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SAR Sareum Holdings Plc

5.00 (14.29%)
28 May 2024 - Closed
Delayed by 15 minutes
Share Name Share Symbol Market Stock Type
Sareum Holdings Plc SAR London Ordinary Share
  Price Change Price Change % Share Price Last Trade
5.00 14.29% 40.00 15:43:26
Open Price Low Price High Price Close Price Previous Close
35.00 35.00 40.50 40.00 35.00
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Sareum SAR Dividends History

No dividends issued between 29 May 2014 and 29 May 2024

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Posted at 25/5/2024 20:17 by criticalthinker1
Re 1801 this from 2023
..oh how we have come on

4.5. SAR-20347
SAR-20347 is an oral inhibitor of Tyk2 and Jak1 with selectivity over Jak2 and Jak3. Preclinical assays demonstrated that SAR-20347 inhibited IL-12, IL-23 and IFN-α signaling [22]. Both Tyk2 mutant mice and mice treated with SAR-20347 showed significant reduction of IL-6 and IL-17 in imiquimod-induced skin lesions, but only SAR-20347-treated mice presented reduced levels of IL-23, decreased keratinocyte proliferation and improved clinical score [22]. In addition, SAR-20347-treated mice manifested lower IL-17 gene expression compared to Tyk2 mutant mice [22]. In this model, Works et al. demonstrated that SAR-20347 treated mice showed an almost complete loss of IL-22 gene expression in skin lesions, and they postulate that SAR-20347 would impair the ability of Th17 and γδ cells to induce IL-22 [22]. IL-22 is required for development of autoreactive Th17 cells [77,78]. However, not only IL-22 production was impaired, since IL-22 signaling was also affected in vitro in a human colonic cell line, and STAT3 phosphorylation dependent of IL-22 was completely blocked [22].

Blocking both Tyk2 and Jak1 in this study was more effective than inhibition of Tyk2 alone at reducing psoriasis-like disease severity, keratinocyte proliferation, as well as IL-23, IL-17, IL-6, IL-22, and antimicrobial peptide gene expression, and the authors postulate that targeting a combination of Jak1 and Tyk2 using an orally available inhibitor may be a viable approach for treating psoriasis, but currently there are no ongoing or completed clinical trials for SAR-20347 [22].

The bodies in 'control' of certain narratives know full well what Sareum is undertaking.

This is going to make Novacyt huge rise look like a blip.

1802 is going to be on the tail end and the results of 1801 will be very significant in its future

All best Steadydanny
Posted at 02/5/2024 13:11 by peaceandlove
"Why are you bothered when you don’t own sar shares"

Because if Sareum do go straight into Phase 2a and then 2b (assuming the safety of the molecule is satisfactory) and are approved by the Australian Regulator Authority to administer to sick patients, then for me that'd be the time to invest in Sareum. I'd be convienced they would indeed have a strong case in achieving a licensing deal or takeover.

At present there is no revenue, more dilution on the cards, The Phase 1 clinical Trial only assesses the basic safety of the molecule and has nothing to do with weather it will work or not. share price down over 60% YTD and over 80% since inception (nearly 20 years ago). No license deals in the pipeline. Board look they're in a comfort zone.... I could go on....

You, Barkbooo, etc just put my comments down, as would the LSE posters even though I believe I've given a fair counter argument as to why I feel Sar are a long way of anything positive. Someone has to challenge the happy clappers - their constant ramping about £billion dollar deals etc needs to be called out.

The happy clapping fairies dancing around with nothing but positives is not only wrong, but dangerous to new investors. Listening to them since January this year and your £10k investment would be worth £4k.

Hope you understand......? There're always two sides to every story!
Posted at 20/4/2024 21:06 by criticalthinker1
OK! You wrote off 737 but let's skip that point albeit being in development beyond reportable parameters due to geographical loopholes with the contract.
So let's discuss the period of time drugs take to get through their progression and their novel ipr.
I draw your attention to this from 10 years ago and beg your esteemed knowledgeable response to genuinely respond that the progress despite its incursions has done nothing but progress. Be careful what you say as anything overly exemplary if offering financial advise is a two way street when being derogatory.

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease affecting the skin and characterized by aberrant keratinocyte proliferation and function. Immune cells infiltrate the skin and release proinflammatory cytokines that play important roles in psoriasis. The Th17 network, including IL-23 and IL-22, has recently emerged as a critical component in the pathogenesis of psoriasis. IL-22 and IL-23 signaling is dependent on the JAK family of protein tyrosine kinases, making JAK inhibition an appealing strategy for the treatment of psoriasis. In this study, we report the activity of SAR-20347, a small molecule inhibitor with specificity for JAK1 and tyrosine kinase 2 (TYK2) over other JAK family members. In cellular assays, SAR-20347 dose dependently (1 nM-10 μM) inhibited JAK1- and/or TYK2-dependent signaling from the IL-12/IL-23, IL-22, and IFN-α receptors. In vivo, TYK2 mutant mice or treatment of wild-type mice with SAR-20347 significantly reduced IL-12-induced IFN-γ production and IL-22-dependent serum amyloid A to similar extents, indicating that, in these models, SAR-20347 is probably acting through inhibition of TYK2. In an imiquimod-induced psoriasis model, the administration of SAR-20347 led to a striking decrease in disease pathology, including reduced activation of keratinocytes and proinflammatory cytokine levels compared with both TYK2 mutant mice and wild-type controls. Taken together, these data indicate that targeting both JAK1- and TYK2-mediated cytokine signaling is more effective than TYK2 inhibition alone in reducing psoriasis pathogenesis.

You have probably and hopefully worked out I'm setting you up for a fall and a FOI request into your posts that might be deemed a direct example of disparity to the hopeful success of a small bio with direct links to CRUK.

That's actually a criminal offence.
Posted at 07/4/2024 21:24 by peaceandlove
Wolf, the rampers are on a different planet to me. Sareum's current market value is correct, £8million based on the following.

1) No revenue.
2) Dilution with more on the cards.
3) As you say 737 was turned down by GSK.
4) None of Sareum's products are proven.
5) Phase 1 of the clinical trial is safety only.
6) The MHRA turned Sareum down for a clinical trial in the UK. This is an enormous red flag for me.
7) Board are still taking large salaries as 'working capital'.
8) It almost 20 years since Sareum were listed on AIM. 20 years and the share price 92% down.
9) No license deals even though Sareum's business model is to license pre clinical or early on in the clinical trial.

To be frank, Sareum have had 20 years and produced f all. What does that tell you?????? Oh yeah this is the year of rerate, the year of license deals, the year of 1801, the year of 737, the year of revenue. Come on Sar.... 😆🤣
Posted at 07/4/2024 08:16 by peaceandlove
Posts: 1,550
Price: 11.50
No Opinion

Changing dynamics of target price6 Apr 2024 13:29

It’s strange how the dynamics of the potential gain on SAR have changed. My ultimate target was always the original Thoth target of £14 which would have been a 23x gain on my original purchase price of 0.60 (1.2p old money). Having had the opportunity to significantly increase my holding at 0.10 I would only need £2.30 to get the 23x gain on those most recent purchases!

Good morning,

This is what cracks me up over on LSE 🙄. Again greedy happy clappers talking nonsense and living in cuckoo land.

Sareum is currently valued at £8.61millon. The poster saying it only needs to go up to £2.30, that means the current MCAP increases to £220,060,111 🤣😆. What these fools don't seem to understand is the reason Sareum went to £5.00 new money is because of the Covid funding and the HNWI. In addition markets and the economy were different in 2021. Hundreds of thousands of small caps were overvalued. Sareum have a phase 1 protocol clinical trial. This is assessing only the basic safety of the new molecule and has nothing to do with whether it will work or not. The only way this goes about £1 is a license deal. No revenue and more dilution on the cards. See you at 5p. 🤦🏻
Posted at 29/3/2024 07:25 by peaceandlove
SOG and co, you're emotionally investing more of your money into Sareum, as opposed to investigating Sareum's market data or other fundamentals. Your instincts are influenced by emotion not evidence that others can see when completing DD of Sareum.

You're encouraging others to follow the crowd and make investment decisions based on your ramping. For example, if everyone is buying Sareum, other holders who are already significantly down feel compelled to buy more shares even if it doesn't align with their long-term investment plans.

SOG and all you happy clappers, please STOP with the behaviour! You've have never been right. The market cap of Sar is less than £8million get that into your tunnel vision brains! You'll thank me one day!
Posted at 29/3/2024 07:10 by peaceandlove
Good morning! Below is a post on LSE from Meg was Norma on here, before my time, but believes Wolf and I are the same person LOL. She sounds a lot like SOG LOL perhaps they are the same person? 🤔 She is also calling us 'It' how rude. 🤣

Posts: 15
Price: 10.75
No Opinion

RE: Valuation…28 Mar 2024 21:25

Some things are open to interpretation. I feel, having used it and then converted $ to E, that we’re currently worth somewhere between £86m and £117m. That involves me removing obscure outliers.

LOL, she is valuing Sar at these ridiculous values when it's current market cap is less than £8million 🤦🏻 Btw SOG Sareum hasn't gone bust yet because you and the happy clappers keep on investing because you're SO blinded by the science and think a license deal will happen. Not on your Nelly sunshine. I'll tell you why again.

The MHRA refused Sareum a Phase 1 CTA (Clinical Trial Authorisation) despite the fact that an external & experienced Consultancy (CRO) had developed the novel capsule technology for them.

The MHRA felt that the novel formulation was not a sufficient innovation to expose fit and healthy volunteer-patients to the risks of the trial. By going to the Australian Regulator Authority, Sareum will to use their diminishing financial resources to show that their prototype drug is safe enough to administer to sick patients in the future (Phase 2a and then Phase 2b).

As someone else, it's the last throw of the dice.

The Clinical Trial at present, phase 1 assesses only the basic safety of the molecule and has nothing to do with whether it will work or not. It can be compared with base camp for the climb to the summit of Everest. Therefore, even with good safety data it means nothing really. Why are LSE continuing to delude themselves with you SOG has being Chief Ramper. PLEASE STOP!

In addition to all of this, Sareum will have to further raise funds which means further dilution. More, more money will need to be raised and it'll be shareholders paying for it!

So Meg (Norma) and SOG as I said stop ramping and trying to con more people to invest more into a company that clearly has a mountain to climb. The share price is down nearly 85% since January this year, the market has spoken, you both and the other happy clappers are saying disgusting things to encourage innocent people to invest in a company that is a busted flush!

SOG, you should know better, grow up FFS.
Posted at 21/3/2024 20:37 by peaceandlove
Wolf, I feel it is bad form to other LSE posters that the Motley Crew can't update their day out.

The fact is the board wouldn't be able to say anything whatsoever.

I suspect if they did talk to anyone it would've gone like this from a spokesperson lol.

"Sareum are still investigating lending opportunities. We'll look to release a RNS shortly". Sareum would've asked the happy clappers to keep quite because of AIM rules. Aim really have strict rules.

The fact is the stormtroopers will convince themselves the news will be positive. However, in reality we all know the situation because of the last RNS.

Wolf, Sar have no money, no one in their right mind will invest. The products I'm afraid are not proven and shorting this company looks as it has done for a while very rewarding!

I personally see Sareum dropping into single digits shortly. Whatever they do to raise funds will have an unbelievable detriment to shareholders. I see Sar eventually going below 1p and then being played with like a Orca Whale playing with a sea lion.
Posted at 16/3/2024 08:15 by peaceandlove
Good morning the real Wolf, SOG is an unique character. He believes in the science and nothing and I mean nothing will ever change his mind. 1801 maybe worth $1billion plus (I personally don't think so), but as I keep saying the money has run out. Any other death spiral funding would finish the share price off once and for all. It's like the LSE board are ignoring the fact the company has no money and 1801 will come to the rescue. If large pharmaceutical were interested, and Sareum were on their radar, as others speculate they wouldn't have commenced with RF finance in the first place.

The first two paragraphs are what Sar board hoped would've happened.

A conventional convertible bond or preferred stock can be converted to a fixed number of shares. Death spiral debt, however, converts into a fixed value paid in shares.

As a stock's price increases substantially, investors in conventional convertible shares are likely to seize the opportunity to convert their bonds into fast-growing stocks.

The next paragraphs are the reality of the current situation.

However, a stock price decline motivates the owner of fixed value convertible bonds or shares. They can get more shares of stock when they make the conversion. This process by definition increases the number of shares in the market, and that forces prices even lower.

The death spiral effect occurs as more and more fixed-value convertible instrument owners convert their holdings into common stock as their value drops lower and lower.

Theoretically, the death spiral effect can continue until the stock is at or near zero value.

Lastly this is what I believe will happen.

Sareum desperately needs cash. I suspect Sareum probably had no other way to raise money to survive particularly with the cost of the clinical trials. Unfortunately, 1801 is not ready to license. Why? We don't know? I just can't see Sar's board dropping an RNS stating someone wants it for $100,000 let alone $400million as SOG believes.

Have a good weekend Wolf and don't bother engaging with the fool. Waste of your time. Cheers
Posted at 28/8/2023 21:17 by criticalthinker1
A timely reminder of why I for one am invested in Sareum, and I feel this RNS is pivotal in Sareums future, albeit you will note the time delays, which I hasten to add are NOT Sareums fault. But diligently overcome imo.

Everything in this RNS and especially the part re cytokines and superiority to dexamethasone and invivo trials and finally the indication of continuance of looking at trial data re covid 19....I wonder if the shake is can read Tim's follow up to this RNS, but just thought I'd share the nuts and bolts.

01 Jul 21

Sareum Holdings PLC - Covid-19 Research Project Results

RNS Number : 7338D
Sareum Holdings PLC
01 July 2021

Sareum Holdings PLC

("Sareum" or the "Company")

Completed Covid-19 Research Project Delivers Encouraging Results

Cambridge, UK, 1 July 2021 - Sareum Holdings plc (AIM: SAR), the specialist drug development company delivering targeted small molecule therapeutics to improve the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases, is pleased to announce encouraging top-line results from its UKRI grant funded Covid-19 research project.

The aim of this research project was to investigate the effects of SDC-1801, the Company's proprietary TYK2/JAK1 inhibitor, on cytokine signalling after SARS-CoV-2 infection. It was also designed to confirm whether an over-active inflammatory response (known as a 'cytokine storm') via the Interferon Type 1 pathway can be blocked in this disease by SDC-1801.

The project has completed on schedule, with the final results confirming the initial encouraging results as noted in the Company's Interim Results, published on 23 April 2021. The results of the project found that SDC-1801 reduced the levels of cytokines associated with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) in human lung cells infected with SARS-CoV-2 and demonstrated a profile that was superior to the anti-inflammatory steroid dexamethasone and similar to baricitinib, a JAK1/JAK2 inhibitor.

Subsequent completed in-vivo studies support the initial cellular results and indicate:

· Strong evidence that expression of Type 1 interferons (IFNa and IFNb) is reduced by SDC-1801 treatment in a dose-responsive manner; and that

· Viral loads did not increase after SDC-1801 administration, a potential concern when anti-inflammatory agents are used to dampen down an over-active immune response

A secondary objective, the investigation into whether treatment with SDC-1801 in disease models could protect against bacterial pneumonia following SARS-CoV-2 infection was inconclusive, due to technical shortcomings in the disease model.

Subject to successful completion of the ongoing preclinical toxicology studies, requisite approvals and financing, the Company aims to commence Phase 1 clinical trials for SDC-1801 in early 2022. The timing and design of the clinical trials for Covid-19 applications will be determined following consultations with experts in the field.

I am of the opinion we are in an extremely exciting period of Sareums progression and from what I'm garnering from msm and covid ...the ongoing trial of 1801 and 'potentially' pari passu 1802 is imo worthy of a squeaky chair update when 'allowed' and 'reportable'

Those recent Patents will prove very useful 'if' multiple licences are requested.

Best regards Steadydanny

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