply weren’t used in the nineties and early noughties. It’s interesting that the UK actually saw a marginal rise in trust between 2007 and 2016, albeit from much lower levels. This probably reflects the difference in perception between the Brown and Cameron administrations. When the 2018-2019 data gets released, I think you’ll see UK trust in governments at an all-time low. As far as Incrementum (and any like-minded gold or bitcoin bug) is concerned, this loss of trust in our institutions and in each other is leading up to the humdinger – a loss of trust in money itself. Indeed, that’s why bitcoin was designed in the first place. At a global level, this is manifesting itself in mutual distrust among central banks. Some have repatriated gold held overseas, while others have been increasing their gold holdings in what is known as the de-dollarisation of the economy. Hungary has increased its gold holdings tenfold, for example. That’s extreme – but most nations are at it. It’s no coincidence that the change in trend began in 2008. That’s when they bailed out the banks. What struck me, in particular, was, cumulatively, how much gold Russia has bought. While the growth in China’s holdings, as I have written about before, is extraordinary. So loss of trust was one big theme of this year’s report. And these central bank reserve charts go some way to demonstrating the scale aof that loss of trust. Gold’s secret bull market: I just want to cover a couple more charts which caught my eye. We tend to think of gold in US dollar terms, because that is the official price in which gold is measured. As a result, our perception is that gold peaked in 2011 at $1,920 per ounce and has been in a bear market ever since. Today it sits around $1,330. But over the same period the US dollar has largely been in a bull market. It has been strengthening against most currencies. On the other hand, I’ve often described gold as a hedge against your own government. And in the UK, for example, it has served that purpose well. Gold was £700/oz in early 2016, before the Brexit vote. Today it’s 50% higher, at roughly £1,050. In this next chart we see the world price of gold – ie gold plotted against all major national currencies. You wouldn’t know it, but by this measure, gold has been in a bull market since 2013. Gold has, in other words, been doing what it is supposed to do. There are many great charts in the report, and I recommend you take a look. But I wanted to finish off with one final chart that caught my eye. Commodity prices are incredibly low, believe it or not: A common theme of mine in recent years has been the extraordinary valuation ascribed to the digital economy, while the real economy has lagged. Whether it’s the valuations ascribed to FANG stocks or bitcoin, or the earnings of tech entrepreneurs, the digital economy has eclipsed the physical economy. The reason is scalability, as I outlined last week. Real stuff is a burden. The physical economy is hard. Nowhere is this dichotomy more apparent than in the commodities markets. We think of the great commodities bull market of the 2000s, and then the subsequent bear market we are in today. But oil is still above $50 a barrel, copper costs nearly $6,000 a tonne, and wheat is around $200 a bushel. Prices don’t feel that low. However, if we look at commodity prices relative to stock prices, they are actually more depressed than they were at the turn of the century, before that great secular bull market. In fact they’re almost as low as they were in the late 1960s. Here we see the ratio of the Goldman Sachs Commodities Index against the Dow Jones. I don’t think it starts tomorrow. Probably not even this decade. But the stage is being set for a turnaround in commodities – and as such the real economy. And if all the inflation that has built up over the last decade manifests itself in commodity prices, then you really will need to own some gold. For now, amid the recent stockmarket correction, gold has had a nice little rally over this past couple of weeks to around $1,330. It’s looking strong. But the big barrier remains that $1,360 area that has been resistance for some five years now. Will 2019 be the year it gets through? Let’s hope so.
Come join the party #BBSN
Https:// Iron Ore 98.39 USD 2.11(2.14%) Gold COMEX 1,339.00 -0.02% Silver COMEX 14.77 +0.17% Copper COMEX 2.67 +0.64% Brent Crude Oil NYMEX 61.78 +0.82% Gasoline NYMEX 1.72 -1.13% Natural Gas NYMEX 2.43 +1.08% Rio Tinto 4,606 +0.24% Anglo American 1,935.4 +0.82% Glencore 261.8 +1.97% (BHP) 1800.9 GBp +0.16%
Https:// Iron Ore 96.28 USD -2.48(-2.58%) Gold COMEX 1,334.70 +0.91% Silver COMEX 14.73 +1.08% Copper COMEX 2.65 +0.30% Brent Crude Oil NYMEX 61.81 -0.29% Gasoline NYMEX 1.76 -0.73% Natural Gas NYMEX 2.40 -2.40% (WTI) 53.63 USD +1.53% Rio Tinto 4,595 +1.29% Anglo American 1,919.6 +1.30% Glencore 256.75 +0.82% (BHP) 1801.7 GBp +0.96%
Https:// it is more likely that market forces will keep supply and demand in balance and prices in check. Lower prices will lead to increased demand for EVs, which will affect commodity prices. Furthermore, producers are looking for alternative methods and metals to produce batteries with in order to prevent overdependence on lithium and cobalt. This would influence demand in the long term and therefore, suppress prices. For the time being, the world is dependent on a limited number of metals to power the shift away from fossil fuels, and the dropping prices could not have come at a better time. By Vanand Meliksetian for
Russia Holds Rare Earths But Mines Little. That's Changing By Yuliya Fedorinova 31 mai 2019 à 15:10 UTC+2 Updated on 1 juin 2019 à 01:05 UTC+2 The country holds some of the biggest rare-earth reserves But its projects have faced several setbacks in development SHARE THIS ARTICLE Share Tweet Post Email In this article ROSTH ROSTEC STATE CORP Private Company CHEP CHELPIPE 153.00 RUB +1.00+0.66% With rare earths in the cross hairs of the U.S.-China trade war, there’s a sharp focus on who else can sell the critical minerals. Russia could become one supplier. The country accounts for less than 2% of global production, but owns the world’s fourth-biggest reserves, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. There are two projects that could come online by 2023, but they’ve been set back by delays. President Vladimir Putin has pushed Russia to develop its own rare earth production, calling it an issue that’s "critically important to the defense capability of the country." He’s previously said Russia ranks second in total reserves around the world. "Despite the fact that the projects are difficult and being postponed, the supplies are unlikely to reach the U.S.," said Boris Krasnojenov, chief of research at Alfa Bank JSC in Moscow. Read: China Has Rare Earths Plan Ready to Go If Trade War Deepens The biggest one is run by TriArk Mining Co., a venture owned by Russian billionaire Alexander Nesis and Russian state-owned giant Rostec State Corp., which is under U.S. sanctions. It’s developing a project in Russia’s Far East that hopes to produce 14,000 tons of ferroniobium and 16,000 tons of rare earth metals oxides a year, said spokesman Andjey Krasutsky. That would account for 10% of global production, according to the company. TriArk expects to mine the first material from the Tomtor deposit in 2022 and have product ready to sell by the following year. However, the site has faced several delays because of difficulties extracting the ore. "Given the timing of the project and the dynamic situation in the market and in the world," it’s too early to tell if Tomtor will be able to sell rare earth to the U.S., Krasutsky said. Andrey Korobov, the head of Rostec’s RT-Business Development, said in an interview in 2015 that the plant will make Russia self-sufficient in rare-earth elements used in wind turbines and hybrid cars. Exports to Japan and China might be an option, he said. The second, smaller rare-earth project is being developed by ZAO Technoinvest Alliance, which is partially owned by steel pipe maker ChelPipe PJSC. The goal is to extract tantalum and niobium as well as oxides of rare earth metals from the Zashikhinskoye deposit in the Irkutsk region and use some of the materials in pipe making. The project aims to process 1 million tons of ore per year. In January, the regional government said plant opening was delayed to 2023, according to Tass. — With assistance by Elena Mazneva
Https:// Iron Ore 98.76USD 0.04(0.04%) Gold COMEX 1,317.70 +1.04% Silver COMEX 14.58 +0.58% Copper COMEX 2.65 -0.19% Brent Crude Oil NYMEX 63.44 -2.89% Gasoline NYMEX 1.80 -2.89% Natural Gas NYMEX 2.48 -2.55% (WTI) 55.05 USD -1.70% Rio Tinto 4,536.5 -2.34% Anglo American 1,895 -2.02% Glencore 254.65 -2.06% (BHP) 1785.4 GBp -1.36%
Https:// Iron Ore 98.72 USD 0.13(0.13%) Gold COMEX 1,286.30 +0.41% Silver COMEX 14.50 +0.62% Copper COMEX 2.65 -0.41% Brent Crude Oil NYMEX 66.24 -2.40% Gasoline NYMEX 1.87 -2.46% Natural Gas NYMEX 2.54 -3.28% (WTI) 57.89 USD -1.91% Rio Tinto 4,645 +0.00% Anglo American 1,934 +1.41% Glencore 260 +0.58% (BHP) 1810 GBp +0.56%
Rio Tinto 4,647 -2.70% Anglo American 1,908.6 -2.24% Glencore 258 -0.79% (BHP) 1800.1 GBp -1.85% Https:// Iron Ore 98.59 USD 0.21(0.21%) 04:43:00 AM Gold COMEX 1,281.40 +0.34% Silver COMEX 14.40 +0.56% Copper COMEX 2.66 -1.17% Brent Crude Oil NYMEX 67.13 -2.24% Gasoline NYMEX 1.90 -2.05% Natural Gas NYMEX 2.64 +2.17% (WTI) 57.28 USD -2.75%
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