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Invinity Energy Systems Plc

4.50 (12.86%)
Share Name Share Symbol Market Type Share ISIN Share Description
Invinity Energy Systems Plc LSE:IES London Ordinary Share JE00BLR94N79 ORD EUR0.01
  Price Change % Change Share Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  4.50 12.86% 39.50 278,135 15:15:48
Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price
39.00 40.00 41.25 35.50 35.50
Industry Sector Turnover (m) Profit (m) EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap (m)
Indl Coml Fans,blowrs,oth Eq 3.19 -21.37 -42.20 - 20.02
Last Trade Time Trade Type Trade Size Trade Price Currency
15:15:49 O 10 40.00 GBX

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02/6/202315:02Invinity - a new beginning and Troll free4,798
01/6/202309:06Invinity now commercialising50
13/2/200119:20IES Group - Acquisition (at last!)3

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Posted at 18/4/2023 14:08 by owenski
Since the high point in the share price in 2021, the shares have been in a relentless downtrend. To me, it looks like that down trend has ended as of Dec. 2022, that doesn't mean an uptrend has started, just that the previous trend has ended.

The shares need to trade above 50p consistently for a new uptrend to be in evidence.

Meanwhile, as has been said in previous posts, Invinity is actually selling product, it looks like the frequency and size of sales is increasing to some extent, as per recent LODES win. So maybe downside risk looks underpinned and some upward valuation can be looked forward to.

The change in trend or cessation of previous trend, coincided with the Taiwan sale on Dec. 01 2022, since that announcement, there has been a regular stream of sales announcements. In other words, there is a positive change in the business prospects as measured by tangible sales achievements and so the share price is being earned rather than just speculated.

The company is also fully funded for at least a year, the odds look favourable for an increase in the share price, more so than they have done in the past at any rate.

All IMO.

Posted at 10/4/2023 10:58 by owenski
As investors, one doesn't have the same intimate insights on a business or the reality of its markets as the company itself does, one is literally acting on an element of faith that what the company says is truthful, but there is a difference between empirical truth and belief.

Most companies in early stage operate on belief, in fact, this is a word often used in presentations and results.

For empirical reality, one needs to look at figures - numbers. However, this is only an insight of history, an investor is trying to gaze into the crystal ball to ascertain what might be. Numbers just tell the picture of where it is now - although financial operating reality can be calculated with the view of figuring out if they've got enough dosh etc.

The point being, even if one is working in and familiar with the industry as would be Matt Harper, even then, one doesn't fully know the mind or politics of the customer, even at that level, a CTO is second guessing what appears to be a direction and acting with some kind of faith - even though such faith has more of the seen and experiential reality to base it on.

Often with these type of early stage interrupter adoption enterprises, they don't quite pan out as the company preaches, they never quite gain the stellar growth that investors buy into, some stagger along or just get subsumed by another entity (Eg; RedT with present Invinity) or just don't make enough money, ever.

This unfortunately is the risk here and it's a risk that requires diminishing by proof of larger orders and more frequent orders.

However, unlike some 'green' story stocks, Invinity is not on some eye watering valuation with the entire future pretty much priced in, the valuation here has some expectation baked in but perhaps not much - Larry Zulch commented as much in a previous webcast.

Sometimes the market trashes a share price even though any news hasn't warranted such, its just the way it is, sometimes one can take a view that the company even with a certain amount of uncertainty as to its success, is worth more than the current price. Ie; is Invinity less risky now at this valuation with a fund raise out of the way and a share price of 34p than it was at the last fund raise at a quid, and is the story still credible with some operating proof to base that belief on?

One could also rationalise that 'if' successful, then Invinity could be worth £500m capitalisation or more, therefore one could wait for a bit more news and buy at a higher price with the risk reduced more so.

Just because Invinity believe their case ( as indeed they should ) doesn't mean it all comes good. They seem to be gaining traction that's a definite, but it's slow, and that's the problem and the nub of the matter that an investor has to resolve on making the leap of faith with their hard earned.

That's what makes a market.

Posted at 24/2/2023 12:41 by gbcol
It’s good to get the funding matter substantially sorted for the foreseeable future. However I can’t help think that the Riverfort matter was appallingly handled. We had just headed over 60p when they announced the CLN and it trashed the share price price immediately. This fundraising done nearer 60p would have been considerably more palatable (especially for longtermers like me). Either they were desperate for cash at that point and couldn’t wait for a fundraise, or they were badly advised, or they were just naive. Maybe they didn’t care if share price crashed, but I doubt that is the case.

Personally I suspect they were badly advised/naive on the CLN and weren’t expecting such a fall from 60p. Hey ho, they haven’t lost out, it’s just us shareholders. Nevertheless it’s an important step forward so hopefully we can get that share price moving sharply upwards before long (think I probably said the same after the 175p placing and the 100p one!!!).

Posted at 23/2/2023 09:47 by owenski
Current market cap is 39m with 116m shares in issue

Looks like they'll print at least 54 -55m new shares, to be established.
So with circa 170m shares in issue, market cap at present @34p = 58m

To achieve same market cap as pre raise with new shares in issue, the share price would be 23 - 24p

Looks like the raise is over subscribed and so it appears they're going to raise more than the original intention - a good thing, get the cash while you can - what a bummer for those in the last raise at a quid.

Also looks like they'll fanny about with the previous issued warrants so they can get them cashed earlier maybe.

So, hopefully the share price wont go down to 23/24p over the short term. However, a reality check is that they needed to sell circa £80m of product to reach profitability by my reckoning, and they're still a long way off that. (Mistral, if as successful as they hope, would likely reduce that figure markedly downwards)

Their sales are increasing though, and it seems they are entering the commercialisation phase, they have multiple reference sites out there now on different continents and some partnership routes to market.

Their advanced sales pipeline has increased from 63.5mwh @ September 22 - to -
129.4mwh @ Jan.23 recent update - advanced sales = "Advanced deals are where negotiation and project development are in process". However, the timeline for contract signing and over what duration for delivery is unknown, but the growth look evident.

Worth noting then, that they've got a good pipeline for their existing V3 product, if Mistral is the game changer they hope for, then the uptake should accelerate at some rate.

So, they are now funded for at least another year, and if their timelines are achieved, then Mistral will be well in execution phase by then.

Still risks to overcome, they might not win LODES, and they're riding their future on the success of Mistral.

Also, battery project work still seems to favour the default Lithium, so they're still struggling against that tide, however, some points to consider, Estimated costs for Mistral will be a game changer on that and should drive growth via cost economics. Also, Lithium demands are outstripping supply - mostly due to EV uptake - new mining operations can take at least minimum 5 - 10 years to come on stream, so I'd expect a Lithium price spike to occur at some point soon enough.

Share price currently above 32p raise price, so that's a positive, oversubscribed is another positive. The backdrop is - storage market demands are only going to increase and so Invinity will have its place in the sun, as said, the current share price factoring in the new shares in issue technically makes the market cap in the 58m ball park - the increase being - at least for a while - cash on the books, is that a good entry point, that's the question.

I was in at 25p and 37p. When the dust clears, I'll reappraise.

Posted at 09/2/2023 16:33 by mikemine1
You're right doc, cashflow is always a problem for small caps at this stage of their development and we can't get away from the fact that it applies to IES, hence the recent loan. If Siemens wasn't in such a bad position themselves, I wouldn't mind betting that they would take IES over or buy a decent chunk themselves. I mentioned before that I thought the 10% stake at 175p might have been put in place in anticipation of IES's need for cash when Mistral goes live but 175p looks a long way away right now. We must hope that LODES comes good and IES gets more of those orders they said were in late stage. A steady flow of orders would help to get the share price nearer to the 175p. You never know but something might come out of left field that neither us or IES had anticipated. Certainly the market for storage and the political will are all in IES's favour so fingers crossed. Not a great investment strategy but we are that close I feel.
Posted at 06/2/2023 18:08 by mikemine1
robertspc1, I don't think SG would be prepared to takeover a company, their product in reality, until the project is successful and ready to go or after testing the response in the marketplace. It looks like they've got their own company to sort out without incorporating IES in to the mix. You also have the problem of making a low bid and upsetting the very people you might need to help run the division. Remember that most of IES's value is in the expertise and IP. Buying the company when the share price is making the share options worth nothing or very little might not be a smart move. In any case SG need be in no hurry as the more IES gets involved with SG the more complicated any other deal with other parties, especially rivals, would be.

Anyway, getting back to my previous post, if I'm right, IES is going to need money and SG, if they had mentally thought ahead and wanted to provide it, will have to think up another plan while the share price is so low. It's all supposition of course.

Posted at 06/2/2023 14:15 by mikemine1
I've had various thoughts about IES's involvement with SG and listened to the discussions on here with interest.

I go back to the inception of the collaboration and Larry said that IES would need a lot more money to see this through. At that time SG gained the right to obtain 10% of IES at 175p, the share price was about 200p plus and many here moaned about that at the time. The point about that could have been the future answer to the cash need and maybe a beginning of the eventual takeover/incorporation of IES into SG.It's all conjecture of course but I can't see SG expanding what will become a huge part of the Mistral initiative with a relatively very small partner such as IES especially if the company is under funded.

The problem with all that, of course, is the current share price and how it might adversely affect the financial plan.Let's hope sentiment changes shortly.

Posted at 25/1/2023 16:41 by gerd212
Flow batteries were included in the Battery Passport following the final vote of the European Parliament and Council of the European Union.

This is a success for FBE and for the thriving flow battery industry. As reported by the LDES Council, by 2040 long duration energy storage need to have scaled up to ~400 times present day levels to 1.5 - 2.5 TW (85–140 TWh) and consequently, between 2022 - 40, $1.5 trillion - $3.0 trillion of total investment in LDES will be required.

It is important that the Batteries Regulation sets the right legislative framework for the energy storage deployment to thrive in the European Union. The inclusion of flow batteries in the provisions will allow for a more comprehensive comparison of energy storage technologies without disincentivising the use of flow batteries for energy storage applications. Flow batteries are a safe, cost-effective and sustainable technology. Customers will now be able to compare the benefits of flow batteries against other batteries based on objective and standardised criteria across the EU.

“We are glad the legislators heard our concerns” said Anthony Price, Secretary General of Flow Batteries Europe. “The inclusion of flow batteries will benefit not only the flow battery industry but the entire European energy system as finally the European Union will have a future proof legislation that sets the basis for a sustainable EU battery value chain.”


Posted at 15/12/2022 00:27 by cyberbub
These types of funding are known as death spirals because they are usually taken out by desperate, utterly potless AIM minnows with zero income never mind profits, which can't even get standard placings away anymore. YA etc pay cash and get shares at a10% discount (= profit) which they've already pre-sold. So the share price is pushed lower and lower into oblivion.IES is definitely not a potless minnow, it's a credible company with good products and growing income. The problem is that the wider market is so poor and Mr Market has forced the share price so low that they probably didn't want to do a $10M standard placing at a say 30% discount from the 50p the share price was at a couple of days ago. So I suppose in that regard maybe taking out what is effectively a small $2.5M placing at a smaller discount might make sense for the short term?The management are probably hoping that the share price will rise back towards 100p in the next few weeks, from where they can do a standard placing at say 75p. The problem is that the City spivs now know that they're short of cash...Will be interesting to see how this plays out in the short term. As always, companies rarely go bust because of lack of revenues or profits, but because of lack of cash. I'm a lifelong supporter of green energy and I hope IES does very well in the medium and longer term. I think they probably will, but shareholders don't always see the full benefit...Good luck all
Posted at 03/12/2022 02:20 by albert arthur
Some IES info for new people like me: Placing was a year ago at £1 discounted 0.05%, they are debt free, had circa 16m cash as of end of June 2022 and burn c1.3m a month so they should have 9m cash left end of December 2022 revenue changed from £15k to 1.5m 10,000%, they are signing contracts for vanadium flow batteries globally, an alternate to lithium! long term warrants are at £2.25p exercisable to 2024 (price 36p).The price crashed in September because the losses for costs grew when comparing YOY change, however when you actually look under the hood, they raised more cash 2021: 26m Vs 22m the year before, so spent more of the extra cash they placed! This one actually looks interesting, should see more catalysts there and results recovery before any funding from FOMO results sellers who didn’t potentially understand them correctly and want to buy it back.. They also flipped revenue from 15k to 1.5m YOY interim comparison. 100 fold revenue change with no debt. Technically it’s bounce of two fibs 31/37 gap fill 2 times… no it’s levelled off here, around 35/36p I’d expect in upwards run next week, ultimately a run to around 52p using Fibonacci and EMA as baselines areas for a recovery from such a recent crash.


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