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HUM Hummingbird Resources Plc

-0.30 (-3.19%)
23 May 2024 - Closed
Delayed by 15 minutes
Share Name Share Symbol Market Type Share ISIN Share Description
Hummingbird Resources Plc LSE:HUM London Ordinary Share GB00B60BWY28 ORD 1P
  Price Change % Change Share Price Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  -0.30 -3.19% 9.10 8.70 9.20 9.60 8.25 9.50 6,042,875 16:35:14
Industry Sector Turnover Profit EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap
Gold Ores 150.52M -34.28M -0.0569 -1.57 53.87M
Hummingbird Resources Plc is listed in the Gold Ores sector of the London Stock Exchange with ticker HUM. The last closing price for Hummingbird Resources was 9.40p. Over the last year, Hummingbird Resources shares have traded in a share price range of 4.10p to 18.25p.

Hummingbird Resources currently has 601,918,700 shares in issue. The market capitalisation of Hummingbird Resources is £53.87 million. Hummingbird Resources has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -1.57.

Hummingbird Resources Share Discussion Threads

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marmalade on toast? What am I missing?
borderterrier1 so based on "what you know that no one else knows" where do you see this share going? And if you feel it's going to 5p why would you hang around when you are such a great investor? Maybe just write another book about marmalade on toast!!
New_buyer I am "soo negative"? I wonder why? Perhaps it's because more and more investors are commenting on about what a total waste of time this is because of the poor management and continual downward spiral of the SP? Surely, if this WAS as good as you and Fsj say, wouldn't the share price be moving N before now? And I know you struggle with big words but once again I will spell it out for you. To date I H-A-V-E L-O-S-T N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Until I S-E-L-L. Please get Mummy or Daddy to explain that to you.
moneyfornothing1 I am heavily invested here. This was my portfolio gold pick to replace Acacia mining and my Hum investment is 10% of my portfolio. And I know more about this than most, including Fsj. My gut feeling now is that, unfortunately, we have all been conned by "patchy" financials, rash decisions, stupid mistakes and arrogant behavior from an inexperienced team of muppets. Please don't expect to successfully DYO research with this or at least before you do attempt that, research who sits on the Bod and oversees the audits. As others have said on here Fsj is a paid mouthpiece.
Fsj and New-buyer. You are both conceited enough to believe that you know everything there is to know about this. You are, however, mistaken if you think that you know everything I know about this.
moneyfornothing ignore borderterrier he is a paid deramper! He spewed bile all the way up to 39p and has continued since! For a self confessed "best selling author" he has not had an original thought once!!

randompath seems to sum things up well but I believe there is still light at the end of the tunnel and as for bookwormrobert/TBTT he flounced out of here months back in a hissy fit yet continues to come back here and deride a share he no longer owns!! Always found that a bit strange personally but suspect he will be back in once the share price hits his target price.

DYOR don't take everything here as gospel but the BH decision was a vert off piste one that seemed to please no one...ho hum you can see bad decisions everywhere (Barclays/Libor,VE/emissions) but BH seems a stupid decision that cost $2m (I assume they won't get there money back on this).

Oh and every time that borderterrier says I told you so take it that he didn't, his claims about being in the know are laughable and he is very bitter at Frank for some reason......

Well that escalated quickly but lots to research further.

bookwormrobert you say that "The share price is where it is as the market suspects that HUM will have to raise emergency equity shortly." and you say it with some degree of certainty. Are you invested here?

borderterrier you seem to be quite angry, you seem to accept that you made a poor decision investing here, are there not other opportunities elsewhere to reclaim your money?

fsjamescampbell you certainly seem to divide opinion!!

Still weighing this up but think at 15p it might be worth a little dabble but more research required yet !

randompath. What you say here is consistent with my findings. I have many friends in the UK and two years ago what I was told was very similar. Get rid of the Ceo. He is running this for his personal benefit with complete and absolute disregard for anyone else, management, shareholders included. I have been telling share holders this for some time now and without exceptions, shot down EVERY TIME by Fsj.

RE gold starting to fly. It won't until the US economy goes down and I have reason to believe that won't happen anytime soon. Shareholders need to make noises here before it is too late.

I will add a few point relevant bookwormrobert's earlier post, then I'll wish everyone luck and sign off from this thread for good as I no longer have an interest here. I attended a HUM AGM (not recorded or broadcast as far as I'm aware) to see what the management was like in person. I find this helps get a feel for people, especially when management are talking amongst themselves before commencement, although clearly its very subjective. I had three observations, which I chose to ignore, but shouldn't have. 1) Russell King (non-exec chairman) came round, shook everyone's hand and said hello. Initial impressions were good. However, when he was speaking he made a comment about HUM to the effect of "at the end of the day, this is Dan's baby" (may not have been his precise words but something very similar). This immediately hit a nerve with me as the non-exec chairman has a responsibility to keep the other executive directors and the entire board accountable - I worried that Russell's comment was inconsistent with the effective performance of his responsibilities in respect to DB. 2) Before the meeting, DB appeared to make an audible comment to a couple of people in the room which suggested he had interests in other African businesses which were not part of Hummingbird. I did not follow this up, but this is maybe a point investors should clarify to ensure they fully understand whether the CEO is directing 100% of his working energy towards Hummingbird or is very busy with other interests at the same time. 3) At one point during the meeting, DB referred a question to the FD, and I observed that the FD somewhat fluffed the start of his response by essentially repeating something DB had just said. DB appeared to screw his face up in response to the FD's remarks, which I thought was pretty unprofessional and unsupportive - not something indicating a strong board that is respectful of one another. All of the above represents my observations and opinions only. I'm providing this purely to give other investors pointers to think about before committing funds and I genuinely wish the company and investors the best. If gold starts to fly, I'm sure this stock will perform very well in any case.
Plasbryn. Good luck with that.
Surely this is a great gold leverage play. With high costs (ok decreasing) any rise in the gold price will kick in the leverage advantage. I'm hoping this quarter will see everything back to where it should be and with an oversold position the future has potential imo.
Fsj. Not just me and bookwormrobert, lots of other disillusioned shareholders here now. I'm happy to discuss the "merits and pitfalls of this stock" followed by "If in 5 years we are stuck at 10-15p then it might be time to evaluate". ???????? That statement alone proves what an absolute, pathetic, idiotic moron you are Fsj. And a perfect match for the comparable attributes of the people that "manage" this company. Pathetic.
Bookworm....."Paid company spokesman" ha ha, that has made me smile somewhat.....Not one of my posts has been misleading, i would counter that by saying that your speculation is misleading and damaging, another example of a man who lost his money and has decided to stick around knocking the stock. I suggest you move on, you are like a pining teenager hanging round your first love's house trying to catch a glimpse of her through the window!

Happy to discuss the merits and the pitfalls of this stock with anyone, sad fact is you and the likes of BT cannot appreciate the highlights of HUM and empathise with the bad luck that they have experienced. BH was a disaster and i have never said it wasnt but it is a drop in the ocean in comparison to the potential of Yanfolila and the grand scheme of things.

Hi Moneyfornothing!
I'd describe RandomPath's post as accurate. In fact, it's pretty kind to HUM.
The share price is where it is as the market suspects that HUM will have to raise emergency equity shortly.
If you are still thinking of investing in HUM, I'd suggest taking a look at the story of Bunker Hill. CEO Dan Betts was taken for $2m by some well-known pump and dump scammers over a toxic old lead mine in USA; he didn't even Google who he was doing business with. In any normal circumstances, he would have been fired by the Board of Directors, but the Chairman here is Russell King (i.e. Interserve). Enough said, really. This is just another AIM tale of management greed and hopeless incompetence.
FYI, FSJCampbell is a paid company spokesman, and his posts are highly misleading.

Fsj. Oh, I can assure you, I know the history of this dog only too well!!!! And the other thing I DO understand perfectly well (feeble mind or not) is that the performance of this company is a pathetic reminder of the difference between experienced and inexperienced management. And I'm not the only one on here now to "trash" Hum. It is abundantly clear now to me and others that (regardless of your supportive, delusional,incessant rampings) the man at the helm doesn't have a clue what he's doing and should step aside before this collapses in a heap. It will take a long time now (if ever) to reach the dizzy heights of where it was 2 years ago and you seem to think it is appropriate to paper over the cracks and ignore that glaringly obvious FACT. A FACT that is the direct result of incompetence. Don't lets all forget also that YOU are one of the only investors here that are not losing money. How very "lucky" and appropriate for you? Quote once more:- "A goldmine is a hole in the ground with a liar at the top." And THAT in this case, is most certainly, a FACT.
I'm just making sure you know the history so in future you can be more accurate when you trash tend to deviate to your own feeble understanding!
Fsj. And we can argue backwards and forwards all you like. But it won't change the fact that the share price is stagnant/going down.
"The Bod have no shares"

Thomas Hill - 148235
Daniel E. Betts - 4949149
David A. Pelham - 25052
Russell King - 53955
Stephen A. Betts - 712542

"Other miners stockpile to cover the rainy season"

- They stock piled but got hit by worst rainy season in over 10 years!

"Other miners don't get involved in other schemes that they know nothing about.....and I did tell you that about BH"

- I can agree and accept BH was a disaster but at $2m it equates to approx 1500oz gold, its not a break the bank issue, but nevertheless one that i wish they had steered clear of. Hindsight is a wonderful thing though and they saw something that was very attractive and obviously worth a risk to see if it would come good.

"Other miners don't offer ridiculous high salaries and 1p share options especially when the "experienced" decisions they make result in a wall collapse."

- Yes they do, just check the other goldies and their salaries, HUM is no exception. 1p options are not ideal but they wont vest until HUM perform, by which time the share price should be on the up and we will all benefit. The pit wall did not collapse it had a crack and they mitigated it by controlled earthworks, the crack was brought on by the particularly heavy rainy season that they experienced, nothing to do with management decision making, the pit design was part of the extensive DFS and from historical research from previous owner Goldfields.

"Other miners don't decide to buy an extra ball mill at 13 million when they can't handle the equipment they have with efficiency."

- The 2nd ball mill is a very smart decision and will increase throughput and ultimately overall production, they had set aside $9m for an additional crusher of some sort to be brought online in years 2 and 3, the ball mill is a better option and will make a marked difference.

Fsj. This has gone from 39p during the lead up to the mine completion, to where it is today, almost at a 10 year low. The Bod have no shares, which to me shouts loud and clear of no confidence. Other miners stockpile to cover the rainy season. Other miners don't get involved in other schemes that they know nothing about.....and I did tell you that about BH, remember? Other miners don't offer ridiculous high salaries and 1p share options especially when the "experienced" decisions they make result in a wall collapse. Other miners don't decide to buy an extra ball mill at 13 million when they can't handle the equipment they have with efficiency. You may call it bad luck, I call it bad the EXPENSE of the shareholders, not the Ceo and Bod. So do others.
What is the track record, what has impacted the share price so much during the production phase, what are the underlying reasons for the drop from the 30's to 15p.

Please, please BT, outline this track record, let us see if you actually know what you are talking abut or just typing random words with unfounded backing???

moneyfornothing1 Truthfully, with the track record this has, what use are "Facts?" And in any case, please don't take my word for it, there are plenty more disgruntled investors here now that share my opinion.
moneyfornothing1 - sadly pal, this is why you can't have a grown up discussion with our resident toilet brush BT........and i quote....

"The only fact I agree with is the original "on time and on budget" one that Fsj always resorts to as if it is fireproof and beyond reproach."

The summary at the top of my post is undisputed and RNS reported stats and figures! These, as you reiterate, are the "FACTS"

You ask BT a simple question and he goes so far off on a tangent he can see up his own bum hole.....and it isn't pretty!

"The only fact that i agree with" I mean....give me strength, they are all "FACTS" and they were summarised to demonstrate the path HUM have taken thus far since they poured their first ounce of gold!

His objections are puerile and often gathered from other peoples posts, he never has a substantiated opinion and often shows a very poor knowledge of HUM, their journey thus far and the real success and failures of the whole operation, to say he has been in HUM for 2 or 3 years as he claims, he has been treading proverbial doggy dump all over this stock for the last couple of years, he professes to be invested yet never looks for positives or offers informed intellectual opinions or discussions based on gathered information from previous RNS or contacting HUM management direct.

Welcome to the board, i hope you manage to stomach our yapping mutt to stay long enough to share your thoughts and so on.

moneyfornothing1 The above post from randompath has echoed my sentiments on here for almost 2 years now. The only fact I agree with is the original "on time and on budget" one that Fsj always resorts to as if it is fireproof and beyond reproach.

Up to the time of "mine completion" glowing reports from many sources made it abundantly clear that the Hum team were "experienced" and virtually invincible. Then after completion followed a total fiasco of pathetic PR information, rash decisions, ridiculous salaries and share options, complete disregard for the shareholders resulting in the share price heading S to where it is today. Why do the shareholders need "facts" if the share price rewards us like it does? The 1880 mining saying :- "a goldmine is a hole in the ground with a liar at the top" says it all.

It seems illogical to me that Fsj the Hum Pied Piper and company mouthpiece regularly comes on here to spout "The facts" if the share price responds by going backwards. Especially as he "seems" to be "lucky" enough to know when to buy and when to sell? I believe the current situation it will be ongoing until the Ceo and Bod are removed and IMO the sooner the better. After this length of time they have made it clear that they are incompetent. How much proof do the shareholders need?

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