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Plexus Holdings Plc POS London Ordinary Share GB00B0MDF233 ORD 1P
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grahamite2: Amazon has Ben Graham's The Intelligent Investor for 99p today only.
the stigologist: AGM Statement Plexus Holdings PLC, the AIM quoted oil and gas engineering services business and owner of the proprietary POS-GRIP® friction-grip method of wellhead engineering, known for its safety, time and cost saving capabilities, will hold its Annual General Meeting ('AGM') today. The AGM is being held as a closed meeting due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. At the AGM, Graham Stevens, Plexus' Finance Director, will be appointed to act as the Chairman of the meeting and will make the following statement: "Proven disruptive technology. Blue-chip customer base. Exponential market opportunity. Competitors now partners. Supportive market narrative. These five key points would not be out of place in the corporate presentation of a multi-national ground-breaking high-tech company. In our view, they are just at home in the 2020 AGM Statement of Plexus, the Aberdeen-based owner of POS-GRIP, a friction grip method of engineering which has been deployed on over 400 wells around the world and has raised the bar in terms of wellhead performance, safety and reliability, particularly in relation to gas proof sealing performance. "Proven disruptive technology: POS-GRIP delivers true and verifiable leak-proof HG® metal-to-metal seals and generates considerable cost savings for operators due to reduced installation and downtime. How is this disruptive? POS-GRIP involves applying an external force to squeeze a housing until it engages with the components inside (casing or tubing hangers in wellheads), which generates a gripping force that eliminates assembly clearances. This activates the "HG" seals, delivering what is believed to be a lifetime leak-proof metal seal solution. As the process is controlled by hydraulic pressure and occurs within the elastic limits of material, the connection is reversible. Compare POS-GRIP's simple design with rival systems, which typically comprise a far higher number of individual components. The higher the number of components, the higher the chance for seal integrity to be compromised and for individual pieces to succumb to fretting/movement caused by temperature and pressure variations. "Blue-chip customer base: POS-GRIP wellheads have been successfully deployed on hundreds of wells in some of the most challenging operating conditions all around the world by blue-chip operators including Royal Dutch Shell, BP, ENI and Total, many of whom have become long term customers. "Exponential market opportunity: wherever metal to metal sealing is required, POS-GRIP can deliver a leak-proof solution, and our growing suite of POS-GRIP products reflects this. For example, the POS-GRIP "HG" Tubing Spool enhances the integrity of existing wells. Conventional tubing spools are a frequent source of leakage due to having multiple leak paths through tie-down bolts and annular seals which are not adequately qualified. Replacing these with the POS-GRIP tubing spooI not only remediates historic wells but delivers leak-free performance at the "HG" seals for the entire field life, eliminating the requirement for any annual maintenance, which in turn generates substantial savings for operators. POS-GRIP exploration and production wellheads have been proven to deliver superior performance and cost savings many times over out in the field. POS-GRIP applications for the renewable sector, including geothermal and nuclear also offer unique advantages, and work is ongoing to see how we can access such markets. "Competitors now partners: simply owning a technology which is proven to deliver a leak-proof solution and generate significant cost savings for operators is, on its own, not enough to ensure POS-GRIP becomes established as the enabling technology for the energy sector we believe it ought to be. Widespread acceptance by the industry is required not just by operators but also by the large services companies that supply them, as they have the global full-service reach that the larger oil and gas operators increasingly require. Encouragingly, this is beginning to happen. Today, Plexus has agreements in place with two of the top three oil and gas services providers in the world. In November 2020, we signed an important licence agreement with Cameron International Limited ('Cameron'), a Schlumberger group company, the world's leading oilfield services provider. The licence grants Cameron a non-exclusive licence to develop conventional and unconventional oil and gas surface wellheads using our technology. This transaction follows on from the sale of our jack-up exploration wellhead rental business to a division of TechnipFMC ('TFMC') in 2018, where we signed a Collaboration Agreement with TFMC to explore the development of new POS-GRIP enabled applications. Yesterday's competitors we believe can become tomorrow's partners as our proprietary technology begins to gain the recognition that it deserves. "Supportive market narrative: the oil and gas industry has to satisfy growing demand for energy while at the same time playing its part in helping the world become carbon neutral as it moves to the goal of 'net zero'. Natural gas represents the low hanging fruit for operators wishing to cut their carbon footprint due to it being the cleanest fossil fuel in terms of carbon emissions when combusted. As gas exploration and production grows, so too does scrutiny of operations from activists and investors to ensure that all activity is conducted in line with the highest possible standards to safeguard the environment from harmful emissions. At the well site, POS-GRIP delivers the highest possible standards. "The narrative is increasingly being driven by the need for the world to move to net zero carbon emissions to combat climate change. In line with this, the energy sector's carbon footprint needs to be reduced towards net-zero targets. Advanced leak-proof solutions such as POS-GRIP are required throughout the supply chain, all the way from the well site to the consumer. While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may continue to impact energy consumption levels and timings into 2021, we are confident that the best days for Plexus' proprietary technology lie ahead. Our confidence is based on the combination of the momentum behind the energy transition, the higher level of scrutiny operators are under to avoid and tackle emissions, and the growing pressure to manage costs in the current volatile oil and gas price environment where margins are under pressure. POS-GRIP delivers on all counts. With a capital-light licensing model, a debt-free balance sheet and a proven track record, Plexus is well placed to succeed for the benefit of all stakeholders in the energy transition."
jeffian: #6550, LOL! Teh old mobile market stall in Solihull, eh? No, that was much later in the dying days when he was flailing around for anything to keep trading. No, I was selling a public but unquoted/unlisted property company. TGR had been raising capital from investors posing as a 'dotcom' stock and the game was to buy asset-rich companies but the properties got siphoned off into AM's private property company leaving the trading side in TGR. So far as I remember, under AM's stewardship, there was not one single trading period in which it made an operating profit.
jeffian: #6544, As you mention the 'esteemed' 'serial entrepreneur' Andy Moore, Knight, I should just mention for the record that I never actually owned any shares in his dog stock, it just so happened that I had had business dealings (i.e. rejected an offer from the scoundrel for a business I was selling) and knew that he was acting on a false prospectus, which I felt was a fact that bulletin board investors should be made aware of. And if he's reading this and takes umbrage, I have kept the records.
the stigologist: 10 November 2020 Plexus Holdings PLC ('Plexus' or 'the Company') Licence Agreement with Cameron, a Schlumberger Group company Plexus Holdings PLC, the AIM quoted oil and gas engineering services business and owner of the proprietary POS-GRIP® friction-grip method of wellhead engineering, is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into a licence agreement (the "Agreement") with Cameron International Limited ("Cameron"), a Schlumberger group company, the world's leading oilfield services provider. The Agreement grants a non-exclusive licence to enable Cameron to use the Company's POS-GRIP and HG® metal-to-metal seal method of wellhead engineering for the development of conventional and unconventional oil and gas surface wellheads. Pursuant to the Agreement, Cameron shall pay a royalty to the Company based on the number of wellheads sold, leased, rented or otherwise supplied in each calendar year in the range of 3% to 6%, which shall apply up to the end of the 2029 calendar year, subject to the terms of the Agreement. The Agreement provides for a modest minimum performance requirement with respect to wellhead sales in a market that historically has consumed tens of thousands of production wellheads per annum. If Cameron does not reach the minimum performance requirement, it can elect to pay a "top up" royalty fee. In addition to royalty fees, Cameron shall pay the Company a capital licence fee payment of US$500,000 in exchange for the non-exclusive licence rights. If Cameron wishes to initiate additional projects, the parties have committed to work together to agree the scope, terms, objectives, territory and royalty rates and royalty duration of each additional project. The Company has a general obligation to provide Cameron with comprehensive guidance as to how to apply the specified intellectual property, including a specific obligation in relation to how to apply the POS-GRIP friction grip method of engineering for a period of two years from the date of the Agreement. The Agreement is for an initial term of three years with the option for Cameron to extend the agreement for a further six years. The Agreement contains customary provisions permitting either party to terminate the Agreement upon the occurrence of other events, including upon a material breach of the Agreement. As the industry pivots away from coal and oil to natural gas as the preferred future hydrocarbon energy source, as well as for the production of hydrogen, it is essential that a choice of dependable technology is available for application throughout the supply chain. At the wellsite, this certainly applies to wellheads where leak proof performance, particularly for natural gas, is important throughout the life of a field, and where wellheads have historically required maintenance to maintain integrity. POS-GRIP wellheads are "by design" capable of delivering life-cycle integrity by employing integral metal seals, which are externally pre-loaded, against permanent wellhead fixtures. This alternative method of engineering is achieved with a rigid assembly, for which critical actuation forces are accurately controlled, monitored and verified, to simultaneously energise multiple seal bumps, which maintain gas-tight integrity throughout the life of a well. Plexus' CEO Ben van Bilderbeek commented: "I am very pleased that we have entered into a non-exclusive intellectual property licence agreement with Cameron, a Schlumberger company. "The first of what we hope will be many joint development projects between our two companies, will be the design and development of competitive and technically differentiating surface production wellhead systems, which incorporate our proprietary POS-GRIP friction-grip technology. "The POS-GRIP method of wellhead engineering has over the years demonstrated that it delivers life-cycle integrity for critical seal systems, particularly for gas applications. "The project will focus on the application of scientifically configured and actuated proprietary sealing methods, which can guarantee leak-proof and maintenance-free performance, throughout the life-cycle of a well. Such features are particularly relevant as the move towards net-zero emissions is demanded by ever more informed investors, and the environmental lobby. "The resulting wellhead products will be marketed under the Cameron trademark, whilst in the meantime Plexus continues to offer its own proprietary wellhead technology, with focus on special applications and technically challenging projects, as well as innovations. "Our joint aim is to demonstrate that with the right technology, our industry can achieve Totex savings, whilst at the same time addressing Capex issues, which are generally associated with the provision of the higher standards needed, whilst helping to responsibly develop oil and gas reserves." Paul Sims, Global Business Director - Surface Production at Schlumberger, commented: "We are looking forward to working with Plexus to explore the use of friction-grip technology in our wellhead systems."
jeffian: One hears about the scandal of 'unsophisticated' investors getting ripped off by dog funds, but really....... I have become the unwitting Executor (actually, Mrs J but, you know) of the estate of a relative who died intestate. One of her assets is an offshore bond managed in IoM by Quilter International (formerly Royal Skandia then Old Mutual). Offshore bonds are simply a 'wrapper' like an ISA and you can put into them any funds you like within reason but in this case they seem to have put it all into one of their own managed funds. After 18 years, the gain on over £250k invested is......£6,700!!! Given that whatever IFA acted will have been creaming off a commission for the first 10 years which must be over £10k and the fund-of-funds charges are probably 2% or so, everyone has made a killing except the investor and you can see why the 'financial services' industry gets such a bad name.
monte1: Stick with me chaps and ye will soon be farting through silk - here is the proof; Dear Beneficiary, Compliment of the day to you and your family, how are you doing? i have not heard from you in a while as regards your inheritance Payment of ( USD$10,500,000,00 ) with the Federal Reserve Bank. I have a very important update for you concerning your inheritance funds, as it is now the Federal Reserve Bank has concluded that due to the delay in the process of remitting your funds a tax clearance certificate must be presented on your inheritance funds,also to obtain the Telex Confirmation Code which i believe you don't have such fee but the solution is, I discussed your claim with a reputable investor Mr. Jimmy Gates who's going to finance the whole process on your behalf. Considering the magnitude of amount involved The total charges and fees you will be required to pay to the Federal Reserve Bank to secure the tax clearance and the Telex Confirmation Code fee is in the tune of USD$19,900.00 to enable the Remittance Liaison Offshore office to effect your fund transfer into your designated bank account, of which i know presently you do not have such money to pay the fees / Charges, so I will like you to contact the financier directly to open up communication with him he said he likes to deal directly with the beneficiaries of Inheritance/Contractors so that he can remit the requested funds to you directly to pay up the charges because under the Federal Reserve bank Inheritance act ,the Charges must be paid directly from the location of the claimant as the bonafide beneficiary of the claim. he's ready to assist you with the needed fee so as to help you ease the financial burden of the transaction and you don't have to pay any money from your pocket which i think it ok for the success of your claim. Below is his contact information's you can feel free to contact him via email and tell him you are from Mr. Paul Simon he's charging 5% interest rate upon completion which means he will get 5% of the total charges once you have your inheritance funds in your account which i feel is great. Kindly adhere to his instruction and cooperate with him, his a very highly reputable investor, a honest and a reputable man,so that he can grant your loan request and once the loan is granted in your favour, i will make effort to help you obtain the tax clearance certificate and The Telex Confirmation Code to enable the Remittance Liaison Office to effect your fund transfer Payment into your account without any further delay . Here is his contact information's Name:Mr. Jimmy Gates Jimmy Gates Finance Ltd. Email Please keep me posted once you hear from him Yours Sincerely, Paul Simon Paul Simons & Consults.
jeffian: #7968, No, Knight, I told 'em to FO on the grounds that what I said was true (although I had to run it by my solicitor and he thanked me kindly for my outspoken-ness paying for his skiing holiday!). Dear Andy was an asset-stripper who raised £2m supposedly for "dotcom" investments but actually spent it on property-rich companies - publishers, ad agencies etc - which he converted to 'online only', transferring the properties into his own private company. Unbeknown to him, I was a Director of a small public unquoted property company which he approached and when we asked for proof of funds, he referred to the fundraising! I merely pointed out to investors that their money was not being spent on what they had intended.
jeffian: I know this is #jeffianrepetition, but I did an experiment a few years ago by taking out the maximum PB's for the whole family and tracked the returns over a few years. Every year came out below the stated average. Also, it shouldn't happen but it does - they start off OK but the payments tail off over time. Also, consider this; for every granny with £20-worth of bonds who wins £1m, a gazillion investors have to get nothing to pay for it. A bit of fun, sure, but it's a mug's game IMO.
scotsboypizza2: Evening Tom Not being an investor in his Aim dog, with no inkling to be I probably am.
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