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Alba Mineral Resources Plc LSE:ALBA London Ordinary Share GB00B06KBB18 ORD 0.01P
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Mining -1.31 -0.04 16
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Alba Mineral Resources Daily Update: Alba Mineral Resources Plc is listed in the Mining sector of the London Stock Exchange with ticker ALBA. The last closing price for Alba Mineral Resources was 0.25p.
Alba Mineral Resources Plc has a 4 week average price of 0.24p and a 12 week average price of 0.24p.
The 1 year high share price is 0.56p while the 1 year low share price is currently 0.22p.
There are currently 6,245,239,899 shares in issue and the average daily traded volume is 9,832,848 shares. The market capitalisation of Alba Mineral Resources Plc is £15,613,099.75.
ryanrhys: Elir I have, Stellar Arkle and GMOW check their RNS's before the failed at Clogau....! Also there's been no interest by any reputable players in Greenland...! Also NRW stated it was Alba not them why the dewatering permit is embarrassingly late....! Those references should be easy for you to check, you keep coming back saying I don't provide reference but no one else is disputing this. You didn't even know the ilmenite average depth of 2m until someone had to clearly explain in slow and simple language. Do you understand the words 'NO GOLD' that's what they turned up, oh apparently it's in the concentrate and unreachable mythical lodes, shame you cat get it and show gold just conceptually ramble about nothing! Dealing with you is simple, you don't understand mining or geology past the simple stuff you read online one night. Every other company raced to strike their first ingot except Alba, even Scot gold rushed through theirs the second their plant started turning. Strange isn't it how other UK goldmines get gold and Alba has a piece of worthless salted paper!? Why's that can't you prove what all the other goldmines here do!??.... Guess not and he ce why your share price is dieing a slow death. Don't think you understand or you wouldn't be still talking waffle!?
ryanrhys: Where are you dreaming this stuff up from!? Alba failed and you hate anyone saying it so you thought you would come here and challenge that... Wasn't easy was it, in fact the more you reply the more I just publish the facts and that seems to annoy you more than anything. You forget, GMOW failed here, Arkle and then Stellar... That's one hec of a history of failure and now Alba follow suit. Facts are facts and Alba were the ones who reported the story to the newspapers, about the time their share price had died. Reoccurring theme, they went crazy releasing everything and early revenue when it threatened to drop into the teens, even YouTube's a video of them digging em. You forget Alba isn't the first failure here and in a straight row will be the fourth in the last few years. Not just Alba that released the same stories and fails is it!? Suggest they will leave the site with nothing like the rest. Facts are facts sorry!?
ryanrhys: No your right nothing has been sold, it's still Alba, owned and controlled by Alba and will fail once again. Really the IPO is because the share price has died, sentiment has left and it's all about to crash and burn. Looks like the IPO and last three drills have eaten a vast amount of Alba's cash reserves for this year too.
ryanrhys: "What about the strikes along the 580m potential lode extension in previously unworked areas now whilst it’s not fully mapped out and confirmed you can’t deny they have found potential gold in places not previously looked at" What lode extensions!? Llechfraith found zero gold under any lodes and miners drilled and dug till all else was exhausted. Alba have done a drill and hit quartz - that's simple to do. It may have contained a tiny fraction of gold but nothing suggests there a lode here and infact this barren type of geology is very common. Also this is a reef system, under the present workings was found to be nothing, that is also how reefs work. Imagine a layer of fractures with nothing underneath. But it's not what's conceptual that matters, a total reluctance to process the pits or find workable sources. The JW lode they samples apparently returned assays of hundreds of grams a ton. I'll put it to you that - A) These assays have been manipulated and B) They know if they dared they would prove this point so refuse to operate a working mine and processing plant!? "rns that the process is working well and is now optimised showing nothing left in tailing" Who cares about tailings if you don't have gold. Tailings show a percent loss which dosent mean you can't show the gain. Why even say this in an RNS when you don't put forward an RNS showing the gold you recovered. Contra to this it is quite cheap to send a few buckets of concentrate away and get the refined gold back. Their concentrate isn't even very high, preferably needs to be over %80 gold or need a specialist. But there are a few and if it was a simple matter why won't they use the real methods of proof instead of hiding behind meaningless RNS's!? It's not what they do but what they don't do. Proving the plant and grades is as simple as saying we crushed X amount of ton of rock and here is Y amount of gold which we sent of and got Z amount of 99.9% purity back. All this with pretty pictures like companies in the gold mines do for investor proof and confidence. Some answers you simply refuse to give but when you look at the pattern of years and many assets you see clearly this is their way of reporting complete failure and not positives. My last point is important. They could have dewatered, dug, made gold and been on this supposed lode already. Just pay NRK the money and it will be done quickly. They didn't and choose to stretch out a small task into years and years of conceptual rubbish that ultimately cost more than a mine plan and team of miners. Now this seperated Bluejay from Alba and showed how real development gets done and how idle self ramping companies get zero. They quickly paid Gues and NRK to get everything done in a short time. Alba sit idle maybe asking NRK to do the odd survey one year, maybe drill another and so forth till years pass and they are basically still at the starting blocks. It's shoddy and bad practice. This is why they get no interest, Clogau isn't going to say 'Heres £2 million in down payment for gold your close to producing', straight away you don't target sources of funding, money that could pave the way, instead talk rubbish and go at a snails pace. In everyway this is bad, no gold, no hope, no prospect. I'd say where does it end but we're already on a failed share price and what seems to be desperate funding spinoffs.
ryanrhys: Because your last drill was in 2018 and you've only just managed to double that since. You don't have a continuous 30k stretch 1km wide like Bluejay and your so far from proving it as a real resource you have had zero interest and never will. Bluejay has defined well over 500MT whilst soon to be GROC has years left to even finish the initial steps. Finnaust who bought Bluejay and being originally Centurion joined in after a few million had been spent. Alba are well before this stage of the asset and need the next three years and £5 million just to get to that point. Over a million in wages and admin probably giving them a good £3 million to achieve this. That's easily gone on the remaining studies and tests. By then Bluejay will have increased in size by a vast amount supplying more than imaginable. Alba missed the boat, it's biggest failure was to not push this asset forward whilst Bluejay did theirs. Right now none of their assets seem attractive and it was bad market management to not assume ilmenite was the best and only player. Looking at the two sites gives a realization of just how inept Alba were. Now they finally have focus and it's too little too late, the market and associated simply are not interested. GROC has also to satisfy its terms of liscence, most of these assets carry an increasing minimum yearly spend to even be able to hold. The length of time it's held some seems to be costly now to a small company. Another reason to spinoff and seperate the liabilities since eventually with no interest they will have to be given up. Covid did excuse last year and so but now I think GROC will have to stump up on a couple. Could be cheaper to let most go ATM. Thaibob those hills don't have gold in them, that was the point and why after four years Alba don't even have one measly gram to prove it. No one is de-ramping they are just saying your being stupid and pointing out the historical negatives like hard plant seperation and lack of any real grades combined with the complex and bad geology. As if Alba drive up and announced lode extension, every miner and his dog would have checked deeper under previous lodes it's ridiculous to assume otherwise. Alba are full of rubbish, too scared to process the waste pits because their wash plant failed and too scared to report the real facts which is there was not much gold and seperating impossible. In miles of mine one would assume there be places they could start mining straight away too. The whole thing comes across like a complete stitch up. But when they get gold maybe shout your head of then, now you just come across like a bad ramper. The facts are it's four years and you don't have anything.... In every way that's bad!
ryanrhys: For no reason the share price jumped up to 0.29, well I say no reason there was the GreenRoc admission which saw 10k more buys than sells but since then 80k has sold out and now we're at 0.25 looking like it's going to go down a lot more. Still we have no gold and dewatering liscence is embarrassingly late. I did say they were going to stretch that out!? We also have the recovery wash plant become a total failure and unable to recover gold as well as their promises of early revenue turn into no revenue and more constant studies. Someone seems to be hiding the fact they can't find or provide proof of gold and Clogau seems like one massive failure. But if GreenRoc is a success Alba can fail and relocate to a new asset they can easily afford, rinse repeat and never mention that failure of a gold mine ever again. The hit for 8 months was due to bad ramping, proposing they found and have gold then going on to show nothing but failure. Their own doings, calling wolf to raise the shareprice and fund another year on share issues. It's not a bargain thought, you will only loose money no matter what since this share price is never going to recover and no gold will ever materialize!
ryanrhys: GreenRoc is just Alba, it's not anything new or different and therefore seems very unattractive. Why would anyone want offtake with them, Bluejay is going to produce much higher volume once dredging is done and the major players are already invested there and not interested in Alba or its ilmenite. The IPO is currently not a success, one random investor and late, suggest you wait till it's actual listing as many like this fail. Once Alba's assets are gone and there's still no gold full sentiment will be lost and Alba's share price will die even further. All this is a distraction as still no gold or dewatering liscence. Bluejay got it together whilst Alba sat about ramping and failing bad assets, there's no gold and if people invest in a failure up in Greenland it won't be long till they have no offtake or development and their investment lost.
ryanrhys: Finnaust had their own ship and did exstensive bathymetry as well as put a plan down for jetty, a road, diggers and loaders, accommodation and storage. They then raised £15 million for thirty man teams to quickly complete these. The logistical cost is what I have to teach you about dry cargo operations. Bluejays site dosent have valleys, lakes and rivers opening up on it and is a flat nice stretch from one end to the other. It is also forty miles closer to the airbase and town making staffing easier. They have a shallow inlet and offshore is shallow sloping both of which ideal for the main target which is dredging. Alba don't, a more deeper area less sloping and far from anywhere. As said there's far too many reasons why Alba's plot sat empty whilst Bluejays quickly developed. GreenRoc is still bottom feeding of Bluejay, they have no plan and they haven't even got basic stuff done to even get to real funding needs. I'm even going to say Bluejay were bought by Finnaust just because their site was so much more viable than Alba's and had already been fully proved in everyway. Right from the start Bluejay have attracted heavy interest and Alba's asset nothing. Rio Tinto and a Canadian company as well as some big shareholders got on board followed by the Greenland government. Without these type of partners Alba is stuck at square one. That's what the IPO shows, no major interest from any major resources they would need. If it was that good I'd expect interested companies to buy a quarter and leave intentions for more funding or ships and mining teams etc. So this is what I think is happening, Alba has produced nothing and raised funds so many times the sentiment has gone. Greenland failed and as Bluejay has exposed needs big backing and £30 million minimum which is vastly out of Alba's ability to get. The IPO is just repackaging Greenland with a new tagline about how they are going to quickly move forward to production, it's not going to be anything different to what Alba do now - slow never ending studies never getting anywhere. That's what Clogau has become, never ending studies never getting gold.
ryanrhys: Another terrible week for Alba but absolutely fantastic week for Bluejay. Alba struggling to gain a dewater permit, struggling to produce a gram of gold and struggling to find any worth or interest in Greenland assets. Bluejay just secured another round of funding for the next juicy targets and are gearing up for ilmenite offtake at pace. A lesson to Alba is that shareprice rises with development and not by printing report after report after report on pointless and everyday stuff the market dosent care about. Find lots of gold, show us all and maybe when jewellery companies are kicking down your door your share price might start to rise a little. Until then it's not going to move just because you found three rocks with 0.009grams of gold in. Pointless assays don't mean lots of gold and wash plants should be making mini piles of gold flakes not black barren concentrate that is probably sulphides with a tiny amount of uneconomical gold. Alba held themselves back by not showing the obvious, manipulating results with concentrate and basically by saying there's hundreds of millions here and coming up empty handed almost a year later. It's basically a complete failure they dressed up as something positive. One major issue is that Alba have blown a lot of money so far this year. Drilling everything twice over, a private boat and helicopter in Greenland, IPO costs, listing and dillution from paying for ownership of assets..... The bank is starting to say they need more funding. It might just be that the million or so they had is now more under half a million and depleting quickly. But here's what Bluejay have done, there moved forward and exsposed Alba as a lazy, useless and ramping company that's still stuck in the starting blocks. No one is interested in this type of company and its assets historically are failures no one wants either.
johncasey: bingo! Alba Mineral Resources PLC Amitsoq Graphite Update Maiden Drilling Campaign 11/08/2021 7:00am UK Regulatory (RNS & others) Alba Mineral Resources (LSE:ALBA) Intraday Stock Chart Wednesday 11 August 2021 Click Here for more Alba Mineral Resources Charts. TIDMALBA RNS Number : 2244I Alba Mineral Resources PLC 10 August 2021 Click on or paste the following link into your website browser to view the associated PDF document (including maps and images): http://www.rns-pdf.londonstockexchange.com/rns/2244I_1-2021-8-10.pdf Alba Mineral Resources plc ("Alba" or the "Company") Amitsoq Graphite Update Maiden Drilling Campaign Intersects Significant Graphite Layers Alba Mineral Resources plc (AIM: ALBA) is pleased to report on the successful completion of drilling operations at the Amitsoq Graphite Project in southern Greenland. Key Points -- Drilling operations at the Amitsoq Island deposit have been completed. -- Drilling has confirmed the existence of two significant and laterally continuous graphite horizons, confirming Alba's existing geological model. -- All completed drillholes intersected either the Upper Graphite Layer ("UGL") or Lower Graphite Layer ("LGL") or both. -- Several graphite intersections are considerably thicker than expected from the modelling, up to 8.19m in the UGL and up to 15.54m in the LGL. -- Ground geophysics and sampling of the Kalaaq mainland discovery and environmental baseline studies have also been completed. -- Trenching of target areas at Kalaaq have revealed graphite beds up to 10m thick. Mark Austin, Alba's Chief Operating Officer, commented: "We are delighted to have encountered such thick graphite intersections at Amitsoq, well in excess of what we had projected from our structural modelling. We were also pleasantly surprised by the condition of the old mine workings and this will be an important factor as we move towards the long-term development of this very high-grade graphite project." "We will be sending the drill core to an accredited laboratory for assaying as soon as possible. The assay results will then be handed over to the independent competent person to assist in his resource estimation work."
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