Share Name Share Symbol Market Type Share ISIN Share Description
Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals Plc LSE:HEMO London Ordinary Share GB00BYX3WZ24 ORD GBP0.01
  Price Change % Change Share Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  -0.15 -1.82% 8.10 2,540,936 16:29:19
Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price
8.00 8.20 8.50 8.10 8.25
Industry Sector Turnover (m) Profit (m) EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap (m)
Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology -1.12 35
Last Trade Time Trade Type Trade Size Trade Price Currency
16:29:57 O 100,000 8.0799 GBX

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Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals Daily Update: Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals Plc is listed in the Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology sector of the London Stock Exchange with ticker HEMO. The last closing price for Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals was 8.25p.
Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals Plc has a 4 week average price of 7.85p and a 12 week average price of 7.85p.
The 1 year high share price is 15.38p while the 1 year low share price is currently 1.05p.
There are currently 433,636,255 shares in issue and the average daily traded volume is 3,413,715 shares. The market capitalisation of Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals Plc is £35,124,536.66.
justhereforhemo: In comparison a placing is where investors will get shares in exchange for cash, because its a big injection of cash they will usually get a decent discount of probably 10-20% CLNs are similar except it is more akin to a self build mortgage on a property, a big institutional lender is up the maximum needed to build the property with various tranches along the way which after the first tranche can be drawn down at the discretion of the borrower. The CLN concept itself is straight forward, Mint lends £12mil and in exchange get the equivalent of £13.2mil worth of shares in return in the form of notes. The Notes have no voting rights but should the company ever be sold each note would be considered as if it was a share and Mint would therefore get roughly 1/3rd of the sale price (As it stands assuming the draw down was tomorrow and no repayment). This way of working is beneficial to Hemogenyx as once this first tranche is drawn Vlad can at various intervals draw down as much as he needs to the full £60m over the next few years without having to doing more funding rounds or placings etc. The scare stories that the likes of purple and badger like to try and sell fall into 2 camps: 1, Mint will try and short sell the shares before the issue date to force the share price as low as possible before the CLNs are issued so that they end up owning much more of Hemo. Fact of the matter is the issue date is not in their hands, Mint dont know when the loan will be drawn, they dont know what is happening behind the doors at Hemo so for them to short and gamble on the off chance they are right is very risky, they would be shorting without knowing when or even IF Vlad would take the loan. It would be a very underhanded but also stupid, if there was a fixed date in future that was contractually agreed that Hemo HAD to exchange CLNs with Mint regardless of share price then maybe, but no, shorting is a big risk that Mint dont need to take, the share price is already depressed and without the fear of CLNs the share price will bounce regardless 2, Mint will break their word and convert as many shares as possible and sell them after the CLNs are issued. Well last week the share price crashed because someone decided to sell 3mil shares to diversify his PF, so yea... assuming Mint get 100m CLNs+ at a 10% discount they could MAYBE sell 5% of those shares at a profit before tanking share price and taking a loss on the rest... Sorry but thats just stupid. End of the day Mint are willing to offer the loan because they know the cash is to pay for clinical trials and they are willing to invest, either Hemogenyx gets bought in which case they are going to clean up OR Hemogenyx repay the loan with a significant premium and Mint still clean up. Reference Death Spiral Finance that Purple likes to predict: A lends B 2mil and gets CLNs valued at 2.5m in B A converts and sells CLNs in B causing share price to drop but because of discount make profit ~200k A lends B another 2mil and gets CLNs valued at 2.5m in B A converts and sells CLNs in B causing share price to drop but because of discount make profit ~200k rinse and repeat. The principal being that between each tranche the share price drops significantly but the trances are small enough and discount big enough that the lender is able to dump and still make a profit. These scenarios DO exist, and yes you should be wary of these traps, its just the same as a company going for placing after placing after placing. It does NOT apply to Hemogenyx for a few very good reasons: 1, Vlad and Mint have stated in a regulated RNS that Mint do not intend to convert and sell any CLNs at all, none. In business you just dont lie, you can with hold information, not disclose etc, but make an outright false statement? No, until proven otherwise they are to be trusted. 2, The initial tranche is too big. They cannot dump £12mil worth of CLNs with only 10% discount and make a profit, its impossible they would stand to lose a fortune, only way they profit is holding and letting the share price rise. 3, The bad scenarios with excessive placings or CLNs apply to companies where directors pay themselves huge salaries and bonuses, not where the directors own most of the stock and take stock not cash for remuneration. When you start to war play out the scenarios in a real world scenario it becomes clear that there are very few paths where Mint can shaft us shareholders without taking on considerable risk or taking a significant loss. Technically possible? Yes, likely? The most likely scenario is that Mint are telling the truth, they believe in Hemo, are willing to lend 60mil and wait for a year or so as an investment for the company to be taken over or they get repaid.
purple11: finally a sensible realistic post from lse or those that want to know how the maths works based on my experience of being invested in a company that had convertible loans it work like this: We all agree the mcap is shares in issue * share price (9p * 434m = 39m) We should all agree that the first repayment is £12 + £3m (£15m) The loan repayment is equivalent to 38.4% of the mcap = 15m/39m Mcap is not calculated to be changed by having the extra cash so the 434m shares left will become 100-38.4% of the numbers of shares in issue. It's slightly worse than that as there new issued share are calculated at a 10% discount to the average closing sp, which for the purposes of this calculation is 9p. I will add on and subtract the 10% discount and impact at the end. So if the current shares in issue (434m) is 61.6% of the total after the issue for $15m then the 38.4% for the £15m is 270m shares at a price of 5.54p each (£15m / 270m) The 10% discount would be 5p and that means 300m shares to raise £15m. Feel free to disagree. I don't care. I sold up once the RNS on the convertible loan was released because I didn't sell an investment which had good prospects but no funds issued a convertible loan and I lost 90% of my investment as each instalment was for more and more shares to cover the same tranche size for a company whose market cap stayed about the same the whole time. Like I wrote earlier if good news happens that affects the share price then the effect will be much less, but if confidence goes while the CL is still in play then then the impact will get worse. HEMO has a strong portolio but they are so early in the trails process that it may take 2-3 years before they have a product and in that time if nothing dramatically shift the mcap up then the impact of paying a third of the mcap every future tranche will add 50% to the number of shares in issue every time they dilute. Doesn't bear thinking about. HEMO as an investment is about to become very risky now the loan approved. You need to ignore the naysayers who will point out that 38.4% of the company is outside the maximum stake MINT are allowed to hold. They will probably forward sell just about every share they know they are going to get and you will likely never see a holding RNS for them as they will transit straight through to others. That's what happened for my 90% loss. Averaging down is also a mistake unless you expect imminent news because the loan agreement says they can exercise tranches every 90 days. It just lowers your % loss but it increases the amount you lose. Like I said I might be off but the principle I outlined in the calculations is correct. You are praying for good news to move the mcap up to minimise the dilutive effect. It has a much better chance of happening here than in the one I lost so much on but think double the mcap prior to the CL tranche share issue and the number of shares issued halves to pay the loan. Good luck if you stay invested. It might beat the odds but too risky for me
justhereforhemo: Sorry I should clarify 99.93% of shareholders that took the time to vote The share price fell because some traders decided to either sell or short and go on and try and stoke some fear about CLNs to spook people into selling. I never said that the fear mongering wont work on some, of course your posts and some posts on LSE will hit home with some. 100% there are investors in Hemogenyx that dont even know what the company does, have never heard of Vlad or CLNs before. Occasionally one of them will nip on to rebalance their PF, see Hemo is up, read a few forum posts that mention death spiral finance or something, think not worth the risk, sell up and bank the profit and move on to sofas or bitcoin or something. Donald Trump until today has been shouting that he won the election, that he would not be leaving the white house and how did that turn out? Just because I 100% believe that what your saying is wrong, and most investors agree, does not mean that some people wont listen to you. If you and purple and those other idiots on LSE decide to sell 50k block after 50k block ofcourse the share price will fall :P Thats just share dealing. What we need is news to drop MID selling some day to lock out all the traders who participate in this crash the share price to rebuy cheaper game.
justhereforhemo: Thanks :-) Be interesting to see just how many ARE short in Hemo, I would say there are some, there are companies like Dukemount and Vast where they use CLNs and the shares are converted and dumped ASAP before the share price has a chance to crash. I am 100% confident Mint are after the big bucks here and are hoping for a takeover bid before any milestone payments or before Vlad has any chance to repay the loan. But if thats the case and we do have a big short position on Hemo and there is no big dump of shares on CLN issue, the number of shares in circulation stays the same. Without a fear of pre CLN issue shorting from Mint any more we could see a short squeeze :-) Vlad did indicate that the intent is to draw down only whats needed of the loan and when asked about repaying he was very energetic in saying "yes absolutely", I dont think he wants dilution on takeover any more than the rest of us. Anyway, its all academic, people will play on emotions until the loan is drawn down, once its done and people stop panicking about it the share price should do a serious bounce. Dont forget they issued CLNs before, 1-2mil I believe when the MCap was tiny compared to today and the result was positive to the share price I wont trade the share, ill just hold and wait and see what happens :P
badger60: Again davevt, you were spot on in your short term price movements at any point in time for the first 3 years, when the share price languished down to ,1p. However, you are a short term trader and fortuitously enough the share price rocketed up to 14p in April last year....and hasn't traded below 6.5 p since that time. I sold out at an average price of APPX 9p on 8 Mio shares into the spike , the highest price that I traded at being circa 13p.... making 450+k profit in total. With all due respect you were still initially dissing Hemo when it went up drastically from 1p......and you got it horribly wrong. Hopefully you were not short, because you would have had your gonads handed to you on a plate....big time. My view on Hemogenyx has recently turned bearish based on the 60 Mio CLN and certainly nothing to do with your negative view of the company, which in my opinion will eventually dilute the share price to nothing. Also they are still in the very early stages, time wise, before any type of commercialisation is possible.........and that's if the products work..... which imo, is a big IF..... .
justhereforhemo: @Badger, I do not consider 100 shares as a shareholder, rather I view it as a sign that you are full of self importance and are using 100 shares as justification to interject yourself where you are not welcome. Also considering you only own 100 shares having previously owned considerably more and you are unable to walk away and just ignore Hemogenyx indicates to me that you are desperate to get back into hemo in a big way before significant news drops, however you are currently stuck and looking at taking a loss in DELT before you could return and that explains your motivation for your posts, basically you want the share price to be low for you to buy back in because you believe in the company and believe de-ramping is in your interests. As for the CLNs, if you actually have years of experience as an investment banker you would be only too aware that they are used very successfully to the benefit of both the company and the lender. The scenarios that you and Purple like to frequently de-ramp with are but one unlikely scenario, you completely fail, intentionally, to point out the multiple other more likely scenarios, so let me: Badger/Purple model: PRIOR to issue of CLNs Mint begin shorting shares, according to you they already have shorted shares in 50k blocks, this is prior to the exchange date so would have the effect of reducing the share price and increasing the number of CLNs issued to Mint, however given the current share price of 9p for tranche 1 Vlad would already be handing over > 30% of the company(that excludes the arrangement fee which makes it even higher). So lets play out Mint actually shorting, lets say they shorted 10's of millions of shares, they could drive the share price down to 5, 4, 3p etc, if they shorted 100m shares they could drive it down and down and down, but this ONLY benefits them if they do it BEFORE the strike date. So assuming they have done this in the weeks leading up to that point and the share price is what? 4.5p? For Vlad to take trance 1 he would have to sign over CLNs worth more than HALF of Hemogenyx to Mint, would that be in the best interests of Vlad, his missus, the rest of the BoD, shareholders etc? Then EITHER: Vlad takes the loan, Mint break their word and start converting CLNS which they would have to do in order to close out the shorts. Meanwhile Vlad is using this cash to file IND applications and start clinical trials and this will boost the SP, so it becomes a race for Mint to convert and close shorts before share price bounces back and Mint end up closing their positions and bank what? MAYBE 5mil max? OR Vlad says Mint have violated the agreement and worked against Hemo and does not draw down the loan, he either waits or accepts lesser offers from the likes of Eli, Pfizer, J&J etc which are non diluting and share price bounces, Mint are forced to close shorts as no CLNs inbound and the resulting short squeeze forces share price massively up, much higher than before Mint started shorting, they lose money and into 2021 vlad can do a placing for 10% or 43mil shares, assuming the short squeeze gives a share price back at 15p or higher he would easily raise 6m with a tiny arrangement fee and tiny dilution. This all assumes of course that Mint are able to find someone willing to short any significant number of shares to them which is unlikely, and would then make Hemogenyx the most shorted company on the LSE by a long way, which in itself will attract investors who chase short squeezes, especially if it was clear the shorting was just to lower the share price to increase equity by a lender, not a negative factor when deciding where to invest.... Non Badger/Purple model: Assuming share price somewhere near today without any big rise before the loan. Mint DONT short Hemo - They take ZERO risk of short squeeze of news dropping before strike date or Vlad not taking loan. They get 10% discount - Insignificant, conversion and selling for 10% is just stupid any advantage would be gone by they time they sold 1m shares. Mint keep their word and DONT convert or sell shares, Vlad uses this to file 3+ IND applications and begins Phase 1/2a clinical trials. The result from this is Hemogenyx becomes a clinical pharma with multiple products with human trials ongoing, by any comparable pharma they would expect an MCap of atleast 170m (I am being VERY cautious and using a 50% discount of market averages from Brokers note, 97.9m-for drug development and 242m For blood disease). In the space of a few months, without any of the faffing about shorting, converting and selling blocks of 50k shares etc Mint will have went from an investment of 12mil to ~48mil, should Hemo then be bought out within 12-24 months Mint get every single penny of profit from that without having to convert a single CLN. ALL of this is completely dependant on no news, no deal from Eli, no CBR update, no licencing deals from any other 3rd parties. Any significant news with financials attached which brings the share price to the 20p+ range and the CLNs become irrelevant. If Vlad is getting 12m loan and the CLN equity ratio is <= 10% nobody will care, its a massive fund raise with tiny discount. You can repeat your mantra of death spiral finance all you want, there are many companies where you would be correct where the effect of extra finance does not increase the value of the company, that does not apply here. There is just too much to gain by both Hemo and Mint by playing nice together. Compared with Delt where the hope is what? Unless there is a takeover soon your talking months or years for any significant developments. They may have plenty of rights and may discover massive reserves, but it will take a long time, it will take extra finances and it risks being too late. There are companies converting waste plastic to H2, there is a massive push for heat pumps which use electricity to draw heat from the environment, there is a push to reduce the 40% of gas used to produce electricity and go green. Forget about death spiral finance, its more a case of your investing in an industry that has a shelf life, it is replaceable. With Hemogenyx either you believe in the company in which case CLNs or not, Eli deal or not, its just a matter of time until they cure a human patient of Cancer or Covid-19. If you believe this to be true then the MCap will edventually be in the Billions not millions. If you dont believe in Hemo then you should be shouting and screaming that you believe its all a lie, vlad has nothing to cure cancer and its all a scam, the obsession with the CLNs implies only one thing, you want in and your trying to de-ramp the share price to do so.
justhereforhemo: I am not naive and am fully aware that some companies use CLNs as a way to milk the company to the benefit of the directors who take much more in wages and expenses than they take in stock at the expense of share holders. I am sure we can all name a few that are like that so having your opinion tainted is understandable. However I can also name others which have used CLNs to raise huge sums of cash on the understanding that it was to make an acquisition such as a distressed competitor. In those instances the market usually responds positively. In this case I suspect that what is what vlad hoped to convey by putting everything into the one RNS, spelling out that yes this is dilution in the number of shares but they are acquiring clinical trial status which adds significant value to the company. Problem is most people have ignored the positive updates and honed in on the funding. Then comments like "Those shares will be sold immedietly" surely you must understand the impact of selling potentially 12mil worth of shares in one go? I was here when Bauer shares were being sold off and one of the directors sold to rebuy lower, the number of shares then was tiny in comparison yet they were enough to destroy the share price Mint are only getting 10% discount, how can you not see that they just cannot in any way shape or form sell all their shares without making a huge loss? Maybe there will be big news shortly after causing share price to shoot up and they can sell into that. I fully agree that could happen, but still we are talking about the share price going up, and significantly from where we are now. Eli are licencing only a single CDX antibody, once thats done they will pay for the trials for that antibody, take it to market etc. Vlad is impatient and wants to take like 3-4 other pipeline items though clinical trials Eli were never going to pay for everything. I suspect like 10mil up front from Eli and generous milestone payments, but that would only cover like 3 IND applications, there are more expenses on top of that. You say one bad result and price will fall. I say its already rock bottom. The MCap right now does not allow for any of the pipeline items being successful, I say one good result, one human patient injected with CDX/CAR-T/CBR etc and the share price will be through the roof and 60m worth of dilution wont make a dent.
justhereforhemo: 1, I am not over exposed, I am here for take over but I want the share price as high as possible before then as I want to retire in a year or two in my 30s. 2, I also bought alot < 2p 3, What number post is this for you on a share you are NOT invested in? I repeat my previous post: So Purple you know more than Mint Capital who have access to insider information and are putting up 60Million? You believe all these trials are going to be failures despite not one single failure to date? You believe eli wont sign despite EVERY single mention of the eli arrangements has been positive and indicating a deal will be signed soon (possibly with a disappointing up front payment hence this loan facility)? You think share price will go back to 2p? How many posts have you posted on this today, this week? Why so many posts if you clearly dont hold shares in Hemogenyx? I am > 2.5M shares and adding as I can, I clearly have a reason for posting and countering your BS, but why are you posting so frantically? Its clear you are trying to short Hemogenyx, you did so last week and by all accounts the shorts I saw LOST MONEY. Your going again now and again will LOSE MONEY. You are pathetic and I bet praying that Vlad does not drop an RNS such as patent application for the CBR at 2pm or something as you must realise that anything that even hints at a cure for Covid19 will DESTROY you :-D I want the share price to rise so there is less dilution when the loan is finally drawn down and also so we have a higher base when news does drop. Thats my motivation, but if share price drops? Will it wipe out my bank? Nope, it just drops the value of my PF for a while until news does drop. What happens to your account if share price goes up say 5points on a Covid RNS?
justhereforhemo: Badger, Purple you are both idiots, good luck with your shorts. For everyone else lets be 100% clear here: AT THE CURRENT share price Vlad CANNOT DRAW THIS LOAN The share price MUST RISE BEFORE MINT CAN GET A SINGLE SHARE. Any idea that Mint can bring the share price Lower from here is just pure BS, they cannot, they dont get a single share while share price on conversion is > 30%. Not one, not a penny can Hemo draw. EVEN IF the share price was high enough for Hemo to take tranche one, Mint get a discount of 10% thats it.... 10% So they COULD forward sell provided they get more than SP-10% on the shares.... SERIOUSLY? you think they can forward sell 10mil shares without dropping the share price 10? Let alone whatever volume of shares actually do convert? What planet are you muppets living on? Stop lying to people and saying this is shorting, its not, if you are too stupid to understand the difference you should not be in the stock market. Mint CANNOT MAKE THE share price GO LOWER THAN IT IS TODAY WITHOUT COSTING THEMSELVES ALOT OF MONEY. And EVEN IF their intention was to forward sell the shares they would get what????? 10% MAXIMUM profit doing so? 6mil for the entire loan? Seriously?
tullynessle: The Half-year report to 30 June 2020 issued on 30th Sept 2020 reports progress on a number of initiatives. Appears impressive, however I suspect that we need more guidance from Hemogenyx before making any assumptions (guesses) about the progress of current collaborations or the potential for new or expanded activities covered by such relationships. Certainly their "COVID-19 project" and "Autoimmune diseases" work appears topical and important at this time. Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals plc Half-year Report – Interim Results for the Period Ended 30 June 2020 30 Sep 2020 Half-year Report Interim Results for the period ended 30 June 2020 Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals plc (LSE: HEMO), the Standard Listed biopharmaceutical group developing therapies designed to transform blood disease treatment, announces unaudited interim results for the six-month period ended 30 June 2020. EXTRACT: Interim Management Report Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals presents an update on the Company’s activities for the six months ended 30 June 2020. Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals plc is the holding company for Hemogenyx LLC, a US-based biotechnology company developing new medicines and treatments to treat blood and autoimmune disease and to bring the curative power of bone marrow transplantation to a greater number of patients suffering from otherwise incurable life-threatening diseases. The Company is developing several distinct and complementary product candidates, as well as a platform technology that it uses as an engine for novel product development. These products are: CDX antibodies – CDX bi-specific antibodies for the treatment of AML and conditioning for bone marrow transplants. CDX antibodies act by redirecting a patient’s own immune cells to eliminate unwanted leukaemic and blood stem cells, preparing a patient for bone marrow transplantation; HEMO-CAR-T – CAR-T* cells for the treatment of AML and conditioning for bone marrow transplants; Hu-PHEC – a cell replacement product using Human Postnatal Hemogenic Endothelial Cells to generate cancer-free, patient-matched blood stem cells after transplant into the patient; Anti-SARS-CoV-2 – a neutralising antibody based treatment for COVID-19. *CAR-T therapy is a treatment in which a patient’s own T cells, a type of immune cell, are modified to recognise and kill the patient’s cancer cells. The procedure involves: isolating T cells from the patient; modifying the isolated T cells in a laboratory using a CAR (Chimeric Antigen Receptor) gene construct (which allows the cells to recognise the patient’s cancer); amplifying (growing to large numbers) the newly modified cells; and re-introducing the cells back into the patient. The Company has also developed a platform technology for disease modelling and drug discovery: Advanced Hematopoietic Chimeras (“AHC”) – The Company has developed a new type of humanised mice to advance the development of its CDX antibodies. The unique properties of the AHC give them a functional human immune system that converts them into a platform technology that is opening up exciting opportunities for the Company. These include disease modelling (blood cancers and severe autoimmune diseases) and pre-clinical testing of novel drugs and treatments. AHC are a source of revenue for the Company via paid collaborations with biopharmaceutical companies and research institutions. In addition, the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary Immugenyx, LLC has developed Advanced peripheral blood Hematopoietic Chimeras (“ApbHC”), a novel type of humanised mouse that presents several advantages over other mouse models. Immugenyx was established by the Company to develop and commercialise the Company’s humanised mice, and the new ApbHC represents a significant further development in that direction. To date, Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals has made impressive progress on its products whilst efficiently using the Company’s limited financial resources. The Company’s main areas of focus are to progress its CDX antibodies to readiness for clinical trials, to advance HEMO-CAR-T through pre-clinical development toward clinical trials, and to develop a novel treatment for COVID-19. H1 progress update During the first half of the year, Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals made significant progress on several fronts: CAR-T cells Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals successfully constructed and tested Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) programmed T cells (“HEMO-CAR-T&rdquo;) for the potential treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). HEMO-CAR-T was constructed using Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals&rsquo; proprietary humanised monoclonal antibody against a target on the surface of AML cells. The Company has demonstrated that HEMO-CAR-T is able to programme human T cells (convert them into HEMO-CAR-T) to identify and destroy human AML-derived cells in vitro and in vivo. Following the period end, the company entered into a Sponsored Research Agreement with the University of Pennsylvania (“Penn”) designed to advance HEMO-CAR-T toward clinical trials. The agreement is envisaged as the first step of a larger programme that aims to achieve clinical proof of concept for HEMO-CAR-T for the treatment of AML. Dr Saar Gill, Assistant Professor of Medicine, a hematologist-oncologist physician scientist and Scientific co-Director of the Cell Therapy and Transplantation programme at the University of Pennsylvania, serves as Principal Investigator on behalf of Penn. Dr Gill’s laboratory is part of the Center for Cellular Immunotherapies (“CCI”) whose Director, Dr Carl H. June, conducted pioneering clinical trials of genetically engineered cells including CAR-T cells in patients with HIV and diverse forms of cancer. This work will significantly accelerate the development of the Company’s CAR-T product candidate, putting it on a direct path to clinical trials and a possible new treatment for AML, for which there is currently no real effective treatment. CDX bi-specific antibodies Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals extended its development agreement with a leading global pharmaceutical company (“GlobalCo&rdquo;) to finalise manufacturability work and successfully bring its CDX bi-specific antibody to a state of readiness for pre-clinical development. Preliminary discussions regarding a potential licensing deal are continuing with GlobalCo following the extension of the Development Agreement. Humanised mice The collaboration agreement with Janssen Research & Development, LLC, one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, on the development of a model of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is progressing. Autoimmune diseases The Company entered into a Biological Investigation and Material Supply Agreement with Eli Lilly and Company in June 2020 to perform research and development activities aimed at the discovery and validation of novel materials to be used for the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus (“Lupus”) and possibly other autoimmune diseases. This work complements the Company’s own development efforts in these areas. COVID-19 project As announced in April 2020, Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals is deploying its groundbreaking research capabilities and technologies to develop treatments for COVID-19. Using the exceptional characteristics of its ApbHC humanised mice, the Company seeks to discover human neutralising antibodies – antibodies that are typically developed by the human immune system to neutralise invading viral pathogens – that could be used to fight infections of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The Company had already been developing treatments to be deployed against other viral pathogens prior to the onset of COVID-19, both independently and with a number of pharmaceutical company partners. The Company’s ApbHC mice were developed in part as a discovery platform for the development of such treatments. Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals&rsquo; scientists have been transplanting cells from blood samples from convalescent COVID-19 patients into its mice, with the goal of recreating and isolating a set of anti-SARS-CoV-2 virus antibodies. In addition to the COVID-19 work, this initiative aims to demonstrate how the Company’s technology can be deployed rapidly in emergencies in order to discover human neutralising antibodies against a host of viral pathogens, including mutations into possible new strains of COVID-19 and also what infectious disease experts in the bioprotection and biodefence sectors call “Disease X”, meaning as-yet unknown viruses that may break out and that may represent a similar or greater threat than the one presented by COVID-19. Human Postnatal Hemogenic Endothelial Cell (“Hu-PHEC&rdquo;) cell therapy The Company is developing Hu-PHEC, a cell replacement product candidate that aims to generate cancer-free, patient-matched blood stem cells after transplantation into the patient. A patent application entitled Post-Natal Hemogenic Endothelial Cells and Their Isolation and Use was approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and issued on 25 February 2020 as Patent Number 10,570,373. A corresponding patent was granted by the European Patent Office on 13 May 2020 as Patent Number 3068875.
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