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We’ll still get you👮‍♂️ԁ04;‍⚖5039; BOD..and existing 🤥MANAGEMENT🤥 Ms Dees🕵️;‍♂ʊ39; trellis35 Posts: 2,696 Price: 1.862 No Opinion JP and Coro RNSToday 12:07 I will not be commenting on Sound as previously mentioned, BUT- interesting that Coro have changed their registered office to a firm of specialist energy lawyers Watson,Farley and Williams, who include dispute resolution and insolvency among their areas of expertise👨‍⚖️
brooke - love it!
brookemia28 Aug '20 - 16:32 - 553 of 553 Edit 0 0 0 Maybe the first step in the lancing of the boil👩‍⚕️ is for Graham Lyon to get rid of 🗣Sarah Dees💃 the mouthpiece for🤥Pinocchio Parsons and to remove from Sound one of the last-remaining appendages of the former corrupt 🤥BOD🤥; 🤷‍a94;️ This would-only to a degree-appease LTH’s
Final day in the trial of Sound ex-CEO Jaes🤥Pinocchio Parsons, ex-Chairman Marco-tHe Mobster-Fuming Alli, and Ms Sarah-the Fixer💃Dees. Mr P.Canna. prosecuting QC, has asked 🤥Pinocchio, if he has no regrets over misleading Investors, by issuing RNS’s that we’re materially false in terms of volumes of gas reserves. He further suggested this was at complete odds with Sound’s own Geoligist’s expert testimony.🤥Pinocchio looked stunned and after composing himself, he argued that despite their “knowledgeR21; he knew different at the time and was disappointed that these people did not toe the Company line. He stated that if they had gone along with his “interpretations” of reserves, they would be as comfortably well off as him and Marco-the Mobster, instead of looking for employment🤥 Mr P.Canna, advised that 🤥Pinocchio, had also lied to Investors at seminars over the structure reserves, and 🤥Pinocchio replied that it would have been suicidal to tell the truth🤥 and his and others lifestyles would have been at risk. Mr P.Canna was visibly moved by this complete disregard for punters, and accused 🤥Pinocchio of absolute contempt for shareholders, and that 🤥Pinocchio had gone on to do the same to other Investors in Coro, Echo, Nuog etc, 🤥Pinocchio replied, that it was a winning formula, rinse and repeat, I’m a deal maker, it’s in my DNA🤣 Mr Canna agreed, but said the deals were only for 🤥Pinocchio and his trusted coterie of friends. Pinocchio, scornfully replied that he never, ever said the deals were for the benefit of shareholders🤷;‍♂ʊ39; Mr Canna, in summation said that he hoped the jury would consider the effect that the lies and corruption-perpetrated by 🤥Pinocchio, the Mobster, and the fixer💃-had affected the shareholders, bringing misery, family breakdowns, and destroyed the trust that Investors had in British Companies. 🤥Pinocchio, rolled Back the sleeve cuff of his £5000 Saville Row suit, checking the time on his £20k Panerai watch, expressing his boredom at this charade😴 Justice👨R05;⚖️Richard, called the Court to order🗣and addressing the jury, advised them that they must decide if the overwhelming amount of evidence levelled against the trio was factually true. They had listened to ex-colleagues, employees and experts. They had seen former colleagues turn Queens evidence, and if they believed the evidence before them, then they must convict these fraudsters, and that he would accept a majority decision and he asked the jury to retire.... The jury has returned to a hushed a courtroom, after only seven minutes deliberation, was this a record in British legal history, whatever the decision was, it must have been overwhelmingly unanimous. Marco-the Mobster, flashing his 5000w teeth to the jury in an -all too late-attempt to sway them, 🤥Pinocchio, brushing an imaginary bit of fluff-no not Ms Dees, -off his sleeve, and The Fixer💃 for once in her life, looking concerned. Justice Richard👨R05;⚖️ Looking visibly tired after this marathon trial, asked the jury if they had agreed a verdict, The foreman said “we have your honour” nervous faces looked for a sign of the verdict. How do you find defendant James🤥Pinocchio Parsons, the foreman replied guilty on all counts your Honour How do you find defendant Marco the Mobster, the foreman replied guilty on all counts your Honour How do you find defendant Ms Sarah-The fixer💃Dees, the foreman replied guilty on all counts your Honour. The Courtroom erupted, Marco the Mobster apoplectic with rage, issuing threats against the jury, 👨‍b78;️Judge Richard and Mr Canna QC. Ms Dees, was uncontrollably sobbing-unable to fix this💃 🤥Pinocchio Parsons was frozen to the spot, mouth wide open, like a corpse the normally suave showman unable to digest this apocalyptic moment 👨‍b78;️Judge Richard banged his gavel repeatedly, but at it having no effect, he uncharacteristically rose from the bench shouting order, order, order‼️ After a few minutes, with the help of bailiffs👮205;♂️order was eventually restored 👨‍b78;️Justice Richard addressing the jury, thanked them for their time nd excused them from further jury service for life. Turning to the defendants, Justice👨R05;⚖️Richard said that he had never in his life experienced fraud on such a scale, sheer wanton greed💷and deception🤥on a scale designed to exploit some of the most vulnerable, with no thought for the consequences or after effects that their corruption might have on their victims. There were no extenuating circumstances, for any of the defendants , save for the fact that they were seduced by the very plausible dreams of untold riches peddled by 🤥Pinocchio Parsons. To 🤥Parsons, 👨‍b78;️Justice Richard, said he had no thoughts or concerns about a investors families, nor indeed his very own family, who would now be subjected to relative penury, as he would be seeking a Confiscation of Assets order against the three defendants, he further sentenced 🤥Pinocchio to the maximum prison term allowed within the sentencing provisions of 18 years. 🤥Pinocchio was crestfallen, shattered, his phoney empire broken into a hundred pieces, rapidly evaluating/anticipating any further actions- inside prison-by relatives of defrauded Investors. Justice👨R05;⚖️Richards, sentenced The Fixer💃 and Marco the Mobster to thirteen years-again the maximum provided for under existing law.He chastised them both, and said that prison would give them time to reflect on their heinous crimes😔300; Justice👨R05;⚖️Richard-seemingly very refreshed and flourished, and with an almost imperceptible smile☺️bellowed to the bailiffs👮205;♂️👮‍ϓ4;️ “ Take them down”
The final day- in The Court of Public Opinion -of the trial of James🤥Pinocchio Parsons, ex-CEO, MARCO Fuming Alli, ex-Chairman, and Ms Sarah Dees-The Fixer💃 All other defendants have turned Queens and have been warned they face a Custodial sentence, for the scale of their corruption. “Fat Malcy” Graham-Wood who protested he was only in it for the free lunches🥩 7828;🥟ԍ90; has been admitted to hospital, severely malnourished, but expected to pull through, and well-prepared for his new prison diet. Marco the Mobster has been thoroughly exposed as nothing more than a crooked thug with proven fraudulent backers, and seemingly joined at the hip with the next defendant, the star of the show, Aston-Martin driving, Panerai watch-wearing (£20,000) James🤥 Pinocchio Parsons Mr P.Canna prosecuting QC, is looking supremely confident as he smiles with satisfaction, looking at 🤥Pinocchio with his steely hawk-eyed stare, boring a laser like beam at the former CEO, it looks like 🤥Pinocchio could be showing the first sign of nerves😟 This is definitely not the Showman🕺we have been accustomed to, and maybe his former colleagues sacrificing him is beginning to take its toll🤦‍♂️ Mr P. Canna QC, begins by asking Pinocchio🤥 why he thinks his former minions have offered him up for crucifixion, and Pinocchio said that -like the Investors- they misunderstood his motives, and he was a family man looking to protect and provide for his family. Mr P. Canna enquired as to whether it was acceptable for 🤥Pinocchio to make promises,about the share price which were blatantly untrue, and to issue false RNS’s when The BOD knew otherwise🤔 Pinocchio🤥 said that Sound had an office-based lawyer👩̴5;💼 so he should have known better and all 🤥Pinocchio did was Sales & Marketing. Mr P. Canna QC, reminded 🤥Pinocchio that he-aided by The fixer💃Ms Dees, had subsequently removed all traces of his blatant hyperbole and false claims from the website, Twitter and Facebook. Pinocchio replied that it was just housekeeping and that it was the fixer’s 💃 actions and not his. False RNS’s were issued about TE8/9/10 when The BOD knew different asserted Mr P. which 🤥Pinocchio replied, that the eminent geologists, former colleagues and employees did not understand the ”BIG PICTURE” and this was unfortunate said 🤥Pinocchio. “Is this why some were fired” enquired Mr P.Canna, to which 🤥Pinocchio replied that he needed “Team Players” Mr Canna replied that it was more the case that they did not agree with false RNS’s which were illegal. 🤥Pinocchio replied that he was an Accountant, to which Mr Canna said yes, you were, but have been disbarred, because you failed to live up to the standards required of The ICAEW. 🤥Pinocchio replied he did not ever need to work again as he was a successful entrepreneur Mr Canna QC, asked why 🤥Pinocchio was still advising Investors to buy and claiming “ four figures won’t cut it” “golden tickets” and other hype when he was selling down his own shares through a trading plan. Was this not immoral at best, and very probably illegal as 🤥Pincchio was in possession of material facts that proved geologically different🤷‍♂️ Pinocchio replied it was just 🤣salesmanship😂 and that his strength of a deal-maker, was why he was employed. Mr Canna suggested that the only successful deals 🤥Pinocchio had brokered whilst in the employ of Sound had been dodgy at best, probably illegal and had only benefited 🤥Pincchio, his “friend” Mr Rude.Hope,Fuming Alli and the💃Fixer Ms Dees Justice Richard, looking very irritated with 🤥Pinocchio, called for a lunch recess...
Day five in The Court of Public Opinion, where The Crown vs James🤥Pinocchio Parsons, ex-CEO, Ms Sarah Dees-aka The fixer💃 and Marco Fuming Alli. All other defendants have turned Queens, and were aghast at Justice Richard advising the jury that these criminals would face custodial sentences due to the gravity and sustained period they defrauded the Public. Marco Fuming Alli -without his jailed heavies, having been sent down for contempt) is being cross-examined by Mr P.Canna QC. Is it correct you are a “front man” for dubious characters in Italy Mr Fuming Alli asked Mr Canna. I am a legitimate businessman in Italy with big “Family” connections replied Marco, in a voice that would charm the birds from the trees Mr Canna continued, asking the source of the “loans that he had provided Sound” We are family Sir, and we being family men, like to spread the happiness around. Mr Canna asked if there were some illegal aspects to the arrangement secured between him and James🤥Pinocchio Parsons. Fuming Alli replied, that Mr Parsons came well recommended by “The Family“ and Italian loan sharks,-sorry I mean money lenders corrected Marco. Mr Canna continued, asking if these loan arrangements did not seem punitive, to which Marco replied, that they have expensive overheads, Ferrari’s and expensive offices. Mr Canna enquired as to the reason they had closed The Italian Office and relocated to Malta, Marco replied it was for him and Pinocchio to know only, and the little shareholders would not understand. When asked about Pinocchio’s29317; financial pedigree, Marco said he was unaware 🤥 Pinocchio had a dog. The public gallery erupted, and Justice Richard brought the Court to order, and Marco flashed his dentistry once again, resulting in Justice Richard, having to cover his eyes momentarily from the megawatt lightning strike. Composure restored,Mr Canna probed Fuming Alli as to his financial share dealings, suggesting that all was not in order, and was it true he had more Sound shares that he had RNS’d to the authorities, and was he aware that Pinocchio🤥 was advising Investors about their shares being “Golden tickets” worth 4 figures, and more, but selling down his own holdings at the same time. Marco replied, how do you say in English” Pinocchio🤥 has the gift of the gab, and might be a little over enthusiastic. Mr Canna suggested it was morally disgraceful, and that before he was asked to leave because of “dubious”; practices, that Pinocchio🤥- aided by Ms Dees- the fixer💃- had systematically removed al, evidence of this and other incriminating evidence from The Company website, and this must have been approved by BOD members. Marco said he did not understand these things, only loans and it must have been administration errors by The Fixer💃 If it was illegal-he agreed-she should face her punishment🤦‍♂️; Mr Canna asked how Marco could be on the BOD of so many Companies, when it appeared there were insufficient NED’s to ensure regulations were being adhered to, Marco replied that it was Pinocchio’s responsibility, but he was clever dude like that, and he spent a lot of time with The Company Solicitor, who was permanently stationed at Sound HQ. He added it was Pinocchio’s idea, because there was so much going on and that Pinocchio🤥 thought it advisable because too many questions were being asked about the way Sound was looking dodgy. Justice Richards called lunch recess as he remarked that this trial was beginning to look very murky indeed. The case continues.....
brookemia22 Aug '20 - 08:21 - 544 of 544 Edit 0 0 0 Day 4 of the trial of ex-CEO James🤥Pinocchio Parsons, Chairman Marco Fuming Alli and Sound 💃”Fixer” Sarah Dees. Former employees “Fat Malcy” Graham-Wood/Dennan/Argent/Mitchenor and Traynor have turned Queens evidence in a bid to be discharged, however Justice Richard has warned them they face custodial sentences due to the gravity of their crimes. The court was dramatically -and voluntarily- hushed into silence when The Italian Mob led by Fuming Alli arrived in court, sharp-suited, wearing overcoats and shades😎with the burly minders🦍 9421;🦍Ԏ21;surrounding their “Capo” like a phalanx of Roman Centurions. The jury-open mouthed- could only gasp😩㈷0;at the menacing sight before them, and started murmuring in hushed tones. Justice Richard-in an attempt to restore order-banged his gavel😄 and called “Order” This brought a smile from Fuming Alli- revealing a blindingly dazzling smile😁from what must have been £20,000 of the finest dentistry😬 One of Fuming Allis gorillas🦍 reached to take his boss’s overcoat, only to drop a stiletto-shaped€481;article on the floor. Justice Richard👨R05;⚖️ asked the bailiff👮R05;♂️ to bring it to him, and after examination asked “what is the meaning of this Mr Fuming Alli” he replied “Judge it is a letter-opener” simply that Judge. Justice Richard👨R05;⚖️ asked the bailiff👮R05;♂️ to immediately lock all exits, and search the overcoats and jackets of The “Mob” To the astonishment of the open-mouthed jury, four further plastic-looking stilettos🗡 were discovered Justice Richard👨R05;⚖️ enquired of Fuming Alli if he was expecting a lot of mail, to which The “Capo” treated the jury with another blinding smile from his exquisite dentistry😁 which surpassed even that of the entertainment mogul Simon Cowell😬 Justice Richard👨R05;⚖️ ordered the 😎😎😎😎 “Mob” to be taken to the cells, individually, for contempt, and warned Fuming Alli that he would-along with his entourage🦍🦍🦍 9421;-face charges of possession of offensive weaponry, advising the jury, that these weapons were of a composite nature to avoid detection, by the Courts alarm systems, this drew gasps from all within the courtroom🤦‍♂️😱🤦‍♂️ The case continues........
Surprised this one is still solvent myself. I see the name is changing in an effort to get a clean break from the disastrous past.
CZN - flying. Connection? Where the bamba has ALL the money gone????? FCA!!!!!
diggulden9 Jul '13 - 15:06 - 1 of 86 0 0 0 Used to be called 'Griffiths Energy'. Was going to float in December 2011 but pulled the plug when ' it emerged that it had bribed the wife of Chad’s ambassador to the U.S. In time it paid a $10.35-million penalty for a breach of the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act.' Oops! New name, same company, same underhand tactics? Maybe this is just the way business is done in that region and industry, but not for me thanks.
Torp Said the same about RRR, they have TREBLED recently - this will be next.
This share has the potential to make you a millionaire ! There's only one requirement . . . You must first be a Billionaire !! DYOR
Name change takes effect today, most retail brokers are not trading the stock currently. Could cause a few problems for anyone running a short book, especially if material news breaks !!
Worried Kemche?Kemche.. The city spiv that is on the run
I can confirm that all the cheap stock has gone and only the expensive stock remains. FCA!! Where the bamba has ALL the money gone???? Southport????
Not checked...Is that correct? Can anyone confirm?
Cant' buy a single RGM share online currently, IG want 1p for just £500 of stock. The next move up will be a big one IMO.
Tick tock for the inevitable boomage... Strong buy!Oh why the Kemche are the trolls and shorters out in force..So 'unhelpful'City spivsAgendaThey are running scared
Seriously. Who is selling all the RGM shares? Has a significant investor been selling down like at Ascent Resources? Is a significant investor still selling down their holding? Will shareholders in RGM have to wait 3 months to find out like shareholders at Ascent Resources? The MO is there for all to see. A significant shareholder selling will not stop cash raises at RGM. It did not stop them at Ascent Resources. Parsons has a tenancy to distract shareholders from poor news with the irrelevant. Yesterday, the RNS informed shareholders there would be a name change. It was a RNS about an upcoming RNS which would give information about a name change. What about Southport and the revenues which were supposed to be generated from it in June 2020? What about talks at WoWo Gap? Have telephones lines to Australia been cut? I suspect Parsons has been knocked back at WoWo. Much like with Mambare where he has to rely on tidbits of news they might release. Be careful.
No advice taken.
The re-brand & name change is a precursor for significant growth and deliverance of shareholder value creation. More news will be forthcoming soon enough. Have added more over recent times, built a decent position, one thing that the market seems to have missed is the financial muscle of the new Strategic Investor in Regency, namely Sinom Group. Https:// Regency management did comment on the importance of this investor in a recent (lengthy) interview. Liquidity issues moves the share price fast. No advice intended.
Those at the asylum seem to have a measure of this company. Entities. FCA! Where the bamba has ALL the money gone???? Even with the new name. Another fundraising? It has been a few weeks after all.
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