Share Name Share Symbol Market Type Share ISIN Share Description
Iconic Labs Plc LSE:ICON London Ordinary Share GB00BD060S65 ORD 0.001P
  Price Change % Change Share Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  -0.00075 -5.66% 0.0125 895,945,643 14:00:06
Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price
0.012 0.013 0.01325 0.01125 0.01325
Industry Sector Turnover (m) Profit (m) EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap (m)
Software & Computer Services -2.15 -1.00 1
Last Trade Time Trade Type Trade Size Trade Price Currency
16:41:14 O 10,000,000 0.0118 GBX

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12/7/202014:26ICONIC LABS - New media and technology business9,565
10/7/202011:27New beginning 411
08/7/202023:51Icon: the clue is in the name. I con. 44
18/6/202017:44Iconic Labs ... UniLad v2.0 .. all new and improved reboot :)3,410
03/4/202012:58Iconic Labs PLC56

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Iconic Labs Daily Update: Iconic Labs Plc is listed in the Software & Computer Services sector of the London Stock Exchange with ticker ICON. The last closing price for Iconic Labs was 0.01p.
Iconic Labs Plc has a 4 week average price of 0.01p and a 12 week average price of 0.01p.
The 1 year high share price is 0.29p while the 1 year low share price is currently 0.01p.
There are currently 4,548,241,015 shares in issue and the average daily traded volume is 1,556,231,133 shares. The market capitalisation of Iconic Labs Plc is £568,530.13.
pwhite73: cahus - "JQ has to win back shareholders support and trust." JQ appreciates all shareholder support and trust and wants as much of it as possible which director of a Plc doesn't. The problem here is that there is next to zero commercial value in the company. So you losing all your money to keep the company afloat and the directors in executive lifestyles is a sacrifice JQ and the board are prepared to make. Something else people like yourself seem to forget. You are one individual counting your losses and the impact it is having on your personal life. Icon Plc has thousands upon thousands of people like you on its share register so its nothing personal to them. They are not targeting you specifically they are taking money from tens of thousands of small PI investors. Not only that the PI investors come and go on a daily basis. So people are emailing them today about their investment and tomorrow they've sold out. You can't communicate with shareholders like that. The use of death spiral financing is a signal to the wider business community that your business isn't worth dealing with. Why do you think nearly all of Icon's joint ventures are with dead companies. GSN, Social Alchemy, The London Economic, Nuuco Media, Maximum Media etc. The use of equity and share ownership is a bargaining chip for all Plcs that do commercial deals. With death spiral finance you cannot use the shares as collateral because they are literally worthless. So Icon has to operate on a cash basis all the time which means having to draw down on the conversion constantly. The share price is currently 0.013p but between that price and the nominal value is 0.0125p 0.012p 0.0115p 0.011p 0.0105p 0.010p 0.0095p 0.0090p 0.0085p 0.0080p 0.0075p 0.0070p 0.0065p 0.0060p 0.0055p 0.0050p 0.0045p 0.0040p 0.0035p 0.0030p 0.0025p 0.0020p 0.0015p. EHGOS will convert at all these prices and Icon has no choice but to allow unless alternative financing can be found. In the meanwhile new investors will be screaming at how cheap the stock is for a company that has so so much going for it.
pwhite73: Zen12 - "It feels as though the mega RNS yesterday..,just never happened!" It did happen Zen12 but death spirals can only work with new investors buying at ever lower prices. They don't want long term holders hanging around. Long terms holders get angry, complain to the company, complain to the FSA and post negative comments on bulletin boards to scare off newbies. Contrary to what many think the death spiral doesn't want any write-ups on rises in the press. It doesn't want traders either. Death spirals only work if they can sell their shares at a price PIs would incur losses at. This is why any rises are quickly sold into and everything returns to normal. Rises are never allowed to spill over into the following day. The death spiral also needs supporters to fight its cause. This is where yorgi/livup/DJION52,dingodog1/Still Waiting come in. They promote the company, try to convince you the business is going forward whilst the share price is always going backwards. I am coming round to the ICON business model but nothing can happen to the share price whilst EHGOS, ICON and DS are rinsing everybody.
anotherdaytoday: Hi1. They currently are committed to drawing 2m on the repay schedule. 2 the amount of shares issued depends on the share price of which vwap of 90% is taken. The higher the price the less shares they receive for the monies.3. In the Rns it clearly states Upto 31bn.. But remember that is all on the basis that they take ALL the 5m!! Which there is no obligation to do..Despite what anyone tells you.Good news is being released frequently, although the finance is not favourable they are maintaining the share price There are people trading the stock and many have mentioned that once the messy finance is cleared the share price will definitely start to move upwards..
pwhite73: With death spiral financing its of no concern to the board whatsoever how much money the investor makes so long as the board have the facilitate to borrow up to £5 million. Whether EHGOS make £5 million, £50 million or £500 million matters not one iota to them. Are you concerned about the money your bank makes from its customers? NO. ICON would only be worried if EHGOS were having difficulty selling the shares. If EHGOS can't sell then ICON can't borrow. This is what happened last year. The death spiral destroyed the share price to the point where it dropped below the nominal value. ICON have put in place measures to try and mitigate against this happening again. 1. They have reduced the nominal value to 0.001p FFS. 2. They are releasing more news items and podcasts. 3. They are making better use of the paid rampers on BBs. However even this may not be enough. Because of the way death spirals work it destroys everybody's money to the point where people LEARN to stay away. Look at last week for example. A new non-exec is appointed, the shares soar, over two billion shares traded and the stock ends the week where it started. Other than those like yorgi/livup remunerated to pump the stock everybody is out of pocket except the one or two who managed a quick in and out. If the Class of 2020 learns the same lesson as the Class of 2019 that positive news from ICON leads to a loss of their money they in turn will shun the stock leading to a sharp decline in the share price as EGHOS dilute into an ever decreasing share price and smaller volumes. A lot of people are watching this company. If they pull another stunt like they did last week its game over.
pwhite73: dingodog1 - "One interesting point that i dont think is ever considered regarding EHGOS. What if they chose not to sell? Wait for the price to climb and then bank massive profits?" That is not possible because a death spiral company can only realise cash if it is selling stock at a level ordinary shareholders cannot compete with. Lets say ICON releases an RNS tomorrow confirming Infotagion will be on the NHS COVID-19 APP and for argument sake the stock visits 0.06p again. EHGOS cannot sell any stock in quantity for it would be competing with people like 'cahus' and 'anotherdaytoday' who bought stock at 0.030p and everybody else who bought stock under 0.060p and intends to flip. It cannot shift stock in 25 million blocks at prices ordinary shareholders are selling at. So by default if the share price rises to 0.060p or even 0.040p EHGOS are forced to hold onto their stock but not through choice. When the buying and selling slows down only then can EHGOS start offloading their stock bringing the price back down to 0.027p and below. Shareholders in ICON are not going to fall for any statements from the company again claiming EHGOS are long term holders. They've fallen for it too many times and the '0.40p floor under the price' stunt pulled by DS. EHGOS are flippers of stock they are not short, medium or long term investors. I've said it to you a million times and I'll say it one more time ICON need to get shot of EHGOS if there is to be any sustained rise in the share price.
pwhite73: Again I can't disagree with anything that you've said but this discussion is not about things as they stand or how they have been because we all know the story for that. This discussion is about how to move the share price forward from here. If you're saying they only need to continue as normal putting out news after news followed by dilution after dilution hoping at some point the news will outweigh the dilution then we can never agree. ICON need to take more drastic action. If they don't you'll end up like yorgi/livup etc singing the same song for over a year til April 2021 with share price at 0.003p. Don't laugh because I warned them back in March 2019 when the share price was 0.40p. Look where we are today 0.030p and they are still singing the company's praises. must dash
dingodog1: The share price is certainly hindered by the amount of shares in issue, but the market cap certainly isnt. £700k for what we have here is unbelievable. If fair value was £5m that is a 7 times uplift in present share price, so roughly 0.21p. That is irrespective of shares in issue. Granted an issue of an extra 1.6b shares reduced that share price to say 0.1p, but still well above present price. Of course £5m mcap is speculative, as too is future amount of shares to be issued. But at this monent in time £700k is majorly under valued. The fund selling is keeping the price well below a realistic fair value and when they have sold this latest tranche it will spring up, in turn increasing the average VWAP, which in turn reduces future dilution. The market is inefficient, and mcap is not always "what the company is worth". Some are grossly over valued (think BIDS a year back - although certainly has potential) and some grossly undervalued (ICON). I would like to think the views i put forward are balanced, but evidently based on recent posts i'm seen as an undercover ehgos employee/icon director (quite flattering given i am just a PI nursing ICON losses, which i am happily averaging down due to my belief in potential). I dont want to be drawn into mud slinging because it isnt worth my time. You are either pro ICON, or anti ICON. You either buy or you sell. Anyone influenced by the informal post of another shouldnt be investing. As everyone says, DYOR. And if you do you will be able to make an informed decision. If you invest based on this then it is your decision. If you invest based on a given posters opinion then more fool you, but it would still be your opinion. But it doesnt mean its necessarily a bad company. I see share price accretive news on the horizon, either "fund out" or new contracts. My opinion. Others may think this is folly, and if so fair play. If you can justify your views and actions to yourself that is all that matters. Its your money
pwhite73: "think you will find its the shares the fund has sold stagnating the rise?." Well of course and shares are also being sold to facilitate the £600k p.a income for the directors. "they will probably get a clean sheet then approach a institutional lender.." That's exactly what they said in one of the updates last year. In fact they had approached several institutions but none would touch them until the balance sheet was cleaned up. But it can't be cleaned up if they are constantly having to borrow money from EHGOS to keep the lights on. Its a vicious circle. A moratorium has to be called. The selling is halted and the share price is allowed to rise on positive news multiplying the market cap. With the market cap stuck at 700k and the EGHOS selling stock at 0.030p nobody is going anywhere but backwards as shareholders who are looking for the next 10 bagger get tired of this snakes and ladders game with the ICON share price. That's why the stock dropped 95% in the first place despite all the news from last year. EHGOS have to take a selling holiday.
livup967: yes DAT'' I here you, and understand your position here but just do the best you can, on the way up and on the way down and don't tell anyone when you sell, or show any weakness because we can talk about the BOD robbing us with dilution as much as we want but we know that will never stop until we reach a clean balance sheet and the share buy back begin...when profit start rolling in... some people will win and some people will lose as it's all about the feeling and luck, when it come to investing in micro cap, HAS IT GONE UP ENOUGH FOR NOW TO TAKE PROFIT???... or will it go up more??? that will always depend on how greedy you are.. if as an investor you decide to leave the profit and let it run and it drop there is no point moaning on here as it shows weakness.. I have lots of shares in the past that was stuck at 0.18p for 8 month and as soon as I sell and move on, it goes over 1p and don't stop I'm always gutted, but I don't go back on that BB and moan.. I just move on and learn from my mistake and it has made me stronger.. and last year I completely change from having lots of stock to 3 to 4 that I believe in, load up and wait no matter how long it take share news and link and information with BB as I believe if you keep it in your pocket it wont grow, and if you are invested here it's in all our interest to post links and story in the news and don't just leave it to the CO to bring RNS every day.. we all have to work for ICON and don't just look to nick a profit on the rise shearing is caring it's not ramping.. we all want SP to rise that's why we are here its all about followers and views, that's why Facebook is so big Shear a link sometime or retweet a story to help spread @INFOTAGION and share price rise will follow eventually.. and if EHGO sell some don't let them worry you, just keep up the positive, without looking desperate it won't mean you are paid to post, it just mean you are protecting your investment from downside risk.. as we know MM like to over do the drop to take out the weak.. and then rise it quickly so you can't get back in, or end up eating humble pie, buying back a smaller holding..who knows what going to happen here at ICON l like the story so far, as we are in our first year but don't like the share price ATM, far too cheap for what we have already.. IMO DYOR lets see what tomorrow brings share price wise after that new podcast yesterday.. and updated website.. it certainly got more followers and views all round and lots of retweet @INFOTAGION.. for me to be hopeful... ATB liv
pwhite73: What will happen next is that ICON will issue RNS news to try and shift more stock but as PIs buy EHGOS will convert at 90% VWAP lowering the share price on each conversion. The trick that needs to be performed is this. The news and subsequent PI buying has to outweigh the EHGOS conversions and dilutions. Only when that happens will you see a rise in the share price. The problem for you existing share holders is that just like yourselves new PIs are only interested in the stock at lower prices. They will do exactly what you guys have done buy when low. This is what death spirals are all about. The company and its backers are only interested in fresh money from new shareholders not returning money to existing shareholders. Death spirals can only function if existing shareholders can only sell at a loss. Therefore by default new shareholders must only be allowed to part with their cash for shares from the conversion loans and not from existing shareholders other wise EHGOS would not get paid back. This is why the share price is going down.
Iconic Labs share price data is direct from the London Stock Exchange
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