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Alba Mineral Resources Plc LSE:ALBA London Ordinary Share GB00B06KBB18 ORD 0.01P
  Price Change % Change Share Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  0.00 0.0% 0.16 13,424,331 16:18:15
Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price
0.15 0.17 0.165 0.145 0.16
Industry Sector Turnover (m) Profit (m) EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap (m)
Mining -1.84 -0.03 10
Last Trade Time Trade Type Trade Size Trade Price Currency
14:11:13 O 8,000 0.1705 GBX

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Alba Mineral Resources Daily Update: Alba Mineral Resources Plc is listed in the Mining sector of the London Stock Exchange with ticker ALBA. The last closing price for Alba Mineral Resources was 0.16p.
Alba Mineral Resources Plc has a 4 week average price of 0.15p and a 12 week average price of 0.15p.
The 1 year high share price is 0.29p while the 1 year low share price is currently 0.12p.
There are currently 6,245,239,899 shares in issue and the average daily traded volume is 7,005,407 shares. The market capitalisation of Alba Mineral Resources Plc is £9,992,383.84.
ryanrhys: GF has profited immensely, he doesn't stand to loose anything he can't get in Groc when Alba fails. You lot haven't and since investing have suffered large losses. Look at everyone still selling out, Alba's lack of cash gold and development..... The end is nigh and now coming all too soon. Share price dropped to 0.13 yesterday, I can sense it's going to drop even more this week. But over on the LSE many are calling this a scam now so the rampers don't have the upper hand on any boards and are getting told what useless lying idiots they are daily. I said that would happen, investors not happy and attacking rampers who spent years lying over this company artificially trying to inflate the price!? Game over!?
bobdown2: dewatering.? Another delay. So what is there to look forward too. GROC is now said to be the jewel in the crown. Today there has been a 75k buy and a 50k sell. Somehow some company has about 5.5% of the company. Are they involved in the 2 trades today. I do not know but! Any more buying and an increase in the groc share price and the net asset value of alba rises as they have 54% of the shares Weve been told that news flow from groc will be fairly regular and some is due in the next couple of weeks. Do not get caught out with the focus on dewatering. Keep an eye on groc. This could quite easily take the alba share price up. Its trading around 2 million pounds under net asset value as it is.
ryanrhys: The share price is at an all-time low, Alba has no money, failed to get any gold and looks set to accomplish nothing for another year running. Now Mr Roberts I'm sure is busy running a successful business that has encompassed much more than just Welsh gold or even gold and I'm quite sure has no interest in these failed mines ever since he and his son mined them for a few years and got very little. No talk of Stellar resources who ran the pits back in 2014 but scarpered because of getting no gold despite first producing high assay results. The mines themselves a disaster, even at their heigh uneconomical and destined to close. They barely saw intermittent working as most of their lives sat empty and unwanted. This one of many gold liscences although there's been no interest and apart from companies using Clogau to ramp and fund with certainly no gold has been produced since the Roberts time back in the early 90's. Most sold out, that was before cash flow problems and failed permits.... It's in an even worse state and your all losing out heavily. GF is doing very little this year, a drone and another assay on the pits. Suggest that he is more keen on one last year's wages before he starts taking the reins at Greenroc. Greenroc has £2.5million of which he will stretch bout two more years and fund another couple as he goes. Clogau even Alba is not a main concern, if there was gold there it would have self funded a long time ago, pulling kilos out of the ground gets you loans and partnership. Doing nothing sinks you but if there is no gold then you have no choice but to run it into the ground taking as much in wages as possible. Alba's failed, it has no cash, no gold and nothing else to rely on to fund. All I'm waiting to see is if GF sells his stake in Horse Hill or keeps it.
ryanrhys: GF made the share price top out from its sub 0.10 crashed level. He ran stories of billions in missed gold easy to get out almost two years ago. Even before that vox interviews were highlighting the need for something spectacular or a massive find to save them from losing everything. Now that bold brave and totally fabricated move has played out. They didn't go on to prove the gold let alone make any moves to dig it out Upon reporting gold permits and subcontractors should be secured at pace i.e. throw everything and all needed funds at it of which they had at the time. Studies not failed or missed but done at above acceptable no fail standards. Only problem is Alba didn't, it opted for un-needed studies and erroneous sampling hiding behind exploration not development which has tarnished the value of every asset which require forward work not well paid slumbering CEOs. Now as fact be known most sold out seeing that there really wasn't any gold here and the lack of movement into production never going to happen. The share price dropped to its present sub 0.20 but swift large news streams and promise's to process the waste pits halted it and saw a brief drift to just above 0.20. Here we are again except the large news stream and news stories card has been played so there's no response or belief in anything they say. Still no gold which would have been the simplest route but knowing there's none has forced Alba to lie and get in it's present situation. Alba report lack of cash now, their news streams turned into desperate whines, the share price just one small step away from falling to nothing and above all they cannot find or get a single penny more. It's not positive, there's no real news coming and now they have no cash..... As I said from the start you won't have this board to tell your porky pies and ramp what always was destined to fail. Why didn't you see the point to sell!? All you've done is lost everything riding this back down to the ground!?
ryanrhys: Isn't this the question everyone wants answering - "What is the future of Alba, where's it going to get money from?!" One could also ask for final statement on dewatering since after well over a year still nothing and no real company line (the truth and not some constant arbitration of saying working closely with NRW yaddar yaddar yaddar). Also just how long will it take to get a waste pit and processing permit since again unsafe water will need to be discharged at some point and engineering studies done on the pits (probably a whole host of new species studies and environmental stuff needed there as well). Even if I was just a quiet background investor with no real interest by now I'd be questioning the lack of forward movement and everlasting idle stance that seems to be an ongoing six year issue!? A thesis could be written at this point, where's the gold, every other mine shows it well before this stage. The geology is so poor there's no way any of these targets are gold even economical, no one can make sense of the gold formations and certainly Alba haven't. Billions under Llecfraith, visible gold in Llecfraith....!? I don't think so, the whole shaft and area condemned as barren and too deep for surface reef features. No one let's a tunnel flood without digging out visible gold first, which mine have you ever been too where they leave gold in walls and ignore digging it out!? It simply doesn't happen. There's far too much too encompass in one post, what is the concentrate!? I understand gold concentrate but that's in tailings not the main seperated troughs, into those falls seperated gold from the rock it was crushed out of. Even then a simple smelting could recover gold from concentrate if for some unknown reason that's all you have. Alba actually have sluices, centrifuges, pans and that should be enough to get gold out of the concentrate. They really are silent on any real facts. Like with the pits, they start out high grades upto 20 or so grams a ton, then fall to ten, now barely a gram.... Most reports far too cryptic and derived from their concentrate not by going and digging samples and sending them as bulk straight of for a more factual grams per ton. I'm guessing the q&a will not ask a single of these questions or if so the answer some "Were working on it" or "at pace" bs like they normally palm the harder straight to the artery questions!? Another closed door vox affair by the time it comes around. Some real world issues come into play, had you invested in UKOG or Alba or a whole slew of these junior mining types your £100k would be worth very little indeed by now. The history of these types and Alba actually very terrible, most would advise against long term investment. Even the ones that are the one in a hundred and make revenue there's still not a vast increase in share price like your all now rich. Alba won't succeed, the only thing left is to see what path they are taking towards it ceasing to trade and all shares worthless. Will GF bail out of HH and sell that to give Alba cash..... I'm betting no he won't and that's going to sting but Alba don't like to break bad news and in guessing they will stretch it out for as long as possible before filling their last RNS and switching out the lights on way out. They won't go far, their main offices and brokers will just change the signs to Greenroc and on they go for another few years of cash reserves to slowly pay the wages. If anyone needs two mini silt busters I know a chap with a couple to sell lol!?
ryanrhys: AHH so.ypu finally admit they are broke!? There's no way of getting money and the fact they are broke shows the lies they just told about being fully funded. Alba tell a lot of lies why after six years it's been all lies and zero gold. How come every other mine shows gold from bulk samples but you didnt!? Embarrassing, Groc shares all worthless, GF will never sell HH and Alba can't raise a penny, actually it's lost so much in warrants GF seemed to be relying on after he stripped all the cash to fund the last Greenland expidition and IPO. Clogau Is a failure and the fact after six years you have not shown gold when every other mine does just goes to 'SHOW' theres no gold here!? What s scam, no intention be believes because Alba didn't give anything to believe in. Seems like he is desperate to raise the price save the last warrants at O.3 but already this share price is finished. Alba's a scam,, desperate and broke!?
ryanrhys: Why waste time when I'm none of these random people. A jeweller of Welsh gold pure or like Clogau just a small fraction has been done. You can get their prices on line, they hold stocks largely from Dulacothi and Clogau when it last produced although only small amounts by the size of mine and mining they had to do. It's not going to make anything but a small company few profits. Clogau cleared a few million and that's only after years of branding and expanding. What you need is a high output mine, much bigger scale than anything you can plan. Welsh gold has also got a lot of competition globally from hundreds other. Were online shopping, the world smaller, jewelry competitive. You need to sell a lot at market price too if your a mine just look at others to understand the economics. Alba could never amount to nothing and that's before we factor in six years not one shred of proof there's even gold!? This mine would never reach even small scale, dwarfed by those like Scotgold and patriotism isn't what it was. Alba need millions more, no equipment of scale, no workforce, not enough ore to satisfy the vast spending and running costs. Insurance, blasting liscences, subcontractors and so forth. Years away and impossible for a now broke company to reach. The waste pits sound unimpressive at a gram a ton and even then some filtered carefully selected fraction.... That's not going to bank roll anything and is even yet to be proved as Alba send for paper assay seemingly too shy to find gold from their in house finely tuned wash plant. Even these assay specimens turned from some concentrate the gravity table produces, even then the question about why it simply doesn't produce gold in the first place!? Dubious problems left unanswered and questions silent...... Alba now lie almost broke, another vain attempt to claw back price and investors. It's not working though is it, no one believes anymore. A gamble to see if they struck gold at the start but now unanswered or clearly they were never going to, either way just a stupid thing to invest on anymore. And why do Alba think a heavy news stream is all you need to attract big money!? It is actually off-putting, comes across desperate and failed. Fancy pater and shiny portfolios mean nothing, we can all see not just Clogau but Limerick and Greenroc all useless and doomed to fail which all are doing well at.
thaibob1: Alba will get gold from these mines and will eventually open up a jewelry shop, eventually opening up a small chain of jewellery shops, I can just see it now,(Alba gold) all jewelry made from 100% pure Welsh gold. I'm not the first person who's been talking about this,soon it will be out in the open and then Alba will really be on the move. It's all getting very exciting, I'm so happy I've got such a good holding at this very low share price,not long before we head north at a good pace. Happy Times for all fellow investors of this great company.
ryanrhys: Alba have failed to get permits and this long length of time shows they aren't in discussion with NRW anymore. Alba missed data, couldn't file proper species reports and avoid harm so were failed. To pass the simply needed these easy to get details so where are they and where's the permit. They aren't listed so they haven't submitted them which concurs with NRWs response that they are not looking into awarding one. Give it a rest, there's no permit and that ended months ago. Even the whole process takes less than three months but you've been waiting since early November and again that proves there not going to happen. Alba need to get serious here if they ever want one. Even if they did get one how can Alba afford to and even deal with the complex task of making a flooded dangerous adit safe again!? Rotted timbers, roof collapse I mean it's beyond their scope and costs, I'd go so far to say the option to dig around would actually be easier and cheat in the long run. ThaiBob you just don't think before opening your mouth, Do some real reseat, look into revitalising a flooded section and the sheer s ope of it. Your just spouting simplistic rubbish that has no real bearing on real world mining. Even then in four miles of tunnels and targets why are you focusing on an improved and false target under Llecfraith!? The idea to fast track anything didn't happen, no development, no sense and this is not what a real miner would do. As to the pits it's become another ten year saga that isn't moving forward. Absolutely ridiculous to use assays when you can switch on the wash plant, smelt the results into gold and show everyone..... Obviously like the previous companies found there's no gold is there or they would actually have moved at pace years ago. Your fighting a losing battle trying to ramp this, Alba are also broke and acting strange by refusing to follow what would be the normal process i.e. what Scotgold and other mines do. I'm not the only person saying this or questioning this ridiculous failing and the whole Llecfraith area was a serious attempt to actually find gold at deeper depths but they foud nothing which is how reefs work leading to a level of economic and on economic mining. You say a lot but nothing changes, I'd leave here and direct some questions to Alba i.e. why aren't you running your wash plant, why aren't you smelting concentrate, where's this 50 ft shaft you priced up last year but have done nothing since!? The whole thing just one big scam and yes plenty of assays because you still refuse to research such as how Scotgold has dug a whole nine and gone into production in a mere three years but your still twirling thumbs after six!? No wonder everyone sold out, literally if there was gold and Alba could ACTUALLY prove process they would still be in and share price risen not crashed to an embarrassing level!? Keep ramping, I have answers for those who want to know. Here from the LSE someone who believed you rampers "butchers bike the all seeing all knowing said best get in trying to buy quantity,obviously talking out of his backside doesn't no #### proper ramper don't trust any nonsense on this post people they will cripple you,door that's all I can say." and now thinks your pretty much scum and conmen. Where am I wrong, your wrong on everything because simply put you have zero gold and not even a commercial chance!? I rest my case and most will agree, you lost so much you simply won't accept fact, truth and logic and you got bullied for trying to bully me, brains easily beats stupid and you hate that you got beaten so badly. I also am and have not stopped Alba, they said gold, six years and were asking where!? Naturally that looks very bad so take your bully boy attitude to the people who are letting you down and screwed you over with your £100k investment you lost!?
ryanrhys: Your both scared that you've lost everything, already unable to accept a %70 loss you ramp and pray it will turn round. Well now they are broke, still no gold, scared to run the waste pits because the lied of 10g Anton will come undone and clearly after months there is no dewatering permit as it wouldn't take this long and NRW have confirmed they closed the case and aren't working with Alba for one. It's a complete failure, your losing everything and Alba now broke. We see why all they planned this year was a drone for a day and another cheap assay.... because they can't afford anything. Kirk left because of this failure, Harry left for a real company and Alba in five years have failed to get a single gram of gold and wash plant unused because it would blow open the scam!? Real investors left which is why this fell %70, these shares aren't golden they are lead and talking so fast it will be zero soon. Greenroc eas just the next scam GF started with the last of Albas cash and we now see this in the financial report just released from Nov 2021!? What have you got but lies ramps and bs!? I've been right at every step and stage and now Alba's bust it doesn't even have a year's worth of wages left!? Anyone can see this which means you two are thick as muck!? Baaahaaaaaaahaaaabaaaahaa you absolute idiots, it's going to fail very soon so stay here as I'm enjoying laughing at your stupidity and how you get everything so wrong. Remember when Scotalba lied recently because your so desperate to get buyers but there are none and this was all avscam! Alba is broke, there's no gold never was, you just got scammed and can't accept it or your loss!? Idiot investors with no sense and now both of you are over £100k down because you thought there gold here..... Five years on nothing proved you wrong you utter morons. The locals laughed at GF and no's you see why lololololololol!?
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