Andre Minassian

Dow Jones to hit a historical high by 2023- No Crash

04 Sep 2022 @ 14:41
At the risk of repeating myself, I feel there will not be a crash until we hit Dow Jones 42,000, which is few years down the line. There is a lot of talk everywhere that surely with the world economies being under so much stress and more to come, that the markets will reflect things […]

Dow Jones will hit a historical high by new year 2023 !? No Market crash

28 Aug 2022 @ 13:23
Last year I posted that Dow will hit 37,000 by new year 2022. We almost got there – only 40 points short, but 40 points short does not make it 37,000. So we went down and have been playing around back and forth aimlessly. I feel we will hit a historical high by new year […]

Is the bull market over? nop ! Dow 33,000

25 Dec 2020 @ 10:01
So, here we are we got Dow 30,000 which I have been insisting on for almost a year and a target of 32,000 for almost 2 years is within reach and will get there…and very possible 33,000. Will it be over then in this bull market of ours…we have to see, either we back off […]

Dow Jones will hit 32,000 before New year.

28 Nov 2020 @ 11:17
Here we are Dow Jones 30,000. Something I have been insisting on ever since we crashed down to 18,000. I  have also insisted we will hit Dow 32,000 by new year 2020. 33,000 is also a great possibility just before or a few weeks after 2021. Where do we go from there? Either we crash […]

Gold heading for 2,000$

26 Jul 2020 @ 15:00
Last couple of posts I predicted when at 1,700 and then 1,800 that Gold will make it to 1,900 $, and here we are, now what? The what is that it is going for 2,000$ and from there I have to consider what direction it might take but suffice to stay I am pretty confident […]

Dow 32k- Gold $2,700 and Trump re-elected!?

19 Jul 2020 @ 14:28
Catching up with my last post, indeed the markets are determined to go higher and indeed they will. I give Dow 30k/ possible 32k target by the end of the year . Unreal right? But markets are not about reality or haven’t you figured that out yet folks. I give gold a 2,700 target minimum […]

Something about the markets - Dow 32,000 !?

04 Jul 2020 @ 13:20
Since my last post things have gone to my prediction. I was bullish on the markets even when Dow hit 18,000, consistently saying that the markets will rise back to it’s highs and by the end of the year we will hit a historical high on Dow and S&P. I am sticking to my call, […]


04 Apr 2020 @ 11:49
Long time no see . We hit Dow Jones 29k as I predicted from months before.. Here we are within a few weeks the world as we know it changed it’s look. There has been many speculations by highly paid “experts” about Dow Jones hitting 10k or even 6k. Well, that ain’t gonna happen! We […]

Dow Jones 29,000 by New year 2020 ! ? The bull market is not over .

30 Nov 2019 @ 13:19
  Here we are, almost a year after predicting we would hit Dow Jones 28,000 – We did. Not to mention that we hit Dax 13,500 as I had predicted, Sensex and Nifty too came home to daddy. Nailed all four . The question is – Are we heading for DJIA 29,000 by New Year? Possible […]

So what now - Dow Jones 29,000?

24 Jul 2019 @ 12:22
  I’ve been saying for over two years that Dow Jones will hit 27,000 and there will not be a crash scenario for 2018 and 2019. Although I find Dow crossing the 27k mark a tad worrying before October the journey has to be Dow 28,000 by new year . I find it worrying because […]
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