How can you become rich?

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The Italians say that ” to make money you have to inherit, marry, or steal it.” However, this is an opinion that most people share, but there are ways to get rich without just being lucky.


The road to wealth, as you already know, is not paved with rose petals and the steps you have to follow are sometimes specific. There is a way you can win money from the comfort of your home, and the way is playing online casino. You can have tremendous fun, try your luck in the jackpots, and maybe you will solve all of your problems just like that, with one click.  However, there are some rules you can have in your mind if you really want to succeed.


Why do you want to get rich?

The first thing that you have to do is decide what the word “rich” means to you. We all use this word but we all have a differet perception of what it really means to us. So you need to think what are your standards of being rich? When you think of it what is the first thing or image that comes in your mind?Is it Fame? Glory? Luxury? Respect? Relaxing and having money ? Wealth may be intertwined with expensive clothes, parties, luxury cars, enormous villas, and travel all around the world in five star hotels. There are some people that they want extra money to help their family, friends and acquaintances. Charity and the acquisition of the necessary goods for a comfortable and pleasant life are for some people important too. So what makes you to want to become a millionaire?


 Become an established professional in your field

If you don’t have an old rich relative that you will inhete soon then you have to realize that you will have to work hard to achieve your goals. Not only that, but you also need to be established in your profession and be one of the best – if not the best. Find out what your passion is, which job “fulfills” you. Show off your talent and invest in it. Try to get paid by doing what you love and slowly build your reputation by smartly “selling” yourself and your skills. All we do in the business world is sell something, either a product, either an idea, either a service. Make sure you offer the best you can in any field. If you do all this  then you ll have a possibility.



Open a personal account – or buy a small safe – and save a portion of your income there regularly. It may seem unnecessary, at least for the first time, but then you will realize that you have a significant amount of on the side to support any future investments, which can bring you profits. We are not saying save just to save but save so you can invest. In the book ” The Richest Man of Babylon,” the character Arkad used to advise his students to save at least 10% of their income “For every ten coins you put in your wallet, use only nine. Then your wallet will get thicker, and the increased weight will feel good on your hand as you are holding it and satisfy your soul.”

Make sure you set a limit on the amount of money you spend each week or month and try not to exceed it. You can also make a daily record of income and expenses as well as create a rough family budget, which will help you more easily control your financial “exposures.” However you mustn’t drive yourself crazy with the control. Just decide to put an end to holiday, vacation spending and all the unesseccary things that earlier you thought they were nesseccary. Sit back and think what is really important for you and your family.

In their book “The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealth” Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko set out the seven greatest truths about multimillionaires in America. They were:

  • Everyone lives “financially.”
  • All if them focus in multiply their profits.
  • It is more crucial to them to be independent than showing off their wealth.
  • They had no help from their parents.
  • They don’t spoil their childer with money. They want them to make it on their own.
  • They know how to recognize market opportunities.
  • They chose the job that it was ideal for their skills.



The next step after saving is investing. Once you have “saved” your savings, start thinking of ways to invest them. Here you will need the definition of “rich” mentioned above. Why do you want to get rich? For prestige? For financial comfort? In any case, if you intend to invest in stocks, there are risks, which we often ignore, changing our mind when the markets are at their zenith or nadir. That is, at the worst possible moment. So before you start any investment, consider the following:

  • Will you be able to sleep peacefully after the investment you made?
  • Make a schedule to check your shares at least once a week.
  • Invest regularly according to plan.
  • Do a thorough research and ignore the “tips for quick profits”.
  • Invest in something you know.


 Stay rich

As difficult as it is to get rich, it is just as difficult to stay rich – probably even harder. Your income will always be affected by the situation in the domestic and international markets, so if you are “comfortable” with money in times of economic prosperity, you are more likely to go bankrupt in times of crisis. If, for example, you get a promotion or increase or if your shares go up, do not rush to spend your extra income. Keep them aside for difficult times to come.


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