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Quadrise (QED)

Quadrise Plc
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19/04/202411:21Alliance NewsAlliance NewsQuadrise partner HSO receives funding for Valkor Project in UtahLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
19/04/202407:00RNS Regulatory NewsQuadrise PLC Valkor Project UpdateLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
12/04/202418:18Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Quadrise raises GBP1.0 million in oversubscribed open offerLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
12/04/202416:58RNS Regulatory NewsQuadrise PLC Results of Open OfferLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
22/03/202415:10RNS Regulatory NewsQuadrise PLC Extension of Open Offer Closing DateLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
20/03/202413:01RNS Non-RegulatoryQuadrise PLC Investor PresentationLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
19/03/202414:27Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Quadrise shares sink on discounted fundraiseLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
19/03/202407:00RNS Regulatory NewsQuadrise PLC Placing Results, Open Offer & Posting of CircularLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
18/03/202419:06Alliance NewsAlliance NewsEARNINGS AND TRADING: JPMorgan US Smaller optimistic; Burford buybackLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
18/03/202417:11Alliance NewsAlliance News*Quadrise to raise GBP1.5m via placing and subscription at 1.25pLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
18/03/202416:59Alliance NewsAlliance News*Quadrise half-year diluted LPS 0.11p vs LPS 0.12p YoYLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
18/03/202416:58Alliance NewsAlliance News*Quadrise half-year pretax loss GBP1.7m vs GBP1.8mLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
18/03/202416:55RNS Regulatory NewsQuadrise PLC Proposed Placing, Subscription and Open OfferLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
18/03/202416:53RNS Regulatory NewsQuadrise PLC Interim ResultsLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
15/02/202415:49Alliance NewsAlliance NewsTRADING UPDATES: Biome wins contract; Orosur Mining raises GBP500,000LSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
15/02/202407:00RNS Regulatory NewsQuadrise PLC Agreement with Euthenia & BTG BioliquidsLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
06/02/202410:00Alliance NewsAlliance NewsQuadrise shares jump on MSAR and bioMSAR fuel trial dealLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
06/02/202407:00RNS Regulatory NewsQuadrise PLC Marine Project UpdateLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
06/12/202310:27Alliance NewsAlliance NewsQuadrise shares up on fuel testing showing reduction of emissionsLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
06/12/202307:00UK RegulatoryQuadrise PLC Update re bioMSAR(TM) and bioMSAR(TM) Zero DevelopmentLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
27/11/202319:03Alliance NewsAlliance NewsTRADING UPDATES: Molten Ventures completes raise; Saietta proposes oneLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
27/11/202317:46UK RegulatoryQuadrise PLC Result of AGMLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
27/11/202311:43Alliance NewsAlliance NewsQuadrise shares rise as biofuel projects make strong progressLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
27/11/202307:00UK RegulatoryQuadrise PLC AGM StatementLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
22/11/202312:30Alliance NewsAlliance NewsQuadrise shares rise on successful industrial demonstration testLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
22/11/202307:00UK RegulatoryQuadrise PLC Morocco Project UpdateLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
09/11/202307:00RNS Non-RegulatoryQuadrise PLC Publication of 2023 Sustainability ReportLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
31/10/202314:23Alliance NewsAlliance NewsTRADING UPDATES: Amaroq wins two new exploration licences in GreenlandLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
31/10/202312:45UK RegulatoryQuadrise PLC Morocco Project UpdateLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
27/10/202316:20UK RegulatoryQuadrise PLC Posting of Annual Report & Notice of AGMLSE:QEDQuadrise Plc
 Showing the most relevant articles for your search:LSE:QED