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Kazera Global Dividends - KZG

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Kazera Global Plc KZG London Ordinary Share GB00B830HW33 ORD 0.1P
  Price Change Price Change % Stock Price Last Trade
0.00 0.0% 1.425 08:00:23
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1.425 1.425 1.425 1.425
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hedgehog 100: So people not yet in KZG could soon be 'Out of Time': https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out_of_Time_(album) Suffice to say that KZG could be a real 'Monster': https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monster_(R.E.M._album)
hedgehog 100: And in fact, the singles from REM's classic LP record "Automatic for the People" can help to illustrate KZG's investment credentials: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_for_the_People 1. "Drive" (Released: October 1, 1992) - KZG's current pre-overdrive mode. 2. "Man on the Moon" (Released: November 21, 1992) - KZG shareholders 'walking on the moon' after the anticipated coming positive newsflow. 3. "The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite" (Released: February 5, 1993) - The KZG share price consolidating before the next leg up. 4. "Everybody Hurts" (Released: April 15, 1993) - Investors with poor cyclical market timing. 5. "Nightswimming" (Released: July 15, 1993) - KZG's diamond project workers cooling off after a hard day's work. 6. "Find the River" (Released: October 21, 1993) - KZG's coming pipeline to its tantalum project.
hedgehog 100: al101uk 12 Dec '20 - 20:50 - 33 of 33 " ... That's my reasoning Hedgehog100, I hope you find it more thought through than your accusation that I was just taking a macro view on a micro stock and as I said, point me to where I've posted this previously." al101uk, What I actually said was: Hedgehog 100 10 Dec '20 - 17:45 - 24 of 33 " ... And you are being bearish at the bottom of the mining cycle, when that is the time to turn bullish. ... " The improved outlook for rare earths metals is a major element of the bull case here. Especially when combined with the paucity of rare earths metals investment plays that gives KZG such a scarcity value. This means that when investors start scrambling for a piece of the rare earths action, they will have few places to go to. Which could make for some quite explosive results. Remember REM (Rare Earth Minerals plc): within about a month in the summer of 2013 it rose over 25-fold: A rapid KZG rise of even a fraction of that could certainly generate some 'Rapid Eye Movement'. Which should make KZG an 'Automatic for the People': https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_for_the_People
al101uk: So what's the story of the diamond mine then? The concession was very valuable back in 1928 when it first went in to production and has produced a large quantity of diamonds, but I think it's safe to say that it's best days are behind it. It was owned by a private South African Company called VAST. It was intended that Tectonic Gold farmed in to the concession in a 50% joint venture for $650K in early 2019 (paid in equity). The idea was to use the low cost diamond mining operation to fund their primary Gold mining business. This was what they said at the time: ------------------------ "Mining at the VAST concessions is conducted by a fleet of large and small surface mining and earth moving machinery through a simple free dig operation. No drilling or blasting is required. The underflow heavy mineral concentrates that are produced are then transported to one of Alexkor’s processing plants for toll treatment and final recovery. The diamonds that are recovered are then put to a public auction by Alexkor’s marketing team with the revenues from this process being split 80:20 between VAST and Alexkor respectively after deductions for toll treating costs, royalties and any other costs for ancillary services such as security during transportation. The VAST resource estimates for the concession areas allocated are in excess of 500,000 carats. Tectonic Gold and VAST will take a staged approach to initiating mining operations under the concession with a target production commencing at 900 carats per month. Indicative sales prices for the average grade and size stone from the concession areas is currently US$450 per carat." ----------------------------------------------- In May of 2019 Tectonic Gold advised that they had restructured the deal to increase their share to 100% of the operation. They would take staff and equipment, pay all costs and leave VAST with a small royalty (3% iirc) along with some equity. The $650K cost was calculated as the investments VAST had made in to the license while they had ownership. 16th December Tectonic were awarded an interim mining contract with a final contract expected in March 2020. They commented: "This is an important step forward in consolidating our interests in the Alexander Bay diamond project. The quick turnaround time in moving from a subcontractor with proportional revenue share to an independent operator with 100% of the economics accruing to Tectonic SA is a great result for our in country team." Two days later, they released this: ------------------------------------------------- "Tectonic Gold plc (TDIM: TTAU) is pleased to announce that, having secured an independent mining contract as announced on 16 December 2019, the Company has executed an option agreement with a private investor for the purchase of a majority interest in Tectonic South Africa Pty Ltd (“Tectonic SA”), its wholly owned subsidiary. Under the terms of the agreement, Tectonic will retain a non-diluting 10% interest in Tectonic SA alongside the 26% holding of Black Economic Empowerment (“BEE”) partner RMTE Pty Ltd. The new investor will hold a 64% interest and fully fund all future project development. If the transaction is completed, the project will continue to be managed by the existing Board and Management of Tectonic SA with on-going technical support from Tectonic Gold." ----------------------------------------------------- Thing to note her: "64% interest and fully fund all future project development." The deal was finally completed 4th June 2020, Tectonic commented: -------------------------------------------------- Tectonic Gold plc (TDIM: TTAU) is pleased to announce that it has sold a majority interest in the Company’s South African projects to AIM listed Kazera Global Plc (“Kazera”;). As announced on 18 December 2019, Tectonic will retain a non-diluting 10% interest in Tectonic SA (rebranded Deep Blue Minerals Pty Ltd, “DBM”) alongside the 26% holding of incoming Black Economic Empowerment (“BEE”) partners. Kazera will hold a 64% interest and has raised £750,000 to fund the diamond mining project into production. --------------------------------------------------- The $750K was presumably the raise involving Richard Jennings, whom I've just discovered is a director at Align Research. hxxp://www.alignresearch.co.uk/about-us/ "The acquisition cost was £600,000 funded by issuing the vendor, Richard Jennings (a director of Align Research), with 120 million shares at a price of 0.5p and at the same time £750,000 was raised at 0.5p with £156,000 in fee shares." The fund raise was issued alongside warrants for 50% more shares at a price of 1p in the next two years. Looking at the issuance of equity I see they also paid fees to directors in equity priced at an average of 0.32p (nearly 50 million shares worth). This all smells very like GC in all the companies I've tracked him in. ---------------------------------------------------- "In addition, Tectonic has incorporated a 100% owned South African subsidiary, Whale Head Minerals Pty Ltd, and submitted an application for a Mining Permit to mine Heavy Mineral Sands (“HMS”) within the Alexkor/PSJV diamond mining area to mine ores with DBM for the dual commercialisation of diamonds and HMS from diamondiferous and mineralised alluvial beach sands. Kazera has committed to buying a majority interest in WHM also, with Tectonic retaining a non-diluting 10% interest, subject to the approval of the Mining Permit under application. Tectonic has received a £100,000 payment in fulfilment of the option terms." ----------------------------------------------------- Note: An option to buy, KZG don't own the Heavy Mineral Sand mining application. Meanwhile on the Kazera Global side they commented that: "Inferred Mineral Resources of 208,000 carats at a grade of 6.0ct/100m²" which is down from the 500,000 that VAST estimated. 8th October: "DBM has met its legal obligations by concluding negotiations with carefully chosen Black Economic Empowerment partners ("BEP"), bringing community, political and commercial contacts to the project and valuing the DBM operation in excess of £6.6million. The valuation is based upon the value ascribed to DBM in the Feasibility Study by Dr Johan Hattingh, who compiled the Competent Person's Report. The Company has provided a loan of R36,735,183.20 (GBP 1,709,130.25) to the BEP in order for the BEP to acquire a 26% share in DBM. The loan bears interest at 3.5% above the UK Base Rate and will be repayable from fees and dividends." Two things worry me in this statement: 1) The BEP paid for their share of the concession with a "loan" to be repaid from "fees and dividends". I'm not sure how much actual skin in the game the BEP have and so I'm equally unsure of how much they care where the valuation of the asset lands. The loan is not a cash outgoing for Kazera as they just issue paper to the BEP and add the money owed to their balance sheet as an asset, in effect boosting their NAV as they have "successfully sold" a percentage of their diamond mining operations for over £1.7 million ergo can revalue the entire asset. It benefits the BEP to have a higher valuation as the valuation potentially assists in raising funds and if the loan is only ever going to be paid back from money earned by the mine, the number is meaningless. Additionally the 25% BEP own looks to be before production costs, which could easily inflate the value of the asset by some margin. It may also be that the BEP get tax breaks just by being the BEP which again could inflate value. 2) The valuation was ascribed to a Feasibility study by Dr Johan Hattingh, but that report is not published as far as I can see and I'm unsure where in a range of potential valuations that falls, neither do I understand how qualified a Geologist is to value the asset accurately... at least in terms of eventual profit that will be attributable to the company. The asset was worth $6-700K for two years and through two holders before Kazera got hold of it. Also I've seen the feasibility reports from Ironveld with values that never came close to being realised. I just don't think Geologists reports on value are particularly useful as a valuation for the asset. So in conclusion, the company raised money at 0.5p, issues warrants exercisable at 1p, pays it's directors at an average share value of 0.32p... BUT can get further funding from another investor at 1.5-2p (given the warrants this is just fanciful). This valuation is based on an unpublished report by a Namibian Geologist. The Geologists valuation is verified via the issuance of equity to the BEP paid for via a non-cash loan on terms that mean it will potentially never be paid back. Meanwhile Giles Clarke is taking 2% of the company in "fees payable to Westleigh" and stacks more equity and warrants via loans and other fees. AND the recent glowing report was issued by a company who's CEO had just taken a large equity stake in a fund raising with corresponding warrants exercisable at 1p. Couple that with the history of under delivering on equally sure things and I'm left wondering if it's worth the hype.
al101uk: You didn't ask for my take on KZG, but you appeared to insinuate I'd already given it... so if you can find the following repeated anywhere? As for the KZG story, again you zoom in on the bit of the argument you think you can win and you assume because I came to a decision not to buy that I hate everything about the company and I'll immediately counter on the same terms. I was intrigued by the move in to diamond production and the comments here interested me further. I have no issue with picking up a small holding if I think GC is about to do another Amerisur in it's pomp. Right now I can't say that I'm confident that's what is going to happen. Why? Lets look at the commentary around the admission of Kennedy Ventures (2014): This project offers the opportunity to: Re-open Tantalite Valley Mine; established resources with low operational risk. Low initial investment leveraging off existing infrastructure. Near term production (September 2015). Offtake agreement with an international market leader Expansion and downstream opportunities Taken from one of my posts in 2016, around the (delyaed) target date for first delivery of Tantalum to their offtake partners: RNS history: 1st July 2015 "Aftan's mine is set to restart operations in July 2015" 3rd August 2015 The resumption of mining activities scheduled for Q3 2015 3rd November 2015 - "It is expected that new underground production will be available for processing during the course of this month" 23rd November - "First phase of production is estimated to produce 5,000lbs Ta2O5 per month in Q2 2016" 2nd Feb 2016 - First delivery of the Mines high grade Tantalite concentrate to the offtake partner is now expected to take place at the end of February 2016 20th July 2016 - The Company's operational cash flow has been constrained since Aftan reopened the TVM and recommissioned the existing processing plant at the end of 2015. This is due to irregular mine grades... blah blah blah. Then some news in November 2016 "Aftan has informed the Company that its first shipment, containing 1.6 tons of tantalite concentrate, has been delivered to its offtake partner on schedule. Shipments are expected to take place twice per month going forward." I could go on, but we all know that the paragraph above didn't result in a commercially viable mine with a world leading offtake partner. Could lightening strike twice? Can we agree without going through 2017-present that maybe the company has over-promised and underdelivered in the past? I think we do agree that is what happened over at Ironveld. I can assure you that it was also a running theme at Amerisur and SMA had an imminent deal on the table practically from inception to delisting. On that basis alone I think it's reasonable for me to take a sceptical view of company projections. BUT if they stack up then who knows, Amerisur did multibag over time.
hedgehog 100: al101uk 8 Dec '20 - 12:53 - 12 of 26 al101uk 9 Dec '20 - 11:15 - 16 of 26 al101uk 9 Dec '20 - 14:57 - 18 of 26 al101uk 10 Dec '20 - 10:33 - 22 of 26 al101uk 11 Dec '20 - 10:21 - 25 of 26 " ... You haven't asked for my rationale on KZG, so I haven't posted it ..." Really?! Presumably your bearish rationale, whatever it my be, isn't based upon KZG's progress on its Deep Blue Minerals (DBM) diamonds project. Acquired only six months ago, with a timeline of 12 months to restart production and revenue generation, progress since then has been simply breathtaking. The timeline of 12 months to generate revenues has been smashed - HALVED in fact - and delivered UNDER budget. And all this in the middle of a pandemic! This clearly bodes very well for KZG's other operations. 04/06/2020 06:00 UK Regulatory (RNS & others) Kazera Global PLC Acquisition of Diamond and HMS interest LSE:KZG Kazera Global Plc " ... Kazera to acquire a 90% stake in Deep Blue Minerals (Pty) Limited ("DBM") and a stake in Whale Head Minerals (Pty) Limited ("WHM") (the "Acquisitions") ... -- Near-term Diamond production via DBM: o Historical production grades of 10ct/ht, producing over 10 million carats of gem grade diamonds since production began in 1928 o Timeline of 12 months to restarting production and revenue generation following completion of acquisition ..." https://uk.advfn.com/stock-market/london/kazera-global-KZG/share-news/Kazera-Global-PLC-Acquisition-of-Diamond-and-HMS-i/82597311 30/07/2020 06:00 UK Regulatory (RNS & others) Kazera Global PLC Operational Update LSE:KZG Kazera Global Plc "... Kazera Global plc ("Kazera Global", "Kazera" or "the Company"), the AIM quoted investment company, is pleased to provide the market with an update on progress following its acquisition of Deep Blue Minerals on the 15(th) of last month: ... The above have all been achieved within budget and ahead of anticipated time scales. ..." https://uk.advfn.com/stock-market/london/kazera-global-KZG/share-news/Kazera-Global-PLC-Operational-Update/82955222 08/10/2020 06:00 UK Regulatory (RNS & others) Kazera Global PLC Diamond Production Commenced at Deep Blue Minerals LSE:KZG Kazera Global Plc " ... Dennis Edmonds, Kazera Executive Director managing the Alexander Bay projects, commented: "I am very proud of the way in which everyone has pulled together in these very trying times. It is a real testament to the quality of the team to have got into the full swing of production at the same time as getting the site fully established and achieving all other milestones whilst remaining comfortably within budget. We are excited by what the auction process will deliver." ..." https://uk.advfn.com/stock-market/london/kazera-global-KZG/share-news/Kazera-Global-PLC-Diamond-Production-Commenced-at/83420280 11/11/2020 10:16 UK Regulatory (RNS & others) Kazera Global PLC Maiden Diamond Delivery LSE:KZG Kazera Global Plc " ... Diamond Production The Company is pleased to announce that, following the commissioning of its scalping /screening plant on Monday, 2 November 2020, it has produced a total of 4,000 tonnes of gravel. Of this, just over 2,000 tonnes of gravel have been processed by the final recovery plant and will be sold in the auction due to take place this month. ..." https://uk.advfn.com/stock-market/london/kazera-global-KZG/share-news/Kazera-Global-PLC-Maiden-Diamond-Delivery/83658466 01/12/2020 11:27 UK Regulatory (RNS & others) Kazera Global PLC Namibia Update and Overview LSE:KZG Kazera Global Plc " ... Diamond and Heavy Mineral Sands Activity The Company expects to receive very shortly the proceeds from the sales of the first sale of the Diamonds following the auction announced on 11 November 2020. In addition, reports indicate that the legal process for the acquisition of the Heavy Mineral Sands rights in South Africa is now making substantial progress. ..." https://uk.advfn.com/stock-market/london/kazera-global-KZG/share-news/Kazera-Global-PLC-Namibia-Update-and-Overview/83799377
outspan: al101...thank you Hedgehog, poppyseed in ADVFN guise here. As Hedgehog highlights, I think one thing I could point you towards being substantially different to the historic NAV in the accounts and the price KZG paid for the diamond venture would be the subsequent competent persons report relating to DBM (RNS 8/10/20 refers) ascribing a valuation in excess of £6.6m to this venture alone: "...DBM has met its legal obligations by concluding negotiations with carefully chosen Black Economic Empowerment partners ("BEP"), bringing community, political and commercial contacts to the project and valuing the DBM operation in excess of GBP6.6million. The valuation is based upon the value ascribed to DBM in the Feasibility Study by Dr Johan Hattingh, who compiled the Competent Person's Report..." Given that today's market cap for the whole company stands at £7.2m and add to this that the WHM venture is seen to be worth 6 times the revenues of DBM once acquired and operational and you have only the beginnings of what an investor might be seeing in real world valuation terms. It now leaves the prospects of a world class tantalum prospect totally discounted despite a clear pathway to funding and water supply in these days of rising demand for rare earth metals. Wait, there's even more! Most recently, KZG has announced a kind of no-cost MoU (save for KZG manpower) which could well lead to a number of new JV further opportunities of substance in Namibia in any or all of the areas of Tantalite, Lithium, Tin, Niobium, Gold, Copper, Cobalt and Iron. The latter opportunities are, of course, easy to disregard at this stage but they were notably included when KZG said of the prospective Namibian investor "...This major investor has visited the Tantalum Valley Mine to understand the scale of the opportunity in the event that the Orange River Pipeline is commissioned. In addition, the potential investor believes that Kazera represents a strong candidate to consolidate further mineral licences across Namibia and across the border in South Africa as evidenced by the acquired diamond mine, the heavy mineral sands opportunity and the MoU referenced above." One thing is for sure, this investor will have been given a privileged insight into both the books and the detailed prospects so if investment does indeed appear in the 1.5p to 2p zone as Align suggests, or even a lower price for that matter, it can be pretty much assumed that the investor's forward view is of a company easily capable of bagging many times from that price.
hedgehog 100: I would add that KZG is way more advanced than IRON: it is already producing diamonds, and was producing tantalum relatively recently; whereas IRON has never produced and looks a long way from production. And IRON's focus on iron leaves it more exposed to a cyclical global economic downturn. A better recovery comparison is Giles Clarkes's BARK (ex Sovereign Mines) about a year ago, which ten-bagged within the space of months. KZG has multiple exciting opportunities, though the jewel in its crown is its 100%-owned potentially world-class tantalum mine, at a time of multi-trillion dollar stimulus that is supercharging demand for rare earths metals. Look at the way that rare earths mining sector companies have been rocketing recently. This is reflected in KZG's share price chart, which has recently broken out to a new one year high. With plenty of near term positive newsflow expected. Mining companies can and do trade at any multiples of NAV, as value is created which isn't yet reflected in the NAV, and that is what I expect to happen here. "KAZERA GLOBAL – TAKES FULL CONTROL OF THE TANTALITE VALLEY MINE. BUY June 26, 2020 | Posted by admin ... this tantalum mine could make several million dollars a year as it stands without upgrading the plant. ... " HTTP://www.alignresearch.co.uk/kazera-global/kazera-global-takes-full-control-of-the-tantalite-valley-mine/
hedgehog 100: QS99, There's multiple further positive share price drivers which could be due imminently: • New Align Research KZG research note with a meaningful increase in their 2.5p share price target. • Strategic equity investment in KZG reflective of KZG's NAV (1.5p - 2p per share). • Completion of the Whale Head Minerals heavy minerals sands deposits acquisition. The strategic equity investment should enable KZG to start construction of the Orange River Pipeline, which should be the key to unlocking the value of its potential world-class tantalum mine, towards a 'PRE-type' valuation. Pensana Rare Earths (PRE) is developing a major rare-earth mine in Angola. At 70.4p, PRE has a market cap. of £143 million, and has multibagged from 20p in July. Pensana Rare Earths (PRE):
johncasey: @MTP62_PA_Writer shocked its up only 5.9% ! still company ARE delivering and there will be plenty more news to come.... MTP62 Peter Allerton @MTP62_PA_Writer · Dec 1 Indeed, profit on the horizon, even the MMs of AIM can't deny profit in the long run. Going to be a great few years ahead I believe! #KZG MTP62 Peter Allerton @MTP62_PA_Writer · Dec 1 Phenomenal RNS from #KZG, what a turnaround story this should become. Many highlights, DYOR. Here's a snippet: "We anticipate a very exciting 2021. We are incredibly fortunate to be sitting on such rich sources of minerals..." So much positive news flow on the cards. LTH for me. Quote Tweet Align Research @AlignResearch · Dec 1 Ref Kazera Global #KZG RNS's dont come much better than that! https://investegate.co.uk/kazera-global-plc--kzg-/rns/namibia-update-and-overview/202012011127181113H/ NOTE key line - "Accordingly, the Company is in the process of agreeing terms with the investor for an initial equity investment reflective Show this thread
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