Luis Aureliano

Huge Potential for IoT Crypto Tokens as More Devices Go Online

12 Mar 2018 @ 15:19
The crypto market is on the rise again. After crashing to a low of $6,000 in early February, Bitcoin is back above the $10,000 level and many of the major alt coins are doing well again. A massive correction was due since the market had been particularly exuberant since the closing months of 2017. Now, […]

3 Travel Startups With Better Investment Appeal than Wall Street Veterans

28 Feb 2018 @ 11:44
The travel and tourism industries are big economic drivers globally and there’s incredible upside potential in the industry for stakeholders going forward.  In 2017, the travel industry grew had grown by $2.3 trillion in 10 years starting 2007, and economists predict that the industry will grow by another $3.5 trillion through 2027. Despite the impressive […]

Bank Stocks: Where are We Headed in 2018?

26 Feb 2018 @ 10:26
Ever since the Fed started tightening monetary policy in December 2015, expectations of a resurgence in banking stocks took root. Such activity is to be expected. Consider that the federal funds rate (FFR) has been raised multiple times since the devastation caused by the global financial crisis. Today, the federal funds rate stands at 1.25% […]

Where Are Global Central Bank Interest Rates Headed This Year

22 Feb 2018 @ 14:50
Central bank interest rates are an incredibly interesting topic. That’s because the interest rates charged by central banks dictate so much. They play a role in the value of the currencies they represent, they cause movement in entire economies, and they send markets for a ride. So, it’s important to keep a close eye on […]

How Blockchain Can Build a Community for Video Game Developers

22 Feb 2018 @ 13:30
The video gaming industry is huge and growing. The market is forecast to hit a staggering $128.5 billion by 2020, with solid year on year growth. This is all down to the enormous popularity of video gaming. There are thought to be about 2.2 billion active gamers in the world, spread across multiple countries and […]

The Future of Blockchain Technology is Cross-Chain Technology

22 Feb 2018 @ 13:27
When people hear the words “blockchain” and “finance” used together, typically they think of bitcoin trading and cryptocurrency investing. And while the words “blockchain” and “finance” can be used to describe the growing trend of using cryptocurrencies as investable assets, they actually convey something far more significant. In fact, because of blockchain technology, the financial […]

Don’t Have a Valentine? Have Fun By ‘Playing Cupid' Instead

14 Feb 2018 @ 16:35
When you’re in love, Valentine’s Day feels wonderful. After all, what could be more beautiful than an entire day dedicated to the celebration of romance between yourself and your partner? If you’re single (or even worse – fresh out of a relationship), however, Valentine’s Day is a very different story. The whole day seems to […]

A Tale of Two Speculative Assets: Forex & Cryptocurrency Trading and The Exchanges That Support Them

31 Jan 2018 @ 13:54
The forex market has grown to become a major economic driver globally because it is open 24/7, liquid, and it is open to all interested players. The forex market has an average trading volume of about $5.4 trillion each day based on data from Bank of International Settlements. In addition, forex trading is an undeniable […]

Blockchain Offers Revenue Opportunity for Everyone in the Filmmaking Industry

23 Jan 2018 @ 10:48
Original content creators in the film industry have decried the inadequacies that exist in the compensation systems within the industry. This is especially because they depend on the conditions of mega studios, film publishing and advertising companies in order to reap the benefits of their efforts. Independent filmmakers are worse off with the existing systems […]
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